New Rain


New RainI said something wrong, you’re angry. Pacing back and forth you pause and look over at me. You turn away, reach for your keys and head for the door.“No” I cry out as I run to you “don’t go.”You are already out the door headed to your truck, when you reach the tailgate to close it you feel my hands grab your arm.As you turn your head in the darkness you see me. My hair already drenched from the rain, my tender eyes pleading with you to stay, to love me, my flowered sundress soaked and clinging to the sexy curves of my body.You turn your body towards mine. I can see your desire as you stare at my rain soaked body. Your eyes lower to my bare feet and slowly begin to journey upwards passing along the soft curves of my legs, the curves of my hips, my waist.You lean in, position your strong hands on my waist, grip tightly and raise me up, as you turn you sit me on the tailgate. Your hands reach up to the top of my sundress, you rip it open popping off the buttons.I gasp. My breasts lift with excitement as you wrap your arm around my back and pull me towards you, your mouth moves directly to my exposed nipple, sucking first one nipple into your mouth then the other, they promptly harden from the warmth of your soft wet mouth and the gentle flicking of your tongue. My head tilts back allowing the rain to wash over my face while I enjoy the sensations of lust that are keenly taking over my body.My head tilts forward as your head pulls away from me, your eyes gaze into mine. Keeping your arm around my back, you raise your other hand and place it between my breasts and you push, gently lowering my body down to the bed of the truck, your eyes never leaving mine.You pull my hips towards the edge of the tailgate and lift the bottom of my dress up past my waist. Your eyes lower, you allow them to linger on the beauty of my lower body, covered only by my dark blue asyabahis yeni giriş lace panties.The hard rain covers my smooth skin with drops of water. You place your hands on the sides of my waist and push firmly against my body as you glide them down over my hips and down my legs, pulling my panties with them and lay them beside me.You rest your hands on the outside of my hips and bring your eyes to mine once again, I see your hunger, your desire to taste my sweet body. Your hands begin to move to the top of my thighs, I begin to breathe heavy, my breast rise and fall with anticipation.Your hands slip between my thighs and push my legs apart, exposing the area of my body that captivates you and makes you anxious to explore me with your mouth and your tongue.You lean in close and firmly hold my legs apart while you begin to move your thumbs; manipulating the skin close to my love hole. You watch my hips rise, fall, and circle about.You move your mouth closer until your lips meet the lips of my pussy. My moans mixed with the beating of the rain sound like music as you gently place your tongue at the bottom of my lips and run it alongside to the top, over the top back down to the bottom.I reach my hands to my hard nipples, pinching and pulling at them. The rain-washing over me feels cool and intensifies my enjoyment.This is not the first time your mouth has made love to me. Your skillful touch drives intense pleasure through my entire body.Your tongue slides over my pussy lips and dips into my pussy, pulsating deep, in and out, making me squirm with pleasure. Your tongue slides down to my ass circling around it and then your teeth bite my thigh. You are teasing me by avoiding my clit, making my body ache with desire.As you bury your face in my warm wet pussy I can tell the sweet aroma has you aroused. Your tongue is fucking me fast asyabahis giriş as you crave the sweet taste of my juices.You pull your mouth away just slightly, and allow it to hover over my clit, my hips pushing up to meet your mouth; you keep your mouth just barely away from my reach.I begin to whimper and beg, I call out your name, “please, please.” You lower your mouth over my clit and push on it with your tongue, then gently suck it into your mouth and again until it begins to swell.My legs push in against your head and you use force to keep them apart. You feel my feet pushing into your ribs as I begin to tremble.Screaming out in pleasure my warm cum begins to flow, your hands squeeze my legs firmly as you intensely lick my juices, feeling the vibrations of my pussy as I release cum into your mouth.Continuing to lick and suck you push a finger deep inside of me. I thrust my hips up and scream out in ecstasy as my hand slaps down on the bed of the truck.No longer willing to bear the strain of your hard cock in your pants, you reach down and pull me up, slide me closer to the edge of the tailgate and begin to undo your belt.Looking into my eyes you struggle to quickly unzip your pants and free your bulging cock, “Oh yes, yes” my wet body trembles with the anticipation of you fucking me.With your hard thick cock free, you waste no time stepping between my legs, you reach around me grab my ass and forcefully pull me towards you.Taking a hold of your shaft you firmly move it up and down rubbing its head against my pussy. My head falls back as my breasts lift forward and your arm slides up from my ass to the small of my back to steady me. I moan loudly as I push my hips forward, rocking them on the head of your cock, I scream your name and beg you to fuck me.Unable to hold back any longer you let your pulsating cock plunge into my hot asyabahis güvenilirmi wet cunt. My hands reach up and grab your shoulders, gripping them hard, digging my nails in.Your thick shaft rubs against my clit while the head of your dick strikes my g spot with every inward thrush. My pussy lips tug at your cock with each withdrawal, moving you to push inward with even greater strength each time you thrust, forcing your cock deep inside me.As you slam yourself hard back and forth in my pussy I feel your balls slap against my ass. I look down and see my cum glistening on your rock-hard cock, I am flushed with an urge to lick it, to taste my own sweet cum on my lips.Hearing soft moans and whimpers escaping from me pleases you, assured you have completely satisfied my sexual desires you pull your cock from my warm wet pussy. My head lifts up, as my eyes search yours for the reason you stopped.You lift me from the edge of the tailgate and lower me to my knees, my head tips back to look up at you, but the rain gets in my eyes. You gently place both hands on my head and pull my mouth onto your cock. My hands reach out for your hips using them as advantage to help me pull and push my mouth over your enlarged cock.I taste my own cum juices on your cock and it makes me suck you harder, my pussy throbs and releases more cum at the thought of your cum mixing with mine in my mouth.I take your cock deep into my throat, swallowing hard, squeezing your head deep in my throat.With your hands on my head, you try to hold back but you thrust harder, your hips stiffen, your balls tighten and you cum with such force I begin to choke. Your hands hold my head firm and your hips convulse while your throbbing cock continues to squirt your cum into my throat.When your swollen cock has given all of its creamy cum to me you let go of my head and withdraw your cock from my mouth. You adjust your pants, zip and belt them. You reach down to help me up and you kiss me long and passionately as we stand in the rain.You bend, put an arm behind my leg and pull me up into your arms. Headed to the house you say, “Babe, I was only going out for a gallon of milk.”

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