Niles “Steel” Trapp Ch. 03

2B Yorha

(Wednesday late afternoon, around 5:00, the day my son and I first fucked…)

Niles’ open-mouth kisses are electric. We exchange tongues masterfully. He’s totally hot. My Indiana State University linebacker son is so hot I could not care less that my tits are sagging and my big ass is 51 years old. The way we’re naked and making out, the flooding wetness between my thighs, the way Niles cannot keep his hands from roaming all over my body…I feel as if I’m the most desirable woman he knows.

Oh, yes. Right now no woman is more desirable than Niles’ mother, the one and only Uma Federico Trapp.

“Fuck me, Niles,” I whisper in his ear. “Crawl between your mother’s forever legs and give her that big hard cock.”

That big hard cock has not taken a break. From the time he turned the kitchen door knob to now, two hours later, my son has sported a massive erection. This, of course, is after he came in gushers twice, actually three times, three head-spinning displays of manliness including Mother’s special handjob that got things rolling. My son could be a successful gigolo when he grows up; sexually frustrated wealthy ladies would take care of him and line up for some good fucking by a handsome man with large supple muscles.

Well, I’m the only lady who counts now. And, I don’t see any other ladies, wealthy, frustrated, or otherwise, getting any kind of fucking from my son for at least the foreseeable future.

And, beyond.

Stuff that in your panties, women of the world.

“What if I just touch the tip of the spear to your pussylips? Would that be enough, Mom? Would that satisfy you?”

What a beautiful smile he has plastered on his sexy face. Now, my son is teasing me. A primo pussytease he is. First, Niles has the goods. He looks like a linebacker who’s a Chippendale in his spare time. Then, he’s completely responsible for at least eleven of my eight orgasms today. At first, Niles would fuck me because he was so aroused and knew no other way. Now, he’s grown confident that anytime he fucks his mother or even sucks her clit she’ll just lose all control and come in his arms.

He’s right.

“Niles,” I say, trying the reasoning route. “if you’re going to touch my cunt flaps with the monocle eye of your manhood, you may as well just put the entire nine inchness in. My darling son.”

I’m underneath my son. He’s found his way to the vicinity of my pussy. Niles is so physically deft, so in control of his body, he hovers his six foot 220 pounds of fat-free prime beef over me without any burden on my frame. Effortlessly. That alone is a bitching turn on.

My hips thrust uncontrollably in search of something long and hard. I’m at the mercy of my desires.

I need cock.

“C’mon, baby,” I plead, my hips gyrating. “Stop toying with me. Please. You’ve got your mother mad with passion. Mother needs cock. Fuck your mother, Niles.”

When I tell Niles to fuck his mother, his cock always stiffens and he acquiesces immediately. Then, he’s under my control. Presently, though, my son is under my control yet he’s displaying a world-class athlete’s ability to deny pleasure and accept pain and discomfort in pursuit of the prize.

That’s why Niles is on the All-America watch list for the 2018 season.

An All-America linebacker. My son could end up being an All-America linebacker who makes sweet love with his mother whenever she needs cock, which is regularly.

There’s a sound bite quote for Media Day.

I’ll try begging for more.

“Your mother needs to be fucked, Son. She’s in love with you. You love her unconditionally. Therefore,” I say, as I smile, pant and throttle his throat, “fuck your mother. All will then be right with the world. For both of us.”

Niles chokes a bit, yet his smile is as huge as his dick. He loves me dearly. I know that to be true. My son will do anything for his mother. Anything. But, as it is often said, he’s got me where he wants me.

“Okay, Mom,” he says, grin not abating, “I’m sorry. I was just playing, you know, to see how horny I could make you.”

Niles fucked me so much like a man earlier that I forgot he’s just twenty one and plays a boy’s game. Plays the boy’s game for keeps, mind you, but plays indeed. So, I’ll bargain with him.

“Okay, Mr. Linebacker,” I say. “Just give me part of your cock. Then…we’ll see about the rest. That’s a start, Niles,”

My face is grimacing with the overwhelming need for some solid fucking. “Go ahead. Give me half,” I say. “At least half. Please? I want cock, Niles. I gotta have cock. Your cock is the best ever, my son. Even just half of it.”

“Coming right up, Mother.”

Niles smiles as he slowly inserts his cockhead through my trembling cunt lips.

Oh, finally!

Some thick shaft follows. The motherfucker’s making me come. Right now.


That’ll only encourage him and his ribald, playful behavior.

“I’m going to come, my awesome son,” I barely say with my pounding heart in my throat. “Oh, fuck! Oh, Jesus. Oh. Oh. Oh. bursa otele gelen escort OH! Goddamnit, Niles! That’s it! Are you proud of yourself now? Are you? Oh, Niles! Oh, Son! Oh, holy fuck!”

Niles’ smile has morphed into a smartass’ smirk. “Am I proud? Am I? In a word, Mom, yes, I am!”

“Those are three words, Mr. Dean’s List.” This motherly remark does not prevent me from happily grinding my pussy around Niles’ half cock. Another orgasm is definitely on the horizon…

“Let’s not get too technical, Mother,” Niles says with a laugh.

He continues to stroke me with the half of his huge cock that’s in my pussy. My pelvis is bucking. I can barely take any more of this partial half fuck before I…just…

…melt in my son’s arms…

“Ohh, fuck, Son. I’m having…having…you win. Fuck it. I win, too! Can’t wait…fuck, Niles! Fuck! I mean, fuck me, my son! Can’t wait…holy holy moly! This is the big one! OH! Big! I might die! I’ll at least…oh, God! Take me! I’m delirious!”

I feel as if I’m hyperventilating. I’m sucking in air, oxygenating so I don’t pass out. Meanwhile, I look down my body to see Niles doing a push-up plank, on toes and hands only as he firmly thrusts his hips, plunging half of his cock in and out. In and out. Push-ups, fucking his 51 year old mother very well, no chance of tiring, able, more than able to fuck me all fucking day and all fucking night in a push-up plank. In and out. On hands and toes. Fucking me and fucking me more…

Are there any limits to my son’s physical prowess?

Apparently not.

Extrapolating deep into the future, I can see Niles fucking me like a gymnast on my 60th birthday.

I’d better hit the elliptical more often.

As well, the wink and a smile never leave my son’s gorgeous face during our lovemaking. I gaze into his soulful deep brown eyes as we fuck, together as one. My eyes, my eyes, my beautiful eyes. He has my beautiful eyes. And, my gorgeous face. We look like mother and son.

Yet, it’s the eyes. Indeed. The eyes I gave him.

My eyes.

Bedroom eyes.

Lucky fucker.

“Niles, I love you to Jupiter and back. I am so deeply in love with you, as both a mother and a lover, which for me are not mutually exclusive. You know what I mean. Fucking you, my son, is the best decision I’ve ever made in a lifetime of making great decisions. I could remain underneath you for weeks, with the occasional break to allow you to mount my large white ass and fuck my…my…love canal.”

Niles laughs hard as he pounds my pussy more with just half his cock. “Love canal? Mom! Really.”

“I’ve never in my life said cunt and pussy and pussylips and cunt flaps or any lips so often as I have this afternoon,” I say with a tease of my own. Oh, Christ, Niles’ half-cock feels fucking wonderful. “Never had the chance, I guess. So, I consulted my mental Thesaurus and came up with…love canal?”

I take this opportunity to contract my pussy muscles, squeezing my son’s buried half and causing him to hiss in a deep breath through his teeth. Niles goes bug eyed on that one. That should tempt him into giving me the other half of his cock.

“I’ll accept that answer,” my son says with a deep pant. “So, now it’s time, Mother.”

“Time?” Oh, yeah. Mother’s cunt contractions. Experience wins again.

“Yes. Time to give you my entire cock.”

I can feel the full nine inch cock enter me and smother the insides of my pussy. Gotta make my son think the whole thing is his idea.

“Oh, Son! Oh, fuck me!”

That’ll do it.

Victory is mine.


(Wednesday evening, around 7:00)

Let’s see…I lost count after two fucks. I thought I felt a fourth one in there somewhere…

One would imagine I, a high-priced attorney who has fucked exactly zero men over three years, would really get into it and have every one of today’s fucks counted and catalogued, ranked with comments and color-coded.

Can’t ask Niles about the number of fucks. He’s sacked out. My son has always slept after football workouts, from Pee Wee to Indiana State spring drills. This morning I didn’t let him take that nap – we had better things to do – so he’s catching up.

Niles is a babydoll when he sleeps.

Coaches schedule spring practices with at least one recovery day between workout days to maximize the effectiveness of the collisions. March and April are when you find out who the hitters are for September, October, and November. And, Niles thrives and flourishes in the spring.

He’s definitely a hitter.

It’s all about natural selection.

My son is still naked. I’m wrapped in a bedsheet. His body…damn. I feel my cunt with my free hand. Niles’ come mixed with my buckets of love juices keep the electronic pussy slippery and ready. This 51 year old female college football fan with an acute sex addiction wants to fuck her linebacker again soon. Very soon. As I stroke my damp clit a few dozen times – that feels good, keeping escort bayan my pussylips at simmer – I decide the best way to describe Niles is in reference to the front cover of a romance novel. He’s that bodice-ripper in human form, shirt torn to his narrow waist, large breasted woman in his arms…especially when my son is lying on his back. A woman gains full perspective for what a man should look like when Niles’ cut torso and ripped biceps and forearms are on display.

I can’t decide which flips my switch more, Niles’ six-pack abs or his powerful legs.

Or, his flaccid cock, an impressive four inches in length with girth, attached to a very sexy scrotum, the preview of coming attractions.

‘Coming’ attractions, baby.

Interestingly, my son’s cock is both beautiful and enormous, yet it’s not the largest I’ve witnessed; that honor goes to Niles’ father, my dirtbag ex. Granted, the dirtbag ex was at one time talented with his big tool, but the body was getting soft and flabby and, at age 57 when we last fucked, he needed 150 milligrams of Viagra, a whopping dose, to just to get it up for one round. Two rounds were asking for the impossible. I spent too many years frustrated and awake as the dirtbag snored loudly, wondering what could be.

Little did I know the solution would eventually be aged twenty one and right down the hallway, jacking off while thinking about my ass.

It occurs to me something I read weeks ago is precisely true. A woman, who by her admission is her son’s lover, noted that it’s nature’s way to get mothers and sons together; the mother, typically in her early to mid-forties, and her son, most usually nineteen or older, are simultaneously peaking sexually. And, in the interest of nature eliminating competition, the mother’s contemporary man is getting fat and losing stamina while the son’s girlfriends are inexperienced, impetuous, and difficult to understand. Voids created by that unsatisfactory sex bring mothers and sons closer and closer still as he attains physical maturity beyond eighteen and she becomes more appreciative of the remarkable changes to her sexuality. The love and trust already existing in that close relationship creates a lustful attraction that flows easily, which is just what they deserve – even the ones who don’t fuck. Mix all this in a huge Petrie dish and there you have it.

It’s a match made in DNA.

I have a fun idea…

“Niles,” I coo in his ear. “Niles…wake up, my wonderful, manly sleepyhead son. It’s your mother. She needs fucked…”

That stirs the pot. Niles cracks his eyelids open, barely. He smiles.

His cock begins to grow.

What wonderful acts of altruism did I do for mankind in my present life or past lives to deserve the Karmic sex I’m enjoying today?

“Mom,” Niles says. He stretches that muscular body. Oh, my God, Son. Pour the sugar on my cunt lips and strike a match.

“I was just dreaming you and I were having sex, Mom.” He smiles.

“It’s not a dream. Not a fantasy anymore, my loving, smoking hot son,” I sing softly. The tip of his cock makes it to his navel. Ohhh…please…

“You mean, it’s real?” my son exclaims with a wink. “You mean I really mounted your fine ass and…really?”

“Son, now you’re messing with me.” I smile.

“You’re right, Mother. I’m messing with your head.”

Niles’ cock is now at full staff as I cuddle to his side and place a long Uma leg over the nine incher. He doesn’t even have to try! It just turns to granite by just being around me.

I’m swooning.

It won’t be long now.

We smell like sex.

“Suit up for me, Son,” I say to his chest.

Niles looks at me quizzically.

“You know, suit up. Put on your football gear. Shoulder pads. Compression football game day pants. Pull your Indiana State game day jersey over the shoulder pads. You don’t need headgear. I want to see your beautiful face. The gear’s in your room. Suit up and walk out here. I want to look at you.”

Niles pauses. He doesn’t quite know what to think.

“The shoulder pads are kinda gross,” he finally says. “And, I’m already naked for you, Mom. And, so are you. Wow. Under the sheet. May I peek?”

Nice of Niles to ask, but…”No, no, no, my son! No peekie!”

“Ah, Mom!”

“Suit up, Son,” I say again, bending at my waist, taking his steel-hard cock in hand, placing my lips over the head. “I’ll squeeze on the plus size Daisy Dukes,” I sing. “With the tight tits sweater. And, I’ll wear the stilettos…”

“Be right out, Mom.”

It took a while. My son is usually bright, but he’s so cute when he’s dense.


I insert my plus size ass into the plus size Daisy Dukes just a little easier than earlier. Perhaps Niles has fucked away some of it.

Dressed in the Double Ds, the white tit sweater, and the come-fuck-me-my-son four inch stilettos, I stand before the full-length mirror in my bedroom. The oval boobs still sag, I’m still round-hipped, yet the stilettos accentuate the very mudanya escort positive of my 33 inch inseam loooong legs. Varicose veins zapped out. Long shapely legs that belie my age. All the way up to my plus size ass. The legs and stilettos hold my frame up high, stretching it all out, making the plus size ass look rather luscious.

That’s what I think.

I’m standing six foot tall and I’m a hot bitch, ready to fuck the man I love, who just so happens to be my son.

Our love, my son’s and mine, has gone exponentially way beyond salacious. Oh, yes. Call it what it is, Uma. Incest. Maybe we’ll pay the price in the afterlife. Yet, I’m not stopping; Mother is just mentally ill enough to make hers and her son’s incestuous fucking amoral, brazen, irresponsible, and irresistible.

All of which make the incestuous fucking that much hotter.

Which makes me a little worried.

We must be careful. I’ll speak with Niles about this.


“Niles, my son, thank you for suiting up for me,” I say as I excitedly stand before him. “Wow. Two wows. Thank you. Everything looks to be in order for game day.” I draw in a deep breath as my cunt heats up. “Your shoulder…armor gives the illusion…no…no…I know what the armor is protecting. No illusion. Your delts, traps, and pecs are absolutely fucking huge under that armor, Son. That I have burned into my long-term memory. Look at your light blue home jersey, will you?. Number 51 in your program. Number one in my heart. And, pants. Number one in my pants, Niles. Only one in my pants.”

I need to fuck this young man right now.

“Turn around, my son. I want to see your…your…well, I eventually want to see your tight athletic ass, but I’ll begin at your name. Trapp. And, 51. I’m so proud you’re a Trapp, Son. You’re my son. Yet, you’re more Federico. You are. You and me, Niles, carrying the Federico genes. Together. So proud…”

Niles’ back remains…uh…there…while…well, shit.


“Fuck it, Niles! I’m blathering, fucking not making any sense. A man in any uniform melts a girl’s…whoa…goddamnit, I can barely speak! I want to cup your ass in my hot hands and hump your thigh pads right now, Son, but, that’s unnecessary, because…shit! Turn around, Niles. Might as well say it. It’s time to say it. I gotta say it.

“Let me look at your cock in those…”

Niles turns to face me. Holy motherfucker. There it is.

“Wow, Son. I mean, fucking yes!”

It’s nine inches of 100 percent pure throbbing primary male sexual characteristic traveling down his right thigh and moving its way toward his knee. Oh, what a sight in navy blue tights.

I’m commando under the Daisy Dukes; the crotch mid seam is splitting open my pussy down the middle as my pussylips flap to each side of the seam. I feel my son’s come with my lube juice dripping on the flaps and down my inviting inner thighs.

My son grins big. He knows fully well how he’s affecting his mother. His mother’s increasing breathing rate is causing her sagging tits to heave. His mother’s left hand softly caresses the pipe Niles’ cock has created in the tight pants. His mother is lightheaded. His mother wants to fuck. His mother is speaking in third person because…because she, she…

“Son,” I say softly as I stroke his cock through the pants, “I have a question to ask, and to maintain proper perspective I find it necessary…Son, please allow me to unzip these encumberingly tight football pants and set your cock free. May I?”

“Of course, Mom,” Niles says matter-of-factly, smiling. “I thought you’d never ask.”

The zipper opens easily. I reach my left hand in to snag his iron cock. It pops out and immediately goes 45 degrees, as a young man’s cock often does. Especially when the young man’s hot-to-trot mother is there to hold it.

My right hand is squeezing Niles’ ultra firm athletic ass.

Damn. My cunt is aching.

“Your cock is certainly not part of your game day gear, now is it, Niles?”

“Usually not, Mom.”

Niles’ shallow breaths pick up pace. I carefully hold his cock, feeling a pulse. I can sense my son’s heartbeat as I begin stroking the nine inchness. A flood of moisture drains from my pussy; I feel it trickling past my knees.

Holy fuck.

I think I have my son’s attention. It’s time we talk.

“Niles, my sweet boy,” I say as I slowly jack his cock. “Niles, I have to ask you a question.”

“Yes,” he says between breaths. “What is it, Mom? Ask away.”

“Okay. Before I ask, I want you to understand our lovemaking is in my dreams not a one-off. I want to fuck you today, tomorrow, the following day, and you get my drift. Is that what you want? Please feel free to say ‘yes, Mother.'”

“Yes, Mother. I mean, yes, yes, until you get tired of me,” he says, cautiously.

“Oh, Son! I cannot imagine a scenario under which I would get tired of you! The sex is sooo good, I’m hooked!” I exclaim, still providing the stroking impetus for a huge fucking male orgasm in a matter of minutes.

“That’s wonderful, Mom. Yes, the fucking is that nice. By the way, please keep jacking me off. It’s reminiscent of the good ol’ days. You know, the good ol days, like today just before noon.”

What a mischievous smile on his gorgeous face! I feel dampness in my stilettos.

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