Nemo Repente Fuit Turpissimus Ch. 03


(All characters in this story are at least 18 years of age.)

The day had started well, as they all had since the glorious Saturday not long ago when I discovered my estranged sister was as depraved in her sexual tastes as I; a joyous discovery that led to her gleefully becoming my submissive slave and accepting me as her Owner and educator in an incestuous BDSM relationship that she’d craved in the two years I’d been away from home. So far this morning I’d been awaken in the prescribed manner by her stealing into my bedroom as soon as our mother and step-father had left for work and my letting her proudly show off her newly gained skills in oral obedience….this devotion to serve moving me to cum inside her then indulge her arousal at this crude usage of her by masturbating her to climax. As I say, a fair start to the day but with a slim and beautiful 18 year old slut as enthusiastic for corruption as my sweet sister every minute was precious and not to be wasted, especially as her new term at university would be starting soon and these idyllic full days would be no more. We were collapsed on the floor of the bedroom of my youth, and, knowing her growing confidence in her attractiveness, I’d held her lewdly in front of my full length mirror so that she could see what a tantalizing erotic sight she presented in my arms as I manipulated her clitoris and fed her the seeping of my cum as it escaped her engorged cunt with my fingers. In fact it was such an intoxicating vision that I hadn’t been able to resist entering her irresistible body again to fuel her orgasm; violating her anally and enjoying her desperate disconnect of climax as she thrashed helpless in my supporting embrace with my appreciative erection impaling her deeply.

Said erection was now quivering in the open air disappointed as my delightful fuck puppet cooed contentedly… the animal urge to bury my throbbing cock back where it belonged inside my sister was strong, but I could never match her capacity for orgasms and the personal self-denial was an important stimulant which added to the adrenalin build up of the day until I decided it was time to reward her various trials with the chance to make her Owner cum. With that in mind I playfully slapped her buttock.

“No time to rest, Possessed. Let’s get cleaned up for today’s lessons,” I said indulgently and was pleasantly surprised when my mischievous teenage whore deliberately misunderstood my intentions and getting low on all fours began to lap at my rigid cock, still coated with a mixture of her luscious juices and my spunk as well as a fresh trickle of pre-cum that penetrating her tight arse had triggered. I let her lick my solid erection for a little while but when she moved onto wrapping her soft lips around the swollen purple glans and dragging her sharp teeth across the sensitive taut flesh in a way she knew drove me to distraction I had to admit the danger of losing focus and not unkindly I grasped the tangle of red unruly hair and pulled her head off me.

“You know what I meant, you greedy little slut,” I said sternly and the slap to her backside was a little firmer this time. “Bathroom duties,” I admonished and she sprang to her feet instantly with a poise and grace that advertised her interest in dance amongst her many other scholarly pursuits. As she skipped out of my room to prepare the shower I once again marveled at the sheer sensual splendor that my 18 year old sister personified, especially as I knew that her deviant imagination and intelligence were just as exciting as her perfect pale and flawless body. The possibilities of having such a sincere submissive as my undisputed property still made my head spin; the fact that she was my younger sister only added to the desire I felt for her and the urge to make her reach her full potential for taboo gratification.

Naked I followed her to the bathroom, it already steamy with the full flow of hot water in the shower where the familiar silhouette of my sister could be seem through the curtain as she stood waiting. I joined her and she immediately began to soap me, lathering my upper body carefully. That first day I’d taken possession of my succulent sibling she’d suggested this post-perversion washing ritual, an ideal service that probably would never occurred to me unbidden. Of course she’d had dreams of this kind of dedicated sex slavery for a long time and obviously given it a great deal of consideration in her fantasies, a fact that I was hardly about to not make use of and since then I’d urged her to express all her darkest desires and day dreams to me in order that I could bring them to fruition.

Even in my highly aroused state I found my sister’s delicate touch soothing in this cleansing situation, at least whilst she was working on my chest, shoulders and back and in this blissful state I once again found my mind returning to the events of that wondrous first day when my sister surrendered herself totally to me. These constant flashbacks would probably be getting annoying orhangazi escort by now if this was a literary piece, I mused, but the strength of memory concerning that intense beginning to my present happy position kept drawing me back, if only to inspire higher levels of lust that I could share with my wanton pain whore.

My memories took me co-incidentally back to the moment I’d left off in Chapter Two when I’d tied my excited sister down to the posts of her 4 poster bed and took her virginity with teasing firmness, cumming together in a riot of raw lust that left us both dazed with its intensity. I recovered my senses first and became aware that I was crushing my lovely delicate slave underneath my panting body, tho’ she seemed to be in such a blissful sexual coma that she was uncomplaining of any discomfort, even though the rope binding her arms was biting into her wrists. Only after I’d untied her hands did she become aware of her surroundings, showing a slight distress at being set free which had disturbed her post coital reverie, but once I’d untied her ankles and laid back to draw her close to her Owner she slipped back into a contented ease and laid with her head on my chest with surprising familiarity, murmuring endearments and promises of submissive devotion.

“I never thought that sex could be so earth shattering,” she eventually declared happily as she idly gazed down my body to my still erect penis, glistening with a sheen of our combined love juices, “Never let me go, Master, teach me everything, teach me how to be the best fuck and the sluttiest slave ever. I want to make you happy, Sir, train me to make you happy.”

I couldn’t be happier, I thought to myself but I told her in mock stern tones that her training had begun already and I’d mold her to my depraved requirements and she sighed in anticipation of being educated in this brave new world of painful perversity. We laid quietly for a while, kissing occasionally or just drinking in the calm serene look in my sister’s eyes until the spells of gentle kissing grew longer and more passionate and I felt my brazen slave’s slim fingers tentatively reach down to flutter against my sticky hardness. I would seem that the rest period was over and my eager sister’s thirst for knowledge was reawakening….

I allowed her boldness to increase as our tongues danced together and then suddenly I took hold of her hair which I’d been stroking in encouragement and pulled her face from mine.

“From now on it will be one of your duties to lick my cock clean after I fuck you. I want you to get used to the taste of my cum mingled with your wanton cunt lube, do you understand, slave?”

“Yes, Sir. May I begin my service now, Sir?” she purred enthusiastically and still pulling her hair I guided her down between my thighs where she instantly captured my prick between her obedient lips and I felt the electric thrill of undiluted pleasure as her agile tongue swirled around the tip of my cock head seeking out the remains of the salty sweet sperm that her tight cunt had so recently received. Once she was satisfied she’d found every trace to be had she transferred her attentions to lapping the length of my shaft, enjoying the sexual nectar that her own body had produced until my lust had once again spurred me into action rather than passively laying there and allowing nature to take its course.

“Enough,” I reluctantly ordered and gestured my beautiful slave girl off the bed and bade her stand in readiness by the bed whilst I once again marveled at her lack of self-consciousness in standing naked for inspection before her brother and Master of only a few hours. Slim and pale, she was a vision of youth and potential for depravity… I couldn’t wait to introduce her to the unique advantages and rewards of BDSM and educate her in all forms of vice and incestuous indulgence. But where to start; I knew I’d have to start investing in the proper implements of punishments and restraints but I wanted to inflict new sensations on her right now and so far her arse had took all the chastisement what with the spanking and beating with wooden ruler. I needed to expand the introduction to the possibilities of pain applied in the right Dominating and arousing spirit. Looking around my sisters bedroom my searching gaze spotted nothing useful but then inspiration struck and I rose to my feet and once again sliding my hand to the nape of her neck I took firm grip on her whore red curls and forcefully guided my pretty concubine out of the protection of her room, pausing only to gather up the 4 lengths of rope I’d used already to bind my submissive virgin prior to defiling her tight innocence.

It felt strange to walk through the family home in this way, stark bollock naked and leading my equally naked sister by her tangled locks, but it also added to the taboo dynamic that had ruled the day so far. Even though we had the house to ourselves for the whole weekend I wanted to take full advantage nilüfer escort of the situation as much as I wanted to take full advantage of my irresistible teenage sister and in some instinctive way I wanted every room in the house to hold memories of her first experiences of enslavement, just to reinforce the enormity of her sexual surrender to me.

Our destination was the dining room, a location I’d seized upon for two reasons, the first being the sturdy solid table standing center in the room. It was my intention to tie my pain whore down stretched down over it, but the short walk downstairs to our present position had drawn my eyes to the seductive wiggle of my sisters pert buttocks embellished so attractively with the reddened welts of her initial introduction to punishment-for-pleasure.

“Lean over and present yourself,” I instructed my shameless slave and with dignified grace she leaned over the table, pushing the tempting curve of her tormented buttocks out provocatively and resting on her elbows on its polished surface with her back arched most delightfully.

“Head down, slave,” I growled, pushing her down so her face was hard against the table top in a more acceptable position of subjugation and I kept hold of her hair again to maintain the feeling of control I had over her in this exposed position. Lust was growing in me again as I moved directly behind her and my straining erection bobbed against the firm flesh of her rump, the heat of her punishment seeming to be radiating directly to my cock in invitation. Much as I wanted to enter my sister’s body again I held back and contented myself with stroking the welts on her arse cheeks with my free hand then dipping my fingers down between her thighs to see if my wanton slut was still as wet as she’d been in her bedroom–I wasn’t disappointed and withdrawing my fingers with a generous coating of fuck lube I slowly smeared her reddened buttocks with it in what I imagined was a soothing gesture. Not too relaxing, though, for my lascivious sibling started to sway under my touch and I suspected she was forcing her neglected clitoris against the cool hardness of the table’s edge.

Still caressing her anointed rear I let a lubricated finger trail between her buttocks and deliberately graze the puckered entrance of her anus; I sensed her tense up in anticipation of violation but I surprised her by a hearty slap across her moist arse and accompanied it with a tug of her hair which brought her to her feet sharply. Still pulling on her hair I pressed my lips to hers and enjoyed another lingering kiss… I really couldn’t get enough of sharing her arousal in this way. Then when I felt her relaxing again in this melting meeting of our mouths I snapped her head away and pushed her back until she was sprawled out fully on the table, reclining with her back upon it most decoratively and passively holding out her arms when I indicated it was time to tie her down again.

Binding her wrists together again and then securing them above her head was done in a trice, my knot tying becoming more accomplished at every attempt, then with my sister’s pretty face staring up and enclosed by her bound arms I took hold of her hips and slid her down the table, taking up the slack firmly on her wrists and bringing her arse to the very edge of the table so I could part her splayed and shapely dangling legs and kneeling down secure her trim ankles to the table legs in a most erotic show of exposed bondage. My slave’s clean shaved cunt was particularly well displayed and at just the right height for me to stand between her tied downwards legs and get my cock inside her, but that was for later. Right now I intended to introduce the second element that had made the dining room spring to mind for deviant experimentation…the array of candles stood in readiness on the sideboard.

I don’t know if my darling slut of a slave sister was expecting the hot wax treatment… maybe as she watched me light a couple of the heavier candles she thought I was setting up a romantic mood. Such notions were quickly dispelled as I plucked the first candle from its holder once enough wax was melted and held it teasingly over her restrained white trembling body, looking increasingly like a sacrificial virgin on some pagan alter. However I’d already taken her virginity and it was now time to bring her pliable flesh to life in a more stinging fashion… I tilted the candle and red coloured wax splattered onto the sensitive flesh of her upturned rounded breasts and ribs eliciting shrill gasps of shock from my captive sister. I chose my second target and trailed molten wax across the white smooth softness of upper thighs, careful to avoid her genitals. She squirmed in a most pleasing way but the moan escaping her lips was more sensual than the first… she was accepting the pain and relishing the sensations. I hovered over her deciding where to embellish her perverse perfection next; her eyes followed with fierce fascination türbanlı escort and as I tilted the candle to drop wax on her flat well defined belly she anticipated the contact. Next time I’ll have to blindfold her, I mentally noted, although watching the shining lust grow in her eyes with each heated delivery was worth losing the element of surprise for.

Slowly I covered her receptive young body in Pollock-like patterns and enjoyed her writhing take on overtly sexual tones. Tied as her legs were her cunt was spread open and was leaking in a most remarkable manner, confirming that my sweet little sister was a pain whore of the most delicious kind, her juices pooling under her buttocks on the table. That glistening vagina was so tempting I went and stood between her shapely splayed legs, positioning myself so my bobbing erection was nudging against the rigid nub that was her clitoris and I continued to drop the melting wax across the tantalizing target that was the slight swell of her teenage tits, managing to avoid the hard knots of her nipples.

The added teasing of her clit by my cock had my slave sister rocking her hips underneath me in a futile attempt to bring relief to her aching pleasure button. This was good; combining her desire for pain with sexual need was one of my goals. For her to associate the one with the other would prove an interesting part of her training, although at this moment in time she seemed to be exceeding all my deviant expectations. The shifting of her hips against my teasing erection was also taking its effect upon me, and I suddenly felt the need to bury my swollen prick inside the wet tightness my balls were being rubbed against, so I let a particular large amount of molten wax fall across her sensitive tits and as she was reacting I swiftly guided my cockhead down along her inflamed labia and with a firm thrust of my pelvis I once again penetrated my sister deep until I was buried to the hilt inside her. Thus impaled I held her steady and continued to drip red wax onto her creamy white skin making such a vivid contrast. Her clear blue eyes had glazed over with this overload of sensation and as I maintained the penetrative pressure inside her she moaned and ground her loins hard against her Owner.

I set the candle aside, obviously she was used to the momentary sting of wax assault so still remaining motionless inside her I reached up her body and ran my fingers across the unfamiliar lumps of set wax enhancing her beautiful breasts. They fitted exactly into the palms of each of my caressing hands and I firmly manipulated the pliant little mammies and enjoyed the effect this change of pace was having on my wanton bound sibling. The tightness of her binding meant she couldn’t move too much, but writhing her hips was causing enough friction of her aching clit against my pubic bone for her to be well on the way to another orgasm and I allowed her to fuck herself upon my stationary erection, the clutching of her internal muscles upon my cock providing a most delightful feeling.

Her breathing was becoming more ragged and my mauling of her tits was keeping pace with her increasing arousal, desperately she was jerking herself hard up against my tense thighs but I was holding her down with my weight and she was having to work hard. I was tempted to prolong events and withdraw my cock, but my slut slave really did cum too pretty to go in for orgasm denial and anyway I’d probably left it too late judging by her abandoned pleas to fuck her and make her cum. Well, she did say please so I slowly began to moving my cock out and in of her saturated cunt and switched the attention of my hands to painfully pulling on and tweaking her rigid protruding nipples.

This was the final stimulus for my sensitive sibling and she struggled helplessly against the binding rope as she was catapulted into the violent spasms of an intense and fully overwhelming climax, I urging her orgasm on with hard and deliberate thrusts deep into her convulsing cunt as she spasmed pinned under me, cumming uncontrollably for her Master. The sensation of her writhing in ecstatic abandon beneath me in this manner swelled me with lust and power, but as her trembling body slid into post coital calm I gently withdrew my straining erection from the warm sanctuary that lay between my bound sister’s thighs and moved around the table so I could once again press my lips to those of my deserving and debauched slave, cutting off the murmur of incoherent expressions of love and subservient gratitude that she was hoarsely whispering as our mouths locked and tongues connected once again.

Even tied uncomfortably as she was, my sister was radiating a blissful serenity that was a stark contrast from her physical appearance…. naked, flushed, sweaty and heavily splattered with wax….as our kiss got deeper I ran my hand over her flat belly and ribs and inevitably the exploration ended at her tortured tits, the rough mauling that I felt inclined to treat them to cracking the dried wax and flaking it free from pale taut slut skin. My sister moaned as I kneaded her palm sized breasts one at a time and her tongue’s insertions into my mouth became more urgent, my insatiable sibling recovering already and becoming ready for more education at her brothers twisted whims.

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