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It was a long wait. We’d been talking online for months. We knew a lot about each other. Our likes/dislikes, turn-ons/turn-offs. Yes, we’ve even had some cyber-sex as well. Those chat sessions were hot and steamy. Our chats weren’t always about sex. Sometimes not at all.

Here’s the catch. We live in 2 different countries so it’s not like driving to the next city. A visit like this had to be planned out, just a little bit. We’ve talked about meeting in the future. We talked about what we’d do if or when we met. She was already planning a visit the U.S. from her native U.K. That was months away though. I had asked her once what she would do if I messaged that I was on a plane to the U.K. She said she’d meet me at the airport.

Well, lady luck was on my side. I bought a couple of scratch-off lottery tickets and won a hefty sum. I kept it a secret from friends/family/co-workers for now, until everything was completed, and I had the money. I had divided it up to where I wanted it to go, quit my job and booked a flight out of Pittsburgh International Airport the next day. I packed a bag and off I went. My mind was racing with lustful thoughts of Sydnee. Once I was situated, I messaged her and told her I was on way to see her.

The flight was far from full. In fact, it was damn near empty. While on my way to my seat a flight attendant bumped into me. Well, more like grabbed me. Her hand grabbed at my crotch and gave my cock a squeeze. She released it and kept walking. I looked back at her. She did the same but, she had a mischievous grin on her face. She was a very hot fiery redhead. She looked good in her tight blouse, short skirt and boots. I made my way to my seat in the back corner of the plane,

We’d taken off and once in flight, we were able to move around. Sydnee had replied that she would meet me at airport when my plane arrived, and we would go to dinner. The redheaded flight attendant just happened to pass me before I got up. She turned around to see if I needed anything. Her hand was on my shoulder. I told her not right now.

“Just ask for Sam if you need anything, “she said. Then, she reached past me to close the shade, like all the other flight attendants were doing. Her legs got intertwined with mine. My hand had grazed her thigh when she stretched past me. Her hand went to my crotch. “Please don’t stop there, you can go higher if you want” Sam whispered in my ear. My hand slid up her skirt towards her inner thigh, past the lace on her stocking. My fingers reached her panties which were soaked, and I gently outlined her pussy lips. I slowly pulled her panties to the side. She gasped and squeezed my cock harder. Sam pleaded with me. “Please, I want you to continue. But I don’t want to get fired. Meet me in the back lavatory and you can have your way with me!” I looked up at her, thrust my fingers up her tight, wet cunt. She whimpered softly.

“Go now, I will follow behind you” I said.

Sam walked briskly towards the lavatory. I got up and followed her sexy ass to the lavatory. I closed and locked the door. Our lips met; tongues wrestled in each other’s mouth. He hands went straight to unbutton my jeans while my hands pulled up her skirt past those voluptuous ankara escort hips. Missing were her panties. She had quickly slipped them off when I locked the door. I grabbed her and lifted her onto the sink. Sam spread her legs and pulled my cock out.

“Fuck me please! My tight wet cunt needs your hard cock fucking me!!” she moaned.

I thrust my hard cock in her pussy. Sam moaned the entire time in ecstasy. Her juices dripping down her legs onto the sink. Sam wrapped those beautiful legs around me. She took her panties, balled them up and shoved them into my mouth. Those panties tasted divine. So, damp and tasting sweet as can be. I pulled them out of my mouth before I ripped her bra open and began sucking on those voluptuous breasts. They are so firm and fit into my hands just right. Sucking on her breasts made Sam moan even more. Her juices flowed from her pussy. I easily slid my cock into her tight sex. I pumped my cock deep in her pussy. My hand made its way to her clit and began to rub it. The look on her face was exquisite.

“Oh, fucking yes! Keep rubbing it. You’re gonna make me cum! Pound my pussy babe! I wanna feel you shoot your hot spunk in my wet cunt and feel our juices mix while you slide in and out of me.” With that being said, I buried my cock deep in her cunt one last time before I exploded my load of cum deep in her. She cried out,” Yes! Fill me with your hot cum! Sam’s nails dug into my back. My hands pulled her body into me as we both shook from our orgasms.

Sam got down from the sink, knelt down and sucked off our juices from my cock. She stood up and fixed her bra and shirt. She pulled down her skirt and checked herself in the mirror.

“You can keep these.” She said, handing me her panties. “You were fantastic hun. I’ll never forget joining the mile-high club with you.” Sam kissed me on the cheek, opened the door and went back to work. I got myself together and made my way back to my seat. Sam’s panties in my pocket. What a keepsake for joining the mile-high club!

I checked my messages when I settled in my seat. Sydnee had said she would be waiting at the airport when I arrive. I couldn’t wait to finally meet her. This would be the longest hour I’ve ever had.

The pilot announced we’d be landing soon. Everybody started getting back to their seats and getting things ready to leave once we landed. Sam passed by me and handed me a slip of paper. The note said, call me sometime and had her number. She kissed me on the cheek and said, “You were great, Bret!”

We landed and I made my way off the plane to look for Sydnee. I walked around the gate area looking for Sydnee. After 5 mins looking, I gave up and headed to baggage even though I only had a carry-on bag. But you never know. I got to baggage claim and there wasn’t a lot of people there. Worst of all, no Sydnee. I was beginning to have second thoughts. Mostly, she changed her mind and didn’t want to see me. I figured I’ll head to the bar, log into my account to see if Syd messaged me.

I turned the corner and there she was. What a vision of loveliness!! I couldn’t believe my eyes. She looked better in person than in her photos. She looked incredible. She wore a short red dress, çankaya escort black stockings and heels. The sight of her made my cock bulge!

It was then that I noticed who Syd was talking to while she was waiting for me. Oh no!! I thought to myself. She is talking to Sam. This can’t end well. Ya, I can’t believe I screwed this up already and I haven’t said a word yet. And thousands of miles from home to boot. I waved to Syd and both her and Sam waved back. Sydnee walked up to me, arms outstretched and gave me the biggest hug then we locked lips. Our tongues found each other as we stood in the middle of the terminal and made out. Sydnee’s hand grabbed the bulge in my jeans and gave a squeeze. My hands made their way to her very tight round ass. Which I gave a big squeeze. It startled her but soon she relaxed and melted back into my arms.

“Bret, I can’t believe you are here with me! I didn’t think it was really happening when you messaged me you were coming to see me.” she said.

I was a little shocked she was still talking to me after speaking with Sam. Apparently, Sam must not have said anything about our liaison on the plane.

“Syd, you look fantastic! I love the outfit. You know I love red. You are absolutely gorgeous!” I said. We hugged and kissed yet again, so happy to have finally met after all these months.

“I know. That’s why I wore it today. Oh, Bret. By the way, I want to introduce you to someone. Bret, this is my BFF Samantha. Sam this is Bret! The guy I told you about.”

“Oh, hey Bret. Nice to meet you. Heard lots of nice things about you. You better be good to my bestie,” said Sam.

“Nice to meet you, Samantha. Can I call you Sam? I remember you from the plane,” I said

“Sure, you can call me Sam”, she replied.

“Sydnee, can we talk? I really need to tell you something. I can’t keep this a secret. We said we’d always be honest with each other. It’s not exactly how I wanted our first meeting to go. I have a confession to make Syd. I met Sam on the plane and we….” I paused.

“And we what?” Sydnee asked.

“And we fucked on the plane. I am so sorry. This isn’t what I wanted to happen when I got here.” I said apologetically.

“Oh, so you’re now a member of the mile-high club? She asked.

“Yes, I am. I never planned on it,” I said embarrassed.

“Bret. Relax. It kind of turns me on. I need to tell you something too. I already knew you fucked Sam on the plane. She told me it was the best sex she ever had on a plane. And she wants it to happen again,” she explained.

“Wait, you know? Is that what you two were talking about? What do you mean again?”

“Not exactly. You see, when I found out you were coming over to see me, I called Sam to see if she could work your flight. I wanted her to seduce and fuck you. You see, I wanted our first time to be memorable for both of us. I figured you might be embarrassed if we made love and you were a little quick. So, I figured you would be more relaxed if you were able to cum before we get together and make love, you’ll last longer for us. And yes. Sam thought you were that good, she wants to fuck you on the ground, too.”

“Wait, what? You wanted Sam to kızılay escort sleep with me?” I questioned. Sydnee grabbed my hands and looked me in my eyes. Tears were welling up in her eyes.

“Yes, it was a stupid thing to do. Can you ever forgive me for what I did to you?” she sobbed.

“Hun, please don’t cry. You didn’t need to do anything to make our time special. Being with you will be special. That is not the only reason I came over to see you. I really like you. I messed up by giving into my lustful feelings for a hot piece of ass. So, I think that should call us even. Don’t you think?” I said. Syd nodded her agreement and we hugged and kissed. So, we were making up after a fight and starting over.

“So, you really think Sam is a hot piece of ass?” Syd smirked at me.

We said our good-byes to Sam and walked towards the exit of the airport and boarded a shuttle to her car. We found a seat on the shuttle near the back. Then, we started to make out like high school kids on the school bus. So, we made it to the car without making too much of a spectacle of us. We were getting into Sydnee’s SUV when she told me that she wanted me to fuck her then and there. She put her things in the seat, pulled up her dress and bent over.

“Take me now! Fuck me!” She said.

As she was leaning down on the seats I looked over to see Syd ‘s ass sticking out sans panties. Her pussy glistening. I unzipped my jeans and pulled out my cock and gave her wet pussy a little tease with the head of my cock. Then, I filled Syd up with everything I had. Sydnee was in heaven with me pounding her pussy out in public for all the world to see. However, no one was near us except the planes taking off and landing overhead, I’m sure a stray passenger caught glimpse of us. But the fact we could get caught at any time turned her on…a lot!

“Oh Bret, I’ve dreamt of feeling your cock in me, but I never thought it would feel this good.” She said in between moans. “Please don’t stop. You’re gonna make me cum. Fuck my pussy harder”

As I began to thrust deeper and harder into Sydnee’s tight wet cunt, I slapped her on her ass to see how she liked it. She did. As a matter of fact. The slap on her ass started a chain reaction of events that neither of us will forget.

“Oh my God, yes! I love to be spanked while getting fucked, do it again! Fuck yes!” she cried out.

As I spanked her a second time, Syd moaned and as she did that her pussy tightened on my cock and began squeezing. Syd’s orgasm was amazing. I kept my pace up but it was beginning to be more difficult as I was going to cum very soon. I put a hand on her hip and with the other one I grabbed some hair, and I began to pound her pussy with reckless abandon till I exploded my hot spunk in Sydnee’s tight cunt which was in the middle of its second or third orgasm. Cum began leaking down Syd’s leg and dripping into an actual puddle of both our juices.

“Oh, fuck Syd, I’m cumming with you. Oh yes, you feel so tight. Take it, take all my cum” I screamed.

We both started to relax from our simultaneous orgasms, and I grabbed Sydnee from behind and hugged her while she grabbed on to my arms reveling on what just happened. She turned around but we kept holding onto one another. Our embrace led to a deep passionate kiss that seemed to last forever. We got dressed and got into the SUV and Sydnee drove us to dinner then to her house where we stayed the rest of the night.

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