New Year’s Rockin’ Eve Pt. 03

Big Tits

Monica Fiorentino couldn’t help being jealous of Zoe Byrne. The gorgeous Gunnedah native considered Zoe both her friend and her rival; she got along well with Zoe, but also considered her slightly overrated in the looks department, and not really deserving of her high status in the modeling world.

Monica was proud of her features: her long, shiny, dark brown hair, olive skin, smoky brown eyes, full lips, 36dd breasts, full, luscious arse, and long legs. Zoe’s a nice girl who looks great, she thought, but at the end of the day, isn’t she just another blonde, tanned Aussie chick?

Monica couldn’t believe that Zoe could land a guy as good-looking as Brock Howard. Zoe had told her of their intimate encounters, the size of his cock, the passion with which he fucked, and she could barely contain her frustration: what does Zoe have that I don’t?

What made things even worse was that with her schedule, Monica barely had time to date-and there were very few sexy black men in her social circle. Except for one…

Bobby Washington was a handsome, quiet intern at Ultimo, the agency Monica and Zoe worked for. A native of East Massapequa, Bobby aspired to be a fashion designer, and he impressed the agency with his extensive knowledge of fashion. Most of the models, including Zoe, thought Bobby was gay, but Monica figured that he was probably bi. As she found bi men attractive, this wasn’t a problem.

Bobby had a rather distinct appearance; Manavgat Escort his dad was a light-skinned black man and his mom was half-white and half-Asian. His eyes were beautiful and brown, his frame was thin and muscular, and his complexion was honey-gold; Monica couldn’t help staring at his skin whenever she saw him at the agency. He wasn’t Brock, but he’d satisfy my needs, Monica reasoned.

On the evening of January 26, Monica called Bobby, who was just about to leave work.


“What’s up?”

“Do you know what day it is?”


“You don’t know, silly? It’s my birthday!”

“Oh. Happy birthday!”

“Thank you,” Monica cooed, in her distinctive Gunnedah accent. “It’s also Australia Day, did you know that?”

“Uh, no-never been there.”

“No worries,” Monica laughed. “It’s like Australia’s Fourth of July.”

“Wow,” Bobby replied. “Happy Australia Day.”

“Well, it’s not gonna be that happy, ’cause I’m feeling kinda lonely. How about stopping by and sharing birthday dinner with me?”

Bobby had never been to Monica’s gorgeous Manhattan condo before, and he was overwhelmed by the art on her walls, the luxurious couch in her living room, the giant flat-screen TV on her wall. This woman lives well, Bobby thought.

Monica brought out a tray with two plates of lemon chicken with fettuccine. “Made it myself,” Monica smiled, “an old family recipe. Hope you Escort Manavgat enjoy.”

Monica quickly turned back to the kitchen, and Bobby’s eyes, heart and cock delighted in the sight of her long brown hair whipping around, and her shapely arse almost bursting out of her pink dress.

She returned with two glasses filled with champagne. “I don’t know if you drink…”

“Just social occasions.”

“Well, consider this one!”

Monica and Bobby laughed as the intern raised his glass. “Happy Australia Day, Monica, and happy birthday as well.”

Monica raised her glass. “Thank you!” she replied, before they toasted and drank.

Bobby loved Monica’s lemon chicken with fettuccine, and recommended that she should open her own restaurant: “I’d go there every day to eat.”

“I’m sure you would,” Monica replied with a wink.

As they finished dinner, Monica wiped her lips with her napkin. “So, what would you like for dessert?”

“Well, what do you have in mind?”

Monica smirked. This is too easy, she thought.

She reached for the straps of her pink dress and pulled them down, exposing her very large breasts to his eyes. Bobby groaned, his voice a mix of embarrassment and delight.

“Oh my God. Monica…”

“Do you like what you see?”


Monica stood up and let her dress fall to the floor. She wore no panties; Bobby almost fainted at the sight of Manavgat Escort bayan the beautiful brown hair on her pussy.

“Oh, fuck…”

“Would you like to do that, Bobby?” Monica said, walking towards the intern. “I’d like to do that.”

Bobby stood up, ran towards Monica and embraced her; his entire body was shaking with arousal. He began to rip his clothing from his body, desperate to make himself fully nude before her. In mere seconds, he was completely naked, his clothes shredded on the floor, his giant black cock shiny and vibrating.


“What’s wrong?”

“I…wanna make love to you.”

Monica smiled, and extended her arms.

“Go right ahead.”

Bobby’s energy was almost too much to bear; he was an energetic, enthusiastic lover filled with an erotic frenzy. It seemed as though he wanted to lick, kiss and suck every square inch of Monica’s body; at times, his screams of passion were even louder than hers.

Monica could barely contain his sexual fury…but she loved it. She loved kissing him, fondling his cock, stroking his muscular chest. As she licked his arsehole to his groans of delight, she thought about her lover’s bisexuality, and the men whose lusty cocks had penetrated him; she smiled at the thought of a threesome in which she and Bobby would share a man’s cock.

When Bobby came on to Monica’s chest, she gasped in delight as his man-cream coated her. His cum was everywhere: on her nipples, against her stomach, in her navel. Bobby kissed her on her cheek and and held her hand as he lay next to her.

Monica sighed, but she really wanted to laugh. Eat your heart out, Zoe, she thought. There’s no way in hell Brock Howard can fuck as good as this!

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