Natalie is a Work of Art Pt. 03


The following story is fiction and does not describe any real person or situation in particular. All characters are at least eighteen. This submission is Part 3 of a short series about a young art teacher coming out of her sexual comfort zone. Reading Part 1 and 2 first is highly recommended. There is a little reluctance involved but mostly deals with what I like to call “eventual consensual”. I hope you have fun reading it. Nice or constructive comments are very much appreciated. Rude comments are just mean and will be deleted. Enjoy the fantasy. -xoxo Daphne.


Natalie walked bouncily back to her room after a long day of classes. Normally, teaching a full schedule of high school art courses wore her out, especially when she had to do morning and afternoon duties.

Today was different.

Today, Natalie was full of excitement about what was going to happen to her this afternoon. She didn’t know what exactly, but after the past few days, she was looking forward to finding out.

The young teacher was dressed very cutely today. Wearing a white pullover top with ruffles on her short sleeves, Natalie had the bottom tucked into her skirt at her petite waist. Once again braless, her nipples were on display through the snugly fitting top as her cute little tits poked against the fabric. The young teacher couldn’t help but notice the stares that her breasts were getting from the male students and staff passing her in the hallway. In truth, she was beginning to enjoy the attention.

Natalie’s dress was a lovely blue green floral print. Although the skirt length went below the knee, the left side of the dress had a slit that went all the way up to her hip, teasingly exposing her shapely legs. Her shoes were the light blue heels that she wore the previous week when I had sexually interrogated her. She knew I loved it when she wore those.

The art teacher’s blonde hair bounced freely on her shoulders, and her black-rimmed teacher glasses made her look as hot as ever.

As Natalie walked back to her classroom after finishing her afternoon duties, she thought about what naughty things were going to be done to her today. Her mind went back a few days to when her mentor teacher tortured her pussy with her own paint brushes and forced her to come in front of her entire class.

“Mygod that was so fucking amazing,” Natalie thought to herself. “It was the most turned on I’ve ever been in my life.”

That is…until a few minutes later when the students had left and her mentor bent Natalie over her own desk, pounding hard into her pussy with his large cock.

Now, Natalie’s pussy was already wet in anticipation as to what her mentor teacher was going to do to her today.

That mentor teacher was me. I was the one who made her come over and over again. The one who had fucked her on her own desk with her hands cuffed behind her back and her breasts squished on the top of the desk.

I was waiting in Natalie’s classroom when she returned from her afternoon duties.

The door opened and Natalie glided inside, giving a cute little wave when she saw me.

“Hi,” I said looking her over, admiring her pert nipples peeking through her shirt as well as the slit going all the way up the side of her dress.

Natalie walked over to me, wrapped her arms around my shoulders, and gave me the cutest little smile.

“I’ve missed seeing you today,” Natalie giggled and kissed me sweetly.

“Yeah, sorry about that,” I replied. “It was a very busy afternoon.”

Natalie leaned close to whisper in my ear.

“I’ve been so horny since I arrived this morning…you’re so naughty for not allowing me to wear panties today.”

I pulled back and gave Natalie a confused look. “What?”

Natalie stopped smiling. “You sent me a text this morning and told me to wear a skirt today with no panties underneath.”

I shook my head. “No, I didn’t.”

“Sure you did,” Natalie reached for her phone. “You told me to go all day with no panties and then meet you here after school.”

“No,” I insisted. “I got a text from you asking me to meet you here after school today.”

We both looked at our phones and then showed them to each other. Both of us got a little nervous when we realized that neither of us had sent those texts.

“Ohmygod,” Natalie’s voice trembled. “If it wasn’t you, then who was it?”

The door to the art supply room opened, causing both of us to jump in surprise.

“It was me,” came a familiar voice.

Both of our jaws dropped as we saw Matt, one of the students in Natalie’s senior art class, appear in the doorway.

“Matt!” I was the first to speak. “What the heck are you doing here?”

Matt smiled knowingly at me and then locked his gaze on Natalie. She could feel his eyes undressing her.

“I wanted to see if you were planning to fuck my art teacher again,” he said casually, as if it was the most normal thing in the world to say.

Natalie’s mouth fell open in surprise as she glanced towards me. How did he know…and what bahis siteleri was he planning?

I tried to bluff it out. “I haven’t the slightest idea what you are talking about.”

“Don’t play all innocent with me.” Matt took out his phone and flipped through a few pictures he had taken yesterday. Selecting one, he turned his screen around to show us.

“I think this one is my favorite.” Matt said as Natalie covered her mouth in shock.

The picture showed Natalie facing the camera, bent over her own desk, her hands cuffed behind her back, and being fucked by me from behind. I was pulling on her tussled hair, causing Natalie to raise her head, and her exposed breasts, off the table. Her teacher glasses were at the tip of her nose, her eyes were wide, and her mouth was open as if she were screaming.

We both realized that the picture was taken at the exact moment I was coming inside the young teacher’s pussy.

Natalie and I exchanged looks of defeat. He had us right where he wanted us. One picture in the hands of an administrator would end both our careers.

“Okay, Matt,” I tried to negotiate. “What is it you want from us?”

Matt smiled slightly at me, and then turned his attention to his sexy art teacher. “I’m going to fuck you.”

Natalie’s jaw dropped.

Matt then turned to me. “…and you are going to get some great video footage of us while I’m taking her pussy.”

“What?” Natalie finally found her voice. “You’re a student Matt, and I’m your teacher! We could get into a lot of trouble.”

“Like you two aren’t already hip deep in it.” Matt replied. “Don’t worry though, I’m going to take the risks with you.”

“What do you mean by that?” I asked.

“Here’s what’s going to happen,” Matt explained to me. “While I’m fucking Miss Natalie, you will record video of us with YOUR phone. That way, all three of us have something on each other, and it’s in all our interests to keep this between ourselves. Obviously, Natalie is a great fuck, and I want in on it.”

Natalie couldn’t believe how casually the three of them were discussing this. She was actually talking about fucking her student in front of her mentor teacher…who had just fucked her yesterday.

“So…why are you putting yourself at risk?” Natalie asked.

“Simple,” Matt replied. “Because I want you to fuck me willingly.”

Natalie moistened her lips nervously. “What if I say no?”

Matt shrugged. “You won’t. You just admitted how turned on you’ve been all day. I think you’re too horny to refuse. Besides, you’ve been trying all kinds of new sexual experiences lately, it’s about time you had your first threesome.”

Natalie’s eyes went wide.

“B-both of you?” Her voice cracked.

Matt nodded.

“Ohmygod,” Natalie whispered to herself. “I can’t believe I’m going to do this.”

“That sounds like a yes to me.” Matt said walking over to his teacher. His hot, young, horny teacher.

Natalie instinctively stepped back but then stopped herself, remembering that she was going to let him do what he wanted to her.

Even though Matt was a student, he was still several inches taller than his petite teacher. Natalie submissively looked up into her student’s eyes and began breathing nervously. Her breasts were rising and falling beautifully, her braless nipples straining against the thin fabric of her top.

When Natalie caught Matt looking at her breasts, she glanced down at them, her hard nipples an advertisement for just how turned on she was. She looked nervously up at Matt again, her eyes letting him know that she wanted him to take her.

Matt had always fantasized about fucking his hot teacher. Natalie figured it was probably why he signed up for art classes in the first place. She had always considered it inappropriate thoughts for a student, but he had never actually crossed that line.

Now, as she noticed me turning on the video to my phone, she realized that her student was going to cross that line by fucking her. For some reason that she couldn’t explain, she wanted to get fucked just as badly. As his teacher, Natalie had told Matt what to do for years.

Now…he was going to teach her.

“Ohgod, this is really happening.” Natalie said softly as her student leaned in to kiss his teacher’s delicate quivering lips.

The kiss was long and beautiful. Natalie felt herself being swept away with passion as she momentarily forgot that she was making out with one of her own students. The art teacher parted her lips and allowed their tongues to explore each other’s mouths.

“Dayum,” I thought to myself as Natalie moaned softly. “She’s really getting into this.”

When the two pulled out of their embrace, Natalie looked up at him with her lovely blue eyes.

“Please be gentle with me,” she pleaded.

Matt smiled and whispered into his teacher’s ear.

“Not a chance.”

In one quick motion, Matt grabbed the front of his teacher’s top with both hands and ripped it apart, exposing her very perky and firm breasts.


“OH!!” canlı bahis siteleri Natalie yelped in surprise as her hands quickly covered her breasts.

Before she could recover, Matt had grabbed the slit of her dress with both hands and ripped the fabric all the way up to her waist.


“OH!!” Natalie yelped again as what remained of her skirt dropped to the floor.

Now completely naked except for her baby blue heels and her black-rimmed glasses, Natalie quickly moved one hand to cover her pussy while her other arm laid across her breasts.

“Mmm…yes.” Matt looked over every inch of his teacher’s gorgeous figure as she stood there with no clothes covering herself as best she could.

I was speechless. I’d never seen Natalie completely unclothed before, and her beautiful curves were an amazing sight to see. She looked nervously at both of us, feeling VERY self-conscious at being the only one nude in the room.

“Now…Miss Natalie,” Matt instructed as he walked around behind her. “I want you to get down on all fours and crawl…very slowly…to your mentor.”

Natalie’s mouth fell open in shock. “But…”

“Don’t argue, bitch,” Matt interrupted. “Crawl.”

Natalie was stunned at Matt’s language. No one had ever talked like that to her before, especially a student. To her astonishment, she discovered that his assertiveness was a big turn on. Natalie was ashamed of herself for enjoying being ordered by her student, but even more ashamed that she was too horny to care.

Natalie’s eyes began to well up as she abandoned all sense of dignity, got down on her hands and knees, and began crawling slowly towards me.

The sight of Natalie on all fours, wearing only her baby blue heels, and peering at me over her black rimmed glasses, made my cock as hard as steel. Her perky breasts gave in to gravity and swayed perfectly. Her full curvy rear was majestic to watch as she crawled submissively towards me.

“Mygod I feel like such as slut,” Natalie thought to herself as she moved ever closer to me. “How did it come to this?”

Arriving where I was standing, the young art teacher looked up at me with her gorgeous blue eyes in both embarrassment and submission.

“I’m sure you know what to do next, Miss Natalie,” Matt said moving to stand directly behind her.

Natalie looked at the massive bulge in my trousers and moistened her lips in hesitation.


“OH!!” Natalie yelped as she felt Matt spank her bare ass.

“Quit stalling, bitch,” he ordered.

Natalie quickly got to work undoing my trousers and pulling my cock out.

I looked down at my young mentee, on her knees, wearing just her heels, peering over her glasses at me, and about to take my cock into her warm moist mouth. All this while her student was preparing to fuck her from behind.

“I’m…sorry I got you into this, Natalie.” I felt the need to apologize.

The young girl’s eyes sparkled as she looked up at me. “It’s okay. I’m…a little scared but…”

Natalie’s sentence was cut short when she felt something hard press against her labia.

“Ohmygod!” Natalie said urgently. “He’s pushing his cock into my pussyyyyyyyyyyyAAAAHHHH!!”

Natalie cried out as she felt her student’s rock hard shaft enter her depths.

“Oh shit!” Natalie braced herself by putting her hands back on the floor and lowering her head. “Ohmygod he’s inside me!”

Suddenly, the young teacher felt her hair being pulled from behind.

“AAHHH!!” Natalie cried out as she was forced to raise her head and arch her back.

“Get sucking, you little teacher slut,” Matt ordered as he began to pump his dick in and out of her in long slow strokes.

A wave of lust washed over Natalie as she was being fucked by her student’s steel-like shaft. Immediately, she took my cock in her mouth and began bobbing her head back and forth, moaning with pleasure as the sensations of having two cocks inside her began to wash away her inhibitions.

“That’s more like it, Miss Natalie.” Matt encouraged his teacher as the two large shafts glided back and forth inside her.

The young art teacher’s lovely blue eyes looked up at me timidly, letting me know that she was a little scared and needed me to comfort her. I smiled sweetly at Natalie as she continued bobbing her head back and forth on my shaft.

“It’s going to be okay,” I mouthed to her.

Natalie’s eyes began to water as she heard the comforting words she needed to hear from me.

With that, the young teacher began taking in more of my shaft with her warm moist mouth.

“Oh…” I sighed.

“That’s it, Miss Natalie,” Matt encouraged her as he began pumping his cock faster into his teacher’s pussy.

“Um!” Natalie yelped as she felt the walls of her pussy expand, allowing Matt’s cock to tunnel deeper into her.

“So,” Matt asked, “how does it feel to be blowing your mentor while getting fucked by your student?”

“Mmm…” Natalie answered with a pleasurable sigh as she felt the amazing canlı bahis sensation of both our cocks gliding beautifully back and forth inside of her.

“I’ll tell you a secret Miss Natalie,” Matt said as he continued to thrust into her. “It’s every guy’s fantasy to fuck his hot teacher.”

“Mmmm…” Natalie sighed.

“I’ve been wanting to fuck you since my first day in art class.”

“Mmm hmm…”

“I’ve probably jacked myself off a hundred times thinking about slamming my cock into your pussy.”


“I’m not the only one,” Matt continued. “Half the senior class wants to fuck you. Every day during class while you teach us, we’re all raping you in our minds.”


Giving in to her lust, Natalie began pumping her hips back and forth against Matt’s thrusting cock.

“Ahh! Fuck yes, Miss Natalie!” Matt gasped. “I knew you’d love this. Fuck me, you teacher slut. Make your student come inside you.”

Immediately, Matt began pounding his teacher, his thick shaft stroking her g-spot over and over again at a breakneck speed.

“MMMMMMPPHHHH!!” Natalie’s scream was muffled by my dick inside her mouth. Her eyes went wide as she felt her pussy muscles contract around Matt’s shaft, pulling it deeper inside her love canal as she prepared to be defiled by her student.

Completely out of control, the young teacher took the whole of my cock into her mouth and began to suck on it as if she were trying to force a thick milkshake through a tiny straw.

“OH FUCK, NAT!” I cried out as my pleasure level went through the roof. The suction on my sensitive cock head was massive as Natalie tried to force the orgasm out of me.

Out of a desperate need to come, I grabbed a handful of Natalie’s long blonde hair and rapidly guided her head back and forth while I fucked her mouth violently.

“MMMMMMM!! MMMMMMMMMMM!!” Natalie screamed as she felt both cocks preparing to come inside her.

The young art teacher was no longer in control of her own body.

She was our sexual object…

…a tool being used by both her mentor and her student…

…a receptacle for their masculine seed.

“Oh fuck, Miss Natalie! I’m coming!” Matt cried out. “I’m coming inside your pussy, you fucking teacher cunt!”

“Ohgod here it comes, Nat!” I cried out. “Suck me dry, you naughty slut teacher you!”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!” Natalie screamed as all three of us came hard. The young teacher’s entire body convulsed as orgasms crashed over her one after another. She felt the warmth of her student’s liquid as it filled her pussy. Her gorgeous blue eyes stared up into mine as she felt me unload inside her warm moist mouth.

I held onto Natalie’s head as Matt took hold of the teacher’s hips, our two shafts unloading everything we had into her. She accepted it all…from both of our cocks…like a good girl should.

“Ohhhh yesss,” Matt closed his eyes and sighed as Natalie began rolling her hips slowly on his cock in little circles, caressing his oversensitive member from inside her moist depths.

“Oh fuck,” I shivered as my beautiful mentee kept her eyes locked on mine, submissively allowing me to finish fucking her warm mouth with long slow pumps.

Natalie shivered with orgasmic aftershocks as Matt and I…the student and the mentor…finished fucking the hot young teacher and pulled out of her. For Natalie, there was almost a sense of longing as the two shafts that had been inside her disappeared.

“Ohhhhh fuck…” Natalie lowered her head exhausted, her petite body heaving with deep breaths. “I can’t believe you two just did that to me. I’ve never done anything like that before.”

“You seemed to be enjoying yourself.” I said as Matt and I pulled our trousers back up.

Natalie, still on all fours, whipped her hair back and looked up at me. “It was amazing.”

There was a sparkle in Natalie’s beautiful eyes as she girlishly smiled at me.

I took her hand, gallantly helping her up. Matt turned off the video to my phone and handed it over to me.

“There’s your assurance that this is just going to remain between the three of us…agreed?”

“Agreed,” I responded.

“Miss Natalie?” Matt asked.

Natalie whipped around to face Matt and put her hand on her hips.

“Fine, and YOU better behave in class from now on, mister,” she said in her authoritative voice. It was as if she had forgotten she was completely naked except for her glasses and heels. “Just because you fucked me doesn’t mean that you can slack off. During school, I’m still the teacher, got it?”

Matt smiled. “Yes, Miss Natalie.” He loved that he was being scolded by his hot, young, completely naked teacher…the one whom he had just finished fucking.

Natalie’s heels clicked on the floor as she strutted over to her art supply room and got a white smock to put on. It was the only thing she had available now that her clothes were in shreds.

“I guess this will have to do until I get home.” Natalie said to herself. The smock only came down to the top of her legs just below her pussy, and the thin white fabric displayed her young nipples beautifully.

“Come on,” I gestured. “The school should be empty, but we’ll walk you to your car just to be safe.”

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