“So he’s your boyfriend,” she says. “And you’re bi, and he brings you to the clubs so you can still fuck women.” It’s so close to the truth I don’t know that I’d correct her, even if I was allowed to speak.

My mistress tonight is young, and pretty. Looking more than ready for it in thigh high boots, in a short black catsuit that zippers to her waist. Big eyes, full mouth, short hair. A redhead. He knows I like those. Dark eyebrows, though, so I’m guessing the carpet won’t match. But who cares, with small perky tits and wide hips? Not the longest legs in the world, but they’re strong, and those spike heels are helping.

She says, “He tells me I’m supposed to make you come and you’re supposed to resist, isn’t that right?” I nod. I’m allowed to nod or shake my head. And he’s kind about any noises I can’t help but make. It’s just talking that’s off the cards. “Well, I don’t think you’ll last very long at all, love. He says you’re good at resisting, but I think you’ve met your match with me.” I smile, and I suppose she must know I’m not laughing at her. She sits up on the bed, where he put me in the middle like a prize, propped up on all the pillows. My hands are tied to the headboard, with just enough rope so she can turn me over if she wants to. Next to me, leaning over me, she says, “I won’t make you stop after one, either.”

I don’t mean to, but I tremble. She giggles. The tip of her finger trails from my collarbone, over my thin black dress, down between my breasts, hangs in my navel while the shudder doubles and tightens my stomach. “God, you are responsive. Let’s see if that little mouth of yours matches.” She kisses me, just once at first, just delicate. I try not to give back right away. But then she dives in and this time it’s an attack. I can’t defend myself. Her tongue parts my lips and waits for mine, and when she gets it her teeth nip it into her mouth and it feels so good to have her sucking it, to have her tongue working at it and curling up against it. Her hand starts to touch my breast and I push my body up against hers.

Just like that, she pulls away, licking her already wet lips. Looks down at me arched up and how her hand is only just touching me. “Nympho,” she breathes, like she can’t believe her luck. Like she’s testing me, her thumb presses on the lace over my nipple. The roughness of the fabric and the warmth of her touch shuts my eyes, tips my head back. “Oh, Nymph, love,” she smiles, “It’s just wrong for you to be wearing anything at all, isn’t it?” Her fingertips pluck, teasing, at the neckline of my dress. “Isn’t it?” I bite in my lip so I won’t just scream it at her, so I’ll remember just to nod. She reaches behind my head and undoes the hooks that close the halter. She’s so close I put my lips to her shoulder. I want to close my teeth, but she’s already laughing because I kissed her. I lick instead.

As she rolls down the top of my dress she moves with it. She’s right there when she uncovers my chest. “Gorgeous,” she giggles. “I love big round tits.” And she does, she really does, because she starts kissing them, leaving big red marks, fluttering the bar in her tongue over the nipples until they stand right up straight for her, doesn’t want to stop. Already I can feel my cunt pulsing heat. She’s right; as soon as she goes any farther down I won’t last a minute. Especially not with her pierced tongue. Jesus, isn’t that cheating? Then she bites down on my nipple like she means to tear it off and I stop thinking about the rules, just cry out and turn my head to the pillow.

She laughs at the way my body shakes. Then finally leaves my big round tits alone and starts tugging my dress the rest of the way down, over my hips. Tonight, for once, he gave me panties to wear. Black lace to match the dress. I was wet before he even laid me down here and now they’re stuck to me. My cunt is throbbing, the panties probably move with it. She’s there, so close I can feel her breathing, just watching. “Steady on, Nymph. We’ve a way to go yet. Maybe best just leave these on for a while, so you don’t get overexcited.” She leaves me to kick off my dress, but she puts her hand between my legs when she comes up to speak to me. My thighs clench on her. “You want that?” I nod. “You want me rubbing your cunt, Nymph?” I nod. “I bet you don’t care who rubs your cunt. I bet you’d lie in here with a blindfold on and leave the door unlocked and you wouldn’t even care.” No, that’s Tuesday Escort Bayan night, but she sounds offended, so I shake my head. “No you don’t care or no that’s not true?”

I lift my head up as far as I can, trying to kiss her. She leans back, but if I stretch my tongue I can just lick her lower lip.

“You like me? You think I’m hot?”

Where she’s kneeling, I wrap my legs around her, pull her close so she can feel which of us is the hot one right now.

“Oh, I know, I know,” she says, and puts her hand, still damp from me, on my face, looking at me with sympathy. “It’s not fair. You’re just a little nympho who wants everybody to pay attention to her cunt. Let the whole world form an orderly queue and you’d just lie there for every cock and every tongue and every strap on and every vibrator and anything else they’d stick in you. You’d just lie there loving it and moaning and screaming and coming over and over again.” It really isn’t fair. This has to be cheating. The way she talks, it has to be cheating. “But you don’t’ have the whole world, you’ve only got me. Do you think I’ll do?” I nod for her, open-mouthed, looking her in the eyes because she’s forcing me to. “I’m going to get undressed now. Would you like that?” I nod and she kisses me again. She reaches behind her and pulls my ankles apart. She pushes them back so my knees come up to my shoulders. Then she sits back from me, hanging on my legs, all her weight. She looks at the position she’s put me in and smiles. “Yeah. Stay like that. I want to look at your twat while I strip for you.”

She crawls back, away from me, to the end of the bed. I keep my legs where she put them but grab the rope holding my wrists, haul myself up so I can see properly. First she teases. It’s because my hands are tied. She grabs her tits and rolls them up and down, bends over and grabs her ankles, grabs her ass apart, grabs her tight thighs as she stands up, grabs her cunt through the shorts, all because I can’t grab any part of her. Says, “I wish you could help me,” as she unfastens her gold belt and lets it fall behind her. “Y’know, stand up over here, really close, just sort of dance with me and peel me out of these clothes. With my thigh in between your legs, rubbing you. That would be so good. We could just grind here all night, forget that stupid bed.” She starts, just a little, pulling down the zip on the front of her catsuit. Then stops and bends over again, looking at me from between her ankles. “Tell me honestly, if you weren’t tied down, would you come running over here to bury your face in that?”

I nod.

“Nymph,” she laughs. “Slag.” She turns back round then, pulls the zipper down far enough to roll down the top half. Grabs her tits through a thin, lime green bikini before she pulls the sides back to show me. “They’re small, but I bet that doesn’t make any difference to you, does it, Nympho?” I shake my head, thinking about them in my hands, about tormenting the pointed pink nipples. I think of the man who brought me here and the black tab on the end of the riding crop. I want us to bring this one home. “Look at your poor little cunt. Gleaming, you sweetheart. Never seen anybody get so wet so easy. Starting to catch on too.” She lets go of her tits to ease her hand down where I can’t see, except that she tips her head back, except that she starts to make little sounds, groans at the ceiling. Only then does she untie the back of the bikini bra and let it fall. Undoes the rest of the zipper and slips off the shorts so all she’s wearing is the green bottom half and her strapped and buckled thigh boots. All of this she does quickly and my legs pull together and I curl up, turning away, wanting nothing else, groaning.

“Naughty, noisy girl. Stretch out. Remember I want your cunt.”

Then get over here and stick your fucking hand inside it, you gorgeous fucking bitch. Stick your whole face in so your pointy little nose works my clit while your tongue is inside me and your thumb curls and turns in my arse. If you want it so much come and take it, because it wants you.

But that would just be too fucking easy, wouldn’t it? She waits until I stretch, this time putting an ankle out to either side of the bed, completely split, never more open than this. My panties slip entirely into the cleft, cutting me in two. She gasps, and pulls across one of the chairs that people sit in to watch when he wants to see people Bayan Escort watching me. Sitting right there, right opposite me, not three feet from my aching, screaming pussy, she sits down, hooks one heel on the bed post and sticks her hand into her bikini to rub her cunt, even before she’ll let me see it. I shake my head, just begging her no, not to, don’t, just bring it here. She can forget me over here. She can kneel over my face and I won’t even make a sound until she’s come twice, three times, as often as she wants, I don’t care. Whatever it takes, only come over here.

But she won’t. She looks at me shaking my head, pleading and pushes two fingers into herself. “Do you want to suck them for me? Do you want to get my fingers nice and wet? Do you want to taste my cunt?” I nod, hard, hoping. She takes the two fingers out again, brings them to her own mouth and kisses them. “Yeah, it tastes good.” Sucks hard on them, mumbling, “Yeah, it tastes really good.” I’ll bet it does. I bet it’s under her fingernails and the tip of my tongue would go numb trying to suck them clean, those two fingers fucking my mouth hard as any cock ever has or ever will. “Open your eyes, Nymph. Stop dreaming and watch me. Dare you.” Watch her. Watch her take her glimmering fingers out of her mouth and put them back there, watch the bulge of her knuckles moving inside the bikini, knowing she’s fucking herself and not even able to see, but the fingers are skilful and fast. They would get into me just as far as the first knuckle and wriggle until I writhed in to make them go deeper, so I’d work for it. Watch her? Watching her makes me itch and all I want to do is whatever she wants me to. Watching her make it three fingers and making herself cry out, that one little noise is all it takes, my legs close again, pressing tight. My noise matches hers, but it’s different, because I’m choking back way, way more.

She stops, and sits up straight. “You’re not coming, are you? You’re not allowed to. I forbid you to. And if you ever want to taste this incredible twat, Nymph, you need to resist.” She takes her shimmering fingers out of her panties and comes around the bed with her boots clicking. I’m curled miserably on my side, seizing all over and trying to keep the feeling out of my cunt. It’s taking everything and I can hardly even breathe. Just from watching her strip and watching her fuck herself. “This?” she says, and puts her fingers under my nose. “You want this, don’t you? You want to stick your face in a pussy full of it and eat it all up like a good little girl. But you’re not good, are you? Because you’re coming, aren’t you?” I shake my head, moaning. But her fingers are right there and they would taste so incredible. “You’re coming,” she says, and I push my head forward, trying to lick them. She pulls her fingers away, but I’m waiting for it, expecting it, and my tongue doesn’t know I didn’t taste anything. All the heat in me drops to my cunt and it goes off like fireworks. I shake and shudder all over and that’s it, I’m lost, totally lost.

I groan over the last of it and while my mouth is open she finally gives up her fingers. I suck them harder than any cock in the last month, easy.

“Jesus,” she gasps. “Slag!”

She has to drag her hand away from my face. Then she climbs down, goes to the door exactly as she is and throws it open. She leans into the hallway with her pert little tits standing to attention and me sprawled senseless and craving on the bed and I don’t care.

Next door, there is an observation room, where my partner in this has been watching on the cameras. He’s leaned out this door too, I guess, because I can hear her saying, “Mission accomplished.” Then, “Yeah, she’s amazing.” And then, finally, “Listen, can I, maybe…? Cheers.”

She slams the door shut fast and stands against it. I can feel her grinning without being able to see it. Both hands on the door, she walks them down, her face between her ankles again, and reaches down to slide the bikini past it. I watch her cunt appear, dark and waxed and tattooed with lucky dice and moan. For just a split second she parts her arse for me too, before standing up, pointing at me. “On your back.” I roll over. She comes stalking across in her boots. The last step brings her right up onto the bed and she stands with one boot either side of my face. Her cunt looking miles above me, I kiss those instead, teasing the cold buckles Escort with my tongue. She looks straight down. “You’re still not to talk. And I don’t want any of this yes-and-no shit either, is that understood? I don’t need to know anything you’re thinking.”

Whatever she wants. Those two dark holes are above me full of come and promise. Whatever she wants.

She holds the headboard, leans back from it and starts slowly, torturously, lowering herself. Closer and closer, and when she grazes my nose she stops to tease. I stick out my tongue and find just the tip of her split, swollen clit. She lasts only seconds then before she presses right into my face. She tastes better than she did on her fingers. She’s hot and loose, one hand coming down to rub herself as my tongue turns around the rim of her cunt. Then I push my tongue deep, pressing my lips tight against her, sucking at the same time as fucking her with all I’ve got. Then her fingers slide past and we swap, so she’s fucking herself while I nibble and work at her clit again, really working now, concentrating, opening my eyes to watch her react to the different things that I do. She likes my teeth, and the on-and-off kisses, sucking her until I drag that little mound out flat, lapping at it when it springs back.

That gets her. She starts to lose it now, breathing heavy, one foot slipping. I do it again and she moans, folds in against the headboard, so closer to me I stop and kiss the crystal glittering in her navel. Her knees press in on me. “Don’t stop. When the nymph gets cunt the nymph doesn’t say when.” She’s going to say it herself, soon. I can tell. Her thighs are still holding my head when I kiss it again and they seize, dragging me in. I have just this little world which is all her, all I can see and smell and taste and feel is her cunt, still with her hard, bony finger moving inside it, changing hands because the other arm hurts, staying away from my face because she wants me to keep working, because she’s starting to groan, getting wetter in little pulses, starting to come. I spit hard into her hole, rolling the tip of my tongue right in the cleft of her clit, until the shaking starts. She’s as good as done, panting for breath. One last time I tease her out between my teeth and she shudders into her orgasm, pressing me tight enough to choke, drenching my entire face in her juice.

She cries, choking, calling out for God. And when she’s finished she lets go of the headboard and falls back, lying on me, spread out so I can see her cunt still twitching. If I smile it’s only because I’ve done that to her, because she’s spent and gasping and I did that. “What do you have to laugh about?” she says. She rolls over and backs up, presenting me with her arse. She doesn’t need me to do anymore. It’s just a show of obedience now, to prove I wasn’t laughing at her. I treat it with soft, quick kisses, lick it only gently and only once. This time she’s the one who starts giggling. Tugging at the edges of my underwear. “Poor Nymph, still with her panties on. Well, love, I’m sure the world is waiting for what’s inside there.” She sits up, reaches back across me, but only to thump the wall, to call the man next door. “But if you wanted me to kiss it you shouldn’t have tired me out. I’m sure loverman will get you sorted.”

Maybe she’s sure, but I’m not. “Please,” I start to say, just wanting to explain, but she puts her finger up against her lips. This time she’s just telling me to shut up.

“What’d we say about the chat, hm?” She zips herself back into her shorts, picks up her belt and bikini. She’s come back to me, is sitting on the edge of the bed like maybe that was all a joke, when the door opens and my partner comes in.

“Everything alright?” he says. Asking her, not me.

She smiles over. “Very satisfying, thank you, but I think we’re done here.” She pushes my hair back from my face, kisses me briefly on the forehead. “You’ve got yourself a little blinder here, if you don’t mind my saying so.” Then, on her way out the door, looking tauntingly at me until I turn my head away, “Maybe I’ll see her again sometime?”

My partner closes the door behind her. He doesn’t immediately untie me. First he slides in behind me, holding me by the waist, my head on his shoulder. It’s not fair. I’m grinding my legs together, trying not to whimper. “I know,” he says, hands moving over me in long strokes that don’t go anywhere sensitive, which are just comforting. “She didn’t seem the type to be so cruel to you. You don’t deserve that, do you?” Against the side of his neck, I shake my head. He leans in. I can feel him smiling. “But who knows,” he says, “maybe we’ll see her again, sometime…”

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