New Job Pt. 04

Big Tits

Before I could find out, the door to the house flew open and five or six cops rushed into the room. The ladies screamed and covered up the best they could. The officers came right for me. They cuffed me after shoving me face first to the ground.

“What’s the meaning of this?!” Stacy’s mother screamed.

“We had a report of prostitution with underage girls ma’am.” one of the cops said.

“No one is underage here!” she yelled back.

“That may be true but this is still illegal regardless. He’s coming with us,” another one said.

They hauled me off with nothing further. The women watched me go. As they walked me outside I caught a glimpse of Kim, Makessa’s mother watching from her car. She must have been the one that ratted me out and made up the underage story to get them over here. Shit, I was totally screwed, caught in the act. The agency’s guidelines if this happened were for me to keep quiet and not expose them. I signed the contract stating just that. I was on my own and they wouldn’t help.

The cops booked me into jail with a very steep bail. They also gave me one phone call. I couldn’t call the agency or any of my friends regarding this. I sat next to the phone racking my brain, trying to think of who I could call to bail me out. The cops had given me my clothes back, so I was dressed at least. Finally, after 15 minutes of thinking, Kayla’s name came into my mind. I remembered her number because it was an easy one. I wondered if she would actually come and help me out. I hoped I made a strong enough impression on her in Jenny’s office that she would. I picked up the phone and dialed her number.

“Hello?” she said.

“Kayla, it’s me Brian. I’m in trouble,” I said.

“Brian? What’s wrong?”

“The cops busted me at the party. I’m in jail,” I said.

“Oh no! You didn’t say anything right? You shouldn’t have called me!” she said.

“I know but I couldn’t think of anyone else. They don’t know about anything, you could just be a friend.” I said, hoping she would be okay with this.

Silence followed as she was mulling over her options. I waited patiently until she spoke again.

“I really shouldn’t do this Brian but I’ll come down,” she said.

“Thanks Kayla, I really appreciate it,” I said.

I told her where I was and she said she would be there as soon as she could.


I waited in the holding cell after the phone call. About 30 minutes later a cop came to the door and opened the bars.

“Some one paid your bail, you’re free to go stud,” a cop said smiling at me.

Kayla was waiting in the lobby for me. She had large dark sunglasses on and unflattering frumpy clothing to hide her identity a little. I smiled a small smile. She turned and began walking out. I hurried to catch up to her and followed her to her car. Once inside she drove off without a word.

“I’m sorry Kayla. I didn’t know what else to do,” I said.

“I could lose my job for this, and you will pay me back the money for bail. I had to empty my entire savings account to get you out,” she said.

“I will… I promise.”

“How did you get busted anyway?” she asked.

“One of the ladies got pissed off and called the cops!” I said.

“You’re kidding? Well that’s fucked up big time.”

“Tell me about it. So does this mean I’m fired? Is Susan going to have no choice but to let me go?” I asked.

“More than likely, although she has been looking for someone like you for a long time. She may just make it work. A cock like yours connected to your body and face is hard to come by,” she said.

“She’s going to pissed as hell,” I said.

“Oh for sure!”

“It wasn’t my fault. Everything was going great. No one thought Kim would do something like that or they would have warned me.” I said.

“Well it’s done. You have a court date and more trouble to handle before you can even talk to the agency again. Susan probably already knows what has happened from the client calling. I’m staying out of this and you need to tell no one who bailed you out. Susan must not know I was involved. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I understand I’ll keep quiet,” I said.

She took me back to my house and pulled up on the curb. The pill I had taken earlier was still in my system and my cock was moving on its own as I sat in her car.

“Okay… thanks again Kayla,” I said about to get out of the car. “Do you want to come in?” I asked.

She looked at me squinting her eyes questionably. I could tell she was torn, if it was any other Ataşehir Sınırsız Escort circumstance I think she would have come inside in a second. But considering she just bailed me out of jail and might get fired because of it, she didn’t know what to think of me.

“I don’t think that’s such a good idea Brian. You should take care of your problems before talking to me again,” she said.

“You’re right, I’m sorry. Okay see ya,” I said and got out.

I watched her drive away with a frustrated look on her face. I went inside and lay down on my bed. Even after all the orgasms I had tonight my cock was still raring to go. All I had to do was think about a woman or sex and it would instantly begin to grow. Those pills worked almost too well. I couldn’t sleep, from worry and the pill, so I turned on the TV hoping that would help. About five minutes later a knock sounded on my front door.

I opened it to Kayla. “I changed my mind,” she said and rushed forward grabbing my head and pulling it down to her lips. She kissed me hard and deep with hot passion. My cock lurched to life in my pants. Our tongues met and she jumped up into my arms, kissing me excitedly. I shut the door with one hand and held her with the other. It seems I made a bigger impression on her than I thought. I walked with her easily into my bedroom and fell backwards onto my bed with her on top. She kept kissing me, moving to my ears neck and chest.

Taking a break, she helped remove my shirt and continued kissing my hard hairless chest, then lower to my abs. My dick was already rock hard and sticking out of the top of my pants. She giggled when she saw it throbbing by my belly button, but ignored it and continued kissing my body. She moved back up my stomach and chest and whispered in my ear.

“I didn’t get to spend the time I wanted earlier in Jenny’s office. We were too rushed, but now I have you as long as I want.”

“Oh hell yes!” I said in my head. This hot curvy little woman was going to spoil me rotten and I knew it.

She straddled me and rose up. Looking down she pulled her shirt off revealing her braless breasts. They were round and very perky for being real and as big as they were. She bit her lip at me as my eyes left her chest and met hers. My hands went instinctively to her body and up to her breasts. She grabbed my hands before I could get to them.

“Not yet Brian. It’s my turn to play,” she said.

She let my hands go and I put them back on the bed. She lowered herself down and I felt her hardening nipples brush my chest as she trailed them along my body. It was highly stimulating and her warm wet tongue added to the stimulation. She went lower to the beginning of my cock but still didn’t touch or lick it. She did grab a hold of my pants and tug them off of me, so I was completely naked now.

“This cock of yours is so amazing! I’ve never seen anything so big before. It gets so hard too.”

She still hadn’t touched it. She was just admiring it, watching it bounce up and down to my pulse and ooze a drop of clear pre-cum down to my stomach. I just smiled at her waiting for her to finally go after it like I knew she would eventually.

“In Susan’s office, I wanted to suck it longer but she stopped me. I’m going to take advantage of my time now,” she said.

Finally with one hand she picked up my long shaft and pulled it almost vertical. With her tongue she licked the pre-cum off the head and pressed the tip into my small slit. Her hot wet tongue made me tingle with pleasure. I had a feeling she was going to treat my long cock to an exceptional blowjob. I was right on. It was slow and she spent over 15 minutes performing the most stimulating oral sex I’ve ever experienced. Her mouth did things to my cock I didn’t know existed. She was a woman that simply loved to give head and since she loved it so much, had become extremely good at it. Practice did make perfect in this circumstance.

I laid there spellbound by what she was doing to me with just her mouth. Once she had my cock in, she took her hand off of it and worked me over with just her mouth, tongue, lips and throat. She took me so far down I was amazed and then what she was able to do to my head when it was down her throat seemed unreal. She kept me right at the verge of losing it, like she was tuned into my cock herself. I don’t know how she did it but it was fucking perfect!

The amount of time she spent and how close I was to orgasm the entire time caused an effect in my body I had never experienced before. Ataşehir Suriyeli Escort The sensation spread over my entire frame like a super orgasm not just concentrated in my cock and balls. She was incredibly talented and I thought I had found the perfect woman. I didn’t move to stop her or even raise my hands, just layed there moaning and enjoying the sweet bliss she caused.

She suddenly stopped and my cock fell from her mouth. I opened my eyes and looked up at her. She had a large smile on her content looking face.

“Now that’s what I wanted to do earlier. As you probably noticed, I love sucking cocks. Yours is by far the biggest I’ve ever had and the first I couldn’t swallow the whole thing. Presented quite a challenge but I think I did okay,” she said.

“Okay! Are you kidding me? That was fucking unbelievable what you did. No one has made me feel like this before.”

“Good Brian. I’m glad you liked it because you should expect it from me a lot more,” she said with a big smile.

She proceeded to take the rest of her clothes off and straddle me again. Her pussy was hot and wet when it rubbed my shaft. Giving me head really had turned her on. She kissed me and mashed her wonderful breasts on my chest.

Breaking the kiss, she said, “You can touch me now, I’ve had my fun.”

I instantly rolled her over and kissed her deeply and proceeded to lick and kiss her neck. She smelled wonderful and her tight little body beneath me felt wonderful. My large cock was mashed between our bodies. I grabbed her breasts with both hands and squeezed and rolled them in my palms. Pinching the nipples, they hardened quickly and looked incredible. Next I sucked and nibbled on them while she moaned at my bites and hot mouth.

I spent some time devouring her breasts before I moved down to her sweet pussy. I needed to return the favor. I loved eating a tasty woman. I could spend hours fingering and licking every inch of her lips and nibbling on her small engorged nub. It was very enjoyable and most the time the woman would have to stop me for me to end the oral treat.. We had all night and Kayla knew that and let me work her delicious pussy over for longer than she had sucked me. I got her to orgasm twice. She knew how to get off and her little screams and cries were so sexy as her orgasm took over.

It seemed she was content to just let me eat her all night. I finally stopped and looked up at her. Her eyes came open and looked down at me. They were glassy and she had really enjoyed my talents. My cock was still rock hard and had oozed all over my bed while I ate her.

“Wow Brian, no one has ever done that so long before, it was wonderful.”

“No problem, I love doing it, so you have that to look forward to as well.”

She smiled and I moved up further to kiss her. My cock throbbed between us once again. I moved my hips lower and slid my cock into her open lips. Her breath rushed in as my length penetrated her body. She arched her back, taking more of my length and her nails scratched my back as I rushed into her with my full length.

“Oh Brian, I can’t get over how good that feels, it’s so deep and wide!” she said into my ear.

Slowly I started thrusting in and out and built up my speed and rhythm while I kissed her neck and lips. Her body reacted under me as her orgasm approached. I felt her nipples harden and her legs tighten as I rammed my long cock in and out. It was so perfect, her hands on my body, her legs wrapped around mine. As I thrust, she felt incredible, like our bodies were meant to be together. She came and shuttered under me, dug her nails into my back as she screamed her orgasmic call. I didn’t stop and fed her lust with all I had. Her orgasm rolled over her in waves and I felt her insides moisten further and gush with rapture.

She was breathing so hard I though she might pass out so I pulled back and let her rest, but kept my cock inside of her. I was lasting easily since I came so much at the party. Kayla was enjoying every minute of it and taking full advantage of my staying power. I rolled us over and she laid on my chest for a few minutes while she caught her breath.

“Brian you are an amazing lover. That penis of yours hits me in all the right places,” she said and sat up on me.

She took over after that and started rocking back and forth side to side on my cum coated cock. She worked it in and out and had gotten her second wind. She looked amazing straddling me and I watched her boobs jiggle and roll in circles as she fucked me. Ataşehir İranlı Escort It felt wonderful with her in control. She rode me until she climaxed again and then fell off of me with wonder in her eyes.

“Wow, I’ve never cum this much in one night before. You seem to be able to go forever,” she said.

“Just making sure you are enjoying yourself,” I said.

“I am, oh that’s for sure. I think it should be your turn to cum now. I never got to taste and eat it in Jenny’s office so I want to now,” she said.

“Okay no problem,” I said, amazed at this wonderful woman I had found.

“So what will make you cum the quickest?” she asked. “Oral again or do you just want to fuck me more?”

“Have you ever tried anal?” I asked.

“Sure, but not with anyone as big as you,” she said a little hesitant. “Anal will make you cum quick though huh?”

“I’m positive,” I said.

“Okay, but you’ll have to go really slow until I get used to you,” she said getting up on her hands and knees and spreading some of her juice onto her ass.

I watched in awe as she pressed a finger into her tight ass and added some spit to her hand. She pressed in another finger and I was content just watching her finger her tight ass for me.

“I think I’m wet enough now,” she said with a smile since I wasn’t moving to take over.

“Sorry, that was just so hot.”

“I’m glad you like what you see,” she said.

I moved behind her and got lost in her partially opened rose bud. She had a perfect little asshole that I really hadn’t noticed before. I couldn’t wait to be inside of it. I had to remember not to go too fast and ruin it for her in my excitement. I added some spit of my own and more of her vaginal juice. My fingers went into her butt easily and I knew she was ready to try. My head disappeared rather easily but I felt more resistance as my hard shaft pressed into her bum. I froze and let her adjust to the width before I eased more of my long shaft inside.

She was the one that pressed back taking another few inches in before she paused.

“Wow… Brian it’s really big, just let me move okay?” she asked.

“Okay,” I responded back looking at the awesome sight of my long cock halfway into her round curvy ass.

She didn’t go deeper but just began to slide on and off of the six inches she had taken. It felt exceptional. Her ass was perfect as well and grabbed and milked my shaft rising my pleasure and balls. She got faster and her hand went under her body to play with her clit. That helped immensely and she took a few more inches into her body. She was taking most my cock now and I was highly impressed and about to cum.

“Okay Brian, take over, but cum quick, I don’t know how much more I can take,” she said.

I didn’t bother to respond and began my own thrusts into her tight perfect ass. She didn’t have much to worry about, I was on the verge when she had spoken and a few deep thrusts later I pulled out ready to burst. She quickly turned around wanting to eat it, like she had said. She grabbed my shaft from me and stroked it long and hard until I erupted into her mouth. It shot out in a spray of mostly clear liquid. I had drained the thick white semen at the party and now just had the juice left. She swallowed all I could offer and stroked me long after I stopped spraying.

“Mmm, pretty good Brian, runny but I think that’s because of how much you have cum today,” she said.

She knew more than I thought she would about the male body. Obviously well versed in men’s cum. I’m sure that came with her love of giving head. I collapsed on the bed shaking as she sucked the rest out of my shaft and teased my head with her lips. It was such an intense sensation after cumming it made me involuntarily pull away. She laughed and let me go and lay down next to me. We snuggled and fell asleep in each others arms.


Susan decided against keeping me on as an employee. I understood why. I was now known to the cops as a male whore and she couldn’t risk her agency being exposed. I had to pay a large fine and perform community service for prostitution but didn’t serve any jail time. Kayla moved in with me and we fell in love quickly. She was the perfect result of my short employment and made everything worth it. I don’t know what guy would complain about a blowjob everyday or anytime I wanted it. She loved to give head and she loved me.

She kept her job at the agency and told me all about the upset clients who continued to request my services. Mrs. Bergoin was the worst and offered three times her normal charge to get me back. Kayla loved the idea of all these women wanting my cock and how great it was she was the only one partaking of my foot long monster now. She was all the woman I needed. She kept me more than satisfied and made me the happiest guy around.

The End

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