Nigel’s Pet Ch. 01

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This is my first story On ….let me know what you think.

The morning sun cast a warm light across the bedroom of 19 year old Ali Shanhans bedroom.She could hear her Mom calling her name …..Ali its time to get up….breakfast is ready. For a moment Ali forgot where she was…..ah yes….home in my bed. The first year of college had gone so fast and now she was home for the summer.Back to the daily chores on her fathers dairy farm. Daddy was part of a large Incorporated dairy operation…..Financially he was well to do. But he still felt his kids needed to work as he did so they would understand the value of a dollar and not become spoiled rich brats.

Her 18 year old brother Steve opened her door a crack and said” Come on Ali… know how upset Dad will be if you are late on your first day back.”

Ali only slept in a long t shirt at home and didn’t realize it had ridden up to her waist and her shaven pussy was probably exposed to her younger brother until he closed the door.

In her mind she questioned how much he had seen?..would he run and tell his friends that his sister had come home from college with a horse head tattooed to her thigh, her navel pierced,her pussy shaved bare….If he had gotten a good look at her treasure chest between her legs he won’t have missed the ring in the hood of her clit that her master and owner had placed there.

She thought back as she laid there at all that had happened in her first year at college.

It started the first day of classes…..she was sitting in the front row of Liberal Arts….her teacher was an English man in his mid thirty’s.

Ali remembers back at what she was wearing…a short little black shirt and a white silk shirt.

She very seldom wore a bra. She looked good and she knew it.

The first day was mainly Nigel telling his students what he expected them to get out of his class….and he encouraged anyone that had any questions to feel free and ask.

He noticed Ali right away….he was always searching for new playmates and that cute little red head in the front row didn’t seem to concerted that her shirt had road up so when she slightly moved her legs he would get a full shot of that soft black cloth between them.

After class as she was leaving she hear Nigel call her name…..”Ali …..your name is Ali right.? “…”You must have dropped one of your pens.”

“Oh clumsy me ” Ali giggled…..little did he know that he wasn’t the only one that was always looking for new adventures. She too had been watching him….she loved the way he talked…the way his hips moved as he walked around the class ….She felt the electricity as he touched her…”Oh my god she cebeci escort thought” my pussy is on fire and my panties must be soaked …there is more I need to know about this man.

Partly she felt naughty because this man was not just 17 years older…but he was her teacher.She knew her uptight father would have a cow if he knew the feelings this man stirred in his little girl with a simple touch of her hand.

“I will see you in class tomorrow Ali” Nigel wanted to say more but he wanted to go slow and cautious with this one.

His job would be on the line if word got out he was making advances towards his female students.

It also kept running through his head that she would be perfect for what he had planned for her and he didn’t want to scare her off.

“Thank you sir for returning my pen.” Ali said “You said if I ever had a question I should ask?”

“Of course my dear.” Nigel replied.”What is it?”

“I noticed you were looking at my panties all during class.” Ali surprised him with her question is…..since you have made my young pussy so wet…..”What do you plan on doing about it.” She lifted her shirt and pulled her panties to the side so Nigel could get a good look at what he was longing to see…her very hairy young twat.She took his hand and placed on her wet crack….He wanted to plunge his fingers deep in her tight crack….and then push her top the floor and fuck her.

He pulled his hand away…….”Careful dear….you could get me fired….I don’t think the dean would like the idea of me fingering my students in the hallway.”

“Drop your shirt and follow me.” Nigel said firmly

He led her out of the school and to his car.He told her to stay down in the seat as they left the parking lot so no one would see her leave with him.The sneaking and the chance of being caught made her pussy throb ….As he drove Nigel reached over and staring rubbing the soft black silk of her panties back and forth on her clit….Ali laying on her side undid Nigel panties and took his penis out of his pants…softly stroking it as was bringing her to the edge of Cumming with his talented fingers.

“Cum for me.” Nigel said as Ali was now bucking her hips up and down and squeezing it tightly with her soft strong thighs.

“OH GOD YES ……..OH GOD YES….Ali screamed as she came on his hand.

Ali could feel the car slow down…….”Sit up my dear….we are here. It was a nice little place out in the country. Ali noticed as they pulled into his drive that he had a couple horses. She loved horses and had two of her own at home.

“Morgan’s….Ali said….

“Why yes my dear you know your horses…..the çukurambar escort mare is mine and the stud is a friends….I am trading boarding him for a few months for his stud fee.”

“Come inside with me dear… my turn to cum.”

Once in side Nigel told Ali to talk his cloths off for him….she slowly unbuttoned his shirt and slide it off his shoulders…….then she unfastened his pants and let them fall to the floor…..She took his semi hard penis in her hand and started stroking it as he leaned down to kiss her.

“Go across the room… my dear… and strip for me.” Nigel whispered in her ear as he broke the kiss.

Ali back up a few steps…..she had loved his eyes on her earlier in the class room…..and now she knew she had his full attention.She lifted her shirt and pulled down her soaking wet panties and threw them at him…..he caught them in mid air and placed it to his nose…..filling it with her scent….then she took off her blouse…..her nipple where rock hard as she let out a moan as she playfully teased him by taking them in her fingers and twisting them . Making them stand out proudly when she let go.

She turned her back to him as she slowly unzipped her shirt and let it drop to the floor …..

Nigel moved up behind her and slide his arm around her waist picking her up off the ground he carried her across the room to the bed.

Nigel dropped Ali on her hands and knees on the bed and with him still standing on the floor….he placed the tip of his cock on her wet slit and slowly but forcefully buried his cock balls deep into the tightness pussy he had ever had the pleasure of fucking.He pulled out half way and gave her short soft strokes …..making her moan and push her hips back trying to get more of his cock back into her pussy….He had his hand on her hips….he was in control of how much cock this little cunt was going to get…..He waited until he could feel the cum building up in his balls to finally fuck her deep and hard…..

“OH GOD Nigel….you are going to make me cum “she screamed

With that Nigel buried his seed deep inside Ali’s young pussy…

“Lay back on the bed my pet….and spread your legs so I can see my seed inside your pussy.” Nigel said firmly…….Ali loved to be dominated like this and gladly complied. As Nigel gathered the cum that had spilled out on her hairy untrimmed pussy with his finger and pushed back inside of her swollen little twat. “Next time before we fuck you need to properly prepare your self for me……I expect my pet’s pussy to shaven clean.

“EXCUSE ME” Ali snapped back…..she liked a man that knows what he wants and asks for it ….but demetevler escort who the fuck did this guy think he was talking to? Maybe he didn’t know he was talking to a former dairy princess of MN…..

“What makes you think there is going to be a next time?” She pushes his hand away from her fresh fucked pussy and tries to make her way off the bed.

Half way across the room he catches her by the wrist and pulls her back to the bed….


Sitting on the bed he pull her across his lap ….he had her arm twisted behind her back….her ass felt the firm sting of his hand as he spanked her ass .

“Listen you spoiled little bitch… came here expecting to be fucked …..I am trying to teach you proper respect and how to please a man…..there will be a next time.”

Her ass was burning from his assault….but as she slide down off his lap her pussy was now grinding in to his knee….

“I am sorry sir.” I was out of line…..please stop and I will do as you wish……” Ali could not believe those words came out of her mouth….

His hand pushed her legs apart and he pushed three fingers in her sloppy wet cunt…in and out they fucked her ..and when his thumb was worked in up to the knuckle in her ass….she shook hard and came for the second time that day on his hand.

He gave one more hard swat on her ass and pushed her off his lap onto the floor.

She moved to kneel at his feet….which made Nigel wonder if someone else had tried to train this young thing and failed…

“Clean off my cock you little cunt….you left a mess on it…”

Ali moved ahead and slowly licked in long strokes the length of his cock…….she loved the taste of her cunt on his skin…

“Don’t forget the balls”…Nigel ordered….they are a mess too…..she cupped the soft shaven sack in her hand and licked them clean.

As she finished Nigel dialed the phone….

“Yes I think I have found one ……be here in 5 minutes.” that was all he said and he hung up.

There was a knock on the door…..Nigel didn’t bother putting cloths on and went to answer the door.

Ali was little scared…..what had she gotten her self into?

She tried to gather up her cloths before Nigel returned….but he was back before she could even slip on her panties.

“Where do you think you are going?” Nigel snapped….”I will tell you when you can leave.”

Standing next to him is a slender silver haired lady I am guessing 35 or so….

“This is Jen…..she is one of my pets and she is going to help prepare and train you.” Nigel says to Ali.

“Train me? Train me for what? Ali questioned…….

“To be the perfect plaything for a man.” Nigel said firmly.”Trust me….what I have planned will be the most exciting sexual time of your life.”

Jen take her to the bathroom and make sure when she comes back she is shaven clean and ready to be fucked .

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