Naughty Nurse


I was awake well before the alarm went off. I lay in the dim grey light, Jeff slumbering beside me, content in his dreams. Knowing I had to get up soon and face a busy day, I luxuriated in being able to indulge myself in a little private playtime.

My mind wandered back to Monday evening, finally seeing Davey undressing at my bedside, and I, being impatient, dropping to my knees and freeing his bouncing cock from his Y’s, into my greedy mouth.

As I remembered the taste and feel, my hands slid slowly down to my pussy, tingling and urgent for my touch. My fingers found my clit, slick already with hot juices, and flicked it into full erection, causing me to sigh and flex my hips upwards into my roving hand.

I recalled Davey’s tongue doing the same, his fingers slipping deep into my wet smoothness, finger fucking me as his tongue expertly brought me to a shuddering climax.

The intensity of the memory provoked another orgasm to stream through me, causing Jeff to stir.

“Oh God you’re not at it already are you?”

…His voice low and coarse, his curious libido pulling him from sleep. He took my hips in his warm firm hands and motioned me on to my side.

“Now look what you’ve done!”

He guided his proud morning glory between my soft firm buttocks, and into my hot wetness.

I grasped at the bedpost, and moved my hips into his quickening rhythm . The exotic mingled scents of sex wafted up from beneath the duvet, enflaming my senses, and as I felt the familiar convulsions of his orgasm, I tipped over that perilous precipice again and came silently, intensely, flooding his thick rigid cock with my copious jism.

As the shudders subsided and his big wet cock slipped slowly out, the alarm screeched, and we were catapulted into the reality of the growing light of day.

After a quick affectionate kiss, we slipped into our early morning routine. We padded silently around the kitchen/living room, trying not to wake my comatosed son. My prodigal boy had returned from the USA a few weeks before, and we were trying very hard to be supportive , and not feel too peeved at having our private space invaded.

Within 30 minutes we were out the door, into the cold drizzle of rain, and heading for the car. Jeff gallantly insisted on getting up at 6am every morning to run me to work. After 6 years of marriage, we were still in the flush of love and treasured every minute together. He wouldn’t dream of me adding an extra hour to my work day having to wait for buses in the rain!

During the 15 minute drive, Jeff asked about the coming day, and if I had any ‘meets’ arranged. I reminded him of a friend of Davey’s who had heard of our hot session on Monday, and was keen to meet me ‘asap’! He had been barraging me with messages, to the point of me having to tell him to back off. I love the excitement of exchanging horny messages, exploring each others’ interests and limits, and sometimes setting the flames alight before even meeting. This guy kaçak iddaa had been a bit ‘OTT’, but had actually backed off after I had asked him to.

I had told him that if we could manage an hour to meet for a drink, I would let him know. Jeff and I always insist on meeting for a purely social meet at first, with no expectations of moving straight into full blown sex on the first ‘date’. We had endured a very awkward situation once, and swore we would be more careful from then on. But that’s another story!

By the time we arrived at the hospital, we had agreed to see Davey’s friend Mark at 3.30, for a drink in a local bar. We have to vary the bars which we go to, as we arrange meets with single men, or couples regularly, always with me dressed up rather tantalisingly. Variety is the spice of life, for us certainly, but we endeavour to be discrete.

It must be obvious to ‘those in the know’ what’s going on, but until we got into swinging 3 years ago, I would not have had a clue, nor recognised the signs, as clear as day to us now! We now regularly see similar scenarios, and wink at each other, knowing exactly what is going on, and what is coming up!

I changed into my nurses’ uniform quickly, pulling my stockings up tight and smoothing my prim skirt over my thighs. I make a point of wearing stockings and suspenders to work, and never any knickers. It gives me a thrill to appear so ‘proper’ and be such a slut underneath. This is part of the excitement of leading a double life. My colleagues have no idea what I get up to in my private life, and I often wonder if any of my workmates are playing a similar game.

I had enough time to send Mark a quick message, confirming that we would meet this afternoon, and got an immediate enthusiastic response. This one seemed pretty full on, and I had my reservations about him. However, I was happy to spend one hour meeting for a drink, and see how things went. We have found that it is obvious from the first couple of minutes whether things are going to work or not. Always best to go with your gut feeling. There is a tangible sexual chemistry which is either there, or it’s not.

I often play 1-1 with single guys and Jeff loves to share the build up, often fucking or playing with me as I get ready for a meet. We generally have a very horny fuck after the event as I tell him all the delicious, depraved details of the last few hours.

Throughout the shift I peeked at my phone (most definitely against the rules!) as I couldn’t resist the buzz of exchanges and growing excitement between Mark and me. I forwarded any especially horny messages to Jeff, so he could enjoy the unfolding drama too.

My lunch break brought bad news; Jeff had to go to a meeting at 3pm and couldn’t come to the pub. He urged me to go on my own, as long as I felt comfortable, and I agreed that it could do no harm meeting in public.

This brought an increased level of anticipation , as it somehow felt taboo, being so brazen as to meet him kaçak bahis ‘solo’.

By the time I got home I was highly aroused, and had a hard time washing my pussy clean as I kept oozing, therefore had to rub myself with hot soapy jets, making the problem worse! I chose a black leather miniskirt, black hold ups and a tight zipped top, revealing just a little of my ample cleavage. Just enough on show to whet the appetite. I felt the familiar butterflies as I locked the flat up, it’s always such a thrill to be on the verge of meeting a total stranger who might just set you alight, have fantastic sex with no questions asked, and ‘nsa’ (no strings attached). I hoped Mr.Cocky, as I had privately named him, would prove to be one of the good ones, or bad ones more to the point!

He was smart, handsome and dammed sexy at first glance. Even as I approached the table the chemistry crackled in the air like static electricity. These initial conversations can be a polite, nervous game of ping pong, or, as in this case a brazen sword fight from the word go. We flirted openly and talked sex as we sipped our drinks, his eyes flitted between cleavage, thighs, and twinkling eyes.

At one point he leaned back and took his totally erect rod in his hand, his trousers thankfully thick enough material to soak up the pre cum I knew was there. Cocky indeed! We were both feeling very hot and horny, and I was in a quandary about whether I could risk taking him back to the flat, knowing my son would be home in the next hour. Tempting, but somehow I managed to act sensibly and say no, not the flat.

‘Walk me to the car park then?’

His seemingly innocent comment was suddenly weighted with suggestion as he winked and opened the door for me.

We chatted a little as we walked the 5 minutes to the NCP, my mind a flurry of images of back seat sex. My excitement and arousal grew until I could feel my pussy moistening my inner thighs.

‘I think it’s this storey’

As he pressed the lift button for the basement. As the lift doors closed we pounced on each other and had a passionate snog, no polite kisses here, we were both ravenous for each other.

My mind had given up resisting and wondering if Jeff would mind, half way to the car park. I knew myself well enough to accept that Desire with those little pointy horns and long swishing tail, had won the day.

The basement was virtually an empty concrete shell, and he guided me to the stairwell. Must have come a storey too far I thought. But it soon became apparent he had a plan all along. The stairwell was stark, and deserted.

He kissed hard and deep, his experienced hands unzipped my top and scooped my breasts out of the FF cups. His fingers squeezed and teased my nipples hard, roughly handling the fullness of my breasts.

I was desperate to feel him as my own hands slid down to unzip his tented trousers. I freed his jumping urgent erection, and spread his pre cum over the shaft, sliding up and down, discovering illegal bahis how thick, hard and long it was. I needed to feel that inside me urgently, and as the words formed in my mind, he turned me round to face the stairs.


he growled as he rode my short skirt up over my bare arse. He grunted as he inserted two fingers into my tight sopping cunt.

‘Oh you dirty little slut! You are so fucking wet! Want this do you, you greedy little whore?’

I was so turned on by his coarse language I moaned

‘Oh YES!’

He was a big boy, perfect fit for my tight but pliable cunt, so wet and slick. The feeling of his cock entering me was electric, natural, animalistic. I grasped the cold iron banisters to give me leverage to move my body in response to his. It was as dirty and taboo as anyone could want on a quiet Wednesday afternoon, my mind thrilling at the illicitness of it all, overt lust taking over my body.

As our pace quickened he pulled at my hair, forcing my back to arch. He slapped my buttocks at the same instant that we heard a door opening in the stairwell above, voices boomed into the cavern. We froze for a few seconds, then I hurriedly stood up and pulled my skirt down. As I scooped my tits back into my bra, the voices disappeared with the slam of another door.

‘Oh shit, I can’t do this!’

I whispered loudly, nervous and unsure.

‘Oh come on, it’s the basement no one’s going to come down here! Come on, just another couple of minutes, you know you want to!’

I glanced at his huge glistening cock, his one eyed monster winking at me, urging me on. My libido won over logic, yet again, and I returned to my position, thrusting my needy arse towards him, longing to feel him inside me again.

He entered me urgently and I started to feel that familiar build of sexual energy, the electrifying buzz of animal passion, building somewhere, everywhere between head and pussy.

A door opened again, some storeys above, but neither of us could stop this time. As their noisy chatter reached us, we both felt the other’s orgasm exploding, powerful and raw.

Unaware of having made any noise ourselves, I was suddenly aware that the chatter had stopped, footsteps hurried and another door banged open and shut. We must have made some atavistic grunts that we were not aware of, oh well, give them something new to chatter about!

His cock rested inside, still hard and I was tempted to move again. We both sighed and he squeezed my buttock affectionately as he slipped his dripping length out. A gush of hot cum dribbled between my thighs no matter how hard I clenched myself.

Back in the lift, we suggested meeting again soon, to continue in comfort. A quick kiss and he let me off at ground level.

As I walked somewhat dreamily to the flat, I felt his cum trickling down my thighs. I chastised myself for being such an impulsive slut, then I smiled slyly as I thought about Jeff being home soon. He loves to fuck me while another man’s spunk is still dribbling out. I knew he would be turned on by my recount of the afternoon, and would be eager to lock the bedroom door, and fuck his slut wife as she so richly deserved.

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