Neighbour Fantasies….Part 16

Neighbour Fantasies….Part 16The phone rang that evening about 9:00 P.M., and it was the security company saying they had an alarm at the warehouse and needed a keyholder to meet them and the provincial police there. I raced down and spent the next two and one half hous on site while they did a sweep of the building. All that turned up was a broken window, so I headed home. It was near midnight when I pulled into the driveway, and saw a strange car parked at Gloria’s, which I assumed was her ride home. I had just sat down on the sofa when Gloria called and asked if I wanted to come over for a bit. I agreed, and walked next door, let myself in, and was greeted by her voice saying, “We’re in here…join the party.” Gloria was sitting on one end of her sofa, and a very attractive lady I guessed to be between forty and fifty sat on the opposite end. The cognac was already flowing, and a glass was waiting for me. “Lillian, this is Trevan…he is Lorene’s nephew.” I walked over to her and extended my hand as she stood up. She had shoulder length ash blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and impeccable makeup. I was surprised to see she was about 5-8, had a well-toned figure, but rather small breasts. She was wearing a light blue business suit with a white tank top under the jacket, and white high heels with no hosiery. The suit fit her like a glove, and the skirt was interestingly short. She smiled and said, “I’ve heard quite a bit about you…it’s very nice to finally meet you.” We sat and talked about anything and everything, and the two of them continued with the cognac. Lillian told me she was long-divorced, and had her own business as an interior decorator. She was very friendly and easy to converse with, and I found myself becoming increasingly more interested in her looks. Gloria excused herself from the room, and I felt a bit awkward when Lillian and I were in a one-on-one conversation. She laughed and said, “Oh…I hope I’m not making you uncomfortable elazığ escort Trev.” I assured her I was fine, and we continued to talk. She was telling me a story when she smoothly took off her jacket and laid it on the back of the sofa. Her tank top was very tight, and it showed I had been right about the size of her breasts. I guessed them to be 34C, but they looked inviting under the white bra she wore. Gloria came back into the room, and to my surprise, had changed out of her sundress into a yellow nylon knee-length robe with her bra and panty under it,the heels she had on before. “Whew…it’s humid, and I needed to get those clothes off…do you want to do a change, Lill?”, she asked. Lillian replied, “You know…that sounds like a great idea…what have you got I could wear?” Gloria told her she had an assortment of robes in her closet, and to feel free to take whatever she wished. She headed up to Gloria’s room, and shortly thereafter, Gloria asked, “What do you think of her?” I told her I thought she was very nice and easy to talk to. “Yes…but does she turn you on?”, she asked. I replied that Lillian was very attractive, to which she responded, “We’ll see about that, young man.” Lillian returned wearing a semi sheer white nylon robe which buttoned only up to the bottom of her bra line. I could easily see her white bra under it, as well as the white hip-hugger panty she wore. She, too, kept her heels on. As I watched the two of them sitting in their robes across from me, my hormones started racing. Both were a bit tipsy, and I wasn’t sure where all of this would lead. It was close to 2:00 A.M. when Gloria said, “I need to go to bed Lillian…why don’t you stay here tonight in the guest room?” “You and Trev can keep each other company and….what the hell…Trev can stay here, too !!” She got up, said good night to me, and whispered something into Lillian’s ear which made her smile and nod, then headed to bed. There escort elazığ was an uneasy silence in the room for a bit until Lillian broke it by saying, “She told me “stroking but no poking.” I could feel my face light up crimson red, and she asked, “Do you enjoy masturbating?…because I certainly do.” I was dumbstruck, and couldn’t even stammer a reply or defense. She calmly said, “I saw you looking at me earlier and especially when I came down with this robe on…like it?” She began to unbutton the robe, and soon it was wide open exposing her bra, flat belly, and hip-hugger panty. “Would you like to masturbate Trev?”, she asked. That was all I needed, and unzipped my pants revealing a very hard erection. Lillian sat back on the sofa and said, “Yes…look at me, tell me what you like, and stroke it.” She began rubbing herself at the same time, and asking if I liked her bra and her panty, and where I wanted to shoot my load. Suddenly, she stood up, and told me to follow her up to the guest room. We got to the room, and she slowly pushed the door almost closed, then whispered, “Let’s get into bed and masturbate together.” We rubbed against each other, fondled, kissed, and masturbated for quite some time, and I was enjoying every second of it. Lillian removed her bra, and I played with her perky breasts as she rubbed them on my penis. I had just moved between her legs to rub her panty-covered kitty with my penis when I heard Gloria’s voice say, “No you don’t young man…you don’t get to fuck her.” I was startled, and turned to see Gloria standing in the moonlight wearing only her beige panty and heels. Lillian laughed and admitted the two of them had set me up. Gloria walked to the bed, took my penis in her hand, and as she lightly stroked it to full hardness said, “I want you to cum on Lillian and I want to watch.” I was horny, hotter than hell, and very angry, so I decided to call their bluff. I cooly said, “O.K. you bitches…but it’s elazığ escort bayan going to be my way.” I told Gloria to lay facing Lillian and that I wanted them to play with each other. I straddled both of their thighs as they lay on their sides and kissed, fondled, caressed, and rubbed each other. They took turns putting my penis in their mouths and jerking it with their hands. I used the trick Lorene had taught me to apply pressure to the base of my penis to stop my ejaculation, and it worked. Soon, Lillian was begging me to penetrate her, but Gloria was telling her to stop asking. I moved off of them, crawled between Gloria’s legs, pushed her panty aside, and entered her. As I thrust in and out of her, Lillian got up and said, “Fucking bitch…I haven’t had a cock in three years, and I’m going to get this one!!!” She took her panty off and sat on Gloria’s face so my face was against her belly and soft mound. I could feel her firm breasts on my back as she laid over me. Gloria had an intense climax under me, and I rolled Lillian off onto her back as Gloria gasped and fingered herself. Lillian spread her legs long enough for me to enter her, then wrapped them around my waist. Gloria was fingering herself and putting her fingers in Lillian’s mouth. I couldn’t hold out much longer, and though I wanted to explode inside Lillian, I pulled out of her. I pulled Gloria’s face close to Lillian, and exploded on Lillian’s breats and face, then turned the last few spasms on Gloria. I fingered Lillian to her climax, and Gloria simply came from the excitement.The three of us collapsed in a soaked heap until just before sunrise. Lillian woke up and began sucking me as Gloria slept next to us. “Fuck me again Trev, and this time cum inside me,” she whispered. “Are you sure it’s safe to do?”, I whispered back. She put her finger on my lips and mouthed a silent “Yes”. We rolled off onto the thickly carpeted floor and shared two more climaxes. “Come to my house soon?”, she asked, “I will wear the things you like…that’s a promise…it’s so hot to find a man who likes that stuff.”I knew then that Gloria had revealed personal information to her, and that I would have to deal with that issue.

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