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Jake honked the horn as he pulled to the curb in front of Diane’s house. He and Diane had been dating since ninth grade, and were off to see a new movie. They had to hurry if they were going to pick up Brian and Ellie and get to the theater on time. Diane’s best friend Ellie had been dating Brian since their junior year, and the four of them were best friends and partners-in-crime. Graduation day was fast approaching, and college was just around the corner.


Jake had just finished unloading the last of his things from his car, and into his new apartment. He was just about to start his second year at the state university. After a year in a dorm room, he was really looking forward to having his own place. Sure, it was only a small efficiency apartment, but it would be all his. He hadn’t liked living in the dorms, especially when Diane visited. Now, they’d have a place to be alone.

He was also looking forward to the private gym in the building’s basement. Jake was a big guy, six foot two, two hundred pounds of muscle. He’d started working out when he was on the football team in high school. Now it was one of his favorite things to do. It made him feel good to be in top shape.

Diane was in her second year at a small, exclusive all-girl arts college. Jake couldn’t really visit her because men were not allowed in the girls’ housing. So, she visited him about once a month. With his private apartment, he suspected that they’d spend those entire weekends in bed together. Well, not the whole weekend. They’d make time for Diane to see her best friend, Ellie, who attended the same university as Jake did.


Jake returned from classes to see fire and emergency vehicles clogging the street in front of his apartment building. He hurried up until he was stopped by a police woman.

“What happened?” he asked. “I live in that building!”

A fireman stepped forward and answered. “There was a fire on the second floor. Apparently, someone left a candle burning and it lit the curtains on fire. The damage is pretty extensive.”

“Shit, shit, shit,” grumbled Jake. “I live on the sixth floor. Did the fire get up that high?”

“Most of the fire damage is on the second and third floors. Water damage goes up to about the fifth floor. You might have nothing but smoke damage up on six. It’s still too early to really say. But the structure has extensive damage. I doubt that they’ll repair the building. Probably just knock it down and rebuild.”

“Oh, man,” sighed Jake. “Can I get up there and get my stuff?”

“Not until the building is inspected. That’ll probably take a day or two. I’d suggest that you find a place to stay if you can. If not, the Red Cross will find a temporary place for you. Officer, can you get this boy’s information and put him in contact with the Red Cross?”

“No problem, chief. Come with me, young man.”

Jake spent the next hour talking with the police and some of the other people who lived in his building. It was agreed that they’d all be escorted to their rooms at 10AM the day after tomorrow to salvage whatever they could. A few people went with the Red Cross to their shelter, the rest felt that they could find a friend to crash with for a few days. Jake knew that he could find somebody who’d let him sleep on their couch.

He called Diane and told her the bad news.

“Wow, Jake, I’m sorry. But this cloud has a silver lining. I talked to Ellie this morning. Her roommate Abigail had to drop out of school because her mom is sick. Ellie’s worried that she’ll lose her apartment unless she finds a new roommate. I’m sure that you can stay with her until things get settled. In fact, I’m sure that she’d love for you to move in permanently. Give her a call.”

So, Jake called Ellie and told her his story. “Jake, you come over here right now! I insist that you stay here until you figure out what you wanna do. My roommate took her bed and furniture, but I’ve got a big couch that’s yours as long as you want it.”


Two days later, Jake had collected his belonging from his old apartment. The apartment had been furnished, so all he really had was his clothes, books and papers, computer, and big screen TV. Everything smelled like smoke. He washed all of his clothes twice at a laundromat until they smelled clean. His computer and TV smelled so bad that he just threw them in the dumpster.

They had discussed it over dinner last night, and Jake had decided to move into Ellie’s apartment with her. He’d have a big bedroom, and the rent was cheaper than at his old place. His dad had agreed to use the money saved on rent to buy Jake a new computer and TV, as well as a new bed and a used desk.

That evening, Wednesday, found Jake settling into his new apartment, with his new roommate Ellie. It turned out that Brian would be visiting that Friday, and Diane was also planning on visiting, so the old gang would all be together for the weekend.


At esenyurt escort the library the next day Jake finally had some time alone to consider things. There was a reason that he didn’t really hang around with Ellie at school, and why he had been skeptical about moving in with her. But, it had all happened so fast, and he hadn’t had much choice.

The reason? Ellie was fucking gorgeous! Jake had had a secret crush on her for years. He had seen her grow up from a skinny, cute girl into a shapely young woman. The summer after high school found the foursome at the beach almost every day. They had a blast together, laughing, joking and teasing each other. But, seeing Ellie in her bikinis had almost been too much for Jake. The skinny girl had blossomed. She was now about five foot eight, still thin but with what had to be C-cup breasts, her thin waist flaring to shapely hips and a tight, sexy ass. When she came out of the water and her long, reddish-blond hair was plastered to her chest, he’d had to force himself not to look for too long.

Diane was also a beauty, and Jake loved her deeply. He knew that he’d marry her some day. He’d have to be very careful around Ellie. If Diane ever suspected anything about his feelings there’d be hell to pay.


The first knock on the door came at 5:15. Ellie was in her room, so Jake went toward the door. “I’ll get it, Ellie.” He opened the door and greeted his friend Brian.

As they shook hands Brian yelled out. “Hey Ellie, what are you doing with this strange man in your apartment?” Ellie ran from her room and wrapped Brian in a hug.

“Don’t mind him, he’s just one of my many boyfriends that you don’t know about. Jerk.” She gave her boyfriend a passionate kiss.

Brian grabbed his bag and followed Ellie into her room and closed the door. Jake could hear them talking and kissing. “Don’t get carried away in there you two, Diane should be here any minute.”

About twenty minutes later another knock sounded. Jake hurried to the door. “Diane, honey, I’ve missed you.” They were wrapped around each other when Ellie and Brian came back into the living room.

“I’d tell you to get a room, but I guess you already have one. Diane!” Ellie pushed Jake aside and hugged her best friend. “So, how do you like my roommate upgrade?”

Diane smiled. “I like this one much better than the old one. He’s got a bigger chest and a better ass.”

They all laughed. This was the way that they’d been joking around for years, a part of the glue that held their friendships together.

Over dinner, Jake told the whole story about the fire and the days since. He praised Ellie for taking him in. She told them all about her roommate’s sudden departure due to her mom’s failing health.

They drank, talked and laughed until around ten o’clock, when Diane spoke up. “Well, guys, I need to get a little better acquainted with with Ellie’s new roommate. Come on, Jake, show me your bedroom.”

“I’ve got to warn you, Diane, our bedrooms share a common wall and it’s a thin one. If you’re as loud as usual, we’ll hear everything.”

“Me, loud? Remember the time at that hotel in the Black Hills? We could hear you guys from two doors down! You’ll just have to turn your music up.”

The two couples retired to their respective rooms. Ellie cranked her music up loud, and both couples started out trying to be quiet. That didn’t last long. In the end, they all heard everything. Jake was on top of Diane when they heard Ellie cumming loudly with Brian grunting along. Jake stared into Diane’s eyes as she started to quiver and shake. A moment later they both exploded, Diane nearly screaming her joy.

Jake and Diane were up early, so Jake knocked on Ellie’s door. “Diane and I are going out for breakfast, we’ll be back around noon. Have fun.” Jake and Diane went out for a long, relaxed breakfast at his favorite greasy spoon, then took a long walk around the campus. When they returned, Ellie and Brian were just leaving for lunch and to run some errands. Jake and Diane used the time alone for some slow, loving sex.

That night the foursome went to the student center to hear a DJ, dance, and have a few drinks. They had their usual good time and got home late. Without a word they retired to their rooms, and soon the apartment was filled with the sounds of banging headboards, loud dirty talk, and strong orgasms.

Everyone was hung-over the next morning. They took turns in the shower, then the girls made breakfast. They were all sad to see the weekend almost over. As Diane and Brian finished packing their things, Brian called them all to the living room.

“Guys, I know I don’t have to say this but I think it’d be a good thing to discuss. Shit, I’ll just say it. Jake, bro, you’d better keep your hands off of my girlfriend! I know that she’s hot as hell, but she’s mine. I love her, so stay away.”

Jake started to answer but Diane cut him off. “And you, Ellie, pendik escort you horny slut, stay out of Jake’s pants! He’s mine forever. Don’t even think about trying him on.”

Jake sat down and patted his lap. Diane came and sat on him and put her arms around his neck. Ellie pushed Brian into a chair and did the same. They looked at each other in silence.

Jake spoke softly. “Diane, I know that this is a little weird. Christ, we just spent the weekend listening to each other fucking! It’s definitely weird! But don’t forget this. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I love you so much it hurts. There’s only one girl in the world for me, and that’s you.”

Ellie was next. She placed her hands on Brian’s cheeks and looked him in the eyes. “Brian, I trust you completely, and you can trust me completely. I love you, and respect you. You’re the only guy for me.” She gave him a slow, tender kiss. She could hear Jake and Diane kissing, too.

After a moment Diane stood up. “Shit, that was hot! I wish we had another hour to turn this place into a fuck palace again!”

They all laughed and hugged, then the visitors gathered their things. With more hugs and kisses they said their goodbyes.


Since they both had full class loads, Jake and Ellie didn’t see much of each other. They both spent lots of time at the library or studying with friends, and both tried to get to the student health club a few times a week. They had breakfast together a couple of times each week, and saw each other some nights before bed.

One night, Jake got home late to find the apartment dark. He assumed that Ellie was already asleep, so he was quiet as he slid into his room, stripped, and crawled into bed. After a minute he realized that he could hear a faint buzzing through the wall to Ellie’s room. Was it her phone? As he listened, the buzz got slightly muffled, then louder again. Then the noise went from loud to muffled, loud to muffled, in a steady rhythm. Was she covering her phone with the blanket? Was it her phone? What else could it be?

It was then that he heard a soft moan and the answer hit him. “Shit, that’s the sound of her sliding a vibrator into and out of her pussy!” he thought. His cock came to life as he pictured the scene. Without even thinking he started to slowly stroke himself as he listened. He realized that she was only eight feet away from him when he heard her moan again.

Ellie picked up her pumping speed and let out a little squeak. He had heard that squeak before from her, as she got close to orgasm with her boyfriend. Jake pumped his cock faster, matching her speed. His hard pumping caused his bed to shift and make a sliding sound on the floor. “Shit, did she hear that?” he thought.

If she did, it only made her pump faster as she began to pound the vibrator into her pussy. Her moaning became louder. Jake kept pumping, knowing that he was almost there.

Suddenly Ellie spoke. “Shit Jake, I’m cumming!” Jake heard her thrash on her bed as she cried out in orgasm. That did it for him.

“Oh, Ellie, I’m cumming, too!” His hips shot up off of the bed. He grunted loudly as his cum shot over his stomach and chest.

He slowly settled down and the apartment was quiet. After a few minutes he heard Ellie again through the wall. “Goodnight, Jake.”

“Goodnight, Ellie.”


Ellie was up and gone by the time Jake got out of bed. They saw each other a several times in the next few days but didn’t talk about what had happened.

Jake got home late on Friday night. He’d been at the library working on a paper. He had just pulled a beer out of the refrigerator when Ellie came in with a girlfriend. It was obvious that the girls had been enjoying some drinks.

“Jake, meet Stacy. Stacy, Jake.” Jake nodded a hello. “Stacy’s in my European Studies class. We had a big test today and we both nailed it! So, we’ve been celebrating. Is there any more beer?”

Jake joined the girls for a drink in the living room. It was quite entertaining, as the girls were more than a little drunk. They spent almost an hour laughing and talking before Stacy decided to call it a night. Jake insisted upon walking her home. It wasn’t far, but he felt that someone should keep an eye on her. When he got back to the apartment Ellie was sitting on the couch in her robe.

“It’s about time. My friend and I have been waiting for you.” She saw Jake’s confused look and smiled. Holding up a long, purple jelly vibrator, she rose from the couch and walked toward her room. “It turns me on to know that you’re listening. I’ve been dying to fuck myself all day.” Ellie air-kissed him, went into her room, and closed the door.

Jake felt like he should resist. He wanted to be faithful to Diane, and he knew that Ellie was a little drunk. But what could he do? Wait out here until she was finished?

He went to his room, stripped and fell on the bed.

“Hey, Jake. Are you naked?” Ellie asked through the tuzla escort wall.

“Yes. Are you?”

“Yes. I’m naked and playing with my tits.” He heard her groan. “Now I’m pulling my nipples. God, it feels good.” She let out a long, slow moan. “Are you getting hard yet?”


“Wrap your hand around it.” Jake heard the vibrator start to hum. “Hmmm, I’m rubbing my clit with the vibrator. It feels so good.”

Jake started pumping his cock. “Is there hair on your pussy?”

“Oh, dirty boy, you want a picture of my pussy in your mind.” She groaned again. “No hair, I have it waxed. My pussy is bald. I have my knees spread and my feet together. My pussy is wide open.”


“Now I need a picture. Tell me about your cock.”

“It’s all the way hard now. Little Jake is about seven inches long, circumcised, and sort of thick, I guess.”

“I like that you call him little Jake. Is he hairy?”

“I trim him, but don’t shave him. I trim my balls, too.” Jake heard the muffled sound of the vibrator slipping into Ellie’s pussy. “I can hear when you push the vibrator into your pussy. The sound changes.”

“Can you tell when I’m pumping in and out?” Ellie moaned and pumped faster.

“Yes. I can picture it in my mind, too.”

They were both quiet again. The only sound was the vibrator going in and out. The minutes ticked by as the both pleasured themselves.

“I’m getting close, Jake.”

“Me, too.” Jake could hear that she was pumping fast and hard. He caressed his balls with his left hand and pumped his cock with his right.

“I’m gonna cum, Jake. Cum with me!” Ellie growled. “Here it is, Jake. Oh, God, I’m cummming.” Ellie screamed and Jake could hear her thrashing on the bed.

“Here it is, Ellie. Here I cum, here I cum.” Jake howled and started shooting. He could hear that the vibrator was buried deep in Ellie’s pussy as his cock pulsed.

They were both quiet as they recovered. Jake heard the vibrator buzz as Ellie pulled it from her pussy, then heard it turned off.

“That was great,” Ellie spoke slowly and dreamily. “Goodnight, Jake.”

“Goodnight, Ellie.”


On Friday, Brian came to visit Ellie. Diane had two big tests coming next week, so she put off her visit until the following weekend. The threesome had dinner, drinks and a lively conversation until Ellie pulled Brian into her room. Jake watched TV for a while, feeling a little awkward about being a third wheel to the two lovers, Eventually, he thought that he had given his friends enough time to do their thing so he went to his room and got into bed.

It was obvious right away that he hadn’t waited long enough. He could hear the vigorous fucking taking place next door as Ellie spoke to her boyfriend. “I’m gonna cum, Brian. Shoot your hot stuff inside my pussy when I cum.” The fucking got louder and faster, and Ellie started to make her squeaking sound. This turned into a long groan that turned into a loud wail as Ellie came, Brian grunting and cumming with her.

Jake spent all of the next day at the library. He wanted to give his friends some privacy. Besides, it just made him horny and frustrated to listen to them having sex. His turn would come next weekend when Diane visited him.

On his way home Jake stopped at a local bar for a few beers. He wanted to get home late. When he finally got home the apartment was quiet and he went right to sleep.

He awoke to the sound of Brian’s voice. “God, I love watching your tits bounce when you ride me.” Jake got up and went to the kitchen and made coffee. He couldn’t stop thinking about Ellie’s tits bouncing. Soon, Brian and Ellie emerged from the bedroom and joined Jake for breakfast.

“I’ve got to hit the road early Jake, I’ve got to be back by two for a study group.” Brian told his friend. “Sorry if we kept you awake.”

“No problem, friend. We live in a…what did Diane call it, a fuck palace? You’d better buy Ellie some cotton for her ears because next week I’ll be taking out my frustration on Diane.” They all laughed.

After Brian left, Jake was lying on his bed reading when Ellie knocked on his door. “Jake, can I come in?” He invited her in and she sat on the edge of his bed.

“Jake, I know it had to be tough listening to us fucking all weekend. Is everything OK between us?”

“Ellie, we’re fine. Well, you are. I’m just horny.”

“Poor Jake.”

“I woke up to Brian telling you that he liked the way your tits bounced when you rode him. Now, I can’t get your damn bouncing tits off of my mind.”

They were silent as they looked into each other’s eyes. Then Ellie spoke softly. “OK, horny Jake, we can’t touch each other. Now strip, I want to watch you masturbate this time.” Jake stared at Ellie, trying to see if she was serious. “Here, let me help by showing you my bouncing tits.” Ellie crossed her arms across her tummy and pulled her shirt up to just beneath her tits. “Come on, Jake, it’s not a free show. Get naked. I want to see little Jake.”

Jake sat up and pulled off his t-shirt. Ellie blatantly admired his buff chest, then pulled her shirt higher until the bottom halves of her tits were showing. She stopped again and smiled at Jake. He took the hint and unsnapped his jeans, then quickly pulled them and his shorts off. He laid back naked in front of Ellie.

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