Office Rendezvous


Office RendezvousWithin the week our emails moved to private emails and more graphic of what we each needed and were not getting at home, until finally I got the email, “Meet me in the back in 5 minutes.”The back of the building was no longer used by the company and my heart began racing with the possibility. I saw her walk by my office, smile and head to the back. I just stared at the email wondering what to do.I decided it was either a set up or something exciting was going to happen. But I wasn’t too happy at work or at home at this time so I figured I had nothing to lose. I made my way back there and found her in an empty office. I closed the door and I immediately embraced and kissed her.The electricity just went through my entire body. My hands roamed her back, my tongue her mouth and I just could not believe what was occurring. We parted for a second. We said a few bahis siteleri words about how amazing it was and we just attacked each other again. My hands grabbed her Phat ass through her pants and her arms were wrapped around me, her tits grinding against me, instantly making me hard. She commented about it as we parted again and stared at my dick.However, It was still work hours. We straightened up and headed back to our desks. I smelled like her. I could close my eyes and just feel her lips and how her body felt pressed against me.It was a Friday, so the entire weekend was filled with emails back and forth. By Monday morning we had agreed to meet at work early before anyone had gotten there.We arrived about the same time and anxiously walked in together. Again, we went into the office far in the back of the building. Immediately, we were all over each other. My hands canlı bahis were on her ass, her hands all over me. Soon she had dropped them to rub my the outside of my pants. I began kissing her neck as she started to undo my belt.After a couple of seconds she stopped and pulled away, “Just take it out”.I stepped back and undid my belt and pants and took my already hard dick out for her.She pushed me back onto a chair and dropped to her knees. At first touching the sides of my legs then slowly touching my dick as she looked up at me smiling.She lowered her mouth on me and I moved her long brown hair out of the way, holding it to the side so I could watch as she moved her mouth up and down on my dick while grasping the base with her hand.I took it all in as she continued sucking me for a couple minutes, it was sloppy, but she was good. Her mouth never giving up as the pressure güvenilir bahis was growing for me to cum. She suddenly stopped, took her mouth off of me and looked at me smiling, “Want me to continue?” I begged her not to stop, she laughed a bit and dove right back down on my cock. Her hand twisting expertly at the base with half of my dick never leaving her mouth.I could not keep myself from watching her. Her gorgeous brown eyes occasionally staring up at me with her mouth completely full of my cock. She would then close her eyes, continue the movement of her mouth and hand with an expertise I had not experience before.I leaned back at the chair and felt myself explode.She held her mouth still, with her lips wrapped around the head of my cock, her tongue massaging the tip as I felt several spasms shake my body.Eventually I relaxed and she took her mouth off and wiped her lips. She smiled and asked me if it was worth the wait. I kiss her passionately, tasting the combination of lip gloss and cum.She stood up and told me it was best to use the bathroom to clean up and walked out of the office.

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