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Sometimes I really questioned my sanity in taking a parttime job whilst at college. Whilst my friends were out partying, getting drunk and getting laid here I was serving over priced French cuisine to middle age couples who seem to spend their entire evening pretentiously professing about how wonderful their lives were. Sure the money was decent but was this really how I expected to spend what were supposed to be the best years of my life? The job would be much more enjoyable if there were hundreds of young, dark haired, impressionable single men coming in to eat but as I hazily scanned around the restaurant, I realised that that was a dream far too good to ever come true. In truth this job only really became a drain when I split with my boyfriend. It wasn’t that Darren was an amazing lover or anything, but all of a sudden I became far more aware of the fun my friends were having fun in the evenings whilst I was serving wine and putting out cutlery. Not to mention the fact that my levels of horniness were going through the roof. I couldn’t remember the last time I hadn’t been frantically playing with myself as I tried to fall asleep. All of a sudden it seemed far more appealing to actually go out and meet people my own age and you never know, have someone get me off for a change! Anyway back to the present, I was working my usual shift at the front of the restaurant on a particularly busy Wednesday night. Nothing untoward had happened and I was slowly counting down the minutes until I could leave, just like any other night. Right now I’d do pretty much anything to be out of this crappy uniform. The black t-shirt and slacks I’d worn for every goddam shift felt like such a weight round my shoulders at the moment. God the second hand on that clock seemed to move so slowly when you were desperate to leave. “Err excuse me we’d like a table for two please?” Shit I thought to myself, I’ve been daydreaming again. I snapped out of my trance and looked up to see I was being confronted by a well-dressed couple, I guessed they must be in their late twenties or early thirties although I couldn’t be sure. “Oh I’m so sorry,” I replied, desperately trying to regain my composure, running my hands through my shoulder length brunette hair. “Please follow me.” “We’d like the wine list as well please,” the male half of the couple said as I sat them down at a table and handed them menus. Straight away I was struck by the calm yet assured confidence his voice exuded. You just knew he was in control of the situation without him having to show it. It only really hit me after watching them from afar, whilst pouring drinks for another table, just how good looking the pair were. The man’s olive skin had a real Mediterranean feel to it whilst his well-groomed stubble really enhanced his masculinity without being overbearing or hiding his nicely chiselled facial features. The shirt and jacket he wore suggested a well-defined upper body beneath. I imagined it to be naturally muscular without being overly bulky, just how I liked it. Meanwhile his wife (I assumed they were married) had a natural beauty that I could only dream of. Don’t get me wrong I don’t consider myself to be unattractive and I’m happy with the amount of attention I get from guys, but sometimes one has to accept they are beaten! And there was no question I was here! She was not overly made up, but wore just enough make up to enhance her elegance perfectly. Her face was nicely framed by her long golden hair, flowing to just beneath her neckline with plenty of volume whilst her green eyes appeared to sparkle and shimmer in the dimly lit restaurant, such was their energy. The dress she had chosen for the evening, light blue in colour, fitted so immaculately that it seemed she must have been poured into it. It was not so short and tight that it could be called slutty, but it stilled showed off plenty of her fantastic legs whilst accentuating her gorgeous hour glass figure. Like I said I’ve never considered myself unattractive. I work pretty hard to keep myself in decent shape and although my boobs are a little on the small side, on the whole I’ve always been really pleased with my body. Facially I may not be model material, but with the right amount of makeup I’ve always thought I scrub up quite well, especially when I can highlight my large dark eyes. I continued to serve the couple for the rest of the evening, whilst also trying to steal admiring glances at them whenever I thought I could get away with it. Their conversation seemed to flow with an energy and good feeling that made me assume they must be celebrating something, an anniversary or a birthday perhaps. Each time I went over to refill their wine glasses the man would flash me a knowing smile, almost as if he had noticed me ogling him and his wife. It was getting late in the evening and most of the restaurant was now empty. The couple were now the only customers left and most of the other staff was now set about cleaning the place up for the next day. “I’m terribly sorry,” the man said as I handed him one of those wireless credit card machines that were customary everywhere now. “I haven’t got any cash on me to tip you. Perhaps you’d like to join us for a glass of wine instead?” Now how could I possibly turn down an offer like this? Students like me were always complaining about how expensive booze was these days and offers of a free drink didn’t come around very often. Plus it would mean I could get out of cleaning duties for the night. “I’d be delighted to sir,” I said smiling politely. “Well how could she possibly resist?” his wife said flashing a wry smile. “The way she’s been staring at us all evening!” My face began to turn a deep shade of red. My perving skills obviously weren’t up to scratch! “Now dear there’s no need to scare her off like that,” the man responded calmly whilst returning her smile. “John,” he continued holding out his hand. “It’s a pleasure to meet you.” “Natalie,” I replied accepting his handshake. His hand completely enveloped my own, with his grip being firm and confident without being totally overbearing and forceful. “And this is my wife Emma,” he continued. She confidently offered her hand to me as well, showing off a dazzling wedding ring before I pulled up an extra chair at their table. “Here give this a try,” John said to me as he poured me a glass. “It’s from Pédesclaux near Bordeaux. Has a very fine taste.” I nervously sipped away at the glass. I wasn’t used to this sort of fine wine and dining. When I went out with my friends it was very pedal to the metal stuff, knocking back drink after drink without a care in the world. The concept of sitting back and analysing the Şişli escort tastes and textures of a vintage red was completely alien to me. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to pressure you,” said John. “I didn’t even ask if you were old enough to drink. “No need to apologize,” I replied as I took another sip of the wine. “I’m almost nineteen.” “Wow well you certainly could have fooled me. I would have had you down as a couple of years younger!” “Well I have my ID checked at pretty much every bar I go to so you wouldn’t be the first!” He certainly wasn’t. I was pretty short, not much more than five foot three and my general petiteness had fooled plenty of people into thinking I was younger than I was, even when I wore a decent pair of heels. “Trust me you won’t be complaining about that in a few years time,” said Emma. “You’ll see it as a compliment then!” We all laughed at this comment and it broke the ice nicely. “So you must be at college then,” said John continuing the conversation. “What do you study?” “That’s right. I study history.” “Oh really that’s fascinating,” John replied as I sensed him edging his chair closer towards more. “Such a broad and diverse subject.” “Oh stop it John we all know college is all about partying not studying!” exclaimed Emma. “If my time at college was anything to go by anyway!” For a while John and I chatted about different periods of history, particularly European. It turned out John had travelled much Europe with his company and had a particular interest in the subject. All the while I couldn’t help but notice the way both of them seemed to be eyeing me up, looking me up and down like a piece of meat before giving each other a knowing smile, almost as if they had something in mind. “So you I guess you work here to give yourself a little bit of extra cash during term time?” asked John. “That’s right,” I replied. “Although I feel as if right now it’s eating up too much of my time.” “Ha well we can’t say we didn’t notice. You didn’t look particularly enthralled when we met you at the front door!” All I could do was look down into my wine glass. I Knew I’d been caught out. “Don’t worry Natalie we were all the same when we had part time jobs in college,” replied John calmly. “We do have a proposition for you though.” “What do you mean?” “We’ll be straight with you Natalie,” he continued as once again I could sense him edging closer to me. “We think you’re articulate, interesting and intelligent. And we’d like to offer you an employment opportunity.” “Don’t look so nervous dear,” Emma said reassuringly. “It’s nothing serious.” “Not at all,” continued John. “Let me explain our situation. We both work pretty long hours in the city during the week and don’t spend much time at home. What we are looking for is someone to work for us as a housekeeper of sorts. Not to live there all the time but just to help us keep the place clean and tidy as we don’t have much time.” “Nothing serious or anything like that,” said Emma. “Just something to help us out.” “Absolutely,” said John. “Although if you did do something wrong we’d have to punish you!” This comment took me completely by surprise. “Yea I’d have to bend you over my lap and give you a good spanking!” said Emma grinning devilishly. “Relax Natalie,” laughed John. “We’re just messing with you. Unless you’d like that of course!” He and Emma both grinned at each other. “But seriously what do you think?” “Well I don’t know really,” I said finishing my wine. “We’ve only just met really haven’t we?” “We know it’s forward,” said Emma leaning in towards me. “But we’d really like you to consider it.” As she said this her eyes locked into mine and for a split second it felt like there was a connection between us. It was like she was looking deep into my soul and I felt a tingle resonate in my spine and pass through my entire body. I had never been sexually attracted to women but right now I was intoxicated by her. “I’ll tell you what,” said John. “Why don’t you come back to our place now? We can show you around and you can see if you like the feel of it and we can talk some more.” The calm confidence of his voice certainly made me feel reassured. “If you don’t like it we’ll call you a cab straight away,” Emma said. “Besides it isn’t safe for a young lady such as yourself to walk home alone at this time.” Normally I wouldn’t have accepted an invitation back to the home of someone I had only just met. On this occasion though a combination of alcohol and John and Emma’s confident persona made me feel unnaturally at ease around them. Soon we had taken a short taxi ride back to their house in a leafy suburb on the edge of town. “This is another French red, from the Rhône Valley if I’m not mistaken,” announced John as he brought another bottle into the spacious living room. I must admit at this stage the wine was starting to have an effect on me. Normally I don’t have too much trouble handling my drink but I’m not a massive wine drinker and I could really feel it start to take its toll. “So what do you think of our place?” asked Emma sitting beside me on the large cream leather sofa. “Oh it’s really nice,” I replied, trying to play it cool. In fact this would be a considerable understatement. Whatever John and Emma did for a living obviously paid very well, judging by the size of their enormous TV anyway. “We’re really glad you like it,” John said as he took a seat on the other side of me. Despite the size of the sofa the three of us were a little bit squashed for room. As John’s broad, muscular shoulders slowly ground into my own I could feel my heart thumping against my chest a little harder than usual. I couldn’t deny I wasn’t slightly in awe of him right now. Attractive, wealthy, well mannered, what wasn’t to like? “So do you think you’d like to take up our offer?” “I’m not sure your place is a quite a long way from me.” “We’d happily pay for a cab for you to get here and back,” said Emma as I felt her bare knee rub against my leg. “As we said,” continued John. “We’ve really taken a liking to you. And we’d love it if you’d be able to help us out.” “Plus we can be really flexible with when you come,” Emma said with her thigh now planted firmly against mine. “You’d have much more time to have fun in the evenings!” I took a deep sip of my wine. Maybe this could work out for me. I’d been desperate to get out of the restaurant for ages but couldn’t really give up the income. I could work this job around my lectures and still have time to party. It might have just been the alcohol playing ticks on my mind but I certainly wouldn’t complain about spending more time with John and Emma. “Ok I’ll do it.” “Brilliant,” John Sultangazi escort bayan said positively beaming. “I think we are all going to enjoy this arrangement.” He lent in and gave a soft, sensual kiss on the cheek. Although it was only the briefest of touches, the feel of his stubble against my face sent a flurry of butterflies through my stomach. I just hoped he couldn’t feel my body shaking. “So how about we play a game to celebrate?” Emma said looking across and smiling at John, almost as if she had noticed my reaction. “What do you mean?” “A drinking game. You’re a student; I expect you’ve played loads of them.” “I don’t know it’s getting kind of late now.” I wasn’t wrong it was now well past eleven o’ clock. “Oh you’re a student I bet you’ve had later nights than this!” laughed Emma. “Do you even have lectures tomorrow?” “Not until the afternoon.” “Then what are you complaining about?” she replied looking deep into my eyes. “I promise we won’t keep you up too late.” “How about we start with something simple?” John said calmly. “Have you ever played ‘I have never’? You know the one where one person has to say something they’ve never done, and if anyone else playing has done it they have to drink.” I nodded apprehensively. The way the pair of them had suddenly taken control of the situation had startled me a little. “Good idea,” said Emma not waiting for any sort of verbal confirmation from me. “I’ll start shall I?” There was a brief pause as Emma took a sip from her wine glass, obviously consumed in thought. Whenever I’d played this game before the references had turned sexual pretty quickly so I wasn’t really sure what to expect from her. “Ok I think I’ve got a nice easy one to start off with,” she said looking up at me and John with a faint hint of a smile on her face. “I have never worked in a restaurant.” Fucking bitch! Stitching me up on her first go! I slowly raised my glass to my lips before taking a long, healthy slurp. “Sorry I know that was a bit mean, doing that on the first go,” said Emma grinning. “Go on Natalie it’s your go now.” I took a deep breath and started to think. I really wanted to get Emma back for forcing me to drink but I was struggling to think coherently with the alcohol swilling around my veins. “Ok I’ve got one,” I said struggling to hide the hint of trepidation in my voice. John and Emma simply looked on at me hungrily, seeming to sense my nervousness. “I have never been arrested,” I said hopefully, looking at both of them. “Nope can’t say I have either,” Emma replied, a smile broadening. “What about you John dear?” “Nope me neither,” said John. “Although I can’t lie, there have been occasions when I’ve wanted to arrest you honey, handcuff you and throw you in a police cell!” “Ha! The cheek!” exclaimed Emma. “I bet you wouldn’t mind doing that to Natalie too though would you!” The pair of them both burst into laughter, leaving me sitting between them looking slightly gobsmacked. “Sorry Natalie we shouldn’t be joking about things like that,” John said as his face returned to normal. “I’m sure you know the rules though. If no one in the group has done the thing you’ve said then you have to drink yourself.” Begrudgingly I knew the rules all too well. How stupid was I? Why did I think either of this attractive, professional couple would have been on the wrong side of the law? Oh Well. I took a big gulp and finished my glass. Fuck the wine was really starting to get to my head now. “Here let me top that up for you,” John said getting up quickly to retrieve the bottle from the large glass coffee table that lay in front of the sofa and refilled my glass. “I believe it’s my turn now,” he finished as he sat down again. “Right I’ve thought of one, might be a bit harsh on you two,” said John smiling to himself. “I have never had sex with a guy.” Ha that’s a bit cheap I thought as Emma and I both took a long slurp of wine. “Sorry that wasn’t very good I know,” John said as we both put our glasses down. “But then I thought all of us were pretty terrible!” “Yea back when I was in college we would always go way further than that!” grinned Emma. “We used to really pry into each other’s darkest secrets!” “I guess old age is finally starting to catch up with you!” joked John. “Perhaps you’re not as kinky as you once were!” “Hey!” replied Emma. “You won’t be saying that when I’ve got you squirming on the floor, wrists handcuffed to ankles with a gag in your mouth!” I was slightly taken aback by the sudden change in tone of the conversation. I couldn’t imagine someone as strong and confident as John ever being tied up but the thought of Emma doing the tying sent a shiver through my whole body that made it difficult to stay still. “Sorry Natalie I know it’s rude to keep talking like this in front of you,” said John. “Tell us a bit more about yourself. Are you attached right now?” “No I’m not I split up with my boyfriend a few weeks ago.” “I’m sorry to hear that,” replied John apologetically. “Still plenty more fish in the sea I suppose.” “Aw but you’re so cute,” said Emma. “There’s no way any boy could break up with someone as adorable as you. I can barely take my eyes off you!” As she said this Emma leaned into me and allowed me to take in the sweet, vanilla scent of her expensive perfume. Slowly she planted her soft, well manicured hand firmly on my knee. Once again I felt my heart rate begin to rise again. As she stared deep into my eyes I felt totally captivated by her. It felt as if her gaze when was sending me into a trance where I’d follow her every command. “I keep telling you honey you’re gonna scare her off if you keep talking to her like that!” John interjected quickly returning my conscience to the room. “Well what have I said that isn’t true?” replied Emma slightly argumentatively, her hand still stuck to my knee like glue. Oh god. Her words were literally melting me on the inside like butter. “So what do you like to do for fun?” asked John obviously keen to change the subject. “When you’re not studying of course.” “Well I like to keep active,” I replied, my cheeks still crimson from Emma’s attention. “I go to the gym a fair bit. I also like to read.” “Sounds like you’re a complete package. So you’ve got great book smarts and you like to keep in shape,” replied John. “What kind of stuff do you like to read?” How does he do it? I thought to myself. He sits there so cool and confident whilst his wife is stroking my leg as if nothing is happening. He’s just so assured, as if he’s in complete control, as if he knows exactly what he wants and he knows he’s going to get it. “Well lately I’ve been reading a lot of stuff on the Escort Taksim net.” “Oh yea what kind of stuff?” “Well mostly erotic fiction actually.” Shit! Why the hell did I just admit that? I must be a lot more drunk than I thought. “Hey it’s ok hun there’s nothing wrong with that,” Emma said squeezing my knee harder than ever. “What kind of erotica do you like to read?” “All sorts,” I stammered. I wondered if Emma could feel how much I was shaking. “I only started reading it when I split up with Darren.” “Oh that’s so adorable baby,” she replied staring directly into my eyes. “Tell me, do you play with yourself while you read?” I felt so nervous right now I could barely speak. My mouth had completely dried up. “It’s ok, you can tell us,” Emma said now stroking her hand frantically up and down my thigh. God how could she do this to me? “Yes,” I mustered, barely audibly. “Aw don’t worry hun that’s nothing to be ashamed of,” said Emma. The warm smile she gave me made me feel much better. “Yea I think you’d be surprised just how many people read that kind of stuff,” John said reassuringly. “It’s very common.” “Oh yea,” continued Emma, finally taking her hand from my leg and giving me some space to breathe. “Would it surprise you to hear that John and I both enjoy reading erotica together?” I looked up at John. He was just sitting there. So calm. So assured. Almost as if discussing what he and his wife did to get off was the most natural thing in the world. And here I was quivering like a nervous wreck! I couldn’t deny that the discussion was turning me on though. “That’s right,” he said. “Although we do prefer a particular type of erotica.” “What do you mean?” I asked. “There’s a particular genre we enjoy reading,” he explained. “Domination and submission to be precise.” What? I thought it was only weirdos and freaks who were into that kind of stuff? “You mean like Fifty Shades of Grey and stuff like that?” My curiosity had certainly been triggered. “You’re not far off,” Emma replied, seemingly pleased at my question. “So tell me Natalie, do you ever like to read that kind of thing?” “I have occasionally,” I said, butterflies now swirling in my stomach once again. “And when you read it do you play with yourself?” I could sense her leaning in towards me again. “Yes,” I could feel a faint tingle in my pussy. “And when you play with yourself, do you imagine you’re the dominant or the submissive?” My mind was racing. Not for the first time tonight I could barely speak. “The one being tied up or the one doing the tying?” John added, sensing my nervousness. “The one being tied up,” I murmured. “Always the one being tied up.” “Oh so we’ve got a little slave girl on our hands!” giggled Emma. “Don’t worry though; loads of people have submissive fantasies.” “Yes,” added John. “It’s just most people are too afraid to carry them out.” I didn’t know what to say. This situation was totally alien to me. Just openly discussing my sexual fantasies with a couple I’d only just met. God it was making me wet though. “Too right,” said Emma. “Natalie when you play with yourself it’s not the same as having a real man inside you is it?” “No.” “Wouldn’t you just love to one day be able to let all your inhibitions go and experience your wildest fantasies for real?” “Yes.” “And I bet you’re wet right now just thinking about it.” How did she know? Fuck she could read me like a book. They had me completely under my spell. I think I’d do anything they said right now. “You want to show me just how wet you are don’t you?” “Yes,” my heart was hammering so hard I could actually feel it against my rib cage. Was this really happening? “Yes what?” Emma said more sternly now. “What does a submissive like you call their dominant?” “Yes Mistress,” I whispered, not intentionally, it was all my voice box could muster. “Good girl,” replied Emma with a devilish grin on her face. “From now on we are Miss Emma and Master John is that clear?” “Yes Miss Emma.” “Don’t worry baby,” Emma whispered in my ear comfortingly. “I can see how much you want this. Trust me you are going to love every second of it.” I couldn’t speak. I felt as if my body had completely frozen over. I couldn’t ever remember being this excited and this scared at the same time. “Take your trousers off little one,” Emma commanded me. “Show us what a little slut you really are.” She just called me a slut! Maybe she was right though it wasn’t like I wasn’t going to comply with her demands. That warm, engaging smile and sparkling green eyes had totally intoxicated me. How could anybody resist? Slowly I slipped off my dark, small platform shoes to reveal my bare feet. “Good girl,” said Emma. “Don’t be shy now.” I reached down and unbuttoned my trousers, before gradually pulling down the zipper. If I didn’t back out now I never would. “Here let me help you with those,” Emma said as I stood up, still clutching the top of my trousers tightly. She grabbed hold of the top of trousers, not with any strength or aggression, but with just enough force for me to know she was in complete control of me. With surprising ease she slowly slipped my trousers down my thighs, sensually cupping my ass cheeks as she went. “Well well well what do we have here?” she said grinning as I stepped out of my trousers, leaving them in a heap on the floor. “Looks like someone’s a much bigger slut than I could ever have possibly imagined.” I looked down at my sky blue satin panties. There was absolutely no mistaking the large wet patch on the front of them, right over my pussy. “Well I just want to see if she’s wearing a matching bra,” said John, casually fondling my ass from behind. “I know I love this bum though.” “Excellent idea,” said Emma. “Girl I think you know what to do.” Still standing up, I reached down and pulled my black top over my head before tossing it to the floor, revealing the pale skin of my torso. “Oh my she looks amazing!” said Emma, looking on appreciably at my matching blue bra. “Get up on the coffee table and give us a twirl!” Nervously I stood up on the large glass table, feeling very aware of the two sets of eyes sizing up every inch of me. Even though I was in my underwear, as I turned round and my eyes locked into those of John and Emma I felt totally naked, totally exposed. “Wow she looks absolutely incredible doesn’t she?” John said. “Such a tight, petite body.” “I know she’s such a sexy little thing isn’t she,” replied Emma. “Girl what do you say to Master John for being so complimentary to you?” “Thank you Master,” I replied, still standing on the coffee table. “Err no,” snapped Emma. “Get down on the floor where a slave like you belongs.” I stepped down from the table and instinctively fell to my knees in front of John. My eye’s level with his smart, brown shoes all I could think about was how submissive I felt, worthy of nothing more than grovelling at his feet. “Thank you Master,” I repeated, my head bowed downwards towards the floor. “Isn’t she such an obedient pet,” said John.

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