Nicole Part 1

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Nicole Part 1This is the first part in a series of stories about a girl I dated back in the day. It was by far the best sexual relationship I had and totally true. We had a great relationship, but very volatile. The highs were great and the lows sucked. I met this girl when I was 18 years old. The best way to describe this girl was cute. She was about 5’1 and 18 years old with long brown hair and the cutest freckles. I met her at a friends place, he had invited me over for drinks and when I knocked on the door she answered. I was taken back at her smile and just how pretty she was. She was wearing a stripped shirt that I could tell was a body suit (it was 1993 after all) and blue jeans. “Oh Hi you must be Dave and Sarah’s friend. They are still out I am the babysitter Nicole, you can call me Nic”.I took up a spot on the couch and opened a beer. She sat at the other end of the couch. I could not get over what a great little body she had and she knew I was looking and checking her out, and I think she liked being looked at. We made small talk, where are you from? What high school did you go to? Favorite band ect. It loved talking to her and was having a great time. I could tell she had great tits under the form fitting body suit. I tried not to be seen watching them rise and fall as she talked. I lost track of time when I noticed the front door open, It was another girl I had never seen before. She was short and had beautiful long blonde hair but was a bit chubbier then I was normally accustomed to. She gave me a very judgmental glance, she was not impressed with me”That’s my friend Kate, She came to hang out with us this evening”. Dam I thought she brought her friend who will most likely cock block me all night. Fuck, time to get stupid drunk at least one thing will go well tonight. I few mins later my friend Dave and his fiance Sarah arrived home. Normally they were great people, happy and laughing. Tonight was not a normal night. We could hear them yelling at each other in driveway. Clearly their little trip out for drinks had not gone well. They were loaded and yelling at each other. The front door flew open and Sarah screamed something to the effect of “Fuck you, you little dick mother fucker!! Sleep on the couch”. Sarah stormed up the stairs past us without even seeing us. Dave staggered in the door looking like he found the bottom of more then a few bottles of booze. I had been in his place many times and knew he was going to have a rough hangover tomorrow. He snarled something at us about getting the fuck out so he could sleep. Nicole güvenilir bahis said that he was supposed to give her and Kate a ride home. Clearly he was in no shape to make that happen. He threw a book at us and screamed “GET THE FUCK OUT!!!”. Sensing that I think he wanted that to happen right away I ushered both of the girls to the door and we headed out into the night. We found the nearest Tim Horton’s (because Canada eh?) where we had a few cups of coffee and continued chatting. Kate was mostly quiet but sometimes would add to the conversation at points. There was no denying that there was some serious sexual chemistry between Nicole and myself. I caught her on more then one occasion checking me out. I made it a point to get out of my chair and stand up and stretch. She was taking the bait. A few times she did the same and I was hooked. It turned out that the girls had no way home that night. Dave was their ride and I we all knew he was not going to make that happen and I did not have a car. So I told them they could stay at my house. Nicole was more then up for the idea as calling her father at this hour was death sentence. She said she would sleep fora bit and call him in the morning and get a ride home for them both. Now when I say it was my house what I mean is, I rented a small room from some people. Clearly not my house and I really should not have had house guests but It was around 3 am so I figured I was in the clear. It was a short walk from Hortons to my place but it was cold so Nicole snuggled up to me to “Stay Warm”……right. Kate just walked along with us, she seemed to be happy in her place as the 3rd wheel. I think she had occupied that spot a few times. When we arrived at my place, we had to sneak in. The house was older then dirt and the floor squeaked and creaked like crazy. I was shocked at just how into being sneaky Nicole and Kate were. We went to my room which was quite a large room. It had a double bed in the corner and a small couch on the other corner. It also had a dresser but that was reserved for playboys and empty beer bottles. Classy! I told the girls they were welcome to sleep in the bed and I said I would sleep on the couch. I said that with a very long sigh. Nicole and Kate looked at each other, then me and said “That is silly the couch is to small you can sleep here with us” JACKPOT. We all climbed into bed fully clothed….Not really a jackpot moment but at 18 it is still a win.The sleeping arrangement worked out that Nicole was on one side of the bed and Kate was on the other with myself in the middle. güvenilir bahis siteleri We were all fully clothed and to be honest very tired. It was now starting to get early in the morning and sleep needed to happen. As I lay there I felt Kate roll over and put her back to me. I felt Nicole snuggle up to me and toss her leg over top of mine and put her head on my shoulder. She whispered “I had a lot of fun tonight, even though it was the strangest night ever”. “I had a lot of fun as well”. We both sat there looking at each other and someone how we ended up kissing. It was not planned or something I pushed for but it happend. We shared a very deep and passionate kiss after that, kinda like one of those movie kisses where the guy and girl are on the beach oblivious to what is happening around then. As quickly as it had started it stopped. She settled her head down and looked like she was going to fall asleep. Dam I cant believe it was was going to go down like this, but then I remembered her friend laying beside me and thought no girl is going to want to do much more with her friend right there. I had resigned myself to falling asleep when I felt Nicole place her hand on my thigh, I could make out through the dark, she was looking at me with this devilish look in her eyes. Her hand moved up my leg and came to rest right on my already hard cock. Her eyes light up when she felt that I was already so hard. She continued to rub me though my jeans. Her hand moved and very slowly and carefully undid my belt and reached inside, she started to stoke me and I could tell she loved it. We spoke not a word and made our moments slow and cautions. I kept checking over my shoulder to see if Kate was awake, she looked like she was out cold. I moved my hand up her body suit to her tits, with a gentle tug the front of her top came down and they slipped out. I instantly moved my mouth to the nearest one and started to suck and lick the nipple, she let out a little gasp of pleasure. All the while her movements with her hand down my pants before more rhythmic and firmer. I slid my hand towards the front of her jeans and managed to get them undone, with one hand I might add. The articles in mens health were right, it could be done with one hand. I reached inside and slip my hand down. I was instantly shocked to see that her body suit did not have snaps at the crotch, it was a full one piece, like a single piece swim suit. How the fuck do you go to the bathroom? Do you need to get fully naked? I had so many questions, but now was not the time for iddaa siteleri questions….later. I noticed that she was very hot and very wet as well. I moved her clothing to the side and started to stroke her softness just as she was doing the same to me. Both of us were letting out little moans and gasps trying to hard to not wake her friend. As we both lay I found her very swollen clit and started to pay much more attention to just it. With each little touch and flick I could feel her body tense and relax in in time to my movements. She had all but stopped stroking my hard cock at this time and was just gripping it. I felt her moving her hips up and down and sliding, it was then that I noticed she was was sliding out of her pants. Once she had one pant leg off she pulled me on top of her. “Fuck me quickly” she whispered in my ear. I slid my pants down as far as needed. I took one quick check to see if Kate was still out. She did not move and seemed to be snoring. GO TIME. I carefully moved her body suit to the side and entered her soaking wet pussy. It felt so great. She instantly clenched up around my body and pulled me in close. I could hear her gasps in my ear as he hands pulled on my neck. I slowly started pumping back and forth. I could tell right away that she was on the verge of cumming. He body started to tense. I had to slow down. I did not want this to be over to fast and I did not want to wake up Kate. I slowed my movements. Each time I thrust she let out a labored gasp in my ear. She was trying to be quiet as well. I continued to slowly thrust inside her each time I tried to push slowly deeper inside her. Each time she held me harder and breathed harder in my ear. Her entire body was starting to tense up and then whispered in my ear “Cum for me”. That was my cue, I could not hold back and it was almost as she said it I could feel that amazing sensation starting, I felt my movements become faster and harder. I think I was shaking the entire bed at this point. I felt myself starting to cum, I instantly pulled out and felt the cum explode from within. I knew that I was getting it all over her body suit. We both sat there trying to catch our breath, our hearts were beating so hard I could feel my heart beat in my ear drums. It was the most intense feeling ever. Nicole reached down and adjusted her clothes and started putting her pants back on. By now the sun was starting to rise, we needed to get actually get some sleep. We shared a long look at each other followed by several deep kisses. Both of us were proud that we had not woke Kate. She was still there sleeping. She took another look at me and said “So what should we do tonight?” with a playful grin. It was that night that started off a 4 year relationship that included many more exciting moments and times. More to come

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