Neighbours Pt. 04: New Year’s Eve


New Year’s Eve

This is a story, a work of pure fiction and all characters are 18+. The events in this story are most unlikely to take place in real life. However, there is always hope!


Christmas had come and gone. Christmas is OK but when the fuss has died down there’s still New Year and cold, frozen January to look forward to. Elaine, working almost full time in the weeks up to Christmas at Sainsco, had won first prize in the free staff raffle – a huge turkey which almost filled the oven. We’d dined heartily on turkey curry, sweet and sour turkey, turkey omelette, turkey pizza, turkey burgers, turkey stew, turkey mince and, thank goodness (when the turkey had all gone) fish and chips.

After the massages on Christmas morning Elaine had been delighted at what the girls had done.

“You know Harry,” she said in bed, “I’ve finally realised that our two little girls are now two independent young women. I’ve worried in the past about them walking around in underwater and thought it must be embarrassing for you. I’d also even worried you might take advantage of them when I’m not here.”

I kissed Elaine. “I must admit,” I said, “That there have been times when nature has taken over and I’ve been sat uncomfortably hoping they didn’t notice.”

Elaine laughed, “How could you not take notice! I’m really sorry I’ve neglected you. I realise you’ve been working harder than me and we’ve both been neglecting our ‘together’ times.”

I smiled to myself. Elaine could be quite Victorian in her views of sex. Together times was her code for anything intimate between us.

Elaine continued, “Harry, I don’t want you to take this the wrong way but you have my blessing. If Sam or Karen realise you need cheering up (codewords again) then I realise that all of you will know it’s for the right reasons; just don’t get them pregnant!” She laughed. “And don’t ever forget I have my needs too.” She paused, “I never thought of that – the twins could maybe get you in the mood for me!”

I laughed too. What a perfect wife. What had she just said? Don’t get them pregnant but it was OK to fuck them?

‘And how about our neighbour and Ann-Marie?” I thought. ‘Small tits and scruffy muff maybe but that French accent and the careless way she’d let me see her tits, I could fuck her any day.’

“What’s this thing about panties, Harry? How long have you been taking them from the laundry basket?

“Oh I don’t know. For quite a while, years.” I thought for a moment. “Mostly the times when I haven’t had much work.”

“So other women at work are right, I’ve heard them talking in the staff room.” Her voice lowered as if she was passing on a secret. “Denise even sells them.” For a few moments she seemed lost in thought. “You haven’t bought any, have you?”

“What, with a wife and two daughters? No I haven’t. Some of the sexy panties they wear could bring even a dead man back to life.”

Elaine reached down. Peter, my pocket friend, had been listening and was alert ready for action.

“Harry, you are thinking of my needs. What’s that word the girls use? Oh, yes, let’s FUCK.”

We did and Elaine was still moist from the morning. We fucked for quite a while and then we fucked some more. Eventually we slept soundly until morning.

One of the seven pairs of panties, my special Christmas present, had been quite challenging. The odour, for I think odour would be the correct term, was different. I found out which girl had pre-owned the pair – one of Karen’s best friends – and the pair had purposely been worn and re-worn as a joke. I was assured of their hygiene, Karen had promised, and after a couple of days I found them quite arousing.

The best thing of all was that Elaine, Karen, Sam and I were now much closer. The massages had broken the ice and all of us could enjoy a much closer relationship. I doubted the girls would want to walk around the house semi naked mid winter, but there would no doubt be times when they just wouldn’t bother covering up if they needed to iron an item of clothing urgently.

December 30th, the day before New Years Eve, the twins were planning their night out.

“Dad,” asked Sam, sitting on my lap, “You will be able to help out tomorrow night, won’t you?” She kissed me gently on the cheek.

“I could be persuaded,” I answered, cupping her right tit. “But just a kiss on the cheek? Hmm!”

“And if Karen could organise more panties?”

“What could you organise, Sam?”

Sam was being playful. “You haven’t said yes or no yet.”

My hand moved under her sweater. Damn, she was wearing a bra. I hesitated, not answering her question.

Sam moved forward, “OK, unhook me.”

Unhooked, my hand moved forward and around to where the generously sized mammary was nestled. The warmth and almost baby-softness of her unblemished tit felt good. I cupped my hand and felt its weight. She turned and kissed me on the lips, temporarily dislodging my happy hand.

“I’m pendik escort sure the other girls would show their gratitude too.” she added, allowing my hand to return to her tit.

“Last year it was after 2am when I got to bed.” Any thoughts of a thank you from their friends hasn’t crossed my mind last year. I’d been knackered after the two car journeys. “How many will be wanting a lift?”

“Taxis cost a fortune. They rip off everybody on New Years Eve, not to mention the queue. We could tell our friends they could make payment in kind. They already know you’re kinky about panties.”

“So how many?” My fingers were busy tweaking a very aroused nipple. I was hard.

Sam shivered as her right nipple sent a message to her brain, “Well ten of us are meeting up, maybe a couple more.”

“OK, a topless blow job now, while your mum is out.”

“Dad, that’s not fair.”

“Then I suggest you spend less money on alcohol and save some for the taxi.”

“The last time Karen and I were in a taxi he was perving all the time, trying to eye us up through the rear view mirror.”

“So ask one of your friends’ dads to help.”

“OK,” Sam relented,and knelt in front of me.

“Topless,” I reminded her.

“Dad, you’re almost as pervy as that taxi driver.”

“OK, fine, so it’s OK for me to drive to uni with your memory stick, it’s OK for me to wash your stuff when mum’s working and it’s OK to expect me to cough up twenty quid when you’re broke … Oh, and it doesn’t matter if I’m the only dad who’s prepared to taxi you and your mates anywhere at short notice?”

“Wow dad, take a chill pill. Don’t have a fuckin’ cardiac arrest.”

She peeled off her sweater, revealing her delightful breasts. Unzipping me she pulled out my partly flaccid member. I’d heard she’d given out plenty of blow jobs to guys she really liked.

I was tired after Twixmas week. Sam was skilled. Despite the negotiations she would deliver her side of the bargain to the best of her ability and as soon as her mouth began to take me in I soon firmed up.

“You’re tired aren’t you dad, I can tell. I know you need this too so I’m going to take my time.” I got the feeling that this was covered by Elaine agreement to let the girls ‘cheer me up’.

‘I’m not really in the mood for this, ‘ Sam thought, ‘But he’s so big, bigger than any of my ex boyfriends.’

“It’s OK,” I said, “You’ve got other things to do.”

‘Mum told me not to talk with my mouth full.’

“Dad, every time you say something I have to take this whopper out of my mouth. You’re right, I was wrong. You would probably have picked us up even if we’d asked you last minute. You’re tired, just relax and let me show you how much you’re appreciated. And we’ll make sure you’re appreciated by our friends.”

‘Hell, just the thought of pleasing dad is starting get me quite wet.’

She stopped for a moment before standing up, taking off her panties and giving them to me. She bent over, kissed me and dropped to her knees. Her warm, wet mouth enclosed as much as she could of me before gagging. With my pocket friend now exposed again she drew back my foreskin before licking the now exposed head. She’d remembered I liked that.The effect was electric.

‘Hey, wow,’ Sam told herself, ‘Dad’s really enjoying this and I’m getting more and more horny. I’m going to slow this down and enjoy it myself.’

She settled down again, letting my length into and out of her mouth very slowly. I had her panties to my nose, my eyes closed and the pleasant scent acted like a relaxing drug; in fact at one time I must have dozed. Her mouth was still sucking on me, but now she sped up a little. Each suck became a little faster until I finally reached the point of no return. Warm gallons of jizz shot so fast that Sam had little option but to swallow.

‘Fuck, that went straight down before I’d chance to spit.’

What made do it, I have no idea. Sam coughed as my jizz irritated her throat, some of thick liquid coming back into her mouth.

“Don’t spit it out,” I said, and I pulled her to me. I kissed her, taking a little of my semen into my mouth – an odd salty taste. I guess I was just curious, that was the first and last time.

‘Hell, dad, what are you doing?’ Sam thought. ‘He’s wanting to share this with me.’

“Sam that was fantastic.” I really felt I needn’t say any more.

New Year Eve was a time of expectancy, a time for 99 TV channels to reflect on the same news, views and problems of the year that had passed and look forward to the same old rubbish in the year to come. It was a time for public money to be wasted on huge firework displays and a time for peoples’ hard earned cash and overdrafts to be tipped down their throats ‘For Auld Lang Syne’.

Sam and Karen busied themselves all day long, their phones never stopped.

“Yes, dad’s agreed to get everyone home safely,” and then in much lower voices that I couldn’t hear pendik escort the ‘terms and conditions’ were explained.

‘If you don’t ask, you don’t get’ was a phrase my mum often used but I was getting seriously addicted to panty pussy scent.Time would tell. Both girls had cash left over from Christmas presents so I wouldn’t be able to negotiate terms on a loan.


It had just turned 7.30pm and with much secrecy the girls arrived downstairs, Sam temptingly dressed as the Queen of Hearts and Karen as Queen Bee, complete with wings. Both necklines were distractingly low, Queen Bee’s pointing the way to her honey. Whether any young man might get to lick out that honey was unlikely, from what I knew a girl of her choice had a greater chance. Sam’s Queen of Hearts dress wasn’t quite as revealing, as per Sam’s usual choice of clothes, but she could easily trump any other contenders for male attention.

My car could easily carry four passengers, but somehow I did manage to squeeze one extra. With a return trip, that meant ten young ladies to bring home safely sometime after midnight. Normally a minibus would have worked out well, but they were in short supply and at least double the usual cost. All but two girls were in fancy dress, including a nurse’s outfit. I doubt matron would have agreed to a very buxom twenty year old nurse having her tunic unzipped a few inches and a micro skirt instead of the usual trousers, but matron wasn’t there. Perhaps just as well, for I’d swear the zipper was another two inches further down when the nurse sat on the back seat.

The evening was bitter cold and the estate roads icy from a slight fall of snow earlier in the day, frozen on to the road with the temperature below zero C.

Whether by choice or by request, Nurse Gemma’s short skirt didn’t hide her panties as she sat in precisely the right position for me to see her through my rear view mirror. Well, to be honest, not in exactly the right position but a minor adjustment to the mirror soon solved that. Perhaps also buxom Nurse Gemma didn’t want the zipper to come down of its own accord. She loosened the tunic even more and was carefully pulling the zipper up and down, examining the surrounding fabric. Perhaps I was wrong. Perhaps she didn’t want the zipper to get stuck. Oddly, I thought (though I didn’t complain) the offending zipper had been left in a way that showed her cleavage even more. Perhaps she was jealous that the twins might pull before she did.

Very politely (didn’t your mother always teach you to be grateful?) each girl in turn kissed me as I dropped them off outside the nightclub. How happy I was too to learn that Nurse Gemma’s skirt wasn’t too short – several other girls in the queue had even shorter ones on. It puzzled me. Cold weather plus short micro skirts plus low cut tops surely would lead to an outbreak of flu.

As I drove back home the first flakes of snow began. As usually happens, the first few flakes came down slowly with the odd flurry. By the time I’d got back to our house there was enough snow to show tyre tracks. The town council, I knew beyond doubt during the Twixmas holiday, would only allow the gritting teams to spread rock salt on major roads.

It was Elaine who suggested our New Year’s evening at home should be celebrated with our neighbours. We hadn’t seen Nicola or Hazel since before Christmas and we knew they’d both been working hard.

“Hi Nicola,” I said as she opened the door, a little surprised that she wasn’t down town. She looked tired but brightened up as she realised who was calling on a dark cold evening.

“Oh hi Harry! Come in.” The gas fire was pushing out just enough heat to warm the room. “Mum, it’s Harry.” I made a mental note to get some help together to install new central heating.

“I just came round to see if you wanted to join us for an hour or two to see the New Year in. The twins are at a nightclub, they’ve got some kind of fancy dress competition. I’m on taxi duty.”

Nicola laughed. “I’ve been on unlimited overtime at The Three Legged Duck, the restaurant has been booked solid for weeks on end.”

We’d been there a few times, the best pub grub in town. “So you’re glad of a rest.” I smiled back, “You probably deserve it.”

Things seemed to have cooled between us. I knew she’d got herself a boyfriend but I hadn’t seen him around these last few weeks.

“We’ve plenty of cans in the fridge, probably some wine too. And you’ll be glad to know there’s no turkey left. You’re more than welcome to come round.”

“Sounds fine by me,” said Hazel, “I’m sure Elaine will get me up to speed on the local news.”

I couldn’t help but wonder if the Ringtons Tea youth still sowed his seed at the Evans house. Elaine would know. She subscribed to Gossips-R-Us and I’m sure she planned, when she retired, to write ‘The Dummies Guide to Local Tittle-Tattle’. Most of this information was only available to women and gleaned from various local sources, pendik escort mostly the local Post Office and One Stop Shop. They employed, on a voluntary basis, several spies … and the spies rarely got it wrong.

The snow was coming down in bigger flakes now and covering the previous frozen deposits. Fresh snow on top of ice crusted, compacted snow would make driving extra tricky.

“Wow,” said Nicola, walking into our lounge. “It’s nice and cosy in here.”

The twins often turned the thermostat up, preferring to walk around the house with less cumbersome clothes. When they were at home they didn’t have to pay heating bills like in their student accommodation.

“I agree,” said Hazel, “When do you think you can make a start on our central heating?”

“Work’s a bit slack after the Christmas holidays,” I answered. “I’ll have a chat with one of the plumbers and an electrician.”

‘I wonder,’ I thought to myself, ‘If I could pull the measuring-up stunt again, if Nicola’s game.’

Elaine chipped in. “Why don’t you measure up while it’s still fresh in your mind.”

‘Oh, she can read my mind too?’ “OK with you, Hazel? I’ll grab pencil, paper and my tape measure.”

Hazel smiled that kind of smile that looks OK but really means the opposite. “Oh I’m sure Nicola will know where we need radiators. I’ll check your plans when you’ve spoken to the plumber.”

That, of course, could be translated as ‘I want to catch up on the gossip without you overhearing.’

Elaine chipped in again, “Can you bring some drinks through first, please.”

Nicola’s fling with the new boyfriend hadn’t lasted long. Alone in the house with him his original charm flew out the window. He turned out to have a fiery temper. The first time he’d hit Nicola became the last. They split.

The spark that was there when our new neighbours moved in had diminished. Nicola seemed to have decided to cool things. Maybe she was tired from working long hours, maybe her last boyfriend made her want to wait a while before any further sex, or maybe she thought Elaine needed me. I don’t know.

It was snowing faster as we returned to Hazel and Elaine. The girls at the nightclub wouldn’t know that. I limited myself to just one can of lager knowing I’d need full concentration to drive in the snow.

We talked some, watched TV, drank a toast at the midnight strikes of Big Ben and watched the fireworks in London on TV. At 12.30 Hazel and Nicola asked me to let in the New Year … what the Scots call ‘first footing’. The snow was still falling as Hazel passed me the key. I went in, wished them both a Happy New Year, and gave Hazel a few coins from my pocket – in the tradition of bringing financial success for the year.

“Thank you so much for your help,” said Hazel.

“And for being such a good neighbour,” added Nicola, a gleam in her eye, pinning me to the wall. “Here’s your first kiss of the year.”

Not content with just pinning me against the wall, her hips thrust against me. The embarrassment of her mum watching was short lived. Nicola intended this kiss to be a memorable one, grinding herself against my growing member as her soft, moist lips parted. Our tongues explored, the kiss lasted, her breasts pressed against me. Peter grew to his fullest, pushing an outline against my jeans that even the most visibly challenged couldn’t miss.

When we finally broke for air I could see Hazel staring, not just passing a glance, at my full hardness.

“How the hell have you kept that such a secret?” she declared. “Move over Nicola, it’s my turn. Here’s your second, and well deserved kiss, Harry.”

Hazel pressed even harder against my groin as her equally moist and soft lips parted. I felt her teeth touch against mine as her mouth widened, her tongue also exploring my mouth. I felt her hands push under my sweatshirt, snaking their way along my sides then over my belly and abdomen.

“My,” she observed, “You’re certainly fit and toned.”

Standing back, she pushed my sweatshirt higher. “Yes indeed, very fit.” She seemed amused as her fingertips traced a line upwards then across my nipples, giving me a shiver and goosebumps. Now moving downwards she ran her fingers over the embarrassing bulge. “Quite fit here too. Can I have just a quick peek?”

I nodded and mumbled “OK,” my mouth suddenly becoming very dry and my voice non existent. I felt my buckle loosened.

“I think we owe you much more than thanks for how you’ve helped us.” said Hazel, expertly pulling down the zip. “Well, I really think a close look would be …” she paused, “Would be most beneficial to us all.” Tugging again, this time at the waistband of my underpants, she waited for me to thrust my hips forward. My hipsters and my underpants lowered, Hazel whistled at my fullness.

“I’m real sorry to spoil the moment,” I managed finally, as Hazel had stroked lovingly to test whether Peter would grow any more. “I’ve the twins and their friends to pick up from a nightclub.”

“That’s a real pity,” said Hazel. “Perhaps some other time.”

By now, there was 3 inch or so of fresh snow atop the icy road. Sam rang me to say the first car load of girls were ready to go home. Elaine insisted that the twins came home first.

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