Nylon Temptation


I was barely awake when I felt Kelly roll out of bed. The alarm was a distant irritation, quickly silenced by an accurately aimed finger stabbing the shutoff button. She sighed as she trod sleepily out of the bedroom. I rolled on my side and pulled the blankets around me, curling myself up in them, smiling as I realized I could still sleep for several delicious hours.

My sleepy brain faded in and out of consciousness as my lady primped and prettied herself for work. I had just begun to nod off again for about the third time when I heard the phone ring. Kelly picked it up even before the second ring, presumably not wanting it to wake me. However, I was awake enough to realize that the phone ringing at that hour was not a usual thing, and it could mean a problem. Some deep, paranoid part of myself prodded me instantly awake, and I tumbled groggily out of bed and headed for the kitchen, assuming that Kelly would not have been able to answer the living room phone quite so quickly.

Shambling zombie-like toward the sound of my love’s sweet voice, I saw Kelly indeed on the kitchen phone, her back to me, one hand holding the receiver to her ear, the other firmly planted on her hip. Amidst all the “uh-huh”s and “okay”s and “I see”s, I couldn’t help but admire my beautiful lady. Apparently I’d slept through her morning hygiene and fashion ritual, for she was already completely dressed and ready to face the screaming adolescent creatures she tried valiantly to impart wisdom to five days a week.

Beneath glowing yellow hair that cascaded playfully down to the middle of her back, a soft, silky blouse flowed from her shoulders to her slim waist, where it was met by a billowy green skirt that tastefully fell to a couple of inches above the knee, showing off a good portion of her shapely legs. As my eyes traced a path from knees to ankles, I saw that those luscious legs were tightly encased in sheer, smoke-colored stockings which had slid themselves elegantly into a pair of black, backless, four inch slides. Those breathtaking stockings were so ultra sheer that they just barely imparted their smoky hue to my lady’s radiant flesh, with a tantalizing seam that ran all the way up the back of her legs until it made its escape beneath her skirt.

As she spoke on the phone, Kelly slowly slipped first one foot, then the other, out of her high-heeled slides in an effort to comfort her feet as she talked. I noted with increasing interest the reinforced heels and toes of that mesmerizing hosiery, and the seams that joined them. I can’t tell you how enjoyable it was just standing there admiring Kelly’s legs, their sexiness enhanced by those intriguing stockings.

Entranced as I was, I failed to notice that Kelly’s phone conversation had come to its conclusion. The only reason I became aware of this fact at all was because the titillating seam I’d been admiring suddenly disappeared from view, to be replaced by Kelly’s always attractive knees and the smooth front of her calves.

I jolted my attention upward to my lady’s pretty face, upon which was stamped a quizzical look. Realizing that I’d been caught staring at her legs, I found myself – for no apparent reason other than feeling like a kid caught raiding the cookie jar – becoming slightly embarrassed and trying to divert her attention from my ogling.

“What was that all about, hon?” I asked, thinking I’d escaped with my dignity.

“Well, apparently there’s been a water pipe break at the school. Part of the main floor is flooded, and they’ve decided to close the school for today until it can be fixed,” she replied, still looking at me oddly.

“Awww…poor baby,” I kidded, “no work today. I’m sure you’re crushed.”

“Very funny,” she said, “and here I am all dressed. I wish they’d called sooner, and I could’ve just rolled over and gone back to sleep.”

“Well, let’s…” I began… but then it came.

“Oh, and what’s wrong with my legs?” she interrupted.

“Wrong with your legs?” I bumbled, realizing I’d been snagged, “Nothing. There’s never anything wrong with your legs. They’re as gorgeous as ever.”

“Then why were you staring at them like that? I know you like my legs, but you were practically drooling over them. So, what’s up?”

I knew I’d been caught, but I tried to make light of it, throw off suspicion….why, I don’t know, “Well, I’ve just never seen you wear stockings like that. What are you trying to do to those poor schoolboys…drive them all insane?”

“What do you mean?” she sounded offended, “this is a very tasteful outfit.”

“Well, yeah, Kel….but….I mean….those hot legs of yours are dangerous enough, but in those stockings? C’mon, you know teenage boys are nothing but walking hormones looking for a dumpoff point. If you so much as crossed your legs during class in those hose, several young lads would need CPR.”

“Well, I’m flattered for that assessment, Mr. Protector of Misguided Youth. I know I usually wear more…tame….stockings, bostancı escort but I just felt it was time for a change. I saw these while I was shopping yesterday and I just had to have them. I wanted to live a little. I mean, they’re not fishnets or anything. I don’t think they look trampy.”

“Whoa! Slow down, hon. They’re lovely, no doubt about it. I was just worried for those poor hormone carriers, that’s all.”

“Ohhhh, no…” she waved a stern finger at me, the jig apparently up, “I saw the way you were looking at my legs, darlin’. You’re not worried about me corrupting young boys. You were drooling over these stockings yourself, weren’t you? C’mon, admit it.”

I could feel the warmth as it crept along my cheeks, making them rosy with embarrassment. And as soon as that happened, Kelly knew she had me.

“Aha! I thought so! So, Mr.Protector….you are the one getting all hot from these stockings.” Then her tone went from victorious to sultry. “You like these stockings, sweetie?” she said with a teasing grin, turning her body in a half circle to let me see the sides and backs of her calves. When I saw that seam again, my eyes followed it from heel to skirt hem once more, gliding up and down it’s silky length.

“Oh my….I guess you really do like these stockings,” her voice was sticky sweet, laced with seduction.

Turning completely around, with her back once more to me, she slowly raised her skirt, showing me ever more of that enticing seam. I watched awestruck as she slowly lifted her skirt, my pulse beginning to race and beads of sweat competing in a downhill race from my forehead to my chin.

Not only had Kelly worn the sexiest hose I’d seen her wear…ever…but for some reason on this momentous morning she had even eschewed her usual pantyhose in favor of actual stockings. When she raised her skirt high enough for me to see the reinforced support band, I nearly swallowed my tongue. If my eyes had been any more bulging, I’d have looked like a Tex Avery cartoon character….and only the “Boi-oi-oiing” sound effect would have been missing.

Wiggling her behind back and forth to add to my torture, Kelly looked back to see my expression. She obviously liked what she saw very much. As I stood there clad only in my briefs, my appreciation of her legs in the sheer nylon was obvious. I blushed and tried to turn away, lowering my hands self-consciously to try to cover up the embarrassing bulge. I started to walk away, willing my straining member to calm down.

I hadn’t gotten far before Kelly was cooing out to me, “Where ya goin, hon? Don’t you want to see more? It sure looks like you do.”

When I turned to look at her, the grin on her face was purely evil, lecherous…and it made my blood boil. I forgot my feeble attempts to hide my interest, and took my hands away from my crotch, making no further attempt to conceal the growing erection there. My heart seemed to be skipping beats with uncomfortable regularity, and my breathing had become somewhat erratic. I recognized the symptoms. I was horny as hell.

Kelly knew I was hers for the taking. Facing me, she hiked her skirt up high, showing me the totality of both her sensational legs, and the silky black panties that shielded her treasure. Then she dropped the skirt slowly back down and walked over to me like a sultry femme fatale. Grabbing my hand in hers she said, “Well, you little stocking admirer, I don’t have to go anywhere now. It would be such a shame to waste these soft, silky stockings, now wouldn’t it?”

The confining briefs were getting more and more uncomfortable. And this was exacerbated when Kelly used her free hand to rub the front of them, squeezing that bulge playfully. Still holding my hand and rubbing my crotch, she leaned close to me and whispered in my ear, “You know these stockings climb almost all the way up my thighs, right? Way up nice and high…not too far from my panties, in fact. I’ll bet you’d just love a much closer look, wouldn’t you, sweetie?”

My response was immediate and confirmatory, though probably sounding more like babytalk, or even gibberish. It wasn’t what I said that pleased Kelly so much as the firmness she felt when she pressed her body against mine.

“Mmmm….I guess you’re really glad to see me, aren’t you, honey? C’mon, lover…I think it’s time you saw these sexy nylons up close.”

She took me by the hand into the living room. Backing me up against one of the two plush TV chairs, she embraced me tightly, kissing my lips with small pecks, but letting her tongue flick between my lips now and again. Then she gently sucked on my lips…savoring them…while her hand again found it’s way to the tent forming at my groin.

She backed me against the chair, lifting one leg and rubbing her nyloned thigh up and down my naked one, rubbing it all the way up to just above my waist. She continued this throughout her kisses, which became more and more forceful büyükçekmece escort and wanton. I was loving this immensely, when suddenly her warm, moist lips pulled away from mine. While I reeled from the loss of those succulent lips, she took advantage by putting her hands on my chest and pushing me hard backwards, thrusting me into the chair.

“Now, you naughty, naughty boy….I’m going to teach you to stare at my legs and say terrible things about the way I dress…and accuse me of trying to entice little boys. By the time I’m done with you, I’m going to have you pleading and begging to kiss my stockinged legs. And you’ll have to work very hard to please me, to earn the pleasures I have in store for you. Now that I know you have a fondness…or is it a weakness?…for my nylon-covered legs, I’m going to use that to drive you insane. That is…..after I break you.”

Her smile was wicked. Her eyes twinkled with merciless thoughts and plans. And as she licked her sultry, succulent lips, I was harder than ever.

Kelly leaned over me, leering down at me. I had no idea what she had in mind, but I was pretty sure that no matter what it was, I was definitely going to like it. So, I grinned dumbly back up at her, waiting for her wicked plans to come to fruition.

She bent down and grabbed my head in her hands, planting a rough kiss on my mouth…a full, hard kiss that sucked the air from me. As she pulled back, up came one of those sexy, nylon covered legs. By the time her foot had nestled itself in the soft cushion of the chair, she had already kicked off her sexy high-heeled slide and I neither saw nor heard its removal. That now shoeless foot ended up next to my left buttock on the seat cushion. I was sunk down so far into that cushion from Kelly’s shove that her smoke-colored, silken knee was just about even with my chin. The sheer nylon was so close to my face that I could even smell it. It was delightful…sensual…erotic. I stared at the gossamer material and my heart pounded. My eyes caressed the nylon from ankle, to calf, to knee, to thigh, the pounding of my heart increasing with each delicious inch my eyes embraced. When I gazed above the support band, I saw her lightly tanned thigh. And then I realized with glee that I could see well up her skirt…and the view riveted me. The skirt hid – just barely – the silky black panties I’d glimpsed earlier. My pulse raced.

Eagerly, my hands reached out to caress either side of that nylon-covered thigh, slowly rubbing from thigh down to calf and ankles, then back up. I was entranced by the silken sensuality of it, rubbing slowly up and down that awesome leg. While I was busy fondling that smooth leg, suddenly Kelly lifted her foot from the cushion and plopped it unceremoniously into my lap. The movement startled me from my nylon worship and I looked up at her. I had been so mesmerized by that luscious limb that I never even noticed Kelly removing her blouse and bra. When I looked up, I saw her full, round breasts staring back at me, nipples taut. All she now wore was her skirt, panties and stockings. The blood pounding in my temples was almost deafening. What a sight she was! She literally took my breath away!

Kelly first played with her nipples, for my benefit, then reached out one hand to stroke the back of my neck. Her fingers tightened on the nape of my neck and drew my head forward, pushing my mouth against her knee.

“Kiss the pretty nylon,” she said in a sultry whisper that sent a shiver along my entire spine.

I kissed that silken knee, my lips reveling in the sheer silkiness of it, my nostrils filled with the scent of nylon. My hands still played along calf and thigh as I adored the offered knee.

“I’ll bet it tastes delicious,” Kelly cooed, adding, “why not give it a few licks?”

My tongue popped out of my mouth without any urging from me. It took on its own life and began licking Kelly’s knee. That knee has always been delicious under any circumstances, but the taste of it encased in sheer nylon was intoxicating. I sighed as my tongue enjoyed the unique flavor, my eyes closed in rapture.

When my eyes opened, they noticed a new joy to occupy them while my tongue lapped nylon. Kelly was leaning over now, her lush, naked breasts directly in front of me, the right one resting gently on the thigh just above the knee I was licking, mere inches from my tongue. The left breast dangled alongside her thigh, the nipple hard and taunting.

Kelly giggled, “Your panting is making my cleavage tickle, sweetie. I think you’re paying way too much attention to my chest and not enough to my stocking. Proper adoration is a must, you know.” She ran her finger along my cheek and smiled wickedly at me, deliberately fondling her dangling breast and playing with the nipple.

“Oh, I can’t be cruel to my little stocking fiend,” she said with a hint of that very cruelty, “c’mon….here….have some of this.”

Kelly leaned çatalca escort forward as far as she could, moving her foot from my crotch to the juncture of my thigh and hip. Her breasts burst into my face, nipples eager for attention. I grabbed one breast with my right hand, my mouth hungrily devouring it, while my other hand continued to caress the smooth, silky nylon of Kelly’s thigh. My fingers explored nylon covered thigh and soft, luscious breast, while lips and tongue savored her large, pink nipple. If I was to die, then this would be my idea of Heaven.

As both hands reached up to capture and enjoy both breasts, Kelly slipped her foot back into my groin, rubbing the erection she felt there beneath her nyloned foot. Her toes pressed the engorged head and shaft through my shorts, working up and down its length slowly and deliberately. As I sucked and licked her breasts like a hungry pup, she stroked me with her foot. I was sure I was going to come right there in my shorts!

But such was not Kelly’s plan. I was so into her lush, tasty globes, that when she suddenly pulled away from me and abruptly stood up, I was lost….my mind searching for reasons as my hands searched for her flesh. I looked up at her, my eyes brimming with disappointment. She simply stood there smiling, hands on hips, almost gloating down at me. And then…then….she turned and walked away! My heart not only sank, but skipped several beats along the way. My tongue still lolled out of my mouth, hungry for more; my hands still groped for her charms.

She walked slowly across the room, toward the other chair. Her hips swayed with exaggerated sensuality, her sexy bottom bouncing tantalizingly with each step. Stopping and standing still for a moment, bending slightly and quickly flashing me by lifting her skirt, she looked back at me as she teased. She then bent down further and ran her hand up one leg, tracing the stocking seam from the back of her heel up her calf and thigh all the way to the support band, agonizingly, erotically slowly.

Then, in a whirl of motion, she turned around to face me – still sitting dumbfounded in my chair – and dropped herself into the other chair with a loud poof of air rushing from the lucky cushion. She sat back seductively, draping one leg over the arm of the chair, her calf and foot dangling over the side. Smiling a broad, lecherous smile, she held out one hand, her index finger giving me that “come hither” curl. Licking her lips, she purred a simple, “Here boy,” and I broke all land speed records climbing out of my own chair and sprinting across the room. She laughed heartily at my eagerness.

“Kneel down right there,” she said, pointing to a spot directly in front of the chair – but several feet from it – and exactly midway between her knees. She rubbed her thighs slowly with her fingertips and eyed me greedily as I knelt down in front of her. I noticed her eyes dart down to the crotch of my shorts, which brought a wide grin from her sultry lips.

“Now, dear boy….I’m going to give you an extremely large taste of nylon. Your tongue on my knee was just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more nylon to be savored, don’t you agree?”

I nodded dumbly, my eyes locked on legs and nylons, and trying to probe upward to where those thighs met.

Kelly held straight out the leg that was not resting on the arm of the chair, showing me the starting point of the hose seam. She showed me the sole of her foot, with the cross seam that ran along the tips of her toes, and the seam perpendicular to it that ran the length of her sole, from the middle of her toes to her heel. From there, a small space, then the seam continued its lucky trip up the back of her calf and thigh to the reinforced band that held the entire lovely thing in place. For emphasis, she placed her finger on each part of the seam and traced it all the way up her leg. Her voice shattered my hypnotic state.

“Since you seem to enjoy my stockings so much, I want you to do something for me,” that honey-dipped voice seared into my brain, “I want to feel your lips and tongue caressing their way up the entire length of my stocking seam, starting right there at my toes and kissing and licking their way all the way up to here,” she again traced a path up the seam, her finger finally stopping at the support band. “Would you like that?” she asked, already knowing the answer. All I could do was nod like a drunken jester. I didn’t seem to have enough breath for words.

She sat back comfortably in the chair, folding her arms behind her head. She looked me directly in the eyes and flexed and wiggled her foot. “You may begin anytime now,” she teased, pleased with herself.

She had gauged the spot where she wanted me to sit perfectly. Her outstretched leg placed her wiggling foot directly in front of me…less than a foot from my chin. As she wiggled and twisted her foot teasingly, I noticed just how sheer the nylon was, for I could see each pink, painted toenail almost as clearly as if no nylon covered it at all, except when the movement of her toes brought the slightly thicker seam over them. And every wrinkle in her sole when she scrunched her toes was clearly visible through the flimsy material. I marveled at how utterly sheer and sexy nylon could be.

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