Office Ski Trip


Lauren had been working for her new consulting firm for a little over a year when she was invited to the annual company ski trip to Tahoe. This was her second job out of college and it included a huge raise from the first contract engineering job she landed.

She had accomplished so much in the last four years: a degree in electrical engineering, landing a first job and then an even better second one, running a marathon, losing twenty pounds, and perhaps most importantly, losing her virginity to her first real boyfriend Tom.

Lauren had always felt fat growing up though she never was. She just had a soft naturally curvy body with a big waist that refused to shrink even after she ran 26.2 miles. But those larger hips and hundreds of training miles had also given her a firm athletic bubble butt which, when paired with her petite blonde frame, gave her far more male admirers than her fragile ego allowed her to admit.

She had met Tom their senior year in college and his unconditional love for her had given her the confidence she needed to finish school, begin a successful career, and become the blonde bombshell she always wanted to be.

The snow trip invitation was for two and Lauren was very excited to make this trip one her and Tom would always remember.

They arrived at the cabin mid-afternoon and before they even had a chance to unpack Lauren’s boss Dave had Tom drinking a lager and Lauren sipping a chardonnay. Dave was a gregarious mid-thirties former college football player who never seemed to mind that he was often the only black guy in the room in Lauren’s industry. Dave had let himself go a little around the middle since his playing days but it was only little beer weight from all the entertaining he did at company functions. He was a good manager who got excellent results for his team and seemed to be on the fast track for a top executive position at the firm.

Dave had rented a huge four-story cabin on the side of a hill overlooking Lake Tahoe. The entry level form the road was also the top level of the cabin with the lower levels hugging the side of the mountain. It had a huge living room with a fireplace, a dining room, and a kitchen on that entry level while all the bedrooms were on the lower levels.

After Lauren and Tom had stashed their luggage, they joined Dave and the four other couples in front of the roaring fireplace for a game of charades. Dave played more of a referee role as the five employees at the firm, and their partners, were all pretty competitive.

During a lull in the game Lauren went to refill her wine glass and freshen herself up in the bathroom. She was already a little tipsy and was concentrating on not spilling her wine so she didn’t really notice that light inside the bathroom was on. When she burst through the door Dave was just shaking his dick empty after taking a leak. Lauren let out an audible gasp at the site of Dave’s member. It hung limp between his thighs like a giant unused fire hose but it was already far bigger than any cock Lauren had ever seen.

“I’m so sorry,” Lauren blurted out as she quickly jumped back and shut the door behind her. Lauren could feel the blood rushing to her face, which she expected, but what she did not expect was the sudden pulsing warmth between her legs as well. Still a little stunned at that site of Dave’s manhood Lauren hadn’t moved an inch when Dave opened the door a minute later after taking the time to wash his hands.

“That was totally my fault,” Dave offered. “We are in such tight quarters here I should have locked the door,” he said. “I hope you won’t file a complaint with human resources,” he finished.

“Oh no no,” Lauren quickly replied. “Total accident. These things happen. I didn’t even see anything,” she lied. Dave winked and replied, “Oh good. Thanks. I love having you on our team Lauren and I’d hate it if this trip changed any of that.”

“I love it here too,” Lauren said, now fully composed again. “I do have to pee though if I could move in behind you,” she continued.

“Of course. Of course,” Dave replied. And he left down the hallway to get the charades game started again.

By the time Lauren got back the living room the game was already up and running with Dave showing no sign that the bathroom incident ever happened. All the couples were having a great time thanks in no small part to the endless wine, beer, and cocktails that were flowing out of the kitchen.

Eventually the game did die down and Lauren and Tom shuffled downstairs to bed. Lauren was still a little horny from seeing Dave in the bathroom and she pawed at Tom’s chest for a couple minutes before his heavy breathing informed her he was fast asleep. Slightly frustrated but even more tired, Lauren turned over and fell asleep as well.

She was awoken an hour later with a burgeoning headache from too many glasses of wine so she fumbled around her bag to find some Advil. She grabbed her phone from the nightstand to use as a light and düzce escort once she located the pills she headed upstairs to the kitchen for some water to quiet her throbbing head.

Turning the last flight of stairs before reaching the kitchen Lauren heard a woman moaning and the slapping of skin. “Uuuggghh my god. Don’t stop fucking me. You feel so fucking good,” Lauren heard a female voice between two sets of rhythmic slapping noises.

Lauren couldn’t help herself from peeking her head up around the corner and then her jaw immediately hit the floor.. Dave was on his knees completely naked except for his socks in front of the fireplace, his broad shoulders and muscular arms were authoritatively gripping the curvy hips of a beautiful blonde woman with huge DD tits who was on all fours in front of Dave. Lauren recognized her as Stacy, the girlfriend of her co-worker Mike, who she did not see anywhere in the room.

Dave was holding Stacy lily white ass perfectly still while his jet black torso pumped rhythmically into her. His now fully erect thick as a coke can cock was easily sliding in and out of Stacy’s engorged pussy, her juices adding a shiny glow to his massive manhood in the firelight.

“Mmm-fuck me Dave. Make me cum. Oh my…Uuuggghh,” Stacy screamed.

As Lauren followed the length of Stacy’s body she realized what the first slapping noise was: Stacy’s giant beautiful twits were swinging in parallel rotating circles, noisily slapping together once each rotation. Lauren had smaller but perky B cups and she had always been jealous of busty girls like Stacy. She was even more jealous now as she watched Stacy’s tear dropped shaped mounds slam together.

When Lauren finally identified the source of the second slapping sound the hand that wasn’t carrying her phone unknowingly began massaging between her thighs. With each of his powerful strokes Dave’s gigantic balls were slapping up against Stacy’s exposed clit. The sheer size of Dave’s scrotum, something Lauren had never thought possible, along with the force and confidence that they were slapping up against Stacy’s womanhood left Lauren in a dripping trance.

Lauren had no idea how long she watched her black boss fuck her co-worker’s beautiful blonde girlfriend before tragedy struck. Her phone beeped with a weather alert about the next morning. Mortified Lauren turned in a flash and jumped down the entire flight of stairs. She had no idea if Dave or Stacy had caught her spying and she had no intention of finding it.

But when Lauren heard Stacy shout out, “Oh my god, I’m going to cum,” and when Dave huskily responded, “Do it baby. Cum on that big beautiful dick,” Lauren was pretty sure she had gotten away with it. So she ran on down the hallway with Stacy shouting, “I’mmmmmm cummmminnggggg,” still in her ears.

The rush of almost getting caught the night before had somehow magically gotten rid of her headache, but Lauren was dog tired from lack of sleep and was one of the last of the group to hit the showers the next morning.

Each floor of the cabin had one bathroom shared by two bedrooms and there was a bit of a traffic jam as everyone tried to get clean and into their snow gear for the slopes. Just as Lauren was about to close the door behind her for her turn in the bathroom, Stacy pushed her way in and shut the door behind them.

“Please please please don’t tell the others what you saw last night,” Stacy said. Lauren blushed.

“I’m…” Lauren stammered, before Stacy continued, “We should have been more discreet. I’m so embarrassed. Just please don’t let the others know. I love Mike and Mike loves this job and I don’t want him to lose it.”

“I’m so sorry,” Lauren said. “And embarrassed. I never meant to spy like that. Trust me, your secret is safe with me,” she finished.

“Phew,” Stacy exhaled. “Thank you so much. Mike and I owe you,” she added. And with that Stacy hoped out of the bathroom and left Lauren to enjoy a hot relaxing shower.

Unlike Tom whose family often went on ski trips when he was young, Lauren had been to the mountains once in her entire life before this trip. She liked skiing, but she was still confined to ski lessons on the bunny slopes while Tom was looking forward to a full day of black diamonds. So when it came time to get into cars, Lauren went with the other beginners, Stacy, Mike, and Dave.

It was cold up on the mountain that morning and after a half-day lesson Lauren was ready to call it quits and head back to the cabin for a hot shower. Unfortunately Mike and Stacy were happy snuggling and drinking in front of the fire and did not want to leave the ski lodge yet. Lauren was about to buy her own drink at the bar before Amy, the only other girl in Lauren’s office and one of the people in the expert car, offered to drive home early with her and Dave.

Despite the fact that it was Amy’s car, Dave insisted on driving so Lauren sat by herself in the backseat with Amy edirne escort riding shotgun. It was only a quick 20 minute drive back to the cabin from the ski resort, but after what Lauren had witnessed between Stacy and Dave the night before, she could have sworn Amy and Dave were being a bit flirty in the front seat too.

Like Lauren, Amy had also brought her boyfriend on the trip, a gorgeous lawyer she had met on tinder. Also like Lauren, Amy was on the petite side, but unlike Lauren she had always been a confident popular athlete that had had multiple lovers throughout high school, college, and now into her professional life. She was strikingly beautiful brunette with a short haircut that managed to be both sporty and sexy at the same time. Maybe it was just Amy’s comfortable banter around men that Lauren was noticing, but Dave was definitely flirting right back, and not in a way that they normally interacted at the office.

When they got to the cabin Lauren collected her towel and a change of clothes and was about to head to the shower next to her bedroom when Dave stopped her in the hallway and offered, “Hey Lauren, there is a sauna in the master the bath. I’m going to start a fire and have some drinks upstairs before I head down, so you are more than welcome to use it if you want.”

The 140 degree heat of a quiet sauna sounded like heaven on earth to Lauren so she jumped at Dave’s offer and ran downstairs to turn the sauna on. After a quick shower to get the sweat from the mountain off, Lauren hopped into the still warming wooden box, laid out her towel, closed her eyes, and enjoyed the rising heat.

Lauren should probably have gotten out of the sauna to shower when the 30 minute timer went off, but she had brought a large bottle of ice water with her and she was in such a near blissful trance that she decided to lay for a few more minutes with the sauna light off. Those few minutes turned into ten and Lauren was suddenly startled by the sound of a female giggling. Lauren sat up and peaked out the sauna window to see Dave and Amy in the master bath jacuzzi. She couldn’t tell if the two were naked, but from what she did see so far, she didn’t see any clothing.

“Dave you’re so bad,” Amy giggled again and Lauren could now see that it appeared Dave was caressing Amy’s chest under the bubbling water.

“You wouldn’t have come back early if you didn’t miss it,” Dave replied.

“This isn’t fair, you know me too well,” Amy said.

And with that Dave’s broad shoulders and muscular chest rose up and out of the water eventually revealing a fully erect cock. This was Lauren’s first glimpse of Dave’s entire manhood. She only saw it flaccid the day before in the bathroom, and most of it was in Stacy when she witnessed it in action later that night.

But now that she saw it standing tall by itself she began to understand why Stacy and now Amy were unfaithful. Tom was a great boyfriend. And he had a serviceable six inches which usually got the job done in the right circumstances. But Dave’s cock just radiated masculinity, sex, and dominance.

That last thought – “dominance” – hung in her head as she watched Amy, without any prompting from Dave, raise her mouth to gently kiss the tip of Dave’s cock. Amy was not a big girl, but after submissively looking up at Dave’s eyes, she attacked his shaft like first place in the high school swim meet depended on it. At most she was could only get half of Dave’s length into her mouth but she aggressively stroked the rest with one of her free hands, the saliva dripping down from her mouth providing the lubrication for her enthusiastic effort.

“Mmm… Amy you suck cock like a pro. Gimmee a couple more minutes of this and then I’ll give you what you really want,” Dave said looking down at her. With that assurance Amy picked up what was already a strenuous pace and Lauren’s jaw hurt just looking at the scene.

Good to his word, after just one more minute Dave caressed Amy’s shoulder with a familiarity betraying how often they had done this before. Amy then drew herself up out of the water to Dave’s lips for a kiss. Lauren had never really paid much attention to Dave’ mouth before but now that Amy was sucking on his big lips almost as greedily as she had sucked on his huge cock, Lauren thought it must be heavenly to be kissed by such warm enveloping folds.

While they continued to stand in the jacuzzi with their mouths locked together Dave moved his arms under Amy’s hips and easily lifted Amy’s lithe body completely out of the steaming hot water. As Lauren suspected, Amy’s gymnast taught athletic body had been completely naked this whole time and now Dave began to gently lower her torso towards his tower of manhood.

“Go slow,” Amy managed to say as she pulled her mouth away from his lips and let her legs fall limp beneath her. Her arms were now fully locked around Dave’s neck and she was looking down intently at Dave’s black cock as it inched elazığ escort towards her attentively shaved and supple pink pussy. Despite supporting her entire weight Dave effortlessly guided her waiting pussy, which Lauren could almost feel pulsing from across the room, onto his equally throbbing black member.

“Ooo,” Amy yelped and her legs stiffened as Dave’s thick black cock made contact with her inner labia and began to slowly push the tender flaps of skin apart. “Ooohhh,” she moaned more deeply as the helmet of his penis disappeared inside her.

“That’s it girl. Just relax and let me fill you up nice and slow. It’s been awhile since we did this so your pussy is going to need a little time to get you used to me,” Dave calmly but firmly intoned.

Lauren could see tension slowly leave Amy’s body as she followed Dave’s soothing instructions. She closed her eyes, relaxed her limbs. and let Dave do all the work. He lifted her up just an inch so that the head of his cock was visible again, then slowly lowered down again to where her pussy had been before. After a few strokes Amy quietly mouthed “more” and Dave let her slide another inch deeper onto his dick. Eventually Amy took Dave’s entire cock and when her weight was now fully rested on Dave’s pubic bone she opened her eyes and said, “Oh fuck. Please don’t ever let me wait this long again.”

Dave chuckled, nibbled Amy’s ear with his lips and slowly sat down on the edge of the tub. Amy then greedily took charge, moving her feet to the edge of the jacuzzi on each side of his body so she could now control her own weight as she tightly gripped his neck with her arms.

She then pulled her hips away from Dave’s body, her pussy lips tightly gripping his cock as she left a trail of her juices behind her till she stopped almost halfway up his length. Amy then slammed her hips back to down into DAve hard using her momentum to rub her clit against the base of penis before slowly pulling back out again.

“Grip the cock with your pussy girl. You know how I like it,” Dave ordered.

Lauren was not a lesbian by any means, but she was fixated watching Amy flex her Olympic swimmer quality butt muscles back and forth as she fucked Dave’s cock in a furious athletic display. Lauren would never watch a female swimmer do the butterfly without getting horny again.

She also noticed that the juices Amy’s pussy were leaving on Dave’s cock were getting milkier and thicker. Dave then lifted one of his hands and massaged Amy’s left breast with his thumb and forefinger. Amy was at best a small B, maybe just an A cup, but her pert nipples were hard as a rock and she visibly quivered when Dave pinched her nipple with his fingers.

“Oh fuck yes Dave. Make me cum. I’m gonna cum. Please don’t stop,” Amy moaned and at that Dave brought his other hand up to her breasts so that both of her nipples were receiving his attention.

“Give me your cum Dave. I want to feel you explode inside me,” Amy begged. And with that she stopped bucking her hips, pushed his cock as deep into her pussy as possible, and began lustily convulsing. “Christ I’m cummmmmmmm iiiiiiiiiinnnngggggg!”

When Amy’s body stopped shaking, Dave whispered in her ear, “You want my cum baby?”

“Oh god yes fill my pussy up,” Amy managed despite seeming almost out of breath.

“You’ve earned it girl,” Dave grunted as he stood up, his hands tightly gripping her ass as he lifted her with him.

Now it was Dave’s turn to take charge. While Amy kept her arms tight around Dave’s neck, Dave held her torso steady as he began to fuck her pussy hard. When Amy began to whimper Lauren was worried that Dave was hurting her, but those whimpers soon turned to lusty moans.

“Uggghhh. Fuck me Dave. Fuck me harder. Fill me up,” Amy shouted.

Her words worked. Dave grew visibly more excited and he began fucking her even harder, his huge cock moving in and out of Amy’s shuddering body, in a literal fuck frenzy. Ever the competitor Amy was now fucking back as best she could, her legs squeezing his toso closer to his. The energy in the room was amazing. A bomb could have gone off and Lauren would not have noticed. It didn’t take long before Dave stopped, arched his back and yelled “Fuck” as his orgasm pulsed through him and into her.

As Dave’s orgasm subsided, the couple gently kissed as their bodies slowly untwined. Dave pulled his hands off of Amy’s butt as her legs loosened their grip on his and slid back into the jacuzzi. Long content breaths replaced short desperate gulps for air as Dave and Amy slowly lowered themselves back under the water.

“Thanks boss,” Amy wryly said, with a smirk on her face. She gently pushed herself away from Dave’s hulking body and turned to pick up her bikini.

“Any time Ames,” Dave replied, smacking her gently on her ass as she bent over to gather her things. Dave said something else to Amy but Lauren did not hear what as she ducked back below the window of the sauna. But she did hear Amy bound up the stairs a second later before she heard Dave exit the jacuzzi and start the shower.

Peeking out again and seeing the coast clear, Lauren grabbed her towel and bathing suit and ran upstairs to the bathroom on her floor to wash her very hot and bothered body.

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