Night with the Nanny Ch. 02


My mind is running through all the questions that have piled up over the last day. Somehow, I pulled myself away from the computer long enough to accomplish my morning duties and get the kids off to school. Now, with the next few hours free, I find myself once again sitting in front of the computer. I opened the story, expecting to find more words to drive me wild, but instead find that he hasn’t updated anything more. I then switch gears to decide whether or not I will write something back.

I already did a little research online to find out how his computer linking program works. There is a folder on his desktop labeled “Sync.” Inside, there are multiple folders, one of which is labeled “stories.” That is where the story was saved. It is the only story there, and I wonder how many he was planning on writing. My plan, if I decide to go through with it, is to write my own story, and save it to this folder so that he will see it the next time he opens it. I haven’t been able to figure out what the story would entail, only that it really needs to catch his attention if I hope to get a response. I think of different ways I can write it, knowing it won’t be as good of a story as he wrote. As I ponder different scenarios, I find myself getting turned on again.

My cell phone vibrates and brings me back to reality. I glance at it, and my heart skips a beat to see that it’s him texting me, asking how things went last night and this morning. Now is my chance to tell him I found the story and try to get a feel for his reaction. I type “Uneventful night….until I found an interesting story on your computer. Then it was a GREAT night.” I don’t click send, I just sit there and stare at the words until I get too nervous and replace them with “Good…fell asleep early. Kids are good.” I hit send and immediately regret not being more assertive. He sends another text thanking me again and saying he’ll call tonight to touch base.

I know now that I must send him the best story I can possibly write. Quickly, my fingers fly over the keys and the words materialize on the screen before me. My heart races as the story comes together.

A Gift from the Nanny

The night is getting late and I hurry to finish my preparations for my boss before he gets home from work. The kids have long since fallen asleep. I finally finish arranging things in the bedroom and light the candles before changing into the special outfit I bought just for him. As I’m putting my other clothes away, I hear the garage door open and know that he’s home. The time has come; the moment I have been waiting for ever since I made the decision to stop being with him only in my fantasies. I have been dreaming of him for years now, imagining how he would take me in his arms and ravish me. Many a night when he’s working late, I end up on his bed touching myself. I masturbate almost every night I spend at his house and picture him every time I do it.

I hear the front door open and hear him take his shoes off and throw his jacket and briefcase over a chair. I am ready for him, waiting for what seems like hours for him to come upstairs and find me. I hear both doors open down the hall as he checks on the kids. My pulse quickens as I know any minute he’ll walk into his room and all my cards will be on the table. I stand in the bathroom, watching through a crack in the door as he walks up and stands in the doorway, shocked. He’s still trying to process the odd scene as I walk out of the bathroom and lean against the dresser. His eyes widen and his mouth drops open as he stares at me, taking it all in.

I stand before him and feel goose bumps run across my body. His eyes slowly move up my body, starting at my feet. I’m wearing black fishnet stockings that sharply contrast my light complexion. Further up my leg, he sees the bright pink garget belt and then the matching pleated mini skirt. The skirt is a lacey one that I bought after I couldn’t find one short enough for this mission. I altered it to make it shorter, so short it allows my panties to be seen from the back — If I wear them. Tonight however, I chose not to.

He doesn’t seem to move at all as he continues to take me in with his eyes. My arms are covered in fishnet sleeves that match my stockings. A lacey, pink push-up bra struggles to contain my breasts as they rise and fall with my quickened breathing. Around my neck is the necklace he bought for me last Christmas, the ruby sparkling in the candle light. Finally, he brings his eyes to mine. I have on dark eye-liner and a lipstick that matches the rest of my pink ensemble. My hair is up in a slightly spikey style; a way he has told me on multiple occasions that he likes.

He tears his eyes away from me as he looks and sees the two dozen candles lit around the room and the bottle of champagne next to the chocolate dipped strawberries on the bed. I move to the bed and pour two glasses while I watch him stand frozen 1080 porno in the doorway. “Come over her and sit down, Mr. Wright” I say as seductively as I can manage. I feel like my voice cracked a little in my nervousness, and hope he didn’t notice. He moves toward the bed and takes a glass from my hand.

“You did all this for me?” he asks.

“Of course, Mr. Wright. I wanted to show you how special I think you are.” I answer. Usually he complains when I call him Mr. Wright and not John, but tonight I think it’s adding to the fantasy. “And I wanted to give myself to you in ways I have envisioned for a long time.” I push his glass to his lips and he tips it back to take a drink as I mimic his movements. As he lowers his glass, I take a strawberry and feed it to him. He bites tentatively at first, but then allows himself the sweet fruit. As I feed him the first one, I take a second one and lower it below my skirt.

When I raise it to his mouth, I can see a shimmering wetness on it. He hesitates this time, so I lean in and kiss him full on the lips. He doesn’t fight it at all. In fact, his tongue enters my mouth before mine has a chance to enter his. I pull away after our passionate kiss and once again offer him the strawberry that was between my sweet lips moments ago. With the first taste of my juices on the strawberry, he transforms into a different man. He devours the fruit and licks his lips as I rub another one up and down the length of my very wet pussy.

He slides his hand under my skirt and takes the strawberry from my hand, continuing to rub it up and down, coaxing my lips further apart as the chocolate begins to melt against my heat. Finally, he removes the strawberry and raises it to my lips instead of his. I seductively lick it with just the tip of my tongue; then take a bite. He comes in closer, and takes a bite out of the other side, tasting my sweet pussy juice.

Watching each other eat, I can feel the heat rising between us. I remove the rest of the strawberries and the champagne from the bed, too impatient to finish either one.

I sit him on the edge of the bed and kneel down in front of him. I unbutton his shirt and pull open the sides as I lay a gentle kiss on his abs, making his body twitch. “What would you like me to start with, sir?”

A shocked look crosses his face. “Whatever you want, I suppose.”

I slowly creep up the bed, rubbing my heaving breasts against his now exposed chest as I go. I kiss up his body, paying special attention to his nipples and his neck. I lick his ear before whispering, “There will be plenty of time for me to do what I want to do. But for now, I want to hear what you want. I want you to tell your nanny what to do.”

I pull away from his ear just in time to see the look of shock transform into a wide, school-boy grin. He has obviously never seen this side of me, and I can only hope that he’s dreamt of it. “In that case Jackie, I want to see your lips wrapped around my cock.”

I start to loosen his belt and unbutton his pants, never losing eye contact. “Whatever you say, Mr. Wright.” I am able to slide his pants out from under his ass, but decide to leave the boxers on. As I toss his pants to the side, I run a hand up his stomach and over his chest, admiring his body. When my hand returns back down his body, my nails leave five fine lines against his skin. I kiss his stomach as my hand reaches inside his boxers and for the first time, touches his cock. I was hoping it would be starting to get hard, but find instead that I must be doing better that I could ever have hoped to do. The cock in my hand is already rock hard.

I pull it out through the fly in his boxers and start to inspect it. This is the cock I have fantasized about for years, and it’s finally in my hand. It’s about as long as I had hoped, probably right around 7 inches, but much thicker than I imagined. Looking up at him and slowly stroking his cock, I say, “Is this all for me, Mr. Wright?”

He starts to answer as I pull it down toward my mouth, but falls silent as I lick up the length of it, starting down at his balls. When my tongue reaches the head of his cock, I run my nails up his stomach and chest before engulfing his cock fully. I can feel the tenseness in his muscles melt away as my mouth covers his cock. I realize I have never had a cock this thick in my mouth before, and I slowly slide it deeper and deeper, testing how much of it I can fit. When I’ve reached my limit, I slowly and sensuously move my head up and down on his cock, applying pressure with my lips and running my tongue around the sensitive tip. He runs his fingers through my hair, occasionally pushing down, although gently, on my head to take him deeper.

I allow him this little bit of control, knowing that later he won’t have much. One thought keeps circling through my mind as I feel his thick cock pulse in my mouth, “I’m blowing my boss.” The 2 k porno thought seems to drive me wilder and I start to move my mouth more quickly up and down his cock, squeezing and massaging each of his balls. He moans loudly and thrusts his hips up toward me, forcing me to take him even deeper. I feel my gag reflex start to kick in, so I wrap my hand around him and stroke him while focusing my attention on the tip of his cock.

Still stroking him up and down, I pull my mouth off his cock. “I love feeling you throb in my mouth, Mr. Wright. mmmmm, you want to fuck my mouth, don’t you? You can if you promise to be a good boy and not go so deep.” I place his cock against my lips and he pushes it up into my face. I run my hands up and down his chest, occasionally squeezing and pinching his nipples, which makes him moan even louder.

I can feel every bump and vein in his rigid cock as it slides in and out of my mouth. For the first time, I notice how wet my pussy is and I slide a hand down my body and under my sexy little skirt. My fingers are instantly wet and I shiver as a bolt of electricity shoots from my pussy throughout my whole body. I massage myself now, pinching and rubbing my clit as he continues to fuck my mouth.

“Oh yeah, play with that tight little pussy for me” he says. Wanting to prove to him how well I’m doing, I raise my hand to his face and let him lick my juices. I quickly replace my left hand with my right, not wanting to go too long without feeling the amazing sensation. He licks and sucks on my fingers, savoring every bit of my sweetness on them. He starts to push his hips up toward me more quickly, starting to really fuck my mouth hard. I moan while I play with myself, and I know he can feel the vibrations on his cock. I realize I need to take control back from him before he explodes.

I pause from typing and read what I have written so far. I can’t believe how turned on I am by this story from my own imagination. I can feel the wetness growing in my panties, but more surprising is the heat I feel emanating from down there. It’s as if my pussy were being roasted over an open flame. I suppress the deep desire to touch myself, knowing I will have plenty of time for that later. I need to get this all out now while I’m inspired.

I do however start to squeeze my legs together, moving my thighs back and forth; a trick in learned in college that I used to use to stimulate myself during one of my more handsome professor’s lectures. I would usually rush back to my dorm room after his class and masturbate thinking about him in the nastiest of ways. One time I was even able to make myself cum right there in my seat while he was talking about the law of supply and demand. This trick has the desired effect on my pussy, sending repeating shockwaves to my most sensitive spots. I return my attention to the task at hand.

Pushing him back out of my mouth, I stand up and pull a blindfold out from between the mattress and box spring. He doesn’t have time to react before I slip it over his head, blocking out the light. “Now it’s my turn to do what I want.” I push him back a little farther on the bed and pull out the straps I had hidden that are tied to the bedposts. I quickly slide his arms and legs through each strap and pull them tight, covering each arm and leg with kisses as I go.

When he’s tied and stretched over the bed, I realize I never took his boxers off. I grab them and stretch open the fly until they rip apart and I throw them on the floor. I smile to myself as I stand back and look down on my boss; naked, blindfolded and tied to the bed. I take a quick moment to admire his body. For a busy businessman, his body looks as though he makes plenty of time for the gym. His abs tighten and loosen as he struggles to catch his breath. His strong arms and legs pull against his restraints, flexing every muscle in them. I gently scratch my nails up and down each arm and leg, teasing him slowly.

I stand up on the bed and walk forward, placing my feet right above his shoulders. I reach down and grab the headboard as I lower myself down onto him. I adjust my feet to a more comfortable position and end up holding my pussy in the air, only about a foot from his face. I slowly lower it more and once it’s about 6 inches away, he sticks out his tongue, signaling me that he can smell my sweetness. I lower my body now until his stretched out tongue is barely rubbing against my most sensitive of spots. I move my pussy back and forth now against his tongue, allowing him to scoop out drops of juice as he licks. I lower myself further onto his face until I no longer need to support my weight, just to steady it.

I move my dripping pussy against his face as he excitedly eats me. He pushes his face up into my dripping cunt as much as his restraints allow him to. I moan loudly as my pussy twitches, consumed by the attack of his tongue. I grind back and forth, 3 k porno sitting on his face with all my weight now, smothering him with my sweetest of treasures. I barely hear him moan and groan as he devours my pussy, but can definitely feel the vibrations against my clit. I lean back so I’m pushing against his face at an angle and reach behind myself to grab his cock. It twitches as soon as he feels my fingers wrap around it. I quickly stroke him up and down while his tongue dances around my throbbing clit.

I stand up over him and turn around so I can get better access to his beautiful cock. I place my knees on the bed over his out-stretched arms and again lower my pussy against his face, covering his head with my slutty little skirt. His tongue picks up right where it left off, flicking furiously over my clit and licking deeply into my wetness. I reach forward and stroke his cock, watching in fascination as the skin rolls up over the head. I start to bounce my body on the bed, pushing my soaked cunt harder against him, pinning him against the bed.

He starts to run his tongue in a repeating circle around the outside of my clit, and I know I won’t last much longer. My first orgasm of the day starts deep inside my body, tensing all my internal muscles until I can take no more. I allow myself to explode, grinding against his tongue as I feel my moisture intensify even more. It seems to last five minutes while I bounce on him until my clit is too sensitive and I have to dismount his face.

I lay alongside of him for a moment to catch my breath. “How did it feel to eat your nanny’s pussy and make her cum, Mr. Wright?” I grab his cock again, and slowly play with it.

“Amazing, how was it for you?”

“Amazing doesn’t even begin to describe it,” I say. My pussy has stopped twitching now and I’m contemplating my next move.

“I had no idea you were such a sexual being,” he says, still licking the remnants of my juices from his lips.

“Oh, I can be more than that. I can be an absolutely dirty slut…” I pause. “…for the right person. Do you want me to be your little slut for the night, Mr. Wright?” Before he can answer, I take his cock again into my mouth, impressed by his thickness once again.

“Oh yeah” he softly whispers. I don’t know if he’s answering my question, or just enjoying the blowjob, but I’m going to assume it’s both. His cock hasn’t lost any of its rigidity, and may have even grown bigger since it was last in my mouth. I suck him for a moment longer and then pull him out of my mouth to position myself on top of him.

I sit on him, my pussy pinning his cock against his own stomach. I rub my pussy against his cock just as I had done against his face a minute ago. His cock feels incredible rubbing up and down the length of my cunt, and it doesn’t take long before it’s covered in my juices. I lean down and kiss my boss, tasting and smelling my own juices, not yet completely dry, on his face.

“I love being able to smell myself on my man.” I whisper to him. “It drives me wild.” I raise my body only slightly and reach down between us to aim his cock up between my legs. As I sit back down, allowing my pussy to slide over the head of his cock, I realize just how big he’s going to feel inside me. His mouth opens wide and he tilts his head back in pleasure as I allow him inside me another inch, and then two. I let go of his cock and brace myself against his chest as I struggle to fit him inside me. My body relaxes and finally, I’m sitting against his body, my pussy more filled than it’s ever been.

I sit still and delight in the feeling while I run my nails over his chest. I gently pinch his nipples, and when he shows me he likes it by moaning, I pinch harder. I have both of his nipples between my fingers when I start to move my pussy around, gyrating it on his cock. I start out only going in circles, afraid that if I rise at all off his body, I won’t be able to fit him inside me again. As I loosen and get used to his size, I slowly push my ass up off of him, and just as slowly drop it back down against him. Confident that I can now take him without too much adjustment, I lay my body against his, feeling the heat from his skin. I kiss his mouth again, still smelling myself on his lips. I reach behind my back, unclasping my bra. I slide it off my arms and allow my breasts to fall against his chest. I move my body against his, moving his cock in and out of my pussy, feeling myself spread open more than ever before.

As I write, my pussy is throbbing between my legs. I’ve already been able to make myself cum once just by grinding my thighs together, but I know my pussy demands much more direct attention. Just as I slide a hand down inside my panties, my phone rings on the desk and I’m so startled, I almost fall out of the chair. I look at the phone display and see that it’s him. I try to slow my heart rate before answering, but it doesn’t seem to work very well. I answer “Hi, Mr. Wright, how’s your trip?”

“Not bad, how are things around there?” His voice now really turns me on for some reason. I have already decided to allow myself this experience completely, so I slide my hand back down to my dripping pussy.

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