Next Visit from TOM

Next Visit from TOMSo people have been asking me to post again about our relationship with Tom so now that I have a little time I thought I would…. this is just the next thing to happen with him.Well a couple days went by and my husband and Tom had talked about what had happened with him getting a blow job. My husband doesn’t really seem like the type of man that would be ok with sharing his wife so Tom was very hesitant to the whole idea going forward. The hubby is a big guy 6’5 about 250lbs and can be pretty intimidating so Tom was smart to tread lightly lol. Anyway a couple days had gone by and we had all talked about going out to a local jazz club/bar. It was a Monday and the three of us met up around 8pm to go to dinner then go out to the bar, I was very pleased that nothing seemed weird and everyone acted like we always had very relaxed and normal. It made me feel great that we could all be normal friends that could just randomly switch into a little kinky time but then could snap right back when it was over. I was worried that we would ruin the friendship so this meant a lot to me. Anyway, we went to dinner it was fun we didn’t talk any about what had happened but it didn’t seem like we were avoiding the conversation either. After dinner we all piled in my hubby’s car and went over to the bar, we ordered a couple drinks and just sat and talked while we people watched, one of my favorite things to do. Well I have to admit I had a few drinks in me and I leaned over to my husband and said “do you wanna have some fun tonight?” He said “sure” So I just said “why don’t you go to the bathroom and I will talk to Tom”. He got up walked away and went to the bathroom, so as he walked away I looked at Tom and said “Sooo the other night did you have fun?” He said “Yes it was a shock to my system but yes it was fun, is ‘he’ ok with it?” I said ” yeah he is all for it, we always try all afyon escort of our fantasies and if they go well and we are both comfortable with it we like to continue them(I paused and raised my eyebrows)” He just said “When, tonight?” I said “you wanna come home with us?” He said “if your hubby is ok then I am all for it” About that time my hubby made it back to the bathroom and I said “do you wanna Tab out and get out of here?” He said “sure what’s the plan?” I said “Oh we are gonna go and have some fun” Well I didn’t realize the bartender had come over and he heard what I said and saw the way I said it with the eye brow raise and he looked over and said “I wish I was off work…” I just said “maybe next time” gave him a wink and he said “the drinks are on the house”. My husband couldn’t believe it I got a 70 dollar tab waived for nothing at all just a hint at something kinky at another time. I smiled kissed him on the cheek and said “thanks babe”Well we headed out of the bar and back home I rode in the front seat with my hubby and Tom rode in the back. Tom was sitting directly behind me ,we drive a midsized luxury SUV, I looked over at my hubby smiled and started to take off my shirt, my hubby was trying to watch me and the road. He pulled out his phone and took a picture, when he did Tom started to lean over a little in the back seat to see what was going on. We kept driving and I had a pretty little lacy red and black bra on and I started to take it off slowly I slipped the bra off completely and my hubby said this isn’t really fair Tom can’t see a thing so I smiled and laid the seat all the way down and looked back at him so he could get a good look at this point the seat was laying down completely between his legs, my husband hadn’t touched me at all so I guess Tom was going off what he did so he just sat there with this ridiculous grin on his face as I continued to strip escort afyon for him my hubby still clicking pics and driving down the road. My hubby said people were gesturing and watching from other cars but I didn’t care, I was drunk horny and in a fun showing off mood so as long as he was ok with it I wasn’t going to stop!The next thing I knew I was pulling into a parking lot and my husband was parking the car, I said what are you doing he just said you want to play publicly lets do it, he looked back at Tom and he said just chill I am just gonna take a few more pics before we start so he came around the car opened the door and started clicking away After a few minutes he threw his phone over in his seat and told me to sit up so Tom could get out too so I sat up my hubby went in the back grabbed two of his golf towels out and threw them on the ground said this will be a good spot for you so I went down on the ground put my knees on the towels and my hubby came over pulled down his zipper and pulled out his cock, I smiled and started sucking Tom just stood there about three or four feet away just watching and I leaned over put my hand out, he placed his hand in mine and I dropped it looked at him and grabbed his pants and pulled him over and started rubbing on the outside of his pants while I sucked my husband. I took my hands off Tom and grabbed my hubby’s belt and undid his pants so that I could get to his balls and all of his cock. I then leaned over toward Tom and looked at him and said is it ok? He said yes and started to undo his belt I stopped him and said I’ll do it. I took his pants down and pulled out his cock my hubby laughed and said she said it was longer than mine. I started to suck his dick while I rubbed my hubby’s. All out in the open air it was so sexy I wish we had it videotaped. My hubby looked over at me and said do you wanna get fucked or just suck some afyon escort bayan cock and I said I want you to fuck me while I suck Tom, so I told Tom to sit back in the car and let me suck his dick while my hubby stood behind me and fucked me. I took Tom’s cock back in my mouth while my hubby slipped his cock deep inside me, he started out slow and sweet and I just looked back at him with Tom’s cock still in my hand and said I thought you were going to fuck me… He smiled and started to slam his fat cock balls deep into my pussy I couldn’t help but moan while I had Tom inside my mouth. They were really taking care of me and tom reached back and grabbed my head and started to slam it down pretty hard on his cock, I started to bite a little and dig my nails into his leg and really get into it Tom said oh my god I’m gonna cum and let go of my head I didn’t stop I just kept on sucking his cock and then he shot a huge thick load right in my mouth I kept going and my hubby within moments said I’m going to cum so I spun around and opened my mouth showing Tom’s load to him and inviting him to finish filling my mouth, the site of this must have gotten him pretty good because he reached down grabbed my head positioned it where he wanted and shot his load in my mouth and on my chin I let him finish, took my finger pushed the rest in my mouth and started to play with it. I looked at Tom smiled blew a cum bubble gargled then swallowed them both, I reached in the seat grabbed my clothes and started getting dressed like it was nothing and my hubby started pulling up his pants. Tom looked over at both of us and said that was the hottest thing I have ever seen I thought only pornstars swallowed cum and played with it you are awesome. We smiled got back in the car and drove home, we watched some movies and Tom slept once again on the couch. All in all it was one great night. More happened that night at home but that is another story :)There are pics from that night of me showing off in the car for Tom and then after we stopped and my hubby came to my side and started taking some more I posted them on my page hope you guys enjoy

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