Nerd Vs Jock A Bet’s a Bet

Nerd Vs Jock A Bet’s a BetI have always through of myself been a stud. It was nothing new to me, it was just who I was. I remember, when I was little I ran the playground. In middle school, I was the only one dating a girl in High School. And in High School, I dated the prom queen and was a star in 3 different sports. I got a full ride to college and beat out a senior college quarterback to become the starter. I also got his girlfriend who was by most people’s estimation the prettiest girl on campus and that is where our story begins. I am Todd, I am 6’4″ 240 lbs of muscle, very athletic and well my cock is average only 5 inches. I don’t try to be a Dick about it but I am basically a Zac Efron look alike. My girlfriend is Samantha. She is a goddess at 5’4″ 110 lbs nice and busty with a gorgeous smile. My favorite thing about her is her body. Her tits sit firm and high on her chest. Her nipples are so cute and point up. Her ass is nice and bubbly, but not overly huge and there are no tan lines on her body. She would easily be a VS model if she was a little taller. She sucks my cock great and we fuck all the time. I arrived at my dorm and my roommate Mark, a vocal music major was sitting on his bed. The fact that he was a vocal music major should probably tell you all you need to know about Mark, but in all reality I liked him as a roommate. He seemed pretty chill and even though he was small and looked like a sissy fag we got along. And as far as I knew he was actually straight. So there was Mark sitting on his bed and as I was getting undressed I decided to tell him of my night with Gail, Samantha’s Mom and how good of a fuck the milf was. He just listened to me and didn’t make any of the kinda comments like my frat b*o’s. (They typically said stuff like, “OH Shit DUDE!” and “Crap! No the fuck you didn’t?”) Actually I was sort of thrown for a loop as he actually shook his head and had a disappointed look on his face. After a while I said, “what’s up Mark? Why you look pissed or whatever?” “Dude that is no way to treat a girl like Sam. If I was her boyfriend I would not have done that unless she knew and was ok with it.”His pissy bitch attitude was making me mad so I said, “fuck you! And no you are not her boyfriend, because you could never get nor satisfy someone like her.” I was feeling good about putting Mark in his place. But with little emotion he just stood and without looking at me replied “hmm ok we’ll see” and walked to the bathroom on our hall. A few days passed and things seemed mostly normal, but I was still sort of pissed at Mark so I invited Sam to my room to fuck. I knew Mark would probably come in after his evening class and view me giving it to her hard. We were doggy style with Sam moaning and me slow dick-ing her, when Mark opened the door and walked in. I ignored him and held Sam down and kept thrusting, but I was thrown for another loop when Mark didn’t look defeated, embarrassed or even walk out. (Which I expected…I mean who walks into a room people are fucking in?) He actually stood on his side and got undressed. I was getting even more pissed so I looked over as he was just in some boxers and was mildly impressed with his body he was more cut then I thought. But I wanted to reinforce who the stud was so I said, “dude this isn’t a free show…get the fuck out…Sam doesn’t want your pasty ass watching her!” I was again shocked, as I looked at him and he simply shrugged and shucked his boxers down. His cock was huge, semi-hard, thick, and shaved clean. I let out a chuckle and then had a thought that it looked cute. After a moment, I realized I was staring at it and no longer fucking Sam. She too was looking up to see what was happening. Mark just said, “you stop so I could show you how to do it properly?” “What the fuck?” We both sort of stared in disbelief and I said “…I should kick your ass!””Dude I am not the one that is staring at your cock and anyway she didn’t really sound like she was enjoying it.”?I was totally off my game and just stared at Mark for a second. I thought about it and literally told myself in my head…”ohh yeah dude you got the bigger cock.” So I pulled out of Sam and my cock looked like a baby’s penis.”See dude no way you can compete.” Mark just shrugged “its big but you don’t know what your doing at all.”Sam was just glancing at me and then looking at Mark who was probably her height and maybe even her weight see could not take her eye’s of Marks huge cock wondering how big it really get when it’s hard. I honestly was thrown usually people backed down when the saw my physical prowess, but Mark was standing there looking smug and had a very confident look about him. I started to say something macho, but Mark just interrupted me. “Ok Todd look I am sure you do a decent job, but Samantha” turning to her “baby I can give you all the multiple orgasms you dream about.” His statement would have been funny had he not said it in such a way that made you believe him. “So here is what we are going to do I get 10 minutes with Sam and if I have her screaming my name then I was right and we can move on with whatever happens. If she doesn’t love what I have to offer then Todd I will be your slave for the rest of the year. I’ll do your laundry, clean the room, even suck your cock and Sam similar deal for you when I am not serving Todd, I serve you. Deal?” As I pondered Todd’s question Sam finally spoke “look what do we got to lose? Baby lets do it. You know I never cum that easy and sometimes don’t even cum at all.” Bet!!I heard Mark let out a little laugh which pissed me off further, but I was still confused by it all and just said “a’right Mark you got 10 minutes.”Without wasting anytime Mark pushed Sam back and started düzce escort kissing her running his hands through her hair and fondling her whole body. I was confused again thinking he was going to fuck her, but I just watched him use both hands and his tongue all at the same time alternating between her mouth, neck, breasts, belly, thighs and feet. At first Sam was also confused and just sort of set there. I thought well he is passionate, but no way is his cock going to do the trick. But after maybe a minute, I looked up at Sam’s face and my stomach twisted in knots. Sam’s eyes were shut and her mouth was in a perfect O shape as she let out little moans. “The fucker!” I thought to myself, he really is going all in. After maybe 4 minutes of teasing her body he knelt at her pussy and used his tongue all over her pussy. I watched for 3 minutes as he had he groping her breasts and pulling at the sheets, while uttering all sorts of fucking noise from her mouth, “ohh mmm baby …fuck God wow. … ohh my yes …right there …oooo mmmm” I looked at the clock and thought well hopefully her enjoying it doesn’t count as screaming his name. I looked at Sam’s body and saw her cute perky nipples looking harder and longer than I thought possible. They looked like cute little pin caps pointing straight up and probably over an inch long. As Sam pulled on them. I watched as Todd lifted her legs up on his muscular shoulders…(shit why did I just think this little wimp has muscular shoulders…but in reality he was ripped) he lined up his cute huge cock (God why did I think it was good idea) he slowly pushed in and then begin slowly but increasing in speed each time began making an odd thrusting motion in and out. (I suddenly realized that this little bitch had tricked me into being his cuckold, if even for only 10 minutes …I vowed to kick his ass later after he fail to make her orgasm and do all sorts of depraved things with Sam…) I was awoken from my thoughts as I heard Sam begin to moan “HOOO…LLLYYY FU…CK SHIT… OHH MMMM GOD MORE PLEASE JUST LIKE THAT FASTER” I watched as Mark used his odd fucking motion drawing his huge cock all the way out and in rotating as her when balls deep into her wet pussy making Samantha moan in pleasure.The clock showed he had 1 minute and 10 seconds left as I looked back and heard “OHH PLEASE ALMOST …HERE IT COMES” and with 1 minute left I watched Sam go into orgasm. Her legs flailed about her arms grabbing Mark’s ass and her whole body was shivering. Mark without missing a beat continued grinding her pussy as her body shook and her eyes rolled back like I had never seen before. “OHH Yeah Samantha …Is it good for you?””Oooo mmmm please don’t stop?” I feel another orgasm building.I watched with my mouth hanging open and my dick rock hard as Mark stopped and said “you want me to continue? … say my name?… tell me who made you cum so good?”Samantha looked up at him and said in a fucked out pleading wail “OHH SHIT! Mark baby, you made me come! Mark you did! I came so hard, please baby I need it please! MARK KEEP FUCKING ME FUCK ME!” Her hands were groping at his body and she looked like one of those over dramatic, unrealistic porn stars, but she was completely for real.Mark just said, “Oh yeah Sam! Here you go baby!” He continued his odd fucking motion, while fondling her breasts and pulling her nipples, as he said without even looking in my direction “9 minutes and 30 seconds bitch!”In the same moment I wanted to beat the living hell out of him, buy him a beer and ask him how he did it and (I even surprised myself by thinking) I want to get a look at his magical cock. All these thoughts and more rolled threw my mind as I watched them Fuck for another 45 minutes. Mark came once about halfway through he pulled out and took 7 or 8 large squirts all over Samantha’s body and face, but amazingly he just as hard and put it back in and continued while they both cleaned the sloppy mess off each other. Mark would use his hand to spoon, ungodly amounts of his cum, into Sam’s mouth. And then they would kiss and lick his sperm back and forth. I watched the whole time both turned on and confused. Sam never swallowed my cum, but she ate Mark’s like it was fucking Caviar. She would cum when I fucked her about 1 out of every 3 times and right after I would cum and that would be the night, but Mark fucked her through orgasm after orgasm. I felt horny and a little embarrassed by the whole thing. I prayed that people in the dorm thought it was me fucking Sam. She screamed for a solid hour in sexual ecstasy. I also wondered why I let it happen, why I watched it all, why I didn’t stop them at 10 minutes, and most of all why my cock was hard the whole time?After they lay in sexual bliss for about 10 minutes he pulled his semi hard cock, from Samantha as cum started to dribble out. I looked at it and heard Mark’s voice next to my ear “go ahead man clean her up it is the nice thing to do. I wont tell you cleaned up my creampie and Samantha’s not a bitch either she wont tell. Go for it!” I just stared at the gorgeous sight of his white cream bubbling from her pussy. “Please baby I bet it will feel good!” Sam’s voice echoed in my head and I couldn’t think straight as I felt myself slowly moving closer.A few inches away Mark’s hand was on my head and he said “good boy! There you go. You can do it!” As he pressed my head toward the sloppy creampie. I should’ve been into macho jock mode and done something but honestly I wanted it and tentatively stuck out my tongue. The initial taste was sort of salty tangy and before I knew it I was lapping away like a hungry dog, as I jacked my cock. After a while I realized they were making out while I cleaned escort düzce her.There I was one my knees licking the nastiest, yet most delicious creampie out of my girlfriend and it wasn’t even mine. My odd, skinny, nerdy, gay looking, vocal music major roommate had somehow tricked me into letting him try out my girlfriend and ended up fucking her better than I ever had. Thats right me, captain and quarterback of the football team, ultra jock stud, muscled body with 5 inch dick. But Mark, with his huge, thick magical cock fucked her into multiple orgasms. I can her them making out as I jack my cock and continue licking. I have no idea why this is turning me on. My assumption is that I was straight, that I am the alpha dog, and that I would never submit to anyone else. But, here I was while my roommate, Mark, and my Girlfriend, Samantha made out. I am on my knees eating his creampie from her snatch. I try to think through what I should do, how will I ever date Samantha with this hanging over us, do I want to date her, should I beat the shit out of Mark, but what will that really accomplish. All of these questions and more swirled around my head but I couldn’t focus on any of them for two reasons. One, I was actually enjoying this and two, I had two bigger questions that I was trying not to think about… First why did I agree to Mark’s bet and second why was I enjoying the taste of his cum.?I really have no idea how long I stayed there licking, but I was enjoying it and this way I didn’t have to face either of them as long as they couldn’t see me. I know that sounds like a rather foolish response, this was all new to me. I wasn’t use to loosing. I wasn’t use to being this guy. And most definitely I was not used to eating cum or being subservient to anyone.?But soon enough I heard Mark’s voice. “Hey man I bet you got it all, but I am also a little messy can you clean my cock up to” I was shocked and wanted to do something to hurt or embarrass him, but for some reason I was immobile and a tiny voice in my head said…”You already ate his cum and he wasn’t being a jerk he was just asking….WHAT THE FUCK NO….I mean well I don’t know…..I’M NO COCKSUCKER….why don’t you ask Sam what she wants….NO UHH NO………You did this to yourself.” The internal struggle was fierce and I was like a tiny ship lost at sea. I had no engine, no paddles and was stuck just allowing the waves of the situation take me where they wanted. Slowly but surely I looked up at them, my face coated with their juices. Not knowing what to do I looked at Mark then at Samantha. Samantha said, “Todd baby your tongue felt amazing suck my pussy and what Mark did was awesome. I think you should thank him like he asked.” “WHAT? are you serious? I am not gay…I uhh I what …” Mark interrupted me and said matter of factly in a cool calm voice like everything else so far, which kept me confused and off balance. “Gay not gay what does that really matter? Todd, we are just having fun and it looks like your enjoying it thus far” his eyes went toward my impossibly hard cock. I blushed a little. “Its just us go for it!” I felt so confused, turned on, and at war with myself, but determined that sucking a cock was a line I should draw in the sand. I started to shake my head and slowly get up as I said, “ok I don’t know what happened but this is….” *SLAPMy face turned red and I felt anger boiling inside me. Mark slapped me, the little bitch. I started to say, “Alright bitch thats …”*SLAP … SLAP …SLAP”SHUT THE FUCK UP!” mark sounded actually angry which threw me for another loop. Honestly, I never had to try and be the alpha people just naturally gave it to me and I had never been in a real fight in my whole life. My face stung and I just stared at Mark and tried to keep my eyes from watering. I was so embarrassed as I stood there. I kept thinking do something retaliate, but the longer I waited the more embarrassed I became that I wasn’t fighting back. “Look we all know who the real top dog is here…what they say is true cant judge a book by its cover …I fucked Samantha into a frenzy of orgasms then you licked up our messy creampie…not to mention you cant stop staring at my cock”Everything Mark said was true and with my face still stinging and my head in a cloud of confusion Mark continued.”You don’t have to suck it. I wont make you, but we all know who Sam is going to be dating from now on and if you want to keep watching and cleaning her pussy, well you should clean me up!”At this I realized that Sam was staring at Mark with the most lust filled look on her face I had ever seen. I tried not to I honestly did, but before I knew it I was completely back on my knees staring at Mark’s cock. This time it was Samantha who encouraged me. Her hand lightly on the back of my head and in a husky voice she said “mmmm yes baby worship that gorgeous cock…it makes me so hot ….please I want to see you suck it suck it good!” With every word I moved a little closer until I felt the tip on my lips. Wait did she call his cock gorgeous? I looked down the shaft and thought, you know it really is.I knew they were both watching me as I parted me lips and let the head of his cock in. The taste was familiar and the humiliation made my cock jump as it was rock hard. After a few tentative licks and sucks of the head, I started sucking on the now semi hard penis. This moment of humiliation, was also a moment of ecstasy for me. Feeling the cock harden and the cute crooked shaft form in my mouth I realized Mark was right. “Gay not gay who cares we are just having fun” After some minutes I knew they were making out again as Mark fondled her breasts and I began to worship this beautiful penis. Mark was completely düzce escort bayan hard and softly thrusting his penis into my mouth as I watched Mark and Samantha in the throws of passion kissing, rubbing, licking and sucking all over each other. I wondered… will he want to cum in my mouth, do I want that, what is this new dynamic between the three of us, and ultimately will they be able to keep this just between us? Again I couldn’t truly answer or even focus on these questions rolling around in my head, but I knew I was enjoying this as I was jacking my cock again. Mark stopped and looked down at me, “oh yeah don’t you dare cum until I tell you!”I heard Samantha giggle at this clearly enjoying Mark’s calm cool dominance over me. I felt a jolt of pleasure in my stomach also realizing that for whatever reason, humiliation was giving me a new kinda thrill like never before. I didn’t respond, but just kept sucking his cock which had long ago been clean. But I wanted it and I figured Mark wanted me to keep going. After probably 10 minutes of me sucking cock for the first time and enjoying it.Mark pulled his penis from my mouth and proceeded to stand up over me. “Dont you dare stand up!” Mark said looking down at me “I think you are beginning to learn a lot about yourself and your new place, so to seal the deal for today, I am going to cum in your mouth. Of course, you will swallow. Upon hearing this I realized I wasn’t looking at Mark’ face but his cock and someone else noticed too. “Wow he cant stop staring at your cock…haha wow” Sam said. And Mark told her, “As you have both learned size does really matter an I know how you use it.” I thought I guess he is right as I heard him say, “Well Todd do you agree?” I was not sure about it all but had lost any will to fight for today and just nodded thinking maybe we can sort this all out later, might as well just go with it. “I didn’t hear you?” Came Mark’s voice as I went red with embarrassment and also realized my hard cock jumped again. “Yes I agree” “That will do for now, we will work on more respect later.”Hearing him tell me that I needed to learn respect furthered my humiliation as he pushed his cock into my watering mouth. As he stood over me he held onto my face as he face fucked me and I just let him. Slobbering over his cock I started jacking mine and still not having cum this whole time I began to feel a all to familiar pressure building. I knew what Mark said, but I wasn’t really worried about it and I wanted to cum. Samantha said “Oh my God jacking your cock while being facefcuked is something I never thought I would see you doing Todd!” I could feel Mark’s cock begin to pulse and with no warning, blasts of cum started spewing in my mouth. Choking and swallowing Mark huge load of cum he pulled his cock out and coated my face. The humiliation made my cock erupt and shoot. It felt orgasmic as my whole body quivered and shook. Mark had cum for the third time and spewed a good 4 ropes into my mouth and another 4 -5 shots on my face. I shot 3 good ropes and a few drizzles onto the floor. I couldn’t open my eyes but I knew that I shot less than half Mark’s amount on the floor under him. “Oh my God, you came, Mark he came right after you spewed on his face.” Sam, said.I swallowed what was in my mouth realizing that I thoroughly enjoyed the taste. As Mark spoke, “C’mon man you had one rule don’t cum until you are allowed.” He sounded generally disappointed like a Dad talking to a Son and I felt even further humiliation. “I guess that means a punishment.” He continued, “so I want you to stay just like that while Sam and I discuss your punishment.” I felt cum drip off my face and I opened my mouth to speak, but the confusing nature of all this coupled with a face full of cum I ended up closing it without uttering a sound. I heard them whispering, but couldn’t make out what they were saying and my eyes were still pasted shut. They both helped me clean up by using their fingers and scooping cum into my mouth and then told me to lick up my mess. I was far passed objections and just did it all feeling super embarrassed and turned on. Me, the college quarterback on my hands and knees lapping at a small pool of cum, while a nerd and my girlfriend (was she my girlfriend still?) watched me. My cock hardened again as I heard Sam say, “wow you cum a lot, your 3rd time and still twice as much as Todd.” She was obviously talking to Mark while I lapped at my own cum. Mark repeated to himself and then said, “No one made you do anything, but this is what you want. This is what you need! If your worried about people finding out about you and it ruining your reputation that is not what this is about. I am not a jackass that isn’t what this about, but I expect obedience if you want to keep being allowed to enjoy Samantha and myself.” Also this is a one time offer with 3 simple rules. The rules are: One, you acknowledge who the real man is right now and every morning and night for however long this continues. Two, you refer to me in private as Sir or Stud…”As he was talking I glanced down at Sam who was, with no other possible way to describe it, worshipping his huge cock. She was obviously getting turned on by what he said as her thighs were rubbing together. “…And lastly, I make the final call on anything I will always hear what you have to say but my word is final.” Mark gave me a stern look and then said, “so here is the offer, you become our Sub right now and agree to the 3 rules or get up, get out, and forget you ever had a relationship with Samantha.”As I looked at him and then her, I saw Mark pull Sam her off his cock and point to me.Tell him Sam “Yes baby this is what I want…I know you want it to” she said eyeing Mark’s hard cock and then simply went back to sucking. Feeling very weak, very horny and realizing that I wanted this, regardless of what the consequences might be, I fell to my knees and said, “yes sir!”A Bet’s a Bet!

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