Naughty Nurse Emily


I’ve never really had what most would consider to be a real lesbian experience and nor do I even consider myself to be bi-curious. But I did have a certain encounter with a fellow female about five years ago now that I sometimes masturbate to while thinking about however.


I moved to a new city right after graduating from college and soon got an office job with a major telecom company. Then I needed to get a physical check-up to qualify for an insurance policy through my new employer so I made an appointment at a nearby clinic to be seen by one of their doctors.

And just for the record, I consider myself to be about an eight in terms of my looks. Good-looking but not great-looking in other words. Average height. Average weight. Medium-length light brown hair. Nice smile I’ve been told. 34-C-cups.

So because the doctor I was going to be seen by was a male, I was informed while checking in at the clinic in question that there would be a female nurse present during my examination as well. Standard practice they said for legal reasons.

And the nurse who was assigned that certain task turned out to be an absolute stunner. A nine at least. Emily was her name. She was certainly no older than twenty-seven and blessed with a beautiful mane of kinky-curly blonde hair that framed her equally beautiful face. And also blessed with a beautiful body as well, she was somewhat tall and hourglass-shaped with breasts that were clearly at least a full cup size larger than my own.

Dressed in a typical nursing outfit consisting of a light blue smock and pair of pants, Emily was the first to greet me in the examination room after another nurse had shown me in. But before anything else, we just chit-chatted for a bit about the weather and other such trivial topics. And during the process of which I became certain that she and I would have wound up being actual friends had we instead met through mutual acquaintances or something. We just clicked like that was all.

Then came the matter of me needing to change into my gown before the doctor was due to join us. So Emily produced the garment in question from a drawer and handed it over before offering to turn around so I could change into it without her seeing me doing so.

But I had to laugh at that. I just couldn’t help it. Afterall, “What’s the point?” I asked. “You’re going to be seeing everything during my exam anyway, right?”

After shooting me a thousand watt smile at that, “Well not technically everything,” Emily replied. “I won’t be taking a peek between your legs while the doctor is doing your pelvic exam. I’ll just be standing at your side out of curtesy instead.”

Which made sense to me. Still though, “Not that you’ve never seen another woman down there before,” I guessed.

It was Emily’s turn to laugh at that. Then she replied, “Well I’m a nurse so of course I have. But never while serving as an observer during an examination such as the one you’re about to receive.”

And I promise it wasn’t meant to be sexual when I then tossed my gown onto the exam table and started to remove my clothing. Without asking for Emily to turn around first that is. I guess I just wanted to show her that I was so comfortable in her presence that I didn’t even mind the thought of disrobing completely for her to see.

So after removing my shoes and socks first, off went my shirt and the jeans that I was wearing. And Emily didn’t seem to mind one bit either but just looked on with a look of amusement etched across her beautiful face.

Clad then in just my bra and panties, I only then asked Emily, “Are you sure you don’t feel uncomfortable with me not asking you to turn around for this?”

And in response she just shrugged her shoulders and said, “Nope. No biggie. Go right ahead.”

So with Emily still looking on, I then removed my bra and tossed it aside to put my pair of 34-Cs on full display. And without any hesitation whatsoever, I then pushed my panties past my hips and let them fall down the length of my legs to the floor where I stepped out of them to thus show Emily the sight of my full-frontal.

After eyeballing my naked body for maybe only three seconds max, Emily then helped me gather up my clothing before we stashed them aside for the time being. I then put on my gown as Emily remarked, “Well that was certainly different!”

Shortly then the doctor entered the exam room and Emily both literally and figuratively faded into escort kocaeli the background as he and I greeted each other and first just talked about my medical history. And nothing else of note happened (at least as far as this story is concerned) until the doctor was examining my breasts.

My gown was pulled down in the front just so and he was using his hands to check for lumps when, from where she was standing a few feet directly behind the doctor, Emily hoisted up her top to show me her big boobs clad in just the bra she was wearing underneath. Unbeknownst to the doctor of course.

And the bra in question was just a full-coverage type of garment designed more for comfort and support than anything else. Still though! Her tits looked amazing wrapped nice and snug within it’s fabric. And I could hardly get over what Emily was doing behind that doctor’s back!

So I shot her a smile at that while not even caring what her motives might have been. If she was flirting with me, so be it. I felt honored that a woman so remarkably attractive would deem me worthy of flirting with in the first place. And even more so given the fact that she was taking such a risk by flirting with me in a way that could have gotten her in serious trouble had the doctor happened to catch sight of her just then.

Emily then took things even further in response to the smile I shot her over the doctor’s shoulder. She left her top bunched up in a line above the place where she was showing me her bra-clad bosom and moved her hands to the cups woven into her bra and, shock of shocks, managed to wrangle her tits completely free of that garment.

And I have no idea how I managed to keep from letting out a cry of surprise at that. But it would have been every bit as much in response to the sight of just how incredible Emily’s breasts truly were as it would have been in response to just how shocked I was that she was then flashing me the sight of them in the flesh.

My only question in reference to their size was whether Emily’s bra came with a label reading ‘D’ or ‘DD.’ But their sheer size was only part of their allure. From where they were positioned nice and high upon Emily’s torso, her breasts were also molded into orb-like shapes while pointing themselves almost straight forwards even when set completely free of any restraints.

And Emily’s boobs were decorated with areolas that I also found to be quite attractive. They were a lovely deep shade of pink and rounded into perfect circles of flesh about the size of silver dollars. And centered upon which, Emily’s nipples were tilted slightly upwards just so as well.

All of which she showed off for me to see for maybe ten straight seconds while the doctor was probing my breasts with his fingers. Then she wrestled her boobs back into her bra and pulled her top back down into place once again.

But Emily wasn’t quite done yet with behaving a bit naughty that afternoon. Not by a longshot in fact.

Flash forward about ten minutes later to when the doctor was examining my womanhood. Just like Emily had said, she was standing at my side as I was positioned on my back on the exam table with my legs spread wide open while the doctor was sitting on a stool down between my thighs and using his fingers to probe my most intimate of regions.

Emily then caught my eye, moved her hands to the waistband of her pants and shot me a look that I read as meaning, “Should I?”

I could only smile and nod my head ‘yes’ in response.

After then shooting a look in the direction of where the doctor was doing his thing just to make sure that he was still preoccupied with his examination, Emily first spun on her heels to turn her back to me before she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her pants and panties both and pushed them down as one just far enough to expose to me the sight of her ass laid completely bare.

And much to my mild surprise, Emily’s rear-end turned out to be every bit as remarkable as her amazing pair of tits. It was truly a work of art in fact. Shaped a bit bigger than I was expecting, it was overtly curvaceous yet firm to the max and still formed as taut as could be.

After taking in the sight of which for several seconds, I looked up to see Emily peering back and down at me over her shoulder with another thousand watt smile etched across her beautiful face.

In response to which, I mouthed to her the words, “Thank you for letting me see you gölcük escort like this.”

To which Emily mouthed back at me in reply, “Would you like for me to turn around now?”

And again I smiled and nodded my head ‘yes’ in response.

After making sure that the doctor was still preoccupied with things down between my thighs, Emily left her pants and panties partly pulled down and spun back around to face me once more. But then with her pussy fully in view.

Her shaved clean pussy as it turned out. And Emily even parted her thighs just so at that to show me her certain bald mound in all of it’s glory. So I also thus got a peek at her pretty pair of pink pussy lips splitting that mound down the middle. And I could also make out the sheath inside which Emily’s clit was located.

All of which I stared at for quite a number of seconds before I raised my eyes to appraise the sight of Emily looking down at me with a smile still on her face. Then she mouthed to me the words, “I hope you’re not offended.”

To which I shook my head ‘no’ and mouthed back at her, “You are truly beautiful everywhere Emily. Even down there.”

“Thank you so much,” she mouthed back in reply. And with that she pulled her pants and panties as one back into place.

And it was like coming out of a dream at that. All of the sudden I felt my womanhood being probed by my doctor. The sensation of which I hadn’t even noticed as Emily had been flashing at me (first) the sight of her incredible ass and (then) the sight of her shaved clean pussy.

Mere seconds later, the doctor finished up with my pelvic exam, popped his head up between my thighs and said, “All finished. Everything looks fine down here.”

But it was Emily who responded to that by saying to me, “Oh good! What a relief huh?”

“Absolutely,” I replied.

After the doctor then stood fully back up, I affixed my gown back in place and moved to sit at the edge of the examination table where I was then given a clean bill of health.

My only question then was whether or not Emily would be sticking around after the doctor had made his leave of the exam room. But that wound up not being the case as they made their exit together and left me in peace to change back into my clothes.

But I still had one more brief run-in with Emily about ten minutes later.

I was standing at the front desk once again and filling out my final batch of forms to make everything official with my insurance application when Emily suddenly stepped into the waiting room with me and slipped a folded-up piece of paper into my hand. Which I took and placed into my purse without so much as a word spoken between us. Like we were spies or something!

I then waited until I was in my car a few minutes later to see what Emily had given me. It turned out to be a hand-written note that read:

‘That was nuts! I swear I’ve never done anything like that here at work before! And nothing of the sort with another girl before either! You just awakened something in me that I never knew existed by stripping naked in front of me when it wasn’t necessary for you to do so! And thank you so much for not objecting when I couldn’t help but flirt back with you in return like I did!’

And yes. Those were Emily’s exact words. I know so because I’m looking at them now as I’m writing this story of mine.

That’s right. I held onto that piece of paper as a keepsake from maybe the craziest experience of my entire life.

Crazy cool that is. Crazy awesome in fact. Crazy sexy even.

And no, I never saw Emily again after she slipped me that letter. My employer soon thereafter transferred me to another field office located in a completely different state so I never paid a repeat visit to that certain clinic.


So I think about guy-on-girl type of stuff the majority of the time that I engage in masturbation. Still though, every once in a while my thoughts will return to Emily and me misbehaving together in that exam room when I’m seeing to my certain needs. Which also marks the only kind of girl-on-girl fantasy that I ever indulge in while working to get myself off. And not a single month has passed in the five years since that day that I haven’t given myself at least one orgasm to thoughts involving my encounter with Emily.

I think I like best knowing that neither had she (like me) ever before engaged in any type of lesbian-like behavior herself. Or izmit sınırsız escort more to the point, I think I like best the knowledge that I was able to entice a total knockout such as Emily truly was into acting out sexually with another fellow female for the first time ever.

And the way it happened too. I mean holy fuck! She would have probably wound up getting fired from her job had my doctor caught sight of her flashing me like she had in that exam room. So talk about an ego-boost for me knowing that such a sexy woman had risked her very livelihood just to flirt with me in such a risky manner!

And I suppose I should probably end this tale by describing in detail what usually happens when I’m inspired to make myself cum to thoughts involving Emily. But just in the interest of full-disclosure of course.


So I’m laying in bed for the night dressed as usual in just an oversized t-shirt and nothing else. And I’m horny too for whatever reason. So much so in fact that I can’t even think about falling asleep until I’ve given myself an orgasm first.

I then spend some time going through my mental-rolodex of fantasies that typically do it for me. But I soon discover that none of them hold any interest to me just then. So my thoughts stray instead back to a certain day when I went to see a doctor.

And my nipples then immediately stiffen in excitement. So that’s when I know that I’m in just the right sort of mood to indulge in my only real girl-on-girl type of fantasy.

I then raise my hands to my chest and start teasing my newly-aroused nipples through the fabric of my shirt. And by the time I’m pinching them over and over in rhythm, I’m doing so to the memory of Emily flashing me the sight of her amazing pair of tits in the flesh. And I’m loving both the mental image of just how incredible Emily’s breasts truly were and, also, how deviant it was of her to have flashed me like that while my doctor was giving me my breast exam.

My pussy is soon starting to grow a bit damp as a result of all of which as well. So I then use one of my hands to hoist upwards my shirt under the covers, spread apart my legs nice and wide and move a finger to the flesh of my clit.

In-tandem with my other hand still playing with my nipples, I then start stroking my little lady-button to the mental image of Emily flashing her bare ass at me. That remarkably curvaceous yet firm and taut rear-end of hers that she showed off for me to see in the flesh while my doctor was performing my pelvic exam.

I then abandon my nipples completely and move that hand too down between my thighs where I use it to slide a pair of fingers inside of my (by then) soaking wet pussy. Still while stroking my clit at the same time too with my other hand also.

Then engaging in both clitoral and vaginal masturbation at the exact same time under the covers, my thoughts shift next to the mental image of Emily flashing her pussy at me. Her shaved-clean pussy that is. And I can see quite clearly in my mind those pussy lips of hers as well. And also her certain sheath inside of which I know resides Emily’s little clitty.

I’m now getting myself all amped up. My body is starting to tingle from head to toe. So I then play a little game of ‘what if’ to help edge myself even closer to climax.

‘What if I hadn’t just looked at Emily’s pussy?’ I wonder. ‘What if I had tried to touch it as well? Would she have let me? If only for a second or two, would she have let me cop a feel?’

I’m now fucking myself with those two fingers buried inside of my cunt. And doing so nice and hard too. And doing so in-tandem with using a finger on my other hand to stroke my clit over and over.

‘I think she would have,’ I decide. ‘I think she would have let me touch her pussy. And she might have even wanted me to do so also. She may have even been waiting to see if I dared.’

I’m now right on the brink of cumming. So just to help push myself over the edge…

‘And what might Emily have done then if I did cop that certain feel?’ I think to myself. ‘Would she have maybe taken a step forwards to put her pussy within range of my mouth? Just one little lick would have sufficed. Making her gasp out loud in response to just how nice it would have felt.’

An honest to goodness orgasm then tears through my entire body. And I can’t help but scream out, “Emily!” at the sensation of which. “Oh fuck yeah Emily! Let me lick your pretty cunt!”

And I cumming so very hard around those two fingers of mine still buried inside of my pussy. It’s the thought of Emily allowing me just that single swipe of my tongue against her precious little clit which does it to me.

Every. Single. Time.

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