Subject: The New Age Outlaws vs. Triple H The New Age Outlaws vs. Triple H. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ By ail This is erotic gay fiction featuring the wrestlers of the WWF This story is fiction and is not intended to suggest anything about the sexual orientation of any of its participants. This story can be reproduced on the condition that the story is left in its entire form And my email address is left attached. (Also please send me a small e-mail if you wish to use the stories on your site) Mr. Ass, Road Dog, Triple H and all their other names are registered trademarks of “Titan sports Entertainment” Most wrestlers have two names. To avoid confusion here are the names and nicknames Mr. Ass = Billy Gunn Road Dogg = Jesse James Hunter Hurst Helmsley = Triple H Authors note: Sorry this story has been along time coming but work has been a real bitch and I haven’t had the time. Sorry. My stories should (Hopefully) be a little bit more frequent now that my hours have been cut back. Also If you have sent me an e-mail and I haven’t replied I am very but sorry like I said blame work (and hotmail deleted half my e-mails because my box got full) keep those suggestions coming in. well enough of my ramblings heres the story. 1 ~ Mr. Ass was staring into the mirror admiring his own reflection. He had just bought a new pair of wrestling trunks. The pants were transparent pink plastic. If he had his own way he would walk out into the arena wearing nothing else his large think cock pressed hard against the plastic, but he knew that Vince would never agree with it (But Shane might?) He dismissed the thought and set about taking off his trunks the placing on a small snug G-String and placing the pants back on. Once again Mr. Ass or Billy gunn as he was also know went back to looking in the mirror he was always a bit vain but more so now that he had been teamed up with Road Dog Jesse James to form the New Age Outlaws. Billy Gunn always thought Road Dog was cute, he was like a small boy in his mentality. Billy ran his hands over his rock hard abs and them moved his hands to the front of his G-String and began to leisurely rub his cock through the material thinking of what it would be like to have some action with the Road Dog. “Now what the fuck are you doing?” Came a voice from behind Billy. “Fuck! It’s you!” Billy said startled. Billy had been so absorbed in fantasy he had failed to hear Jesse walk up behind him or see him in the reflection of the mirror. “I’m just buffing up.” Billy said quickly. “I knew a bulge wasn’t natural.” Road Dog said then he Smiled then laughed and although he was still in some shock at the thought of Jesse catching him in a state of sudo-masterbation Mr. Ass laughed to. Jesse looked at Billy. “Vince pulled another stunt on us were fighting in half an hour now so you can have a lot more time to pump yourself up.” “Fuck you.” Jesse said trying to laugh it off. “Maybe, you great fag.” Billy knew just like every one else in the locker room that Triple H and Road Dog was an item. And it was for that reason alone that Billy didn’t openly pursue Jesse Triple H was very high on the McMahon ladder and if he pissed off Hunter by taking his bursa escort man then Billy’s career at the WWF would be finished in a matter of minutes. “So how does it feel to be fucking the husband of Stephanie?” “Really fucking goooooooooood!” Jesse whispered directly into Mr. Ass’s eardrum making Billy shudder as his inner ear tingled with Road Dogg’s warm breath. Road Dogg added to the torture by tracing the out side of Billy’s ear with his firm wet tongue. Jesse loved to torture Billy like this, The Road Dogg wasn’t the best looking guy in the federation and Billy could have another guy just as attractive with out the strain (Word was Val Venus was hot for Billy’s tight ass) but Jesse knew the allure was that Billy couldn’t have him. And Jesse loved watching Mr. Ass twist in the wind. Billy was getting very sick of all the bullshit that Road Dogg was putting him through. “Why the fuck do you have to drive me crazy like that I know I want you, you know I want you but I can’t or Hunter will have me fired or killed or both, but if you keep up playing me then I’m going to snap very soon and your going to get fucked like you never thought you could.” “It would be so hot our hard bodies pressed together. The tasting, Sucking, Licking Bighting, Fucking. I want it so bad to have you like that nothing more that a good hard fuck.” This time it was Road Dogg that was getting hot. Very hot in fact. And Billy noticed it. “The sweet sweat just dripping off our naked bodies, making us slide together.” Jesse James could feel his cock pressing against his pants tighter and tighter he tried to break the spell that Billy had cast over him but trying to resist just made it worse. “All you would have to say is that you want me.” Billy whispered low. The Road Dogg was powerless and couldn’t resist “I want you.” He said it so quietly that it was almost like nothing at all. “Say it again, louder.” Thought it over for a second then spoke “I want you!” Billy smiled showing all his teeth. “Get naked.” Jesse did as he was told and in a little under 5 minutes Jesse was standing naked before Mr. Ass. Jesse had a beautiful body he had a small amount of hair on his chest and unlike most wrestlers his legs were covered in fuzz. His muscles were slightly hidden under a thin layer of puppy fat but it made him look heavenly. And the cock was beautiful standing at full attention curving up towards his belly directly under a tattoo that read “DOGG”, the cock uncut and about 7 inches the pubic hair that looked like it was left to grow since he was a teenager it was a thick bush but was still very attractive, the pink head was peeping out through the foreskin. “Turn” Billy said and got a view or Road Dogg’s ass. “Man I thought I had a nice ass.” Billy remarked “Very nice indeed” The butt cheeks were the perfect for squeezing and banging. Like his legs it was coved in short fuzz. Mr. Ass dropped to his knees and shoved his nose hard against Road Dogg’s pubic hair breathing in his manly scent deeply. Mr. Ass couldn’t wait a second longer and started licking the lower half of Jesse’s shaft. Running the tip of his tongue along the bottom of Road dogs cock all the way to escort bayan the pick head that was dripping with pre cum that Billy licked off. “Take it in deep man” Road Dogg asked Jesse who was over come with passion. Billy answered by opening his jaws wide and letting Road Dogg’s 7 inches fill his mouth to capacity. Road Dogg had both hands on the back of Billy’s head forcing his cock in deeper and deeper into Mr. Ass’s willing mouth and Jesse was forcing his head deeper as well by grabbing road dogs soft fuzzy ass and pulling them towards him. Both athletes were in paradise. Billy was sucking so loudly neither of them heard the door handle twist or the door swinging open. Road Dogg was breathing heavenly and pushing on Jesse’s head as hard as he could. Suddenly Jesse began to try and force his head back. “Oh no you started this and your going to finish it.” Road Dogg said down to Billy. But Billy had now grabbed Jesse’s hips and tried to push back in vain. “No way baby.” Road Dogg sneered when suddenly he could feel a hand grab his arm and pull his away. “Who the fuck’s that” Road Dogg asked turning to face the person that ripped him away from one of the best blow-jobs he had every had. Billy Gunn answered for him “Hunter.” Triple H was standing over the 2 wrestlers looking like a god muscles budging all around him he was a picture of perfection in his black t-shirt and jeans, he was the game. And right now he looked like stone. “Road Dogg come over here.” Hunter said surprisingly calmly. He was a good little Dogg and did as his master ordered. Billy was watching unblinking. Road Dogg started grovelling “I’m sorry he was all over me I couldn’t he-.” “Shut up.” Came Hunters cold response. “You’ve been a bad dog and you must be punished, Turn around and bend over.” Hunter removed his shirt to show his hot pecks and abs Hunter then undid the buckle on his pants and let them drop to the floor. No underwear. Hunter’s cock was proudly standing out from his body 8 inches or their abouts, he was cut and had a bush of blonde pubic hair and his balls were shaved. “No, not that I can’t stand it please!” Road Dogg grovelled but Hunter was firm. “Turn around and bend over.” Once again the same calm voice. Any one could see the agony in road dogs face at the prospect of having Hunters raging manhood up his tight ass. “Man I’ve never done it before and I don’t want to start” Road Dogg said making his last pathetic attempt to weasel out of his punishment. “Turn around and bend over.” Hunter started sounding like a record stuck in a grove. Road Dogg now began to turn around and soon was facing a mirror and could see Billy Gunn sitting before him and he could also see himself in the mirror and behind him the approaching Hunter. Soon the terrified Road Dogg could feel Hunters dick being placed between his ass cheeks. “Are you going to use some lubrication?” Road Dogg asked “Tough guy like you, No way.” With an almighty thrust Hunter had filled Road Dogg with all his cock. “FUCK!!!!” The Road Dogg Screamed at the top of his voice, He was so loud some people in the audience outside could hear it. “JESUS FUCKING MOTHER OF SHIT!” Road Dogg was bursa escort still screaming. Triple H didn’t wast time and began pumping in and out with great speed causing road Dogg to be in agony. “Hey Billy fill this mother fuckers mouth up with something.” Billy came out of the daze he was in “Sure.” He stood up and walked to Jesse who was being thrown back and forth with each of Hunters powerful thrusts. Mr. Ass dropped his plastic shorts then the G-string. “HOLY SHIT, YOU FUCK YOU MOTHER FUC-!” Mr. Ass shoving his big cock down his throat silenced Jesse. “Two Words!!” Billy Shouted, “Suck it!!” Hunter’s hard lips curled to a smile Road Dogg’s mouth was so hot Billy thought. He grabbed the Road Dogg’s braids and used them to speed up Jesse’s bobbing action. “Thank you hunter this is so good.” Billy said through clenched teeth to Hunter who was thrusting now like a jackrabbit, Hunter had never experienced an ass this tight or hot before. Hunter was in such pleasure that he began making growling noises at the back of his throat. Hunter used a free hand to jack off Road Dogg who’s ass was now stretched but still wasn’t used to the prick invading his asshole, but Hunters masturbation still felt great. Billy was about to reach his orgasm and was pushing his cock deeper into Road Dogg’s mouth. Now Road Dogg may not have taken it up the ass until recently but he was a master of deep throat. “Fuck, I’m going to cum man.” Billy said aloud. “Did you hear that Dogg you better swallow every drop.” Triple H ordered Road Dogg. “Here it cums.” An orgasm rocketed through Billy and was like a wave of pleasure crashing over him. The cum shot at the back of Road Dogg’s mouth and made him gag a little but Road Dogg quickly swallowed fulfilling another part of his punishment. “I love to kiss ’em, I love to squeeze em’.” Was the only thing that Mr. Ass could think of as he walked behind Hunter and watched his flexing ass as he continued the seemingly endless assault of Road Dogg’s Butt. Billy stated kissing all around Hunters ass and licked triple H’s balls a few times. “Billy.” Road Dogg said quietly. “Two words?” Billy under stood and positioned himself under Road Dogg’s hanging dick and took the whole thing up to the hilt. From the massaging his prostate was getting from HHH Road Dogg didn’t take to long feeling the tingling sensation in his balls. “Billy I’m about to blow!” Road Dogg moaned “Me to.” Stated Hunter Road Dogg’s orgasm caused his ass muscles to contract, which made Hunters cock feel so good he exploded inside Jesse with a yell of ecstasy. Billy with a mouthful of cum stood up. Triple H grabbed Mr. Ass and passionately kissed him letting Road Dogg’s semen flow freely into both their mouths. Road Dogg was lying naked on the floor totally spent. Hunter quickly got dressed tongue kissed Mr. Ass once more and then bent down and looked at Road Dogg in the face. “Now THAT’S how you do it doggy style.” In the locker surveillance room Shane McMahon was Jerking off his thick meat to what he had just seen happening in The new age outlaws dressing room. Shane then scanned to Too Cools dressing room where Grandmaster Sexay was getting a blowjob from Scotty 2 hottie Getting one look at the action on the monitor Shane-o-Mac soon had cum all over his hands. He licked his fingers clean and thought of all the fun things he could do with Too Cool. To be continued… (cuming up next Shane McMahon vs. Too Cool)

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