I was a little over five hours out from my summer home on my drive to my winter residence in Sarasota when the GPS directed me to get on the Green River Parkway near Boling Green Kentucky. I remember It was overcast but a pleasant drive and I was amazed at how little traffic was on the road for a late Wednesday afternoon. Right as I crested the top of a hill, some movement far ahead to my right in the tall grass just outside the wooded tree line on the embankment caught my eye.

Suspecting that it might be a deer, I tapped the brake, disengaged the cruse and started to slow down while thinking to myself: “I just picked this thing up and I don’t need dead deer all over the front it.”

When I got within a few hundred yards I could tell it was a small person and within several hundred feet, I could see a slender young lady standing there. She was wearing tattered jeans and a shirt tide at the tail above a slight bare midriff and holding a cardboard sign. As I pulled up on the shoulder to stop, I saw that it read: “Kansas City.”

I looked around to make sure that she wasn’t some form of decoy teamed up with thugs to jack my new Escalade and when I was confident that she was alone, I powered down the window and asked: “Do you need some help … Or a ride miss?”

She stepped right up to the open passenger window, looked at me with the bluest of eyes, checked out the interior and answered with the question: “Are you alone?”

Seeing her apprehension and detecting a little fear in her voice I answered: “Yes, but I’m safe.”

She looked to her left down the length of my new SUV and almost jumped out of her skin. I looked in the rearview mirror and saw a red tractor pulling a white trailer start to crest the hill several hundred yards behind us and she got right in. When I signaled to pull back onto the Parkway, I noticed it had pulled off at the exit right behind us and we drove away.

I said: “Look, my name is Peterswiftt and I think you may have gotten yourself turned around. Kansas is way north west of us and I’m headed due south.If you would like, I can get off at the next exit and drop you off on the northbound lane and that will get you back on the right track.”

To my surprise she answered in the heaviest southern accent that I had ever heard: “It don’t matter, if you don’t mind I’ll just ride with you a spell. I was looking for a couple or even a lady to ride with, but I’m already in and feel somewhat safe with you. This is a fine car Peter … My name is Nay.”

Trying to keep my eyes on the road, I glanced over and saw an attractive skinny young girl with dirty blond hair and a worried look on her face. I asked: “How old or you Nay?”

She answered a bit concerned over that question: “Why, dose that really matter too you?”

I answered: “Not to me, but it could to a trooper if you’re underage and we get stopped crossing state lines.”

She said: “I’m twenty one, I’ll be twenty two in a couple of months … I think.” And she looked down and the Styrofoam carryout container that I had sitting on the floor in front of the center console caught her eye.

I asked: “Please tell me what’s going on with you, are you in any danger or some kind of trouble?”

She sat quiet for a while staring at that takeout box and I said: “Look, I had a late lunch, that’s half a French dip, I didn’t eat off of it, it was cut in half when they served me. You are more than welcome to it, that is if you’re hungry.”

To my surprise she asked: “What’s a French dip?”

A little suprised, I answered: “It’s a sandwich, roast beef on a bun. Take a bite, you’ll like it.”

She fumbled with the container and finally got it open, held it in her lap and devoured every last crumb.

I said: “there’s a soft sided cooler behind my seat with some bottled water in it, grab us each one. And when you sit back down,” I told her: “You may want to buckle up.” And I put my thumb under my seat belt at my chest and gestured.”

A few seconds later she was buckled in her seat and had finished off both waters. After about another mile of silence, she came out and said: “I lived with my Gram since I was born, back in the Appalachia hills. She passed four days ago.”

I said: “I’m sorry to hear that, my condolences.”

She said: “It was her time. A lot of people came through our cabin for her wake. My cousin Charley is a trucker and he showed up the last day. After we put her in the ground, he offered to drive me to town to finalize papers making the old cabin and farm mine. On the way there, he tried to take advantage of me and when I fraught him off, he dumped me out on the side of the road and radioed other truckers. They’ve been passing me around for three days, but I didn’t give in. I wouln’t let them touch me.

Shocked at what I had just heard, not wanting to address it directly, I asked: “What about the papers and your place to live?”

She answered: “Hell, that was just his way to get me alone with him. Gram signed that old place over to me when Pop died. I should have known better, the bastard.”

She Anadolu Yakası Escort looked and sounded upset, so to change the subject I said: “Something smells fishy.”

She said: “Mister, what I told you was God’s truth.”

And I laughed and said: “That’s not what I meant. When’s the last time you showered or had a change of clothes?”

She snapped back: “Look, these are what I left in, I didn’t expect to be gone three damn days.”

I apologetically told her: “Look, that’s not healthy. There are two of my daughter’s suitcases in the back full of clothes. When I stop for the night, you can get cleaned up and changed into whatever fits you the best.”

Skeptical and real apprehensive, she asked: “Well where’s your daughter anyhow?”

“Home, I would guess. She flew down yesterday. To make it more convenient for her and to avoid the extra charges per bag, I offered to drive them back with me. I normally fly but I just got this vehicle and I wanted to transport it to my home in Florida and you have no idea what I’m even talking about, do you?” I asked.

Trying to cover for not really understanding everything that I said, she asked: “What size is she?”

I answered: “I don’t know, a four or a five, maybe a six.” Then I covered my ignorance by saying: “I can tell you, she’s about your size.”

She asked: “That sure is kind of you, but won’t she need her clothes.”

I answered: “She has closets full of them and to be honest with you, she probably wouldn’t even miss them. The bags will more than likely sit in my entrance foyer for weeks, before she takes them home. “

I turned on some soft music and as we drove on into the dusk and she started to doze off, I said: “There’s some buttons on the right side of your seat, push the top one toward the back and let your seat back down a bit.” And like a child with a new toy, she giggled when she found that it and did just that.

Two or so miles after that she was sound asleep. Trying to keep my eyes on the road, I kept looking over at her. This was unbelievable. She was gorgeous, perfectly proportioned everywhere. A striking face with beautiful lines down to the cutest slope of her nose. Perfect proportionate upswept breasts, a tiny flat waste and lovely long legs. Other than a tangle or two in her dirty blond hair she was blemish free everywhere that showed and I instantly thought to myself: “This could be trouble.”

Five hours and a fuel and pit stop later she was still out. I topped off the tank, used the restroom, picked up a three pack of lady razors, a two pack of girly deodorant and a new toothbrush with tooth paste, some shower gel and I settled up. As I walked back to the car, I really expected to see her gone but she was just waking up.

She asked: “Where are we?”

Being set up for the perfect line, I couldn’t resist and answered: “Well, we’re not in Kansas anymore.” And she just looked at me.

Surprised she didn’t get it, I said: “Georgia, close to the Florida border, about fifteen minutes from where I’m going to stop for the night.” Concerned about her way of the world, I asked: “How far have you ever been from home?”

“Up until just now … Right here.” She answered.

“Do you mean to tell me you were never away from home?” I asked a bit stunned.

“From the day I was born until my cousin tried to mess with me, I lived with my Gram.” she answered

She kind of fidgeted and to my surprise, she asked: “Could you please wait for me while I go pee?”

I answered: “Take your time, I will be right here when you come back. The lady’s room is to your left.”

Soon after it was dark and we pulled in at my motel. I said: “I’ll run in and get the key if you want to wait here, we’ll take the bags in the room and you can get cleaned up and decide on what to wear and what you want to do.”

She looked at me and just nodded.

I signed for the room, shagged the key card and we drove to a parking spot right outside the glass door to the hall. I showed her how to lift the handle and roll the suitcase and I grabbed the other one, stacked it and rolled it in with mine. When we stepped in the room I made sure to turn on the lights and I sat my daughters bags on the bed, unzipped one and handed her the paper sack with the toiletries that I bought at the convenience mart.

I said: Here’s some shower gel and there is always shampoo in motel bathrooms. Pick out some clothes, take your time and get a good shower while I find somewhere for us to have dinner and I picked up the little events flyer on the desk.

About an hour and hundreds of gallons later, the door opened and some steam and then Nay, all wrapped in her towel came into the room.

Looking quite proud with herself she said: “I never had a shower bath before. The hot water comes right out of the wall tap with the cold. Sorry that I was so long but it took me a while to figure that one out.” Then she asked: “Would you please turn and look away while I put something on?”

I responded: “No problem.” And I swiveled the easy chair to face the television. I thought that she was gorgeous, a real Daisy May and the thought of seducing and fucking the shit out of her crossed my man mind. But I told myself that she was too young, that she had values and I promised myself that I wouldn’t again view her like that and I put it out of my mind.

A huff, a rustle and a zip later, she said: “You can look now.” and I turned to see a beautiful young lady, with golden blond hair and deep blue eyes, in designer jeans and a cute top trying on some of my daughter’s shoes.

She asked again: “Are you sure this is ok, and she won’t mind?”

I asked: “The clothes, you mean the clothes? Of course it is ok. How do they fit?”

She said: “They fit just fine. I feel funny about wearing the underpants, even though I know they’re new, mine were shot, these fit good and everything even though they are so tiny and ride real low in the front and up in the back. Her bra was too big but I don’t really need one … Are you sure this is ok?”

Thinking about how I can later snag her panties out of the bathroom wastebasket to take a sniff, I answered: “It’s fine, do the shoes fit?”

She answered: “Surprisingly … They do.”

I said: “Listen, Nay, there’s a good restaurant right here in the lobby, let’s go get some dinner.”

She stopped and looked at me and said: “I can’t pay for any dinner.”

I responded: “Hey, it is my invite, I did the asking. It will me my treat.”

She responded: “I can’t pay you back the way you might think.”

And I insisted: “Nay, I’m a gentleman. You needn’t worry about how I think. I’m hungry, I hate to eat alone, now come on and join me. Your company for dinner will be payback enough.”

And she walked with me through the lobby to the entrance of Giovanni’s, a quality steak house and Italian restaurant. The hostess came up and told us to follow her, picked up two menus and walked us to a nice table.

I pulled out Nay’s chair for her and she just looked up at me with those crystal blue eyes and beamed a pretty smile and I said: “Go on, have a seat.” And I sat across from her.

I asked as naturally and normally as I could muster: “Would you like a drink?” Then I said: “I always like to have a cocktail before dinner when I come off the road like this.”

She leaned in forward toward me and in a soft low voice asked: “Well are you sure it is all right?”

I answered: “My pleasure,” Then like a idiot I asked: “What would you like?”

She slyly answered: “Whatever you are having will be just fine.”

When our server came to take our drink order, knowing they were on the sweet side, I told her: “Two Manhattans.” And said: “Then please give us a moment to look over the menu while we enjoy our cocktails.”

She smiled when she brought them over and said: “When you are ready, just signal, I’ll be right over there.”

As we sipped our drinks, Nay chatted with happy eyes about Gram. How they worked and played and Schooled and cooked, preserved and canned summer foods for the winters together. She told me about the cool springhouse where they got their water and cold cured their meat and country ham. The root cellar where they hung the tomato plants upside down in fall to keep their fruit longer and how potatoes carrots and radishes practically lasted in there forever. Just sitting and listening to her made me feel like I was there and I could tell it was a happy place for her, but maybe a Hell to face alone.

I said: “I’ll bet you really miss your Gram.”

And she replied: “Yes, Peter I do. But it was her time and she is happy now with Pop.”

I asked: “What do you like to eat?” Then to give some direction, I stated: “They have a good steak here, but you can have anything that you want.”

She answered: “A French dip. I really liked that. I want a French dip.” and I summoned our server.

I ordered a New York strip and loaded baked potato and Nay fell in love with her French fries. Like a kid, she was partial to ketchup and though she took to it like a pro, I actually think it was the first time she ever experienced dipping a sandwich in au jus. I cut her a good portion of my steak and she gave me half of that oversized sandwich and we laughed and talked and had a good time as we shared our meal.

When they took the plates the lady asked if we would like desert and before Nay could answer I ordered her a Tiramisu. Her eyes got as big as the desert plate when she saw the large size of what they sat it in front of her, but I said: “Just try it, it’s very light and all fluff.”

Not to trouble Nay with her apparent money situation any further, I quietly told them to put our dinner on my room tab and I slipped the server a twenty.

While she was polishing off the rest of her pastry, I asked: “What is Nay short for?”

She responded with the question: “Short for?”

I said: “Yah, is it a nickname or a short version or a longer name?”

And her bright eyes smiled and she grinned and said: “No, just Nay.”

Two minutes later we were headed back toward my room and I was nervous for her over what we/ she was going to do when she stopped, turned to me, looked me in the eye and asked: “Peter, can I stay here tonight?”

Not quite expecting that, my moment of silence must have worried her and she pleaded: “The room costs the same whether I’m in it or not, right? And I’ll sleep on the floor.”

I responded: “you don’t have to sleep on any floor, motel floors are filthy. Don’t you worry, we will work something out and please know that I am a gentleman, you are safe with me and no one will harm you.”

As we stepped into the room, I put my wallet, hand gun, car keys, cell phone and the room key card in the little safe, programmed the combination and shut it.

I told her to find something in my daughter’s suitcase appropriate for her to sleep in, something on TV to watch and I excused myself so I could shower.

I found those three plus day worn panties in the plastic bag lined motel wastebasket and held them by the waistband and saw that they were full cut white cotton. The inside crotch had been soaked in her white nectar and it had dried in the shape of a beautiful little pussy, as if a detective had made a plaster cast of her and it actually had a thin tiny little skid mark directly behind that crusty area.

I breathed out through my mouth, held it to my nose and inhaled: “Wow, it wasn’t strong at all.” I thought: “Very feminine and floral and … Well just wonderful.” And it made my dick hard.

The little skid mark smelled bitter sweet like a fine Godiva chocolate and they immediately went into my pants pocket and I added some tissue to the wastebasket.

I was kind of confused when I noticed she hadn’t opened the packs of razors and deodorant and I kind of chuckled when I realized that she may not have known what they were even for, but I was pleased that she at least figured out the toothbrush.

I came out a few minutes later, all clean, wearing a pair respectable boxers and toweling my hair. Nay was wearing a long nightshirt looking thing and I saw my daughter’s cloths that she had been wearing were neatly folded over the back of the chair.

I took the tiny six cube ice tray out of the mini fridge and made myself a scotch and as I turned to ask, she said: “I would like to try one, please.”

I turned everything off but the two nightstand lamps and sat on the door side of the bed with my back against the headboard and she took her place on my right, as far away from me as the bed would allow.

As we sipped our nightcaps it was time for me to address the elephant in the room. so I simply asked: “What are your plans.”

She answered: “Other than in your car, I hadn’t slept for over three days. Just before you gave me a ride, a wild dog stole my bag of cheese curls, the only thing a trucker left for me to eat. Peter, I don’t know what I am going to do but you have been so kind and gracious to me, I hate to ask, but would you mind if I decide on that in the morning, I promise you that I will be no further burden or bother.

I finished my drink and told her: “Nay, you haven’t been a either to me. I’m concerned for you.” And I got up and turned down the bed, turned off the lights and laid my head on the pillow.

While staring at the ceiling I asked: “Do you think you should go back home? You say you own it.”

She answered: “It is one of the highest points in the Kentucky Appalachians and it is beautiful. Gram told me when Pop passed that after she went to be with him, I should leave and never look back. She said that times weren’t the same for me as they were for her and that I needed to grow . She told me that if I stayed there in life, her and Pop couldn’t return there in the spirit, but I just think she thought there was a better way of life for me.”

Not knowing what else to say: “Do you think you could sell it? Came out of my mouth.

And to my surprise she answered: “I Thought maybe to the Game Warden or Ranger Jim for a hunting lodge might work. I might just lease it to them and keep it for Pop and Gram. I had a lot of time to think about stuff like that when I was left alone in the woods like I was.”

“You’ll work it out, don’t worry, you’re out of the woods now, so rest easy. You are safe here all night” I said.

Somewhere just after midnight I woke and the room was cold on my face, but the rest of me was toasty warm, comfortable and cozy. When I tried to roll a bit and orient myself, I immediately noticed that she was up against me. The left side of her pretty little face was on my right upper arm, her left hand was under that bicep and her right arm was hugging my chest.

Though initially taken aback, she felt really good there and she smelled even better. Her soft little breath against my flesh indicated that she was in a sound and peaceful sleep. The fact that she positioned herself so close to me under our covers like that spoke volumes about trust and I knew that she had the peace of mind of finally feeling safe with someone, perhaps ever since that day her beloved Gram died. The thought of that made me feel proud and even a bit benevolent and I gently and reassuringly put my left hand on her right wrist and dozed back off to sleep.

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