Night Under The Moonlight


Night Under The Moonlight’Hello Stranger,’ whispered Samantha seductively as she opened the front door and leaned against the doorway.’Hi Beautiful,’ said Fred as he ran a finger across her cheek before cupping her face and claiming her mouth for a hot scorching kiss.’Come on, in,’ said Samantha as she regained her breath and opened the door wide enough, to let Fred in.Fred closed the door and dumped his briefcase on the nearby couch. He shrugged out of his jacket and dropped to his knees before her, cupping her belly which seemed to fascinate him more and more as the days went by.’How is the little one doing?’ he asked as he pressed a soft kiss to the slight rise, splaying his fingers on her stomach.’Better, I guess. Hasn’t been much of a trouble today,’ she said as she ran her fingers through Fred’s short, cropped hair — loving the feel of it.’And how is the mother doing?’ he asked as he rose and drew her close, dropping a kiss on her forehead.’Much better now,’ she sighed and looped her hands around his waist, absorbing his scent … the faint smell of his aftershave.’Wanna go out for dinner, Sam?’ asked Fred as he pulled back and looked into her light brown eyes which shone with love.’I already cooked the dinner,’ she said apologetically. ‘I didn’t know you would …”Shh … You explain too much,’ he chided playfully and squeezed her backside, forcing her to press closer to him.’Fred …,’ she whimpered as his lips feathered close to hers. ‘Freshen up, baby. I am hungry,’ she said, pushing him back.’Yeah, I will,’ he said and then grinned before adding, ‘can’t keep the mother of my baby hungry, can I?’Samantha tried to stifle a smile as Fred walked into the bedroom after collecting his jacket and briefcase. She walked into the kitchen and collected the plates. She arranged them on the table and then again walked back to bring the mashed potatoes and the steak which she had grilled. After setting the table, she checked the freezer to make sure that the dessert was cold enough. She sat on the couch in the living room, waiting for her Fred. Fred … He was still the same — funny, handsome and caring. He was driving her crazy since the day she had told him that she was pregnant. He read to her every night different pregnancy books, making her remember all the important Dos and Don’ts. He made sure she sat beside him and then talked to the baby every day and whispering how much he loved him/her. She used to find the ordeal funny but later on, as the days passed by she knew how much she liked to see Fred murmur the sweet nothings against her belly. Her heart used to swell with love as she saw the big guy become a c***d for the sake of his own. His husky voice touched every string in her heart, making her love him more. It was for the baby but it wasn’t short of a seduction for her. As the days passed by, all she wanted to do was have her bad way with her guy. And then there was the issue of food … Fred was bent on fulfilling every single wish and craving of hers. Even if it was a passing desire, he never passed the opportunity of getting her what she wanted. Now, all thanks to him, she was as round as an apple.’You shouldn’t be thinking so hard,’ whispered Fred as he sat down on the couch beside her. ‘It’s not good for the baby.”I wasn’t thinking,’ she said and laid her head against his chest. ‘I was just relishing the past few months.”Any complaints?’ asked Fred as he clasped her hand and brought it to his mouth.’None that I can remember,’ she said and tried to stand.’Stay here. I will get the food,’ he said as he walked towards the table. ‘Shall we share a plate?’ he asked as he cut the steak and arranged bite size portions on the plate.’The dessert is in the freezer, baby,’ she said as she admired the guy, whose complete attention was on the knife and the steak. His T-shirt stretched across his wide shirt, making his abs even more prominent. And his arms — strong, muscled and they made him look like a hunk. The jeans rode high on his hips, cupping his ass, and the bulge beneath the zipper, indicating how aroused he was, making her want to taste him, lick …’I hope whatever you are drooling over is tastier than the steak,’ he said as he walked towards her and sat down on the couch. ‘Eat up, doll. You can look at me all night long.’She furiously blushed as she opened her mouth and accepted the bite. ‘You were supposed to play ignorant,’ she said as she snatched the fork from him and offered him a mouthful.’Was I?’ he asked as he swallowed the meat. Before Sam could answer, he added, ‘It’s very difficult to be ignorant when you keep looking at me like that.”Like how?’ asked Sam as she took one bite.’Like I am the best thing that has ever happened to you,’ he answered and accepted the morsel from Sam.’That you are,’ she whispered softly as she tucked her hair behind her ear, and offered him a cute smile.’Baby, don’t do this to me. I am a man and I can take only a little provocation,’ he said as he ran his fingers over her soft lips, feeling them tremble beneath his touch.’The dessert, please,’ she pleaded as she placed the plate of steak on his lap. ‘I need the sugar,’ she said with a pout, making him want to give her the world if she asked for it.’You gotta eat the protein, doll. Sugar won’t do you any good,’ he said as he raised the fork to her mouth.’What about the fat?’ she asked accepting the bite. ‘I won’t fit in the door by the time your baby comes out.”Our baby, sweetie,’ he said as he dabbed at her mouth with the napkin, wiping the sauce away. ‘And moreover, I can remodel the house a little bit,’ he chuckled and walked away before Sam could punch him.’I will be right back with the dessert,’ he said and walked into the kitchen, humming a song.’Make it soon,’ she said aloud as she flipped on the television and flipped through the channels, before settling down a romantic movie.’Back to your old love?’ asked Fred as he sat down beside Sam, cradling the bowl of chocolate soufflé carefully.’You were taking way too long,’ she said without taking her eyes off the screen.’Here,’ said Fred as he directed a spoonful of the sweet dish towards Sam.She opened her mouth and slurped the dessert, looking at the spoon just for a few seconds. ‘Let me watch,’ she protested as she redirected the spoon towards Fred, ‘you eat first.”I am jealous,’ muttered Fred as he looked at the screen scornfully. ‘It is stealing my wife,’ he said pointing to the black box.’Fine … fine,’ said Sam exasperated. She shifted closer to Fred forcing him to lay back against the couch. She was almost in his lap as she pressed a flurry of kisses on his face, before running her finger seductively over his cheek. ‘Better?”Much better,’ he replied as he picked up a chocolate chip and fed her. ‘You don’t know how much possessive I am about you.”I know,’ she remarked as she entwined her fingers into his and laid her head on his shoulder, watching the couple on the screen kiss.***Sam stood in their bedroom, applying the moisturizer over her thighs and abdomen, before moving to her arms. She tried to reach her feet but she couldn’t do it, with the bundle of fat obstructing her efforts.’Do I look fat?’ asked Sam as she looked at her form in the mirror, twisting and turning around. ‘Should I workout … something which would suit pregnant women?’ She looked at his reflection in the mirror and asked again, ‘What do you think, baby?”You look the same, Sam. Even more beautiful now,’ he said not taking his eyes off from the screen of the television.’You are not even looking at me,’ whined Sam as she pouted and walked towards the bed.’You look beautiful, wifey,’ he said as he extended his hand, wanting her beside him.Samantha looked at his extended hand and then turned her gaze towards the screen. A commercial was running and it featured a young, 20 something girl — talking about some God-knows-what product. She now understood why she didn’t have Fred’s attention before.’She is beautiful, isn’t she?’ buca escort asked Sam, closely gauzing Fred’s reaction.’Hmm … maybe,’ replied Fred, hardly interested in anything other than his beautiful Goddess standing before him, wearing nothing but a negligee which cupped her belly protectively. His c***d, a life created by him and his beautiful Samantha, growing, making his/her presence known, as the days passed by …’Do you want her?’ Sam asked, making Fred reel back a little. ‘Who?’ asked Fred as he tried to comprehend what she was saying. And then he remembered her earlier question. ‘Surely you don’t think …”You want her, don’t you?’ asked Sam, moving away from the bed. ‘Well, that didn’t take a lot of time, Fred. It has been just 4 months since I have become unappealing … And here you are waiting to fuck some nubile, young teenager.”Unappealing?’ asked Fred as he looked at Sam who didn’t look like she was making any sense. ‘Who the hell said that you are unappealing? And who said that I want to fuck some girl?”I can see it in your eyes, Fred,’ she snorted as she pulled a robe, suddenly desperate to cover her nakedness. ‘You hate me … hate the fat, ugly, sugar craving woman that I have become.”Baby, come here,’ said Fred as he tried to close the distance between them.Sam snarled and moved away, forcing him to restrict his movement. ‘Don’t come close to me. I am not your baby anymore.”Sam, don’t behave like this. I come across many girls in my day-to-day life, sweetie and you, of all people, know this. That doesn’t mean that I want to fuck each one of them. I only want you … you, dammit …”So, you do look at the girls around you?’ she asked, as she walked towards him and stood before him, her brown eyes almost black with anger. ‘Quite benevolent of you, isn’t it? So, do you fantasize about them? Oh! I forgot. Maybe you think about all those beauty chicks when you fuck me. That’s right.”Stop it, Sam. This is going way out of line,’ thundered Fred as he looked at his Sam, making accusations at him, accusing him of crimes which he hadn’t even committed … hadn’t even dreamed of committing. ‘Why should I stop, Fred?’ raged Sam, making her fingers tighten into a fist as she walked out of the bedroom. ‘I hate you, Fred. Go and fuck some girl who looks like a doll.’Fred looked at Sam as she walked into the guest bedroom and slammed the door shut. He didn’t understand what was wrong with her. They had their dinner together, smiling, flirting, and basking in the love which surrounded them. And now, here she was, in a different room after hurling some baseless accusations at him. What had gotten into her head? Why was she acting so paranoid? Why was she conjuring up some insane thoughts? And why the hell was she this hormonal? Unless … unless she was completely driven by her hormones. And then it struck him, like a lightning … Chuckling to himself, he mentally planned the entire seduction scene for his Samantha … By the time, the night would end, Sam would be pretty sure of the fact that Fred needed and wanted her more than any other girl in the entire universe.***’Sam … baby, open the door. I know you are angry,’ said Fred as he knocked on the door of the guest bedroom. He knocked twice but there was no response. He knew that she might have fallen asleep. But if she locked the door … He turned the knob and the door opened with a click. And he saw her … asleep on the bed … her hair covering her angelic face. He walked inside knowing that if she woke up, he was going to face hell. But he didn’t and couldn’t leave things as they were. Sam may be driven by her hormones but he wasn’t. He knew the truth … he knew how much she loved him and she just needed to know how much he loved her …He sat beside her and moved the strands away from her face. She still seemed to be angry. He stroked his thumb over cheek, relishing the feel of her silky soft skin beneath his roughened one. He brushed his lips against hers, touching them for a few seconds, making sure that he didn’t wake her up. He carefully wrapped his arms around her and hauled her into his arms. She instinctively curled into him, looping her arms around his neck, her head laid on his shoulder. ‘I hate you,’ she mumbled in her sleep, making him grin. Hell! He should be angry but she sounded damn cute and she looked too innocent, sleeping like that in his arms, trusting him completely.Sam protested the moment he lowered her to her feet. ‘Get up, sweetheart,’ whispered Fred against her ear as he shook her shoulders, driving away the sleep and wrapping a protective arm around her waist, drawing her close to his strong body. Sam opened her eyes, a little disoriented at first and then she remembered where she was when had fallen asleep and where she was now. She was looking at the most exotic place on earth. A quilt was spread on the soft grass in their backyard while some pillows adorned its corners. The moonlight spilled across the entire area giving it an aesthetic feel. A bottle of champagne sat in the corner of the quilt, against a pillow, along with 2 glasses. She leaned into Fred, as she stood mesmerized by the beautiful setting. ‘Like it?’ asked Fred as he nudged her a little, bringing her back to reality.Sam only nodded her head as she turned towards him, wanting him to understand how much all this meant to her.’Don’t,’ whispered Fred as soon as Sam opened her mouth. ‘Let me do the talking for a little while,’ he said seductively, running his thumb over her lower lip.’Ok,’ she said softly and allowed Fred to pull her into the backyard … the feel of soft grass beneath her feel beyond exquisite.Fred helped Sam down, propped the pillows behind her back, making sure that her back didn’t pain and she was comfortable. ‘Just one small drink,’ he said as he unscrewed the cork and poured some champagne into a glass before handing it to her.He filled his own and raised a toast. ‘To the most wonderful and beautiful girl in my life.’Sam only blushed as she sipped her drink, making sure not to take too much of it. The guy was used to spoiling her. But now … even after a fight, he still spoiled her with the pampering, the compliments and the look in his eyes which spoke more than his words did. ‘Have you thought about some names?’ Fred asked casually, moving closer to Sam.’Not yet,’ she said as she looked at him, hoping that he didn’t hate her for what she had said.’I don’t hate you,’ whispered Fred as if he she had expressed her fears aloud. He pulled her close and dropped a kiss on her forehead. ‘I love you like I always do and may be more now, because I understand how possessive you are of me.”I am sorry … I …’ and before she could complete, Fred silenced her with a finger on her lips. ‘Shh … Don’t say that. I know how you felt. I shouldn’t have allowed you to think that you didn’t appeal to me. I love you more than anything else, sweets and I always will, Samantha.”But …”Don’t talk,’ ordered Fred as he moved dangerously close to her. He took the glass from her hand and dumped it far away. She could breathe in his scent, making her crave for more of him. ‘Why do you torture me, sweetie? Is it not enough that I spend my entire day thinking about you, dreaming about you, wanting you?’ asked Fred as he rested his forehead against hers. ‘Even if I am in a meeting or in the office all I think about is you …’ he confessed. His lips hovered over before briefly brushing against hers. ‘Dammit, baby, I am hard all the time and all I can think about is making love to you. You are like an addiction, honey. The sweetest of all and the deadliest of all … Because what you do to me makes me go bonkers.’Samantha curled further into him, his voice humming in her ears, making her want to push him onto his back and ride his hard, long cock which was pressing against her rear. ‘Fred …’ sighed Sam as he claimed her mouth for a deep, eating kiss … The kiss was just an indication escort buca of how important he considered her and how much he loved her. ‘How can I look at any other girl, Sam? All I see is you … It’s been 4 years since we got married and 7 years since we know each other. But still I can’t get enough of you and neither can you. I have seen the way your eyes follow me, your gaze lingering over some parts of my anatomy which you find appealing …”Not appealing, Fred,’ countered Sam as she snaked her hands under his T-shirt and ran her fingers over his nipples, raking her nails over them, making them erect. ‘I find them sexy and sometimes all I want to do is eat you up. I bet you would taste damn good. Because some parts of your body definitely taste damn good,’ she winked, making sure he got the message. ‘Pregnancy suits you,’ admitted Fred as he undid the sash of her robe. ‘You look sexier and fuller than ever, completely ruled by your hormones and I get every chance to pamper and spoil you.’Sam protested as Fred slid the robe down her slender arms. He silenced her with a kiss, which had her reeling back, until Fred held her close to him. Damn, how could any girl resist any temptation like him? He only had to touch her and she would go up in flames.He eased her into a sitting position and then lowered the straps of her negligee. He went down on his knees as he pulled the skimpy gown over her head. His gaze dropped to the swell of her belly and he went still. She held her breath, wondering if the moment was lost, but to her utter shock, he laid his cheek over the bump and turned his mouth just enough to press a kiss to her taut skin.She inhaled sharply, the bite of emotion harsh in her throat. She slid her fingers through his unruly hair, her touch gentle and loving.Slowly he pulled away and then he lifted her just enough that he could ease her panties off.’I promised you a massage long back,’ he said in a husky voice. ‘And I think I am going to enjoy it more than you will.’She cast him a doubtful look, but okay, if that’s what he wanted to think. Right now his hand on her body was about as good as it got.He curled his arms underneath her and lifted so that he could position her on her side. She was naked, facing away from him.During a long pause, she glanced over her shoulder to see him disrobing a short distance away. He had a gorgeous, lean body. He wasn’t pretty or polished. There was just enough edge to his appearance to send her girlie senses into overdrive.He strode back to the quilt and got on his knees behind her. When his hand slid over her hip, then wandered to her back and shoulder, she closed her eyes and sighed in contentment.Sam looked beautiful in the moonlight. Her body glowed under the light, her breasts erect, pointed and begging for his mouth. Her entire body simmered and he weighed her breasts in his hand. It was all he could do before he hauled her back into the house and made crazy love to her.His mouth followed, pressing hot against her neck and then gliding over the curve to her shoulder. When he pulled away, he put both hands to her back and gently began to stroke and caress until her eyes rolled back in her head.He worked methodically, leaving no part of her flesh untouched. He stroked down to her buttocks, molding the plump globes with his palms before working lower to her thighs.Nudging her over onto her back, he lifted one leg and began working the muscles with those to-die-for hands. He worked all the way down to her ankle and then began massaging her foot.She floated somewhere else, hovering on a cloud of sensory overload. Then he lifted her foot and kissed her instep. She nearly lost it right there. It was the most erotic sensation she had ever experienced and it was just her foot! But the man made every single touch so damn sexy.He moved to her other leg but she was only dimly aware. She let out a blissful sigh and surrendered to the euphoric sensation of having a sinfully handsome man cater to her every pleasure.Each caress sent warmth all the way to her soul. She opened her eyes and watched in fascination as he rose over her, gently parting her thighs before settling his upper body between them. The moonlight shone over them, making the act look even more beautiful and making her want to stay there forever.For a brief moment he glanced up and those sizzling blue eyes connected with hers. His mouth crooked up into a half smile and then he lowered his head to her most intimate flesh.She couldn’t call back the moan. She twisted restlessly but he kept her firmly in place with those hands at her hips. He kissed, licked and made love to her with that delectable mouth. He had such a talented tongue and he was driving her crazy.She reached for his hair, twisting her fingers with almost desperate strength as she arched into him. He delved deeper with his tongue, loving her with long, lazy strokes. Then he moved one hand from her hip and slid his fingers deep into her warmth.It was more than she could withstand. She bowed beneath him, tightening to the point of near pain and then she reached her peak in a quick, tumultuous burst.He tenderly kissed the quivering bundle of nerves, eliciting another shudder from her before he moved his mouth up to her belly to lavish gentle attention on it.His hands molded to the swell and there was such reverence in his touch that she had to swallow back the knot forming in her throat.’Tell me if I hurt you.’He shifted upward, positioning himself between her thighs. He held his weight off her with one palm pressed to the quilt while he used his other hand to guide his erection to her opening.Tentatively he pressed forward, his gaze never leaving her face as he probed deeper. She pulsed around him, still hypersensitive after her orgasm. As he pushed even deeper, she closed her eyes and dug her fingers into his muscled shoulders.’Too much?’ he asked.She opened her eyes to see him eyeing her with concern.’Oh, no,’ she whispered. ‘Not enough.’His pupils dilated. His jaw tightened and bulged and he drew in a deep breath as if he were trying valiantly to maintain control.She lifted her hands to frame his face, caressing his jaw as she stared up at him.’Make love to me, Fred. Don’t hold back. You won’t hurt me.’He closed his eyes and emitted a harsh groan. Then he turned his face into her hand and kissed her palm. Carefully he lowered himself until her belly pressed into his. He rested his forearms on either side of her shoulders and then pushed deeper.His mouth found hers. Hungry. Hot. Demanding even as he was exceedingly gentle.He found a slow, sensual rhythm, rocking against her as he filled her again and again. He was patient, working her up that slow rise all over again.It was less urgent this time. Mellow. A lazy climb upward as pleasure filled her. She felt weightless, surrounded by him. She felt … loved. His mouth skimmed down her jaw to her neck where his teeth grazed the sensitive skin underneath her ear. Then he raised his body just enough to send himself even deeper inside her.She gasped, and then clutched at his shoulders, digging her nails into his flesh. She arched upward, wanting, needing more.’That’s it, baby,’ he murmured. ‘I love how you respond. Always with me one hundred percent.’She closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him down so they were close. So close that his warmth bled into her body and she had no sense of where he began and she ended.He shuddered against her. Let out a hoarse cry. She moaned softly and then whispered his name as the world crashed around her. Arching. Sighing. Undulating.Their bodies moved in quiet unison until they were wrapped tighter than braided rope.She melted back onto the soft coverlet, so sated that she couldn’t even contemplate moving. For a moment he rested above her, his weight only barely pressed to hers, and then he rolled to the side, taking her with him.He pulled her in close, anchoring her head in buca escort bayan the hollow of his neck. His heart tripped frantically against her cheek and she inhaled deeply, wanting to capture his essence and imprint it in her memory. He didn’t speak but neither did she. ***’Let’s go inside, Sam baby,’ said Fred softly as he carefully pulled her into a sitting position before lifting her into his arms. ‘I can walk, mister,’ she said as she looped her arms around him, loving the feel of her breasts brushing against his hard chest.’I know, you can walk, sweetie,’ murmured Fred as he turned towards their bedroom. ‘But I love to carry you around. Makes me feel good.”Hmm … hmm,’ sighed Sam as he entered the bedroom and walked over towards the bed. He eased her down onto the mattress. He hung over her, his eyes fierce and hungry. Her breath caught when he came down over her, hard and unrelenting. His mouth claimed hers once more and it was several long seconds before she could breathe again.Carefully his palms slid over her slim form to the gentle swell of her belly. He cupped it, and then to her shock, he lowered his head and kissed the firm bump.’I am sorry,’ he whispered. ‘I am sorry I didn’t take care of your Mommy.’Emotion knotted his throat, making the words almost indistinguishable, but the harsh apology hit her right in the heart. Nobody who heard it could possibly think he didn’t regret his actions with all his heart. He was essentially stripped and bare, standing before her starkly vulnerable.She gently wrapped her arms around him to pull him close. ‘It’s all right, Fred. You are not the one …”I should have never done anything in the first place which might have indicated that I found you unappealing,’ he said as he looked into her eyes. ‘I am not being good …’She pulled him higher to fuse his mouth with hers. Their tongues flirted and played and then he plunged deeper, overwhelming her with his essence. His body moved possessively over hers, though he was careful not to put his weight on her abdomen.’You are the best any girl can get, Fred. No husband is as considerate and as loving as you are.’ And she knew this really well, because her friends always talked about how much Fred loved her and wished for a husband like hers.’As you say, Samantha,’ murmured Fred and kissed her neck, in turns gentle and then rougher until she was sure she did wear marks the next day. He licked and nibbled at her skin, sucking lightly as he made his way lower.When he got to her breasts, he hovered just over one of the tips and then tilted his head up so he could meet her gaze.’Are they more sensitive now?’ he asked huskily.He ran his thumb over one crest as he awaited her response. A shudder worked over her body.’Yes, definitely.”Then I shall be extra careful.’With infinite tenderness, he slowly ran his tongue over one rigid peak before sucking it into his mouth. She came off the bed, arching helplessly into him as wave upon wave rolled over her.It had been a long time since he had touched them. She wanted him desperately. The past weeks had been a form of torture. He had been so attentive and caring, yet …With a blissful sigh, she surrendered to those skilled lips of his.But then he moved down, cupping her belly between his large hands and he proceeded to kiss every inch of the taut flesh until tears burned her eyelids.He moved lower still, spreading her thighs as he settled down on the bed. His mouth found her heat and she nearly came apart on the spot.He cupped her buttocks, holding her in place for his seeking tongue. He took long, sensuous swipes, the roughness of his tongue a contrast to his gentle sucking.Her fingers dug into his hair, and she became more restless, nearly wild as she moved in rhythm with his intimate caresses.’Fred, please,’ she begged. ‘I need you.’His feet were off the bed, and he stood, his hands curled around her legs. He pulled her forward so that her behind rested on the edge of the mattress.’Wrap your legs around me,’ he said roughly.As soon as she did, he slid into her.The shock of his hardness made her gasp. Skin on skin.His groan was a harsh exhalation in the silence.His fingers dug into her hips, pulling her closer to him. Then he released her and smoothed his hands over her belly, his fingers suddenly a lot gentler than they had been just moments before.’Don’t let me hurt you.’She reached for him, pulling him down so their bodies met and his heat enveloped her. ‘I know you won’t hurt me, Fred,’ she whispered. ‘Love me.’He claimed her mouth. His movements were urgent, a layer of desperation buried deep. His hands were everywhere, caressing, stroking, touching, as if he couldn’t get enough of what he wanted. As if he wanted her closer still.She wrapped her body around him, holding him as he drove deeper inside her. Release wasn’t as important as the intimacy of the moment.This wasn’t … sex. It was so much more.She kissed the side of his neck and inhaled his scent and molded her body more fiercely to his.Pleasure was warm and sweet as it slid through her veins. Her release was a slow rise, no sharp edges or tumultuous explosions. Higher and higher she crept until every muscle in her body tensed in expectation.’Fred!’It was a cry of need. It was a plea for help.She felt him in every part of her body. Hard, so very powerful. His muscles bunched and he tensed above her. He whispered her name and she felt him let go.For a long moment he held himself just above her before finally lowering his body to hers.He was like a warm blanket, the very best kind. He pressed his forehead to hers, kissing her with light smooching sounds as their lips met again and again.’Sam,’ he whispered.It conveyed a wealth of things, that single word. She threw her arm and a leg over him, unable to resist the urge to keep him close for as long as she could. ‘I love you,’ she whispered as she placed a soft; barely there kiss on his lips.’I know and I love you too,’ he said and then ran his fingers over her bump and whispered, ‘I love you too, little one. We both do.’Just then Sam felt a small fleeting movement where Fred’s hand was placed. ‘The baby just kicked, Fred,’ she exclaimed as she held onto his hand. ‘Can you feel?”Just a faint kick,’ he said amazed at the feeling of experiencing something so incredible. ‘She kicked again, didn’t she?’ he asked as he felt the slight move beneath his palm.Sam nodded her head and curled further into Fred, resting her head on his shoulder. ‘You think it’s a girl?’ she asked as he entwined her fingers into his.’I want a girl, honey. A cute little daughter … as beautiful and lovely as you are. A tiny little bundle of joy, which can light up my world, just like her mother does.”I want a son, baby,’ she sighed dreamily. ‘Someone as handsome as his father, who will make the girls go crazy over him.”Do you want to know?’ asked Fred as he rose on his elbows and turned towards her. ‘Shall we go to the doctor tomorrow?”No, unless you want …”I don’t want to, Samantha. And if it’s a girl, we could always go for a boy the next time. And if it’s a boy …”… We can go for a girl?’ asked Sam as she ran her finger over his soft lips. ‘You are bent on spoiling me, mister. I am too pampered.”You deserve it, Sam,’ he said as he pulled her hand into his and kissed her knuckles. ‘And just in case, if you were thinking that I won’t drive you crazy the next time you get pregnant …,’ he lowered his face, his lips hovering over hers. ‘… Then let me tell you, Mrs. Turner,’ he murmured against her lips, ‘you are sadly mistaken.”But Fred …”Shh … don’t argue with your husband,’ said Fred as a warning, slightly raising his voice but his eyes indicated that he was teasing her. ‘I know how much you loved to be pampered and looked after, doll. Don’t think I am a dumb guy. You love it when I get all possessive and caring.”I agree,’ sighed Sam, cuddling him as she tried to stifle back a yawn. ‘I love you,’ she mumbled again as she laid her arm possessively around his waist.’Go to sleep, baby,’ he whispered as he stroked her back and positioned her — her head on his shoulder and one of his leg tucked between hers.She snuggled deeper into his embrace and allowed the veil of sleep to overcome her.

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