Nerds of Hollyweather Ch. 04


(This story is a part of the Blackedmerica series, which is set in an alternate history.) On the first floor of the school, seventeen year old Scott Olson was heading to Mr. Turner’s classroom. In his hand, he had Malcolm Jackson’s homework on the history of Samuel Duval, an important black man in the French royal court during the early 17th century. A paper Scott had stayed up late last night to finish. He didn’t want to hand in a black student’s homework without it being perfect.As he turned the corner, Scott gulped when he saw his classmate and also seventeen year old Elinor Hodges walk out from a room down the hall. Her large floppy breasts hung out of her top as she turned around. Out behind her walked a black guy who Scott didn’t recognize. Scott took another breath when he saw Elinor turn around, lean up and passionately kiss the black guy.Scott had often laid in bed, jerking his small penis under the bed sheets, fantasizing about Elinor. He fantasized about kissing her, running his hand over her chubby body and feeling her large jiggly breasts. Though towards the end, a black man would always pop into his fantasy and start fucking Elinor. That’s when Scott would always come.Scott had stopped walking and watched the black guy put his hands on Elinor’s huge butt and squeeze her soft cheeks.Oh yes, grab her big butt… Scott watched with such excitement.Suddenly Elinor leaned back down and smiled up at the guy. He looked at her like he was checking out her body one last time before he then gave her a nod goodbye and disappeared up the stairs next to them. Scott gulped once again when he saw Elinor grab one of her soft boobs after the other and put them both back into her snug top. Even though Elinor was quite a big girl, she often wore snug clothes that showed off her chubby curves. Scott who had quite a big belly himself, found Elinor to be so incredibly gorgeous.As he stood there Scott realized that Elinor had seen him and waved over at him. Scott waved back as an excited Elinor walked over to him in a hurried pace, which made her large breasts jiggle up and down. Scott took another deep breath as he couldn’t help but look at her huge chest.“Hey Scott.” Elinor smiled. She was so glad to see Scott.“Hey Elinor.” Scott awkwardly tried to hide the fact that he had an erection.”Where’re you off to?” Elinor asked enthusiastically. She had just finished her last class for the day and had hoped to run into Scott.“Oh ehm…” Scott looked a bit flustered. He had glanced down at her revealing cleavage.Elinor smiled as Scott looked up at her. She often caught him looking down at her breasts.“I’m just on my way to Mr. Turner’s classroom.” Scott held up the homework folder in front of his crotch, hiding the small bulge in his pants.”Can’t forget to hand in Malcolm’s homework before I head home,” Scott told her.“I bet it’s another A.” Elinor smiled. She was so proud of Scott. She knew how hard he worked to get Malcolm straight A’s.“Hope so.” Scott felt confident that it would be an A when he saw the smile on Elinor’s face.“You mind if I got with you?” Elinor asked hopefully.“No.” Scott looked over at Elinor and smiled. When he saw her smile back, he really wished that he could tell her how he felt, and finally ask her out. He was just too nervous.For anyone who saw them together, it was quite obvious that Scott and Elinor had feelings for each other. Though both of them were too shy to tell the other one.Walking alongside Elinor, Scott had a hard time walking properly. He still had an erection from before, and the fact that he kept glancing over at Elinor’s huge chest, didn’t help. Though he couldn’t help himself. He loved the way her breasts jiggled as she walked.Elinor smiled to herself. She could feel his eyes on her. She loved the way Scott looked at her.When the two of them got to Mr. Turner’s classroom, Scott knocked politely on the door and instantly gulped when he opened it.“Ohhh fuckk.” Isiah Turner held his big black cock up to Melissa Jentries face and shot his load.Scott recognized the beautiful eighteen year old cheerleader who was on her knees in front of Mr. Turner. He had seen her in her outfit cheering for the football team during match day. Though he had never seen her topless before. Her breasts were small and incredibly perky with nipples that almost pointed straight up.“Ohh yess Mr. Turner, come on my face…” Melissa moaned as she felt his hot cum splash onto her face.Mmm… Elinor sighed when she looked down at the handsome black man’s cock. It was spurting so much cum. Without even realizing it, she had gently grabbed Scott’s hand.Scott slowly looked over at Elinor as he felt the light squeeze of her hand. He softly exhaled when he saw how hot and horny she looked.“Oh yes… mmm… mmm.” Cum poured out and into Melissa’s mouth as she had lustfully started licking the tip of Mr. Turner’s cock.Oh yes… lick it that delicious cum… Elinor watched enviously. Even though she had just had a huge black cock stuffed in her pussy ten minutes ago, Elinor felt herself getting wet from watching the sexy black teacher in front of her.“Ahhh.” Mr. Turner leaned back and grunted as the stunning cheerleader sucked the last drop of cum from his cock.“Mmm, so much cum.” Melissa had big wads of cum all over her face. She slowly ran her fingers along her cheek and scooped some up. After she put her cum covered fingers into her mouth and licked them clean, she smiled up at Mr. Turner.“Madison sure didn’t lie when she told me that you had an amazing load, Mr. Turner.” Melissa looked up at the sexy black man and slowly sucked his cock a few more times.Isiah smiled to himself when he looked down at Melissa’s cum splashed face.“Next time I’ll have the both of you stay late.” Isiah looked down and smiled at the gorgeous girl who had just drained his balls.“Mmm, I can’t wait.” Melissa licked her lips and slowly stood up. After she grabbed her cheerleading top and her phone, she said goodbye to Mr. Turner.”Bye, Mr. Turner.” Melissa smiled at the sexy black man. When she turned she noticed Scott and Elinor standing there. Melissa thought that she recognized the two of them, istanbul travesti but she didn’t really know their names. Though she could see the envious look on the chubby girl’s face, which made Melissa smile.Walking past the two of them, Melissa picked up her phone. She looked into the camera and smiled as she took a selfie of her cum glistened face and posted it on her Instagram. Quite a few of her 628 followers were women in their forties who loved her facials.”Ehm, excuse me, Mr. Turner.” Scott looked over at Mr. Turner who was putting his pants back on.“Ah, Scott.” Isiah saw the chunky student standing by the door, alongside a big and incredibly busty girl, whom he didn’t recognize from his class. Isiah checked out the girl’s chubby body as she walked over with Scott.Elinor felt so flattered and aroused by the way the black teacher looked at her.“I just finished Malcolm Jackson’s paper on Samuel Duval, I think it was due tomorrow.” Scott handed Mr. Turner the folder.“Ah, and will I be able to add another A to Malcolm’s grades?” Isiah looked over at Scott.“I hope so Mr. Turner.” Scott had spent almost an entire week on the paper.“Good.” Isiah put the folder down on his desk and turned his attention to the chubby girl.“I don’t believe I’ve seen you in my class?” Isiah glanced down at the girl’s chunky tits that filled out her top so perfectly. He could tell that she had big nipples the way they poked out of her top.Scott held his breath when he saw the way Mr. Turner looked at Elinor.“No, Mr. Turner, I’m in Ms. Wilkins class.” Elinor saw his eyes wander over her body. She was so horny for the sexy black man after what she had just seen.”Ah, that’s a shame.” Isiah looked over at the voluptuous girl.Elinor blushed a little as she looked up into his deep brown eyes. She felt so aroused by the way he looked and spoke to her. She so wanted to go down on her knees and pleasure him. Elinor looked down at his crotch and licked her lips. She knew that she could get him hard again even though he had just come.Isiah smiled to himself. He could tell that Elinor wanted to suck his cock. If only he hadn’t been late for a date, Isiah would have loved to have obliged her.Damn… Isiah felt a bit disappointed that he had to get going. He could see his fat black cock slide between Elinor’s huge, pale tits.“Well, I’m late for a date, so I’ll walk the two of you out,” Isiah said as he put Scott’s homework into his carrying case and put it around his shoulder.Lucky woman… Elinor sighed.Walking between the two young students, Isiah couldn’t help but reach down and feel Elinor’s huge butt. He ran his hand on the outside of her skirt, gently squeezing her soft butt cheeks.Mmm… Elinor loved it when a black man touched her like that.Scott, though, was completely unaware that Mr. Turner had his hand on Elinor’s behind.After he closed his classroom, Isiah said goodbye to Elinor and Scott.“Bye Mr. Turner,” Scott said politely.“Bye.” Elinor’s eyes lingered a bit on Mr. Turner as he walked down the hall.Since the last bell had already rung, signaling that school was out, the hallways had quickly emptied out as students were heading home. Down the hall, Matilda Wilkins pulled out a book trolley from her classroom.The 27-year-old Matilda had a slender physique, wore glasses and had dark blonde hair. She had been at Hollyweather for two years, where she taught black history, which was very unusual for a white woman. Though It was a subject that she was very passionate about, and one that she had gone through many hoops in order to be able to teach.”Ms. Wilkins,” Isiah said hello as he walked by, catching a glimpse of her natural C-cups in her partially open blouse.“Oh hi, ah.” Matilda hit her knee on the trolley as she looked up.The nerdy and rather clumsy Matilda sighed and adjusted her glasses as she watched the handsome Mr. Turner walk down the hall.“Could we give you a hand, Ms. Wilkins?” Elinor asked as she and Scott came up to her.“Oh Elinor.” Matilda looked up at Elinor. She was one of her favorite students. Always so inquisitive and eager to learn. Matilda had seen Scott a few times around the school, but he wasn’t in any of her classes.“That so kind of you.” Matilda smiled at the two helpful students.“It’s just down the hall,” Matilda told them, as Scott took over from her and pulled the trolley whilst Elinor walked alongside and pushed it.“You two are here rather late, I thought you would be heading home by now?” Matilda looked over at Elinor and Scott.”We are. Scott just had to drop off a paper on Samuel Duval to Mr. Turner first.” Elinor told her.“Oh, 17th century France. Mr. Duval sure had an influence on the women of the royal court back then.” Matilda giggled.“Is it true that he slept with queen Stéphanie Marie?” Elinor asked Ms. Wilkins.“Oh yes, many times. In fact, on her 26th birthday, she commissioned a famous artist to do a painting of her and Samuel in bed together. Though fearing that it would become public, some of her closest female friends convinced her not to go through with it. Still wanting a painting of Samuel, Stéphanie Marie had one of her handmaidens have sex with him and had the artist make a painting of the two of them. That painting is now on display at the Louvre museum,” Matilda told an enticed Elinor.“Wow… did you know about that, Scott?” Elinor looked over at Scott.“Y… yes.” Scott gulped as he had gotten such an erection from listening to Ms. Wilkins story. He had also found himself staring at the two women’s chests. He had caught a glimpse of Ms. Wilkins naked breasts inside her unbuttoned blouse. Like Elinor’s breasts, they jiggled so naturally as she walked.“I’m impressed.” Ms. Wilkins looked over at Scott, who blushed a little from her praise.“But did you know that King Louis had a secret room behind a wall in the queen’s bedchamber, where he would sit and watch his wife have sex with her black lover…” When Elinor heard that, she glanced over at Scott. It was something she had wanted Scott to do for such a long time. To watch her in bed with a black man. Elinor got moist just thinking about it.”… Henri, istanbul travesti who was the king’s most trusted servant, even wrote in a recently discovered diary, that King Louis always had a cup in front of him that he would come into when he jerked off to his wife. You see, Stéphanie Marie knew that her husband was watching her, and the cup was something she had added to their arrangement. After Samuel Duval left her bedchamber, Stéphanie Marie, in the nude, would slowly walk over to the secret room where her husband sat. There, Stéphanie Marie would pick up her husband’s cup, and slowly rock it back and forth in her hand. After she had watched the cum swirl around in the cup, she would look down at her husband, king Louis who still sat in his chair, and tell him to open his mouth. Holding the cup up to his mouth, she would, little by little, pour his own cum into his mouth.” Matilda’s nipples were rock hard as she finished the story.“Wow…” Elinor gently ran her teeth over her lower lip as she looked over at Scott.Scott took a deep breath. His underwear had wet spots from all his precum. He knew that if something just nudged against his penis that he would come instantly.“That’s something you didn’t know, huh?” Matilda smiled as she saw Scott blush.“N… no.” Scott gulped.”Well, thanks for helping me.” Matilda thanked Scott and Elinor. During her story, they had arrived at the school library.“No… problem Ms. Wilkins.” Scott had been so focused on Ms. Wilkins story that he hadn’t noticed that they were already at the library.“Glad we could help, Ms. Wilkins.” Elinor looked over at her favorite teacher.“Well, see you in class tomorrow, Elinor.” Matilda wheeled the trolley the last few feet through the doors of the library.“Bye.” Elinor smiled.“Ehm, Elinor…” Scott spoke at the same time as Elinor.“Scott…” Elinor blushed a little as they had interrupted each other. After hearing about Queen Stéphanie Marie and King Louis, Elinor wanted to be together with Scott even more.“Oh… hehe.” Scott looked down a blushed a bit as well. After listening to Ms. Wilkins, Scott felt such an urge to finally ask Elinor out on a date.“Scott.” Elinor looked over at him.“Would you like to… maybe… come home with me and… hang out for a bit?” Elinor felt so nervous when she finally asked Scott.“Oh, ehm, ye… yes.” Scott lit up as he looked up at Elinor. He had wanted to spend time with her outside of school for so long. He felt so happy. The moment he was about to finally ask her out, she invited him over to her house.“You would?” Elinor smiled as her nervousness faded into happiness. Her heart almost skipped a beat when Scott told her that he wanted to hang out with her.“Y… yes.” Scott blushed when he looked up at Elinor.The two of them stood there for a brief moment, looking at each other before they headed down to the front entrance of the school.“Oh wait, you were about to ask me something before, weren’t you?” Elinor looked over at Scott who looked over at her a bit nervously.”Oh right… I…” Though nervous, Scott felt so encouraged by Elinor’s compassionate look and the fact that she had just asked him if he wanted to go home with her, that he decided to go for it.“I… wanted to ask you if you… maybe… wanted to… go out sometime…” Scott looked up at Elinor.Elinor stood there just looking at Scott for a second, smiling happily to herself.“Elinor… I…” Scott was interrupted by Elinor leaping into his arms and kissing him.Scott was completely stunned. He felt Elinor’s huge breasts press against his chest. They felt softer and more amazing than anything he had imagined. Suddenly he felt Elinor’s tongue slide into his mouth. Scott felt his penis push hard against the inside of his underwear.”Mmm…” Elinor could feel how inexperienced Scott was at kissing. He didn’t move his lips or tongue much at all. Elinor slowly swirled her tongue around Scott’s tongue, both of them tasting each other’s sweet saliva. Scott, who was completely out of it from the amazing experience, didn’t even realize that Elinor had leaned back.“Scott?” Elinor smiled as she looked at Scott, who stood there with his eyes closed and mouth open.“Oh wow…” Scott finally opened his eyes and saw Elinor looking at him. He had never experienced anything like that before.“Hehe.” Elinor smiled when she saw the amazed look on Scott’s face. As she stood there, she glanced down and noticed the small bulge in Scott’s pants. She had seen his small penis before. She liked how cute it looked.“Ehm…” Scott blushed as he looked at Elinor. He didn’t really know what to say or do.“And yes Scott, I would love to go out with you.” Elinor smiled.Scott felt so happy. He couldn’t imagine how the day could get any better. Though it instantly did when Elinor took his hand as they walked outside.The front of the school had already emptied out, except for a few students here and there. In the school’s parkway, a cheerful girl took her top off. Her perky breasts bounced as she got into the passenger seat next to the black jock who was waiting for her. Before he drove off, the girl leaned down and started sucking his big black cock.Scott and Elinor smiled shyly at each other. It was the first time they were holding hands.“I hope we didn’t miss the last bus.” Elinor looked at the bus stop.“I think that there should be one more.” Scott looked at his watch as a familiar car pulled up to the side of the road.“Honey!” Evie Olson rolled down the window and waved to her son.Evie was a kind woman with a loving smile. She had light brown and wavy hair, that stopped by her shoulders. The rather snug dress that she wore, which she only wore on certain occasions, showed off a figure that was more towards slender than chubby, though at forty-four, her body had become a bit flabby. Her dress also accentuated a part of her that made Evie stand out a bit more. Her huge butt.“Hi, Mom.” Scott felt a bit embarrassed that his mom had come by to pick him up.Oh, my… Evie smiled happily to herself when she saw her son hand in hand with Elinor. Evie was good friends with Elinor’s mother Shelly, and she had always found Elinor to be istanbul travesti such a nice girl.“Hi Mrs. Olson.” Elinor leaned down and smiled. As she did, Evie caught her son looking down at Elinor’s chest.Evie smiled to herself. She knew her son had a thing for girls with huge boobs.A few months back, she had seen her son hurrying to the bathroom from his room. Being laundry day, Evie decided to go and check if her son had some dirty clothes in his hamper. As she walked past the bathroom, she could hear some soft moans coming from inside. She could tell what her son was doing in there. After she checked her son’s hamper, Evie noticed that he had left his computer screen on. Being a bit curious she walked over and looked at what her son had been watching.Though there was no sound, something her son had probably turned off, there was a video running. The title of the video read: Voluptuous Vixen goes Black, also next to the title within parentheses and with smaller letters read: For the 238th time. Evie giggled at the last part.Evie watched the video, which showed a pretty girl with huge breasts in bed with a sexy black man. The black man was on top of her, fucking her hard, making the girl’s natural boobs bounce back and forth. Evie felt herself getting horny watching the video; luckily she had a date with a handsome black man later in the evening.“Hi Elinor, you look very pretty today.” Evie smiled as she couldn’t help but look down at her son and Elinor holding hands.”Thank you, Mrs. Olson.” Elinor blushed a little. She could tell that Mrs. Olson had seen her holding her son’s hand.“That’s a very nice dress.” Elinor wanted to return the compliment and saw the sexy dress that Mrs. Olson wore.“Thank you.” Evie smiled as she looked down at her snug dress.Scott recognized the dress his mother wore. It was one of the dresses she usually wore when she was going out on a date with a black man.“Mom?” Scott looked over at his mother, wondering why she had stopped by.“Oh right.” Evie could tell that she might be embarrassing her son a little by showing up at his school like this.“Well, I figured since I was heading downtown to meet your father, I thought I would swing by and see if you wanted a lift to Harry’s. I know you and Thomas usually go to his house after school.” Evie looked up at her son.“Oh.” Scott looked over at Elinor.“Actually, Elinor invited me home for a bit,” Scott said both nervously and proudly, seeing as a girl had asked him to come over.“Oh.” Evie smiled. She was so happy for her son.“Well, I could drive you, unless you’re too embarrassed to ride with your mother?” Evie looked up at her son.“Ehm.” Scott looked over at Elinor as if to see if she wanted to go with his mom or wait for the bus.“That would be really nice, Mrs. Olson.” Elinor looked at Scott and then happily accepted his mother’s offer.On the way to Elinor’s house, Evie looked back at her son in the rearview mirror.“Oh and honey. Your father and I are meeting some black gentlemen at a hotel downtown, so we won’t be home until late tonight. But I have left some leftovers for you in the oven,” Evie told her son.Wow, a couple of black gentlemen… Elinor felt a bit envious as she could tell by the way Mrs. Olson said that, that there would probably be more than just a couple.“Oh, okay.” After hearing his mother tell him that she and his father were meeting a couple of black gentlemen, Scott couldn’t help but wonder if they were filming another homemade movie.A while back Scott had been going through his twitter feed, when one of his favorite adult actresses tweeted about a couple she had just found that made homemade movies and posted a link to their website. When Scott clicked on the link, the first thing he was greeted with was a picture of his mother holding two black cocks, one in each hand, and she had a face full of cum.That night, Scott found out that his parents had been filming homemade movies for years. He also found out that his mother had a twitter account called Mrsbigass11, with almost 28000 followers.“Here we are.” Evie pulled up to the curb next to Elinor’s house. There was a car parked in the driveway that Evie didn’t recognize.“Thanks for the ride, Mrs. Olson,” Elinor said.”Thanks, Mom.” Scott opened the door and got out.“Seems like you have some company.” There was a car parked in the driveway that Evie didn’t recognize.“Oh, that’s Lamont’s car.” Elinor got a bit dreamy eyed when she thought of Lamont.“Mom met him a few days ago, he’s super sexy.” Elinor smiled as she looked at Evie.“Oh.” Evie smiled as she looked over at the car and imagined the sexy black man who drove it.“Well, tell Shelly I said hi, and tell her to call me.” Evie wanted to know more about this sexy black man Lamont that her friend Shelly had been seeing.“I will.” Elinor smiled and got out of the car.“Bye.” Evie waved at her son and Elinor.“Bye, Mrs. Olson.” Elinor waved.“Bye, Mom.” Scott watched his mom drive off.Elinor took Scott’s hand and walked up to the white two-story house. She smiled at him as she opened the door. Elinor was so excited to have Scott over.“I’ll just let my mom know that I’m home,” Elinor told Scott as they got inside. Though mostly Elinor just wanted to say hi to Lamont.“Okay.” Scott waited by the door.“You can come with me.” Elinor looked back and smiled at how polite Scott looked.“Oh okay.” Scott smiled, feeling a bit embarrassed having stayed by the door.Scott followed behind Elinor. They checked for Elinor’s mother in the kitchen and the living room. As they passed the half-open glass door leading out back, they started hearing some moans.Oh wow… Elinor gently bit her lower lip when she looked out through the glass door.Scott just gawked at the scene out back.”Oh oh oh oh oh ye oh oh oh.” Outside in the backyard Elinor’s mother Shelly, a big woman, was down on her hands and knees getting fucked hard in the ass by Lamont.Shelly had always been a big woman, with a wide body, hips to match and a huge butt. At forty-five, her large breasts were saggy and like her big belly, they flopped back and forth as Lamont pounded her ass with such intensity.“Yeah, you like that big dick in yo ass, don’t you.” Lamont was bent over her back. His hands were on her shoulders. He slammed his cock down hard into her butthole, burying it deep in her ass.Unlike Shelly, Lamont was tall, thin and ripped. He was also fifteen years younger, with a real thing for big women.

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