Night Shift

Night ShiftLorraine was on night shift again, she works on a rehabilitation ward and most of the patients are elderly, there was a new patient who had just been admitted, he was the same age as Lorraine and she found him to be nice, they could talk about things when the night shift was quiet and she could talk to him about her divorce as he was in the process of getting divorced as well. There was only two nurses on duty on a night and if they had a quiet spell then one would try and get some sleep and the other would walk the ward. There was two wards, upstairs and downstairs, sometimes one of them might have to help downstairs and vice versa.The new patient Graham was due a rub down, this was done quite often as sometimes they could spend quite some time in one place, Graham wasnt really needing this as he was more mobile than most patients, but it was part of his treatment so it was done anyway, when Lorraine moved Graham onto his side she felt that his fist had fell between her legs and was pressing ever so slightly on her mound, she ignored it thinking that it was innocent and carried on rubbing Grahams back, she could feel the knuckles on one his hands begin to push just a little bit more into her and with her movement and this extra pressure she could feel a tingle between her legs, it was very pleasurable and she began to move just a little more briskly as she carried out her work, her dress was quite thin as it was summer and she wore only a thin pair of white brazil knickers, she always wore white knickers for work as it felt more professional. she could feel that his hand was kırıkkale escort moving just a little bit and seemed to rub just in the right place and she could feel the knuckle pressing right on her clit, this was getting a bit too much but she couldnt stop herself now, she worked this to her advantage and just kept moving while she rubbed him down and kept the hand just in the right place as she worked, she could tell she was very wet and knew she was on the verge of coming. She massaged more vigorously and pressed her cunt into his fist a bit more, she had to bite her tongue as she felt herself coming, she shuddered as she felt the waves of pleasure overcome her, but he didnt seem to notice. She stood up as if nothing had happened, Graham said “thanks Lorraine, that was very nice”.Lorraine went back to her office and sat down, this wasnt like her at all,but she really enjoyed it. She sat in the chair trying to work out why she did what she did, she hadnt had any sexual contact with a man for over a year, but she did find Graham attractive. She decided she would call back in to see him later and see if he mentions anything.2 hours later it was time for Grahams blood pressure to be checked, she said to Martin, one of the agency staff that she would go and do it. She walked into Grahams room and pushes the door too behind her, “Hi,it is time for your blood pressure check ” As was so warm Graham only had a light sheet covering him.” Graham says ” i think you will find it will be up nurse, i have been thinking about my massage earlier, i am sure you rubbed yourself off on my hand” kırıkkale escort bayan Lorraine says “oh,you think so”, “well i have never had scratch marks on my back before from a massage and look at this” he pulls the sheet down to show his hard cock, ” what are you going to about that”. Lorraine bends over the bed and sucks the cock straight into her mouth, she couldn’t help herself, Graham gasps and cant believe his luck, Lorraine is a gorgeous blond nurse who is now sucking his cock, she looked as if butter wouldnt melt in her mouth, by god she was good, he moves his hand between her legs and starts to work his hands up the inside of her legs as she begins to really work on him. Lorraine feels his fingers work up the inside of her dress, she has never felt so horny or naughty, she never ever thought she would ever do anything like this, she can feel how wet she is even before his fingers reach the edge of her panties, it feels so good, it has been such a long time since a man has had his hands on any part of her body, she sucks his cock like she never has before, the feeling of this hard cock in her mouth is already making her come even before he begins to rub her slit through her panties, Graham pulls the edge of her knickers to the side and now he has full access to her soaking pussy, he rubs her clit with his thumb and pushes two fingers inside her, rubbbing the flesh just inside her cunt, Lorraines knees begin to buckle and she can feel that she is going to come very hard if he keeps that up, she rides his fingers as she sucks ever harder on his cock, the lace escort kırıkkale on her panties is rubbing on her clit driving her wild, she feels his cock get harder and he grabs her hair to hold her head as he comes in her mouth, Lorraine swallows it all down, she has always loved come in her mouth and she sucks greedily at his cock to get every last bit out, she feels herself coming as he thrusts his fingers in and out of her cunt, her panties are soaking with juices and she hasnt come like this for ages, as she looks up she see,s Martin stood at the door with a big grin on his face.She feels like her whole world has collapsed, she is going to be in big trouble, Martin doesn’t say a word but walks round to the side of the bed and pushes Lorraine over Grahams lap, he grabs her by the hair and holds her down as he pulls his cock out and pushes it into her wet pussy, he has really hit the spot and Lorraine goes weak, she always has loved being back scuttled and being held down as well by the hair and taken against her will has always been a dark secret of hers. She begins to moan and tell Martin to fuck her harder, Graham has his hand on her pussy mound and rubs her clit while she is being pounded by Martin, he feels himself begin to come and Lorraine has a massive orgasm when she feels the come empty into her, Martin pulls his trousers up and leaves the room as if nothing has happened, Lorraine cant get up straight away and Graham continues to rub her Slipperey cunt until Lorraine comes again. She manages to compose herself and gets up, Graham has managed to pull her panties down to her knees and makes it plain he wants her knickers, she slips them off and as she leaves the room she can see he already has them up to his face. She goes to the toilet and wipes herself down before she goes back to the office, how can she face Martin now, never mind Graham.

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