Nanu277 Inspired this :)


Nanu277 Inspired this :)As I awoke and turned to the clock to see the dreaded numbers 2:30 a.m. I knew I would soon have a smile. I pulled the covers away and there it was. You were in my dreams from what I wrote yesterday morning. I remember you on hands and knees, backed up to the edge of the bed. As I looked down I could see the thickness of my shaft covered in a white creamy mixture of you and I. Pulling out I would go so far as the bulbous swollen edge of the tip, which had an accumulation of the cream, thick and dripping. Your skin is tight around the shaft as I slowly glide in. I am attempting to control the feeling I have deep inside my thighs. The tingling impulse to release is overwhelming. Your moans of pleasure escaping add to my desire. Ever so gently I am disappearing, enjoying the building pressure. When the skin of my thighs contacts the smooth soft skin of your pantyless ass I grip your hips and pull you onto me. Purring every last bit of the hardened shaft into you! It was like you sensed the tension within me. The first squeeze from your tight pussy caused the firm cock to flex deep inside you. The second created a wave of passion from me and a familiar moan from deep within you! The numbers read 2:30 a.m. and I reached down and grasped my hard cock as I lay there recollecting the dream. I stood up and walked to the bathroom. Inside I stood in front of the admiring what I had awoke with, what you had done to me! Reaching the knob with my free hand I adjust the water temp and step in (the benefit of sleeping naked). The water flows onto my shoulder and down my hairy chest. Little streams of warm water flow over my small erect nipples to my thighs and swollen member. Enjoying the sensation I close my eyes and immediately see the dream. Soaking up the images of you 1xbet yeni giriş in my mind I begin to slowly stroke up and down my cock. Interrupted with the thought of work I reach out and grab my Axe body wash and start applying the slippery fluid over my body. The scent of the soap grows in the air filling the room with the fragrance of a naked man. Not wasting the opportunity of the slipper soap I take hold of my shaft, gliding up and down the length. The pleasure is growing when I stop and apply shaving cream to my face to remove the nightly growth. The left over I apply to my tight balls (they need freshening up too?) In a couple quick strokes my cheeks and neck are done. Carefully I move down below, pressing the firm shaft to my stomach and out of the way for the delicate work. When I finish I put things back on the shelf and turn into the water to rinse, the streams hitting my aroused nipples. After rinsing I inspect the work of my razor in case touch ups are required. Finding my cheek and balls smooth and satisfactory I stand to the side and adjust the showerhead to the perfect angle. I have just enough time to finish the dream ? ! With the stream glancing off my left nipple my left hand teases the right. Taking hold of my firm cock I slide down to the base and grip it tight. The pleasure provides a throb in my hand and I begin stroking. Your picture, our messges, anticipation to see more of you, my dream. The passion builds quicker than I figured it would and I slow to enjoy the mounting feeling. Unable to control the eruption as if I could now with all the mental teasing this morning. The sensation starts deep…..I rest fully against the cold wall and feel my knees give. Intensity grows as I feel it rise up my cock, I stop and grip the shaft just under the head. 1xbet giriş I watch my cum (yours ?) flow out of the tip, a spurt shoots out, then the remaining creamy fluid flows down across my fingers and onto my shaft. I have to rest and recover in the warm water for a minute before I clean up and finish my shower. I towel off and enter the bedroom. She is still sleeping peacefully. I quickly dress, the shower was longer this morning and I am a bit behind but with a naughty smile and a very satisfied cock.The day goes by quickly, I’m sure it has to do with where my mind was ? I’m leaving early to take care of something before the weekend. With my mind occupied with the dream, my little adventure in the shower and your morning message of your toys, my state of arousal is back and growing. I go to your profile to see your picture, I imagine your toys teasing and eventually slipping into your tight pussy. Your fingers working your clit, slipping down to coat them, then back up to your clit. Your lips are spread open exposing the swollen inner lips and clit. I see myself leaning in, my warm breath on your thighs, teasing before I let the tip of my tongue contact your outer swollen lip. The 30 minutes I have in my drive home is filled with naughty thoughts of you! By the time I arrive I am so fucking horny my cock is throbbing in my now tight faded blue jeans. I want to feel tight pussy around my cock! Yours would be perfect right now!!! The little parts of you I have will work with my own toy.I go inside straight to the closet where it rests. I open the box, reach in and come out with lubricant and my jelly cock sleeve. I waste no time in removing my shoes, socks, shirt, tight jeans and lastly the boxer briefs. As the briefs slide down my thighs I notice the unusually large 1xbet güvenilirmi wet spot from my precum. I run my finger over the tip smearing the fluid around, the firmness just under my finger. Gathering more I slide across the tip and off to that spot in the front just under the tip. My eyes closed I feel your tongue flicking just under the tip tasting my precum. Mmm… I open my stance and ready myself for your soft lips to tease and take me deep into your mouth. My hand slide down my thighs as you take you time, enjoying the view of that stiff cock just inches in-front of you. Your lips and tongue kiss and lick the length, pursed lips tease as they open to accommodate the swollen tip. Just to the ridge then back off with a wet sound. My throbbing shaft bounces, your arm raises and your fingers wrap around the girth to steady so you can continue. Standing there I feel my desire to have you grow. Opening my eyes I reach out to the bed and grab the bottle of lubricant. Removing the cap I turn the bottle and let it drizzle the contents onto the smooth soft skin now tight as I am stiff and hard. After I return the bottle my hand grips the firm cock and I start stroking slowly covering my cock as if it were our juices from the tip to my tight balls. Closing my eyes again you mouth is full and gliding up and down the shaft. Your limit of how much set leaving some of my cock wanting to feel your lips. I reach around and place my hand on the back of your head at first following the motion. Your tongue rides along the underside of my shaft applying pressure so the experience feels like I am in your tight pussy. When you go down the shaft I press and force a little more cock into your mouth. The new length and thickness causing your gag reflexes to want off, your hands go to my thighs and press, pushing your self away I release the pressure letting you come up the shaft and catch your breath once my cock is free from your mouth. Your eyes look up to mine as my hips move forward my cock now again at your lips ready to journey deeper.

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