Night out Ends Up Being a Night In Pt. 02


In the space of one epic night my whole life had changed. I had been celebrating my birthday and one year anniversary with my then Canadian boyfriend Alex but the ensuing night had led to me striping and then being fucked by his muscular Chinese friend Nick, and Nick’s cousin Adam who was celebrating his bachelor party.

The night had left my body craving Nick’s Chinese cock after he had so easily dominated me right in front of Alex claiming me for himself. I found myself drawn to Nick’s strong willed personality and desperately wanting to please him.

My name’s Jordan and I’m 25 years old, 5’7″ with blonde hair, blue eyes from my Scandinavian background with an athletic build. This is the story of my next encounter with Nick the 26 year old, 5’11” muscular Chinese stud with deep brown eyes, short black hair and what I had discovered was a powerful 7 inch cock.

In the days following the wild night in Nick’s hotel room Alex and I had decided to remain friends though go our separate ways from the relationship. I had also noticed a change in him from the night as his ass had been taken by Nick’s cousin Adam as well that evening and the two now seemed to be hitting it off. Even with Adam’s upcoming wedding I was noticing Alex appearing rather frequently on his Instagram.

I was walking through the city when my phone buzzed, pulling it from my pocket my heart started to race as I saw it was a message from Nick. ‘Hey Jordan, I’m at Nordstrom come help me pick out some sexy underwear for you.’

My smile widened and I couldn’t help but grin as I pictured Nick standing in the department store looking for sexy briefs that I could see him in, briefs that would hold his nicely hung 7 inch Chinese cock. I quickly replied, ‘Sounds yum, I’m close by see you soon!’

I knew Nick would enjoy my eager response and started to walk slightly quicker towards the department store. On a normal day I loved going through Nordstrom looking at all the clothes but especially now when it meant I got to meet Nick and help him pick out his underwear.

Walking through the store I made my way to the men’s underwear section. As I walked through I was greeted by a few of the shop assistants and nodded back at them smiling. I was wearing a pair of deep blue denim jeans and a tight fitting white t-shirt which also caught the attention from some as it showed off my shoulders and chest that I had recently worked out.

Arriving at the underwear section I saw Nick and our faces met, he looked incredible, his smooth chiselled features looking back at me and a smile spreading across his face. He was wearing a pair of black jeans and a black top that clung tightly to his body. ‘Well hey there Jordie, you got here quick! Excited to pick out my underwear huh?’

I laughed back at Nick replying, ‘Uh yeah I am, can’t wait to pick it out so then I can take it off you.’ Winking back at him and watching him grin wider in anticipation. There was something about being near him that just got me going and this hadn’t happened around anyone else before including Alex.

Nick extended his hand reaching out and placing it around mine, his touch was firm and as I gripped his hand back we walked along the aisle perusing the assortment of boxers, briefs and the more intimate selection of thongs, jock straps and g-strings. As we walked I noticed one of the sales assistants watching us closely and when I turned to look in his direction he smiled and quickly looked away. I guessed that he was jealous of me getting to hold hands and walk with Nick.

The sales assistant was Asian too and looked to be a similar age to us. He was my height and had a bowl style haircut with shiny black hair and an innocent looking boyish face. I thought he looked like an Asian version of me. He watched as we made our way around the displays and Nick grabbed a selection of items. Holding the items in his other hand Nick looked at me gleaming and raising his eye brows at me said, ‘So…want to watch me try these on?’

My eyes bulged at this question from Nick as I didn’t think you could try on underwear at these department stores but would not give up the opportunity to watch him undress and nodded back. The sales assistant then approached and I could tell immediately that he was gay too by his very flamboyant demeanour as he opened his mouth saying, ‘Hello boys, you two need any help picking out something special?’ A smile had started to crease his lips as he looked from Nick and then to me.

Looking down I saw his name was Ryan and before I could respond Nick said, ‘Oh I think we’ve got it all covered with these but can you show us to the fitting rooms? Thank you Ryan.’

Nick always spoke so confidently and although Ryan replied that it was store policy to not allow underwear fittings, Nick simply stated that surely an exception could be made and that he knew Ryan could help us out with a sly wink.

Ryan feeling Nick’s eyes boring down back into his own agreed and led the way to the nearest Maltepe Escort fitting rooms. ‘Here we are boys, you can use one of these rooms, it’s quiet today too so we shouldn’t have any trouble from management.’

‘Thank you very much Ryan, it’s greatly appreciated.’ Nick said grinning as he took my hand and pulled me with him into the nearest fitting room. Shutting the door behind us Nick turned to me and lent his head down his breath washing over my face as his lips met my own.

We kissed in the fitting room with our tongues pressing together and I felt Nick’s strong hands move to the sides of my face as we made out. Then pulling his face back from mine he whispered, ‘I’ve missed these lips. Now for the fun part Jordan, want to help me undress?’

I nodded back and as Nick raised his arms up with his biceps bulging I reached for the bottom of his top and pulled it up his body and over his head revealing his muscular abs and chest. Throwing the top to the side of the fitting room I couldn’t help myself and immediately placed both hands to Nick’s chest and started to run my fingers down over his nipples and across his six pack abs that were tensed and firm beneath my touch.

Feeling my hands on his upper body Nick shuddered ever so slightly and with his smile widening further said, ‘Oh fuck I love having you as mine Jordan, I could fuck you right now I tell you.’

Tracing my fingers over his abs I laughed as I felt Nick’s breathing getting heavier, ‘Oops am I exciting you huh Nick? Can’t resist this white boy can you?’

‘And you can’t resist my Chinese cock so we’re a perfect match.’ With that response Nick pushed my hands from his abs and dropped his jeans to the floor, stepping out of them and now standing before me in his black Calvin Klien briefs. ‘I know you like these one’s Jordan but maybe you can tell me if any of these are better on me.’ Nick lifted up the underwear he had pulled from the racks in the store tempting me to pick one.

I looked at the selection I had to pick from, there was a white thong, a black brief with pouch for holding his cock, and a blue g-string. Nick watched as I thought about which would make him look hotter and I selected the black briefs with pouch.

He grinned at my enthusiasm with my choice and as I stood there fully clothed he removed his briefs now standing before me completely naked with his semi-hard cock hanging between his legs.

‘Would you like to help me put them on Jordan?’ Nick asked me grinning as he held out the briefs for me.

‘Fuck yeah!’ I exclaimed as I grabbed them off him and then got down onto my knees in front of Nick his cock now directly at my eye level.

Holding out the briefs at his feet Nick stood into them and I slowly began to move them up his legs, over his calves then knees and finally up his thighs. As I moved the briefs up his thighs my fingers moved against his soft skin and I looked up at Nick to see him looking back down at me. Our eyes met and I felt Nick’s deep brown eyes staring through me, then as I pulled the briefs up his waist my hand grazed over his semi-hard cock and Nick’s eyes closed.

As he lent his head back I reached in placing my hand around his member and then pushing it into the pouch of the briefs that held it out nicely making Nick’s size look even bigger than the 7 inches I knew it would become.

He opened his eyes when I had finished and still on my knees I moved backward slightly to take in the full view of Nick before me.

‘So…what do you think babe, does this one make me look irresistible?’ Nick gleamed down at me.

‘You look so fucking big Nick!’ I replied.

‘Mmmmm can only imagine what it would be like to have you taking my cock between those perfect lips of yours right here and now. Maybe we need to try these ones just in case they’re better though.’ Nick held out the white thong gesturing for me to take it from him.

Licking my lips I took the white thong from Nick and then as seductively as I could slowly reached up for the waistband of the black briefs and started to pull them down his waist. As the material moved down his crotch I leaned my face forward and when Nick’s cock was released from the confines of the material it sprung out and hit my cheek.

‘Oh fuck that’s so hot.’ Nick spoke down to me.

I turned my face and stuck my tongue out pressing it against the head of Nicks cock and giving it a long lick.

‘Arrrgg fuck you are such a slut Jordan, it’s taking all my self control to not grab your head and fuck your mouth right now.’

I was enjoying the feeling of driving Nick’s body wild, it had only been a few days prior that he had done this same thing to me. Seducing me and having his way with me, now it was fun to have it the other way around.

I pulled my tongue back from his cock and went back to pulling down the briefs and then placing the white thong around his feet and pulling this up his legs till it was well positioned around his Anadolu Yakası Escort pelvis. With his cock now fully hard and bulging to escape the material I could clearly make out its shape and the head through the white fabric.

Standing back up I looked at Nick, ‘These are the hottest ones babe, you look so good.’

Just as Nick was about to respond the hushed voice of Ryan the shop assistant came from the other side of the fitting room door. ‘Hey boys, how is everything going in there? Are they the right fit?’

Nick turned to me his face grinning and I knew he was thinking something naughty, I recognised that look from when he had decided to fuck me for the first time back in the hotel room. He turned back to the door, ‘Yeah I think it’s a good fit Ryan and Jordan does too but maybe we need your expert opinion.’ Nick then reached for the door latch and turned it opening the door to the waiting Ryan.

As the door opened Ryan’s eyes moved across the scene inside the fitting room. Me standing there fully clothed and Nick standing wearing just the white thong, his hard 7 inch Chinese cock clearly visible through the material as it bulged against the thin fabric. Ryan’s eyes moved down to the white thong and I saw them widen as he took in the sight of Nick.

‘What do you think Ryan? Do these look good on me?’ Nick smirked at him.

I stood in silence across from Nick waiting for Ryan to answer. He seemed to be thinking and I wondered how this timid shop assistant would respond to this situation.

‘Uh oh ummm yeah they look good on you sir.’ Ryan had now blushed.

‘Sir, well I like that, maybe you should start to call me sir too huh Jordan.’ Nick grinned.

‘I bet you’d like that Nick or should I say sir.’ I laughed back.

We both then turned and a shy looking Ryan was still standing there in the doorway. As I looked over his face I started to realise he had the look of one of those k-pop stars with his smooth looking complexion and innocent charm.

Ryan wasn’t blushing anymore now though and seemed to have taken in the situation with a few controlled breaths. I wondered if he had thought I was the top and Nick the bottom when in fact it was the other way round which he could now clearly see. I thought to myself again was he attracted to Nick or to me.

‘They do appear to suit you well sir.’ Ryan continued, ‘Perhaps your partner Jordan should also try on a pair…I think the blue one would suit him best.’

He was referring to the blue g-string, both Nick and I looked down at the g-string and Nick said, ‘Ah Jordan’s not my partner Ryan more of my white fuck boy if you get my meaning but that is a great idea!’ Turning to face me Nick continued, ‘We’ve found my perfect pair and I think Ryan is right, that blue g-string will make that perfect peach ass of yours even more sexy Jordan.’

It was now my turn to blush as Nick spoke openly about my ass and that I was his fuck boy to Ryan the Asian shop assistant. I could feel my cheeks reddening and Nick stepped towards me leaning in and kissing my cheek gently whispering, ‘Let’s see how this plays out sexy, exciting huh?’

He then turned back to Ryan, who was still lingering in the doorway and asked, ‘Ryan, since you have such great taste would you be able to assist Jordan here in putting them on? I would do it but he’s already helped me put mine on and I don’t want anything falling out if I were to help. As you can see I’m kind of bursting at the seams.’

Nick’s meaning was that his cock could break free from the white thong if he were to help me undress and put on the blue g-string which we all got from his subtlety.

Looking from Nick to Ryan I saw a smile spread across his face and he stepped forward joining us inside the fitting room and closing the door behind him. Nick stepped back so that he was leaning with his back against the side wall watching on as Ryan now approached me on the other side of the fitting room.

Ryan looked at me with his big black eyes, we were the same height which made it easy to stare into each other’s eyes. He reached down picking up the g-string and asked, ‘Will you need assistance removing your clothes Jordan?’ I noted that Ryan only referred to Nick as Sir while calling me by my name. He seemed to have assessed the dynamics of us and was more comfortable saying my name.

I told him no and then reached down to the waist of my jeans and dropped them to the floor. As I stepped out of them Nick’s voice rose, ‘Don’t forget to take off your top too Jordie, I want to be able to judge the outfit properly as if I were about to bend you over and pull the g-string to the side so that I could fuck you.’

I was getting more and more turned on by the way Nick spoke so openly in front of Ryan and I noticed that Ryan’s lips too had spread slightly wider at Nick’s words. I listened to Nick and pulled my top up over my head and dropped it on the floor next to my jeans. I now stood before both Nick İstanbul Escort and Ryan in the same pink bare butt briefs I had worn on the night at the hotel.

With my athletic body and plump ass on display that Nick had called a perfect peach I could feel Ryan breathing faster. Nick spoke again, ‘Fuck you are so hot Jordan, ok Ryan time to swap the pink ones for that blue one you suggested. Go on get down on your knees and make the switch.’

As I stood there my cock was growing harder at the thought of Nick watching on as Ryan removed my pink underwear and replaced it with the blue g-string. Ryan moved into position getting onto his knees like I had done for Nick and then looking up at my eyes he grinned as he reached for my briefs and in a swift motion pulled them down to my ankles revealing my now hard 6 inch cock.

‘Oops sorry Ryan, looks like Jordan’s excited at having you here with us.’ Nick smirked.

I watched as Ryan looked at my cock his focus firmly on me as he listened to Nick’s words then holding out the g-string he motioned for me to step into the straps which I did and he started to move it up my legs. I felt his soft hands brush against my skin the first physical contact between us.

Without hesitating Ryan reached forward placing his right hand around the shaft of my 6 inch cock causing me to shudder at his firm touch and while pulling the g-string up my ass crack he pushed my cock into the front pouch of the material.

Still kneeling down Ryan adjusted the waistband and tugged at the rear of the g-string causing the thin strap to disappear up between my ass cheeks. He reached up again then cupping my bulging cock and ensuring it was contained in the blue material then turned to Nick and said, ‘I knew this one would look sexy on him.’

Grinning back Nick replied, ‘You sure were right Ryan, thanks for the help too. It’s not every Asian guy that can get himself a blonde white boy as his cock slut.’

‘Hey you want me as much as I want you Nick.’ I smirked back.

‘That’s true.’ Nick conceded, ‘Hell I’d let you suck my cock right here in front of Ryan and I bet you would do it too huh Jordan?’

‘If Ryan wants to watch I ain’t going to stop him, I did let you and your cousin fuck me in front of my ex after all.’ I replied to Nick confidently.

Ryan still on his knees interrupted us then as he found confidence in his own voice saying, ‘I don’t mind watching, I’d like to see a white boy bottom for us Asians for a change.’

‘Well that settles it, get over here Jordan my cock’s desperate for those big lips of yours.’ Nick then pushed the material of the thong to the side exposing his 7 inch hard Chinese cock.

Looking down at Nick’s cock I ignored Ryan’s presence in the fitting room and moved to my knees before Nick taking his cock into my right hand and balls into my left and commenced licking the shaft and head of his cock.

‘Ohhh yeah that’s it, lick my cock, show me how much you love it. Don’t forget the balls either.’ Nick leaned back against the wall as he pushed out his pelvis to my face.

I licked up the length of his shaft again and planted my lips to the head of his big cock kissing it seductively before lifting his balls to my lips and licking each one then sucking on them as well. After licking his cock some more I opened my mouth wide and moved my lips over the head of Nick’s 7 inch meat. With my lips pressing against the head of his cock I peered to the side before descending down onto his Chinese spear watching Ryan’s reaction as he saw Nick’s cock disappear into my mouth.

Slurping sounds filled the fitting room and Nick moaned out in pleasure at having me service his cock with my mouth. Beside us the shop assistant Ryan had moved his hand into his pants as he sat on the floor watching the action and started to stroke his own cock within his pants.

‘Ohhhh yesss that’s it Jordan suck it like that, ohhhh you’re such a great cock sucker.’ Nick moaned.

My lips were now moving up and down the length of Nick’s cock sliding up and down the shaft that now glistened with a coating of my saliva. I was doing my best to suck his cock and give him the best blow job. I also enjoyed showing off my skills in front of an audience with Ryan in the fitting room.

Nick looked down at me as his cock moved in and out of my mouth and throat then looked over to Ryan who he could see was stroking his own dick within his pants. ‘Bet you wish you had a white boy of your own like me huh Ryan?’

‘Oh yes sir I do, you are lucky to have such a hot blonde white boy that takes your Asian cock. I haven’t met a white bottom yet that enjoys Asians like this.’ Ryan exclaimed as he moved his hand out of his pants releasing his member. His face had now taken on a tense sexual glow as his eyes focused on me.

He watched intently as my mouth moved all the way down Nick’s cock till my lips were pressing into his pubis and his balls were resting against my chin. Nick held my head in place enjoying the feeling of having me deep throat his 7 inch pole. ‘Yeah take it all Jordan, how’s that feel down your throat? You love my cock don’t you blonde boy.’

I groaned back onto his dick nodding my head slightly as well showing that I was loving sucking Nick’s big dick.

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