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Next DoorJon was a sixty five year old man and he loved young girls a lot. He had picked up a couple young street whores and took them to his house and loved fucking the young pussies. But he really had his eye on the young girl next door. He had a ten inch cock that still got rock hard and was full of cum. He would jerk his cock as he watched the girl next door in her yard. She was just developing nice tits and looked so sweet and innocent and he wanted to suck those tits and eat that young pussy before he would stick his cock in her and fuck her till he filled her with cum. Yesterday she was outside and he could see she had no bra on under her t-shirt and his cock got hard and he barely had to touch himself before he shot cum all over.Then his chance came. She came to his door selling cookies for her high school. She looked so pretty and so sexy and no bra again today. He invited her in to look at the flyer she had. She sat on the couch and he sat next to her and sat very close. He watched her nipples through her shirt as he pretended to look thru the flyer. His cock was rock hard and leaking precum. He told her to pick out a few items for him and as she began to choose the cookies he leaned closer to her. She did not move and that was a good sign for him. He then put his arm around her and pulled her to him and then kissed her. She did not pull away and he then pushed his tongue into her mouth and she responded and gave him her tongue. He kissed her for quite a while before he began to rub first her back then around to her tits. He rubbed her tits thru her shirt and her tits were firm and the nipples hard. She was a nice feel in his hand. He tongue kissed her more as his hand went under her shirt to feel her naked tits. He rubbed her nipples between two fingers and she still did not pull away from him. He pushed her back on the couch and lifted her shirt to expose her tits. He watched his hands massage the nice shaped young globes. He played with the nipples then he put his mouth over a nipple and began to suck it. She let him suck each nipple and rub her tits and did sarıyer escort not pull away. He then lifted her shirt up over her head and removed it. With her topless he kissed her neck and across each tit. He could hear her breathe as if she was enjoying his assault with his hands and mouth on her tits. He grabbed a nipple with his teeth and sucked it as his hand went to the crouch of her pants and he began to massage her pussy thru her shorts. He spread her legs and as he sucked each tit he was rubbing her crotch hard. He kept a nipple in his mouth as he unzipped her shorts and put his hand inside and inside her panties. She had a light fuzz covering her pussy and he played with the fuzz then ran a finger down her slit. She moaned not making him stop. His fingers found her clit and he began to rub it as he sucked the nipples harder. His cock was now throbbing wanting pussy bad. His finger found the way to her young cunt and he rubbed the opening and spread her legs wider so he could get a finger in her. As he put the tip of his finger in her she moaned and he heard her say “Yes.” He pushed more of his finger in her tight hole. It felt so good and as he went in and out she was getting very wet. He then told her “Let me take these pants off you sweetie.” She nodded ok and he removed her pants and now had her naked. He spread her legs wide apart and looked at her tits and her pussy. He watched his finger go into her fuck hole and was covered with her moisture. He began to finger fuck her very easy and she began to move her hips liking it. He then kissed her mouth shoving his tongue deep as he met her tongue and sucked it. He kissed her long and deep as his finger began to fuck her cunt deeper. He then looked at her and asked her “Have you ever been fucked before?” She answered “Yes, by my cousin last year. He fucked me several times. I liked it.” He said “Did he eat your pussy?” She said “Yes, he did. It felt so good.” He asked her “Did he have a big or small cock?” She told him “It was not so big. He was a young esenyurt escort boy. I want to be fucked by a man and feel a man cock.”The man then stood up and stripped naked showing his big cock. “Do you want my cock baby? I have ten thick inches and you may have it all if you want it.” She looked at his hard cock and said “I will love a big cock like you have.” He then looked at her fuzzy pussy and put his face to it and began licking it. He licked front to back and then sucked on her clit. He could feel her cum as he sucked the tender clit. Then he licked to her cunt opening and licked the wetness around it. He took his hands and spread her open then pushed his tongue into her opening and began to tongue fuck her sweet hole. She was tight and wet and tasted so good. He ate her like a starving man. She came many times as he ate her wet pussy. By now his cock was throbbing needing to fuck her so bad.He raised his head and then got between her legs and pushed his cock to her opening. Just before he began to push into her he told her “I will go slow and easy as you are very tight for my big cock. Once I am in you, you will love being fucked by me and I will love feeling your tight cunt on my big hard cock. You are very wet so that will help me push inside you.” She told the man “It is ok. I want to have your big cock in me. I love to fuck and I have dreamed of a big man cock filling my tight cunt with his cum. Please fuck me.” He kissed her and then began to push his cock into the tight hole. She felt so good and he wanted to bury his cock in her and fuck her again and again. As he got half his cock in her she surprised him and lifted her hips to get him in deeper. She wanted the whole cock in her hole fucking her. He pushed in and soon had all ten inches in the young girl. He then began to fuck her. In and out he went fucking her hard and deep. At one time she yelled “Fuck me harder and faster. Your cock feels so good in my hole. Please fuck me harder.” This really excited him and he then began to fuck her tight cunt hard and fast. It avrupa yakası escort was too soon that he filled her with his cum.He told her “Lay still. I am going to keep my cock inside you as I am going to fuck you more as my cock stays hard a long time and I shall give you more cum. This time I will last longer and you will really get a good hard fucking.” She replied “yes, fuck me more. I want that big cock fucking my hole hard as you can. I love to be fucked and have wanted a big cock for a long time.” The man kept fucking the girl and she moaned and wantd more and more. He had never dreamed she would be more of a sex partner than the street whores. He put his hands under her hips and grabbed her ass and lifted her so he could ram his cock in her deeper and harder. He had dreams of fucking that ass too. He could imagine his cock balls deep in her tight little pucker.He then took a nipple in his mouth and sucked it as he fucked her deep and hard. She arched her back pushing the tit deeper in his mouth as he sucked and fucked her. As he swapped to the other nipple he saw he had left a bruise on that tit from sucking it so hard. He then planned to suck the other one and leave his mark there too loving seeing the bruise circling each nipple. As he rammed his cock into her cunt fucking her tight cunt he then sucked the side of her tit leaving a mark on it too. He then covered the sides of both tits with bruises. When he was done fucking her he was going to suck on her ass cheeks and leave his mark covering them also. This young girl loved being fucked. An hour later he finally filled her cunt with more cum. He kissed her mouth as he felt his cum fill her. He then said to her “I have covered your tits with bruises and you will see my mark on them for a couple days. I now want to cover your ass with my mark too. You are so sexy and I love fucking your tight body. I want to fuck you more. Please come over often and get naked with me. You fuck better than any adult or any one I have ever fucked.” She laughed and told him “You may mark my ass. I will love seeing your mark across my tits and ass. Leave your back door unlocked and I will come over tonight and get in bed with you. I hope you sleep naked as I will come naked. You can fuck me as much as you want. I will fuck you like a whore any way you want me. Now put your face between my legs and suck your cum out of my hole. Make my pussy cum some more.”

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