Neck Deep Ch. 03


“Mm…” Brittany moaned lightly, arching her back under the warm embrace of the duvet as she felt her mind and body begin to stir from the loving embrace of sleep, the vibrant memories of her dreams, many of which had been delightfully sexual and erotic, quickly growing distant and evaporating away as she slowly came around, her eyes opening slowly to greet the new day.

With a wince Brittany raised a hand to shield her half-lidded eyes from the piercing white light bleeding in through their blinds, relaxing for a few moments before leaning up onto her elbows, glancing around curiously, the duvet held modestly around her not insubstantial bust, presenting an impressive line of her deep cleavage.

As her vision adjusted to the sudden brightness of the intruding morning light, what she saw coming into focus beside her in bed made her smile, a soft contented sigh escaped her lips as the sight of him laying there brought back a whole suite of new, wonderful memories, freshly made the night before in this very spot.

Settling back down on her side and facing him she quietly studied their new ‘boyfriends’ face, enjoying the expression on his attractive youthful features, so quiet and peaceful as he slept, a real far cry from the looks he had given them throughout the most memorable parts of last night when she and her sister had, between them, pumped no less than five thick loads of their girl cum into his perfect virgin body. A night she’d never forget.

She bit her lip a little and felt her cock, which had yet to wake from between her thighs, twitch and stir as the memories of his body and the pleasure it could give returned to her.

And just like that, in the space of a few not so innocent thoughts, she could feel her lust and desires clawing for her attention, trying to bestow upon her the cursed gift of morning wood, her mind now doing its best to point out little details that she hadn’t noticed before, like the way the duvet lay on his body, contouring to the alluring curves of his shapely ass and narrow waist, tempting her with what she could be doing to him, right here and right now if she so wanted.

How easy it would be, she knew, to simply take what was hers, to pin him down and put him to his proper use, showing him what it would be like to wake up with her thick, pale cock already repurposing his ass as a pussy for her to use, or to lovingly rouse him from his peaceful dreams, by stroking off her cock until the point of climax then stuffing her length down his throat, making sure the first sensation to welcome him to his day was the thick ropes of cum coating his tongue and filling his stomach.

Brittany blushed crimson and forced herself to look away, doing her best to drive away the thoughts that threatened to unleash her mounting lust on him. She almost failed, but, luckily for him, Brittany had to speak to Katie this morning, preferably before the boy woke up and, looking past him onto the bed, she wasn’t at all surprised to find the space where her sister had slept, notably lacking a redhead.

Brittany eyed him for another long moment, her sparkling blue eyes searching his peaceful face as she mustered the willpower required to pass this test, resisting the urge to start her day with the animalistic rutting of his doubtless unwilling boy butt and simply walking away.

With a sigh she shuffled quietly to the edge of the bed, reluctantly swinging her legs out and pulling herself up to her feet, feeling the morning air wrapping around her in a cooling embrace as she left the warmth of the duvet behind. With a yawn she held her arms out above her head, her back arching as she stretched out, pleased to find none of the achiness in her limbs she had been half expecting to feel after all of their fun and games the night before.

Feeling content and with a final glance over her shoulder at her precious little sleeping boy, she made to step barefoot from the room, grabbing her fluffy bathrobe from the back of the door as she did, pulling it on over her curvy body as she stepped out into the hall, closing the bedroom door behind her with care.

While part of her didn’t want to leave the boy alone and unsupervised, especially unrestrained as he was out of a fear that, despite what had changed over the course of last night, he would still try to run, she felt pretty confident that after the night he had had, unless disturbed, he would still sleep for a long while yet.

Last night, after all, he had been so utterly exhausted following their final round together that he had almost immediately passed out on the bed between them, so spent that he hadn’t even stirred as the girls had gotten both him and themselves ready for bed, whispering about him as they undid the sultry makeover, restoring him to his natural self.

“Morning,” Brittany said with a warm smile as she stepped into the kitchen, eyes sweeping briefly over her clothed sister before settling on the far more important fridge.

Katie, looking somewhat fresher than Brittany and dressed in a tracksuit, Kadıköy Grup Escort smirked across to her sister playfully, one leg lifted up on a tall stool as she stretched and prepared for her morning run, “Mm, hey sleepy head… Finally wake up hm?”

“Pff…” Brittany rolled her eyes, pulling out a bottle of much needed orange juice which she uncapped, taking a few deep gulps before letting out a long happy sigh, turning her attention back to Katie, “I didn’t sleep in ‘that’ late…” she smirked then, “And besides, as I recall I had a whole extra round of rutting to recuperate from than you, little miss, ‘I want to suck his dick’.”

“Mmhm!” Katie winked, nonplussed, lowering her foot and sitting down on the stool beside the kitchen counter, leaning down to tie her shoelaces, “You know you should totally try it, it was really hot…”

“Mm, maybe.” Brittany grinned before taking another drink of her juice, moving to join Katie at the counter, setting the carton down and sitting, lifting her hands to run her fingertips through her messy bed hair, trying to get it into some semblance of order.

Guess you aren’t coming out on the run then? Weather’s nice.” Katie mused with a hopeful smile, always enjoying the company when she could get it.

Brittany shook her head and smirked, “I think one of us should stay here with Jay. You know, just in case.”

Katie blinked and pursed her lips for a moment, “Oh yeah, good idea… Didn’t even think of him wanting to run…”

The two sat in an unusual silence as Katie finished tying her shoes, the quiet stretching out as they both thought similar thoughts about James, their gazes eventually meeting.

“…How do you feel about… What happened last night?” Brittany led, her tone a little apprehensive, betraying her own thoughts.

Katie let out a sigh and shrugged a little, “I don’t know, I mean, it was the best fucking night, right?”

Brittany nodded in agreement, there was certainly no doubt of that at least, “But, ugh, I don’t know, I still feel a little shitty? Do you?”

“Yeah, a bit…” Katie shook her head, finally able to voice what they had both been thinking the night before, “I think it’s because he’s actually really sweet on us. You know?”

“Yeah. And that thing with the freckles too… I keep thinking about that.” Brittany found her fingers tracing across the smattering of dots at her cheeks, remembering what he had said to them, explaining that he had found a way to use their freckles to tell them apart.

“Like stars, he said.” Katie replied with a smile that Brittany matched, the two remembering the moment they’d found out how he was doing it, recalling how it made them both feel, “I don’t want to hurt him, Brit, like really hurt him, I mean. Break his heart and stuff.”

“No,” Brittany agreed, “but I don’t want him to get away either.”

Katie bit her lip, “Fuck, when’d this get complicated?”

“Should’ve just left the gag in all night,” Brittany said with a laugh and Katie grinned.

“Should’ve, didn’t.” Katie lamented with a half smile, the silence settling between the two of them again as they thought.

“The plan doesn’t have to change.” Brittany started, “We broke him down, now we build him back up.”

Katie tilted her head curiously, “Got an idea?”

Brittany smirked and nodded, thinking back to the previous night, “I think so. Remember what we said last night? About making him want to be our boyfriend?”

Katie thought about it for a moment, “Where would we even start with that though? After what we did to him last night? He was all sweet on us and then we… You know. What could we do to undo that? To make him want us again like he did?”

Brittany took another long swig of her juice before answering, “Didn’t you notice last night, just how into it he got at the end? He was loooving it…” She said in a little sing-song voice, “He was rock hard. We just have to fan that flame.”

Katie nodded in agreement, having been the one to go down on him and make him cum it was hard to forget, “Okay, but what was it he was getting off on do you think?”

Brit shrugged, “Probably a lot of things, he obviously thinks we’re hot, but I think he actually quite liked taking cock. Though I doubt he’d admit it or do anything without being ‘persuaded’.”

“…Forced, you mean.” Katie smirked.

Brit let out a little laugh, “Yeah, that.” She paused then, thinking, “Like, I want him to be able to explore us at his own pace. Maybe that would help him realise and understand what he really wants?”

Katie nodded some, “Sure maybe, but, like you said, he’s not going to do anything without us forcing him to.”

“I know I know…” Brittany hesitated, “What we need is a way to make him do what we want without using physical force. Like maybe we could blackmail him? Take pictures or a video?”

“Mm that could work,” Katie replied sceptically, “but I think we’ve used enough of the stick on him. Maybe we should try the carrot? You know, Kadıköy Manken Escort offer him something he wants in agreement for his cooperation instead of just more threats?”

“What do we have that he wants though?”

“What if…” Katie started, pursing her lips, “We offer him a deal? He sticks with us today, he does what we say and if by tonight he doesn’t want to stay, we’ll… Let him go.”

Brittany’s smile slipped, quickly turning into a frown, “I don’t want to let him go Katie…”

Katie sighed a little and shrugged, “Neither do I… But I’d rather let him go than keep him here against his will forever after what he said last night. He’s just too nice and I don’t want to strip him of that…”

Brit was silent for a while, leaning herself back against a counter as she studied the floor, her voice coming out a little apprehensive, clearly not happy with the thought of him getting away from them but at the same time sharing Katie’s opinions, “What if he doesn’t agree to the deal though?”

“I don’t know,” Katie admitted, “I guess… We just have a little more rough fun? Then let him go anyway? Maybe take a couple videos and pictures, threaten to blackmail him if he tells anyone… Just for our own safety.”

Brittany sighed, “I guess that’ll work, though it’ll make college pretty awkward.”

Katie made herself smile, “He’ll be okay. The other boys will start talking to him after they know he’s had an encounter with us, they’ll sympathise. And Helen will probably ask him out on that date.”

Brit mirrored the little smile, “Yeah… Okay so, I think we should maybe both see him separately today, it’ll be more intimate and he’ll probably be less shit scared?”

Katie laughed a bit, “Yeah probably, well, why don’t you go up and see him first, wake him up, do the deal and see what you can get him to do while I go for my run. Then we can switch out?”

Brittany’s smile became more genuine, happy for any opportunity to get back upstairs to Jay to explore any chance, no matter how slender, to wrap her sleeping beauty around her cock, “Sounds good, maybe you could pull him into the shower when you get back? He’ll like that I bet.”

“Mmhm! Sounds good.” Katie nodded as she pushed herself to her feet, smiling brightly once again at her sister, both their moods lifted now that they were back on track with a plan that they were both relatively happy with, “This is going to be so much fun… I hope.”

Brittany nodded and stepped over to her twin, smiling as she hugged her lovingly, “It better be. See you soon.”

Katie gave her a soft squeeze in return and smiled, stepping towards the door as she fished a pair of headphones out of her pocket, running them up towards her ears as she left, “See you soon Brit!”

Brittany waved sweetly and leaned back on the counter again, waiting to hear the front door click shut before turning her attention back towards the stairs, feeling a familiar hunger begin to rise in her as she walked up them towards the bedroom, already feeling a soft blush at her cheeks at the thought of what was to come. This boy would be theirs and, if she got her way, he would love every second of it. She pushed the alternative from her thoughts. After all, the idea of him just walking out of their lives wasn’t worth considering.

Returning to the bedroom with stealthy steps and, being cautious not to wake him before she herself was ready, she slipped back into the room and carefully closed the door behind her, pleased to see the enticing outline of the boy exactly where she’d left him.

Letting the bathrobe that obscured her athletic body glide down over her shoulders and back to pool around her ankles on the floor, Brittany found herself once again completely nude with the boy, only this time finding herself completely alone with him in the house. Biting her lip she controlled herself and suppressed the urges that she felt in her cock, knowing that if this was to work, despite what every nerve ending in her body was screaming out for, she’d have to go slow.

Stepping out of her robe Brittany moved around the bed to Katie’s side of the bed where she sat down on the edge, working her way smoothly under the duvet until she found the inviting warmth of his body.

Biting her lip and eager to feel him in her arms she pressed herself forward to take up her rightful place as the big spoon, her arms wrapping around him, hands caressing his smooth hairless body, her soft DD breasts against his back, their legs intertwining as her soft cock was nudged to subtly rest against his boy butt.

James let out a soft little groan, feeling his tired body protest as an unexpected but wonderfully feminine body moulded itself to his back, the sensation luring him from the protective and comforting shell of sleep into the all too real arms of, he knew, one of the twins.

“Good morning Jay baby…” Brittany whispered in a soft, sultry tone, her lips grazing across the skin of his ear as her hands caressed up and down Kadıköy Masöz Escort his fit chest, letting him wake up to the unmistakable feeling of her full heavy breasts being pressed lovingly to his back and, in a lesser way, her soft cock against the round cheeks of his ass.

“H-hey…” He whispered back, voice a little hoarse from the treatment his throat had undergone the night before.

“How’d you sleep?” She asked curiously, letting the concern in her voice be heard as she held him, caresses affectionate.

He swallowed a little and, before responding, moved to roll from his side onto his back, Brittany having to untangle herself from him as he did so, moving back in once he had settled to snuggle eagerly up against him, one arm draped across his chest, her long pale leg over his, slowly rubbing up and down his thigh.

Once he caught a glimpse of her gentle expression he seemed to be a bit more comfortable, relaxing back into the bed and her soft curvy embrace, “Where’s Katie?…” He asked, a little suspicious.

“She’s gone out for a run this morning, so it’s just you and me…” Brittany said, her voice a little sultry as she allowed her finger to trace in little circles around his chest, unable to hide her pleasure at the way he’d managed to identify her from her twin with just the briefest of glimpses, “You know… If you wanted to do anything that was… Just us? Since we’re already undressed and everything…”

James felt his cheeks blush with colour and he heard her giggle cutely, a musical sound that he loved to hear, her lips pressing to his warmed cheek in a quick kiss, “Hey now, you don’t need to be nervous, not after last night… After all, you had so much fun, didn’t you?”

“I-I er…” He started, then swallowed before continuing, playing it as safe as he could, not wanting to upset her and potentially trigger what he now knew she was capable of, “…Some parts were better than others…?”

Brittany let out a little chuckle and leaned up on her elbow, looking down at him with those beautiful blue eyes of hers, her red hair falling about her face in a fiery cascade, “Ooh very diplomatic.” She said teasingly and smiled, searching his gaze with her own, as if looking for something.

“You… Okay?” He asked tentatively, his gaze invariably flickering down to trace over the enticing lines of her body, something that she showed no signs of wanting to hide.

“Mm… Sort of… Me and Katie have been talking about you while you slept…” She confessed, idly pulling the duvet back to look down over his body, admiring his figure and eying his soft cock, all the while offering him an increasingly better view of her own pale body.

“Oh?” He asked after a short while, tearing his eyes away from her pale bust, his cheeks flushed as he met her gaze.

“We have a deal for you… And I think you’ll like it.” She said, smiling reassuringly as she recognised the sudden scepticism written across his expression.

He looked up at her expectantly as she took a deep breath, biting her lip.

“…Give us a chance. Give us today, be our good little boyfriend for just today and if you don’t want to see either me or Katie again after that, we’ll not chase you…”

After only a moment’s hesitation he shook his head softly, his voice heavy, “I can’t Brittany… Sorry, I just… How am I supposed to trust you? I’ll never be able to forget last night…”

Brittany let out a deep sigh before she smirked softly, “Look… Jay, sweety, you can fool yourself, but you can’t fool us…” She said gently as she moved to kneel, lifting a leg over him so she ended up straddling his body, looking down at him over the swell of her perky chest, resting her butt on his stomach, “Thing is, I don’t actually want you to forget last night. I don’t want you to forget how it felt to have every single thick inch of my massive cock shoved up your tight little ass, or down your throat, or filling you with girl cum, or dressing you up as a slut. Any of it. Do you know why I want you to remember all that?”

He swallowed as he drank in the sudden sexual shift in her demeanour, looking up at the porcelain-skinned beauty as she sat atop of him, expressing her dominance without having to use force, her hands planted firmly on her wide womanly hips.


“Because…” She raised an eyebrow and took his hand in her own, moving it to her cock and guiding his hand to encircle her length, letting him hold it in his soft hand, feeling him squeeze it tentatively as she continued in a low sultry tone, “I know you loved it last night. I know deep down you wished every second of it had lasted an eternity… So why fight it? We want to love you, Jay, to give you that and more every single day and night. Be ours. And let us be yours.”

James bit his lip and looked up at her with those dark dusky eyes of his, the conflict within him obvious to Brittany as it played out across his gorgeous features.

Last night James had found himself helplessly swept away by the unexpected and rapid advances of the two lustful dickgirls, leaving him at the moment only feeling lost in it all. Since the pair had basically fucked him to sleep and then made sure someone was there to wake him back up, he’d had no time alone to process his admittedly mixed and confused thoughts.

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