Neighbor in Need 2

Neighbor in Need 2I have over 100 stories posted on here all original with me. The first of this series was probably accepted his best as any I have ever written. So I hope you enjoy this one as well!—————–As I pulled into Lynn’s garage my heart was already pounding in anticipation of what the evening held for me! I could still taste her strawberry flavored lips and when I closed my eyes her firm full mature breasts swaying and leaping filled my mind and imagination. God that woman had me as hard as stone just remembering how wet she was!Turning off the engine to my truck, I spit my gum into a piece of scrap paper and stuffed it into some trash then checked my hair before opening the door and heading to the door into her house. I saw the purple note next to the lighted button that said, “Lower the door and come on in.” I smiled, punched the button and stepped inside.Silence greeted me as I called out hello and stood there in the kitchen looking around. Then I saw the bottle of wine on the table. It had already been opened and a glass or two was missing from it. A note stuck to the side of the glass beside it said, “Bring these and come make the party.” Picking them up, I looked into the hallway and saw a dress skirt on the floor leading that direction. “So we are playing tonight?” I said quietly as I picked up the bottle and single glass. I walked over and picked up the skirt and in so doing saw a few feet down the hall a matching blouse! Immediately my head swam as much of my circulatory system rushed to my hips! The leopard bra on the floor just before the bedroom said 36D and my mouth watered as I raised the restraining foam and fabric to my nose and inhaled the scent of her that had my mind reliving every incredible sensation from the other day!Lynn had stripped the bed down to a sheet that now covered her lower half as she sat facing the door. Her arms were wrapped around her bent legs and she gave me a weak and almost relieved smile as I walked into the room with her clothing. The matching leopard panties were on the floor beside the bed. “I think you dropped these, Lynn.” I said.I walked over to the bed and laid them on the foot of the bed before leaning over to kiss her. The kiss was loving; but she made no move to loosen her protective posture. So after an all too short embrace I backed up a few inches and looked down into those big brown eyes. I could taste the wine on my lips now and I noticed the glass on the night stand was empty.“Before this goes any further, Bryan, I think that it is important that you and I talk. I know you guys already have reached an agreement, but …. Pour me another drink and then have a seat.” She nodded toward a dining room chair that was set up a couple of feet from the bed. Slowly I stood upright and stared at Lynn wondering if it might just be better if I left now, but that angelic face framed by the dark locks of hair and her red lips above her strong chin had me turning and uncorking the bottle and refilling her glass and filling the one I had brought in as well. She took the glass, smiled and thanked me. I turned and walked over to the chair and sat down.As I sat down, Lynn relaxed her legs moved to a cross legged sitting position that left her breasts open and exposed to my visual inspection. I choked and coughed on the sip of wine I had just taken and she smiled at me in genuine amusement. “I don’t understand guys.” Lifting a breast in her left hand she bounced and shook it almost as if she were weighing a sack of flour. “These are just boobs. Every woman has them and God knows you guys spend enough time staring at them all of the time, I would think you would be used to them by now!!!”“I have seen a lot of them, but that does not mean that seeing yours is not a treat!” I replied still trying to recover my composure.“Aww, you are so sweet.” She looked down at the more than a single handful of soft pliant female flesh that rested in her hand. She lightly traces a single red lacquered fingernail under the nipple at the front of the pale white mound and immediately flesh puckered and folded, raising up a magical peak of hardening and darkening textures that begged my lips to come and taste! “I think she likes you too!”I was just about to spring back onto the bed when she continued, “But we need to talk first.” Disappointment deflated my rapidly inflating desires and I relaxed and took another sip of the wine. She did the same and then leaned over and placed the glass on the nightstand.“What happened the other day confirmed what Bill had said. He had told me that you would be a good fuck buddy and you are. I’m bartın escort sure he already talked to you about the need for this to remain discrete as well, so I will let the two of you hammer out those things.” She smiled at me and I could not figure out then what there was to spend time talking about!“If you are willing to continue meeting with me to help me with my needs since Bill cannot, then I think I want to just cut to the chase and show you what I like. I don’t want to waste a lot of time working through what works and what doesn’t for each of us. That shit is fine for k**s, but I think we are both grown up enough that we can cut to the chase and lay our cards on the table. Agreed?”I had no idea what she said. Way too much of my oxygen was being pumped below my navel and I could not follow where she was going but I smiled and nodded.“Good! So here it is in a nutshell. I love to tease men and make them squirm. I have always loved watching their bulges grow ever since I started growing and my brothers would try to catch me in the shower or changing in my room. I found out that being a cock tease makes me more wet than simply going straight for the jackpot and zipping things up ten minutes later.”“Additionally, I want you to know exactly what I like and what I don’t. You were instinctively incredibly on target the other night but I want to show you what gets me off. So here is the game. You strip down to just your briefs and then I will show you how I pleasure myself and how I like a man to make me cum and if you can keep from creaming while I cum again and again, you will get to finish off the night by showing me how well you paid attention to my instruction! Agreed?” With the last word she gave a little bounce and her large breasts seemed to eagerly show their agreement. Who was I to argue! So I stood off and piled my clothes next to the chair and noticed with some satisfaction that I already had a nice bulge in the front of the stretchy cotton fabric. Lynn smiled and said simply, “Good, then let’s begin.She threw back the sheet and to my surprise there were a number of toys and devices and even a few bottles of lube rolled up against her thighs and she gave me a raised eyebrow as my jaw dropped open. “I have to show you what I like and I do like cock, so what did you expect?” She asked in mock frustration. Then she laughed and picked up a pink bottle. “This is my cinnamon warming jell. First of all, it tastes wonderful but watch what it does to my nipples!” She opened the lid squeezed out a clear drop and then closed the cap before dropping it back onto the bed.Her dark pink areolas only showed a slight hint of the wonderful nard nipples that I had sucked on the day before. But they began to shine as she spread a thin layer of the thick liquid over first one and then the other discolored silver dollar. Immediately the magical metamorphic change from nearly flat to up thrusting spear point of crevices and crags began to rise and pucker. “This stuff has cinnamon and some other stuff in it that just gives me enough tingle that there is no way I could EVER resist the warm flow of pleasure that it gives! There has to be some sort of special set of nerves that connect my nipples to my little clit because as these girls point, she seems to begin weeping and the combination…” she closed her eyes and shuddered before looking at me through half-opened lids. “God that gets me going every time!”She was not the only one going. My cock was tenting out the material of my underwear like a big top circus tent! There was a wet stain that was just starting to spread from a dot where I knew my slit was. I grabbed the tightening monster and lightly squeezed the fabric around the expanding package.“Don’t you dare cum! I want that same thing as the other day. I want you splashing your seed all over the walls of my pussy and flooding me with your seed!” She said quietly with deliberate menace. Her stare was like a focused laser drilling into my skull. My eyes slowly lowered and drifted past the red lips and pristine white teeth behind them. I traced the lines of her long neck and roamed the expanse of creamy white goodness that fell away down her chest before swelling so magnificently. Releasing my cock I licked my lips before biting my lower lip. Her nipples were so hard and shiny. They were the perfect picture of wet woman in full bloom and glory! She was confident, filled with desire and without a doubt as to how to get what she wanted.I grabbed the arms of the wooden chair and smiled as best I could. “As you wish, my dear. Only I must warn you; if you continue to tease bartın escort bayan me more and more, I will explode without even being touched. That’s just how much you excite me!”She cocked her head to the side as if considering whether I meant what I said and then a smile broke over her face in full delight. “Good! You have no idea how hearing that makes a woman feel!!” She looked over my body and her pink tongue slipped out and wet her shiny lips to a sensuous glow. “I want to make you leak for hours, but really. Don’t cum without me. I need to feel you pumping inside of me, so stiff and hard just like the other day!”I nodded and she leaned back on the bed into a nest of pillows and she picked up a chrome plated piece of tapered steel; round almost like a pointed egg with a step at its base and a small disk at the other end. “I had Bill make this for me a few years ago. It is one of the advantages of having a master metal worker as a husband. The solid steel gives a feel in my ass that nothing else in the world has ever matched.” She was smearing a generous amount of a thin lube over the unblemished steel surface. Then she raised her feet to give me an unobstructed view as she took her personalized butt plug and pushed the tip against her sphincter. I watched in utter amazement as the rosebud of her ass slowly yielded and then opened to receive the invading object. Lynn’s half closed eyes fluttered and rolled back into her head as she blew out a breath and the widest part of the toy opened her backdoor beyond what I thought it would accommodate! Then it shot inside, pulling the base plate up tight against her in a fashion that almost hid the violated and powerful flesh closed around the stem.I made myself swallow and breath and then said quietly, “I take it you like anal sex?” I gave her a smile.Her eyes opened and she returned from a galaxy far, far away. “Actually, no. I don’t like anal sex. But I love that feeling of being full back there when I fuck. It seems to … just make it all tighter. I can almost imagine it bouncing as a big cock pounds into me and hits against my deep pussy walls….” She shuddered and smiled at me. “Speaking of big cocks, pull yours out. I want to see what you violated me with!”I did not have to be told twice. I stood up, shoved my underwear to the floor and then stepped up to the side of the bed with my high dive, spring board bouncing and bounding in the lead toward Lynn. She reached out and wrapped her fingers lightly around my shaft and then reached lower and cupped my balls. I looked down and saw the silvery strand of liquid love fall from the tip of my cock onto the back of her wrist. “You naughty boy! You leaked on me!” She giggled and released my privates. You need to go sit back down before I forget what I wanted to do today.” Thusly scolded, I stepped back to the chair and sat down. In doing so I watched as she lifted her hand up and lapped up the drip of pre-cum I had dribbled onto her hand like a k** licking up a run of ice cream on a hot summer day. “While I may not much like being fucked anally, I love sucking cock!!! And your cum is delicious!” I did not have to look down to know that more drips and drops of white gold were falling from the tip of my excited member and I had to try and think of something else before I reached the point of no return!She reached into the pile of sheets and pulled out my black and yellow handled screwdriver that I had left on her bed the other day. “I was going to tell you what I did with your screw driver the other day when I found it. Then I thought I might take pictures of it and send them to you. But I finally decided that showing you how much I enjoyed your screwdriver was the right thing to do.:I could see her completely bare pussy was obviously already wet and ready. She took the fingers of her left hand and put them over her protruding lips and gave them a vigorous rub and giggled. Then her fingers parted in a vulgar semblance of the Vulcan greeting and in so doing she opened to my inspection the light pink and damn near white, smooth glistening entrance into her depths! As I watched, beads of woman dew coalesced and rained down the smooth sides to the bottom closure of her wound. There the drops spilled over and raced for her anus before soaking the bed beneath her. I had to remind myself to breath and when I did the intoxicating essence of her arousal overloaded my senses!!Lynn took the smooth, rounded end of the handle and lightly and slowly circled the tender pink flesh. I saw her cup a breast with the other hand and give it a good squeeze. Then lining the barrel escort bartın of the handle up with her inner passage she applied a little pressure and I watched as a quarter of an inch slid into her and then half an inch as she yielded to the penetration. IN a voice thick with lust, “Go slow.” She pulled the tool back out and I watched as her body mysteriously resealed the opening into her sex. “Everyone likes to rush to ecstasy at times, but even better is a slow, building desire…..” She again pushed the handle in, over and over again. Only a fraction of an inch more disappeared with each thrust, but slowly she was deepening both the penetration and her pleasure.When she had taken nearly the entire handle in, she then rotated the misused tool and she trembled. Looking at me with a dreamy smile she said, “The ridges on that handle are just enough to really touch and do things to me…. Oh my God, thank you for leaving me this!” “You’re certainly welcome.” I barely said loud enough for her to hear. I was squeezing the base of my own sex and trying to prolong the approaching collapse of all self-control. I was rapidly beginning to think I was not going to be able to hold off much longer.“Do you want to fuck me, Bryan? Do you want to stick your dick in me slowly like this and go deeper into me than this tool can? Or do you want to watch me as I cum with these battery operated dicks? Do you want to see how I deep throat them and rub my clitty with them? Do you just want to stroke that big hat man meat of yours and spray your cum all over my legs and pussy from over there?”“I want to fuck you. I need to fuck you! I want to feel me sliding into you!” I finally choked out.Lynn shook as a small wave of pleasure washed through her body before she found her voice and said, “Then stop sitting there,”In a heartbeat I was to the side of the bed and she had barely removed the tool from her fiery forge than I had hold of her legs and was pulling her to the side of the bed. Putting her heels on my shoulders and pulling her round hips and ass almost off of the bed, I aimed my aching cock at her now empty womb.Somehow I managed to remember her words and my first half dozen advances barely slid more than the tip of my manhood between her fleshy lips. She began to whimper and I knew the head of my cock was becoming so sensitive that I was not going to last long if I continued. So on the next thrust, I held nothing back and in one hard and forceful thrust, I slammed the length of my cock into her and the totality of air out of her lungs!It took a second for her to recover as her eyes popped out of her head. Then the sudden deep breath tightened every muscle within the area of her hips into a vise like grip as she let out a primitive cry!!! I reached down and squeezed her full tits and she dug her fingernails into my forearms as she thrust and bucked beneath me. She was completely and thoroughly impaled and it was only with the greatest of reluctance that I yielded and pulled back an inch or more before running my cock balls deep once again in to her!This time she rose up and wrapping her legs around my hips, she raised herself to wrap around my torso! She attacked my mouth with hers ferociously as she began thrusting up and down on my hips. Turning, I saw a bare space of wall and carrying her impaled body mounted on my cock, I backed her shoulders against the wall and then proceeded to nail her with my tool over and over again as she swore at me and urged me on with every fiber of who she was.I could feel our juices running over my nuts and squishing out each time I slid back into her. I thought she might be setting out to drown my dick and that made me smile. Her fingernails raking my shoulders and arms were a testimony to the intensity of desire she was experiencing as well.And then she stopped and pressed her body against me as firmly as she could. I could feel the ripples and tremors of a mind shattering orgasm shaking her physically to the core and I released all restraint and inhibition and fired an untold number of molten streams into her deep pumping pussy!Somehow, we wound up on bed, her on top and a huge sea of cum puddled on my lower belly. Lynn was laughing and panting and I was drenched in sweat and completely drained. My legs were rubber and my cock was beginning to soften. We both giggled like school k**s.“Damn I had forgotten how good sex really is supposed to be!” She panted and then broke into a laugh before rolling off of my heaving chest.”“Well it is my pleasure and honor to remind you!!!”—-The fact that so many of you voted and left comments is why there is a part two to this story. If you are interested in seeing a part 3 be written I guess you know what you need to do. By the way I really enjoy hearing from stay-at-home moms and trophy wives. If you are enjoying this especially would love to hear from you!

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