Nighttime Interlude


As I lay sleeping in my bed in the middle of the night I am awakened by the shifting of the mattress. Rubbing the sleep from my eyes I look up and focus on a pair of brown eyes inches from my own. Your warm breath caresses my face as you lean closer to plant a soft kiss on my lips. “I’m here darling,” you say as you ease further onto the bed covering me with your soft warm body. We embrace and kiss as we declare our love for each other. My hands roam over your tiny frame feeling each tender curve marveling how such an amazing woman can look like such a small girl.

You are impatient to be satisfied yet you want to tease me as well. I see the flicker in your eyes as you decide whether passion or playing will win. You have waited so long for this night that you can’t contain the urges and quickly take off my t-shirt and shorts. In your haste you are startled by the sound when the t-shirt tears from my body. Pulling me from the bed you reach for me and moan as I kiss from your ear down your throat. Slowly I unzip your dress and as it slides into a red pool at your feet I drink in the sight of your body fully revealed. cevizli escort No bra, no panties, just you in all of your loveliness caught in the moonlight.

Your body looks delicious and I lift you and place you on the bed so I can sample the feast I see before me. You cling briefly to me as we exchange a passionate kiss then grab my hair to guide me on my trek down your body. Slowly I lick and nibble my way down your body lightly tickling your nipples with my moustache before tasting the slightly salty taste of your skin. I give each breast the attention it craves until your hands in my hair insist I go lower. I wend my way down over your taut tanned stomach tickling and licking my way down until I reach your belly button. I slither my tongue into that slight recess and you moan with the building desire. A sheen of sweat coats your body and the growth stretch marks on your hips lightly gleam like sexy tiger stripes. How fitting considering how I can make your purr.

I pause to admire the view of your trimmed mound and the swollen inner lips. Moisture is already trickling erenköy escort down between your cheeks. I inhale your perfume and then slowly run my tongue around the outside gathering up the juices that have leaked from you. Impatiently, you guide my head to where the itch is greatest and I plunge deep and drink of you as you cry out my name. Your legs wrap around my shoulders onto my back to draw me in as I passionately french kiss your nether lips.

Just shy of your peak I withdraw and slide up your body barely brushing your opening with my manhood. Looking into your eyes I see the wild driving need for release and I move my hips forward swiftly sliding into you in a rush. You are slippery and wet with desire yet still grip me with tightly clenched muscles. A scream rises from your throat but is sucked inward with your sharp intake of breath as you feel completely filled. your throat and chest turn red with the desire that fills you and your toes curl as I vary my strokes. Keeping you on the edge I feel you thrusting beneath me trying to control the rhythm and take even more. esenyurt escort

Rolling you onto your side I spoon behind you feeling your back against my chest. Taking a breast in each hand, I pinch and roll your nipples as I slide back into your tunnel of love. we move together as one mind approaching the top. As you let out a loud moan and your body shudders, you turn your head and we lock lips. Body to body, heart to heart, mind to mind, soul to soul we literal share a breath as your body stiffens. I feel you tense and you begin to come hard around me literally spraying your nectar upon us both in the throws of your orgasm. The rippling sensation as your muscles milk me sends me over the edge and I fill you with jets of my hot seed.

We both nearly pass out from sharing the same breath and the intensity of the feelings that overwhelmed us. Our passion spent for now, I draw her close into the circle of my arms. “Someday soon I want our daughter” she said. We drift off to sleep wrapped in a tight embrace.

I wake in the morning with her gone once more. She slipped away as I slept. Our hearts and our love keep drawing us together but family and fear stand between us. To many people Hate the idea of such intense love between a man of 42 and a woman of 20. Maybe next time she will still be in my arms when I awake and remain there for the rest of our lives. I still pray my wife will return.

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