OHGIRL: What Happens In Vegas 5…..


OHGIRL: What Happens In Vegas 5…..The time in my Caesar’s Palace suite was coming to an end. The days of relaxation had turned into busy days of work and lots of unexpected and unplanned sex. I still had two more days to enjoy my fully paid room, until I moved next door to the Mirage, but it seemed like I still had a couple of opportunities to make more money. I hadn’t had time to say good bye to either Lamar or DeShawn, but they had left messages on the voicemail in my room, both asking me to call them. Paul also left a message and was wondering if we could get together for business again. I was currently having lunch in Mr. Sung’s room. His business partners had left and he was leaving a day later, so he contacted me for more personal time. He was very much the gentleman and for an 82 year old man and he had a very strong sexual appetite. He had hired me for the entire day, so it was impossible for me to connect with Paul until the next afternoon. After lunch and a blow job, Mr. Sung took me shopping and bought me a limo full of outfits. We shopped for nearly 5 hours and he had so much fun watching me try on many of my different dresses and sexy apparel. I had quite a few bags of lingerie also, from Victoria’s Secret, Fredericks of Hollywood and Agent Provocateur. I modeled a few for him back in his room later that evening and he enjoyed the strip show I gave him, as he watched sitting nude on his sofa. His generosity and sweet attitude got him what ever he wanted that evening and he took full advantage of my giving nature. Friday was my last day in the room and I had a late checkout. I had contacted Paul, but he seemed reluctant to pay the high amount that I was charging for his time. I explained that it was due to his rough and physical type of sex and that if he wanted a couple of hours of my time that he would have to pay. He seemed to think it unfair to double his fee from our first encounter, but his mind changed when I wouldn’t budge on the price and he joined me in my room at noon. His cock was so huge and he used it well to fuck the living shit out of me again. He was even more rough than the first time and I’m sure it was due to his higher fee. He fucked me in every hole and on every flat surface in the room and he made sure to use all of his time, as he once again covered my face and hair with his cum and made sure that I got him up again so that he could cum in my ass. His long, black cock pounded my asshole for an eternity before he finally sunk it to its hilt and unleashed a torrent of hot jizz into my behind. I have to admit, since I was prepared for his rough assault this time around, I enjoyed the fucking he gave me. His cock was tremendous and definitely the biggest I’d ever had up until that time. Maybe it was my submissive nature that allowed me to enjoy such brutal types of sex, but I had been thinking about letting him have me again ever since he had left me used up and covered in his cum during our first adventure. Needless to say, I used the Jacuzzi again that afternoon before I had the concierge move my belongings to the Mirage. I would be meeting with a Porn distributor late on Friday evening to discuss my hiring for his Porn Expo booth on Saturday afternoon. I unpacked and got comfy in my new suite at the Mirage and took a much needed nap. When I awoke, I got freshened up and went to the casino bar to meet my employer. Dallas was a very over the top Porn executive. He was kind of nerdy looking and had a bit of a pot belly, but he dressed fairly fashionable, except for his moussed up blonde “faux hawk” hairstyle. He was a distributor for a large porn company and he had hired me to work at his Porn Expo Booth doing photos, autographs and any other type of promos that he wanted for his business’s advertisement. He gave me a small duffel bag with a sexy, little blue latex outfit, a pair of clear 8” stripper stilettos, and a white Cosplay wig. He had a Japanese Anime comic inside the bag and used it to describe how he wanted me to wear my make up the next day. He said that another girl, that he had brought along, and I would be working the booth and attending any type of business activities at which we were needed. I had quite a few other questions and he did a lot of answering over a non-formal dinner and a couple of drinks. Dallas handed me my envelop with my fee after dinner and coming to terms on our professional agreement. He then looked me in the eye and said “OK, let’s head up to my room. I need a blowjob.” It seemed that work had started sooner than I had expected and I followed Dallas back to his room where he introduced my mouth to his completely bald cock. Up until then, I had seen shaved scrotums and well trimmed pubic areas, but Dallas had a completely smooth, and according to him, laser hair removed cock and surrounding area. It made licking and sucking his smooth pole much more enjoyable and any cum that escaped my mouth didn’t end up sticking in his hair, thus it was easier to clean up with my tongue. I showed up to my booth earlier than I was expected the next morning. I wanted to make sure that I had all of my attendee badges and paperwork finished and it took me a while to get the wig, makeup and latex outfit just right. I actually wore my outfit in a cab to the convention center and I got a ton of attention, but I wasn’t the only woman or man in town for the Porn Expo. It was 10:30am and the expo began at 11:00am. Dallas was already at the booth and behind a curtain in the back. He loved my look and introduced me to my fellow porn hostess, Eryka, who was also there early. She was dressed just like me, but she was wearing a purple wig. Dallas took a few photos of us together and with him and then told us that we’d open the booth in about a half hour. He said that he wanted to get a few photos of us together while we waited. He adjusted the settings on his camera and then pulled out his cock for us to both suck. Eryka and I both got down on our knees and began sharing Dallas’s stiff shaft while he took photos. We took turns holding and sucking his hard organ and running our tongues along his hairless bostancı escort prick as we pumped it in our mouths. His flash kept going off in our faces and it seemed like we worked well together. Dallas came in Eryka’s mouth and then he wanted us to kiss and share his cum while he took more photos. We began kissing and her tongue pushed some of his sticky load into my mouth. We posed for a few photos with our tongues out and showing off his spunk before we swallowed it. Dallas was hyped up and even more horny as he pulled open the curtain and we started business for the afternoon.It started out slow, but the day got really busy as the convention floor got crowded with thousands of porn fans, models, actors, directors, distributor and others that made their way every year to Las Vegas. I wasn’t sure what Eryka and I were promoting, but there were hundreds of fans that paid $5 each to take photos with us and who wanted to talk and ask us questions. Business cards were handed to me by the dozens and I got a lot of potential offers. Many of the men were looking for girls to be in their movies and there were a plethora of directors looking for their next sex star. It was nearly lunch time and a really good looking actor from another booth had made his way over to ask me to join him. He was working what seemed to be a gay film booth, so I was a little surprised by his attention. We met outside the convention center and we were both in our outfits, so we didn’t know where to go for lunch without people staring. His name was Neil and he was smoking hot, with a chiseled body and a beautiful smile and eyes. I don’t think I had ever met such an attractive man. I suggested that we take a quick cab back to my hotel and that we order room service, since all of my expenses were paid for the week. He agreed and we jumped into a cab for the quick ride. I questioned him about being a gay porn star, but he said that he wasn’t gay. He told me that I would be surprised to know that the majority of men in gay films were straight. That seemed a bit strange to me, but I wasn’t going to complain, since I had his attention at the moment. Once we got into my room we looked over the menu and I placed an order. I wasn’t sure how long it would take, so I sat on the bed and invited him to join me. He sat next to me and I couldn’t believe I was acting all giddy like a school girl. He was just so hot and being the straight forward business girl I was I asked him if he’d like to fuck. He just started laughing and stood up to take off his loincloth type outfit that he was wearing. He looked like a Greek god, as he stood there nude with a perfectly shaped, enormous and smooth cock that I was just hoping he’d have. I pulled down up my latex skirt and laid back on the bed to spread my legs, baring my open mouthed vagina. The busy week of fucking had caused my lips and cunt to lay permanently spread open, showing off my deep, dark hole. We both knew that we were short on time, as he rubbed the head of his cock on my glistening lips and slid his long pole straight into me. I grabbed his muscular buttocks and squeezed them, pulling him deeper and harder into me with each of his thrusts. I watched his muscular abs contract and ran one of my hands down his washboard stomach. He was so smooth as his body moved and he lifted up my top to expose my breasts. His thick cock slid in me with ease and my pussy became soaked by the touch of his lips on mine. His cock pumped my loose opening hard and fast and I barely heard the knock on the door from room service. Neil pulled his sexy cock from my wet hole and walked to the door nonchalantly. He looked out the peep hole and then just opened the door for the delivery guy. Even in Las Vegas, the room service attendant seemed slightly shocked as this nude, gorgeous guy stood there with a skyward pointing, forearm sized cock and I laid there with my legs spread and my cunt open for all to see. He pushed the cart into the room and his face became more controlled as he brought the receipt over for me to sign. I smiled up at him as he waited and I apologized for the embarrassment. He said that it was fine and that he was already more than happy with the tip I had just signed for and the view he was getting. He gave me one last look as he walked out and the door closed. Neil walked back to the bed and eased up between my legs as he guided his hard cock back into my open slot. He continued to fuck me and my legs wrapped around him and pulled him closer. My vaginal muscles squeezed his shaft as I came and then he really started to thrust, as he felt my twat tighten it’s grip. He was kissing me and my moans were leaking out around his lips. He lifted my legs into the air, spreading them wide and then driving his long cock into me. He told me that he was going to cum and I slid down onto my knees and took him into my mouth. The head of his cock just made it past my lips as he exploded. This was the second load of cum I had swallowed today and I kept stoking his shaft as he oozed more onto my tongue. We both cleaned up in the restroom and then grabbed our sandwiches as we caught another cab back to the convention center. I couldn’t believe I had been so horny. Neil and I went back to our booths, when we returned and we talked about getting together again that week. Dallas got really excited when an older guy in a really nice pinstripe suit stopped by to say hello and talk to him. He introduced him as John, one of the biggest movie producers on the east coast, and Eryka and I said hello. Dallas was trying to get him to commit for drinks later in his suite, since he had already had a dinner meeting set up. The producer said yes and he told him to bring us girls along. We took more photos as the day progressed and Dallas introduced us to a few more porn industry insiders. All of the men seemed fairly nice, but many of them were very stereotypical in their manner and attitudes that one would expect from somebody in porn. We took photos with most of them and they were all very touchy and always whispering sexual things. fatih escort There was one wholesaler that Dallas seemed to like and he had Eryka and I pose topless with him behind the curtain of the booth. He had bent me over in a few poses and grabbed my breasts from behind as he grinded on me. I played along, as I was paid to, and eventually the photos led to more nudity. My top was down, my skirt was pulled up and I was looking like I had at lunch, with Neil. Dallas was throwing out suggestions for more photos to his friend and I was doing what he said and keeping his associate happy. Eryka joined in on a few photos, but for some reason he liked me. Dallas sent Eryka back out to work the booth and he stayed with his friend and I, as I posed for more sexual photos. I did my sexiest poses that I could think of with his cock in my mouth and over a few minutes, the impromptu and fun shoot turned into a small, backroom porn shoot. I was blowing his friend and then both of them had their cocks out for me to suck. They took photos of me trying to put both of them in my mouth at once and deep throating them each individually. It wasn’t long before I was bent over and Dallas was taking photos of his friend as he fucked me from behind. His balls slapped against my ass as he gripped my hips while I bent over a stack of boxes behind the curtain. In and out his cock slid between my loose lips. My well used pussy was easy for him to get his cock into and his cum spilled freely out onto the floor after he drained his balls into me. Dallas was still horny after taking all of the photos of his friend and he handed him the camera as he pulled his bald cock out. Dallas placed a couple of small towels on the floor and laid on his back. He asked me to squat over his cock and I lowered myself onto him and began using my thighs to lift myself up and down. His friend took a bunch of close up photos as I rode his cock. It was a really a strenuous work out, since it took a while before Dallas blew his load in me. Dallas stuck his head back out from behind the curtain and asked Eryka to join us again. When she arrived, I was sitting on the towels with my legs spread and both of their cum shots oozing from my pussy. Dallas asked Eryka to lick my pussy clean and although she looked a bit perturbed by the suggestion, she got onto her hands and knees and found her way to my sloppy, jizz filled opening. Eryka then licked and sucked on my pussy and labia, cleaning up their cum as directed. Dallas and his friend were loving it and took more photos. They discussed the idea of having a party with both of us that night, but Dallas told him about drinks with his big wig associate, John. The day was pretty much over at around 6 pm and we helped Dallas straighten up the booth before we left. I talked with Neil and I told him that hopefully I would see him tomorrow. He wanted to get together tonight, but I told him that I had to meet with a few business associates of Dallas. The expo ended the next day and the movie awards and all of the parties were that night. Maybe we could hook up again sometime during that period. I returned to my room and took a nap after soaking in the tub. I showered when I woke up and then went out for dinner. Eryka and I had decided to meet for food and then go with Dallas to our get together. We talked as we ate and Eryka told me about her hopeful career in porn. She had done a few movies, but mostly they were small cheap sex films. She was looking forward to making better connections by doing the expo. I told her about my job and how I preferred my private business to fucking on film for all to see. Although I had been paid to allow a few of my customers to film or photograph our sex sessions, most of my clients kept them for their personal stash. I didn’t rule out porn all together, but at the time, it wasn’t something in which I was interested. We finished dinner and then we met with Dallas and he took us to our meeting.We walked into the room, with Eryka and I dressed very sexually, on Dallas’s arms. He tried to be calm and not seem too in a hurry to make his way toward his friend , but he was quickly leading us in his direction. All three of us had gotten drinks when we came into the room, so Dallas used the chance to introduce Eryka and I again as an icebreaker. John was very professional and he and Dallas began to talk business. We stood there as the eye candy we were meant to be, and after a short while, Dallas said that we’d been invited back to John’s suite later in the evening. We ate some finger foods, had a few more drinks and then as the evening grew later, got into a limo and made our way to the MGM hotel. Dallas was so excited that he had us blow him on the ride over. Luckily it was a short ride, so he never did cum. There were only about 5 other people at John’s suite, 4 guys and one other woman. It was rather laid back and everyone spoke freely and openly about everything. One of the men there was a director and he was talking with Eryka, while I stood there with John and Dallas as they made small talk. Dallas said something about taking our business to someplace more private and John led us both back into his private bedroom suite. He closed the door to the room and Dallas began to remove my dress as John watched. John sat on his bed and Dallas led me to him fully nude with only my high heels on. John pulled open the front of his pants and I bent to my knees and took him in my mouth. The business mogul’s cock grew in my mouth as I sucked him. His soft flesh soon became a hard throbbing shaft filling my mouth. I stroked and sucked him with all of my skills, making sure to pay attention to his neatly trimmed balls. He pulled me up off the floor and turned me around, pulling me back into his lap and sitting me down onto his rigid member. He started to thrust upwards and I bounced on his lap as he fucked me. John pulled my thighs wider and then slid his hand down to rub my clitoris as his cock pumped my juicy cunt. I don’t know if I was wet from the excitement or from all of the other sexual encounters that bağcılar escort I had experienced earlier in the day. This was the fourth cock in my pussy today and if the look in Dallas’s eyes meant anything, he was going to keep me working all night. John slid me off of his lap and leaned me over the bed. I laid across the mattress, my feet still on the floor, as he sunk his meat thermometer back between my spread labia. I was grunting and pushing back against his pelvis as he fucked me. He slapped my ass a couple of times and then pulled out and came all over my ass. He smacked his cock on my ass and then smeared his cum across my cheeks with his dick. He continued to spread his sticky and slippery spunk on my behind and then slid his cum coated cock between my butt cheeks. He slid up and down between my ass, his cum covering me and making a mess. I felt him try to press his cock into my asshole, but it kept bending and slipping out. He spread my butt with his hands and I felt his spit drip down on my anus, mixing with the fresh cum and running down my crack. Again he tried to force his cock into my ass and this time it slid in. He used his fingers to push more of his cum from my back and butt toward his cock. His spent jizz was providing the lubricant that he needed to fuck my tight asshole. John’s cock grew hard again, as he slid it back and forth and kept my ass spread with his hands. His cum was beginning to run thin and dry as his anal pumping went on much longer. I felt him pull out and spit onto my gaping asshole before pushing his cock back in. He continued to pump me and then he came again as the friction got harder. John was breathing hard and kept grinding my ass. His newly ejaculated load filling my rectum. His white cream leaked out as his cock stayed planted deep in my ass. I looked back to see him concentrating deeply with his eyes closed and slowly rocking back and forth. His cock began to slide again as he thrusted his hips in the hopes of staying hard. I grimaced with each hard thrust. His cum was keeping me lubricated for now, but as soon as it ran out, he would be fucking me raw. I remained bent over on the bed, gripping the covers in my fists as he started to pump me with his restored erection. John’s cum was running down my leg and I felt him scoop it up and return it to my ass. He pulled his cock out and stared at his work, and my ass stayed open for him, bubbling with his warm cum. In he slid again, driving his iron hard spike into my ass. Dallas was loving it and I watched as he played with his cock in the corner of the room. Another 10 or 15 minutes went by before John released another geyser of hot juice into my ass. His eyes were still closed as he took in deep breaths and worked his cum around in my butt. He began to move faster and using short little strokes he kept fucking me. I couldn’t believe he was staying hard in between each cum shot. His dick was once again coated with his own sperm and he pumped my ass some more. More time passed as he kept up his erection. His cock spasmed again and he grunted loudly as his magic snake spit again in my backdoor. John was like a yoga master, concentrating and moving his cock in my ass, remaining still when needed and then pumping me again to maintain his wood. All this time he continued to ejaculate in me and use his own cum to make his anal marathon possible. I couldn’t even believe he was still cumming fluid. I laid on my stomach across the bed for over an hour as John climaxed for what was the 5th time that evening. His attempt to continue eventually failed and his prick fell limp from my ass. Dried and fresh cum covered my legs and behind as I laid there with my gaping asshole still open and oozing fresh jizz. That was the first time that any guy had ever fucked me in the ass, to completion, without using lubricant. I had experienced many times when a man had slipped from my wet cunt and slid into the wrong hole as he hastily tried to shove it back in. There had been a few men who had purposely shoved their cock in my ass only for me to stop them and I had a few that I had allowed to shove their cocks in my ass only to make them get some lubricant once it became painful or irritating. In general, I tried to avoid anal sex, but in my profession I realized that a lot of men would want to experience my ass and I grew accustomed to allowing some of my clients to do so. I also had times where I felt slutty and letting a guy take me in the ass satisfied my craving to be fucked like a whore. I had a feeling that many of the men involved in the porn industry would be the types of guys that would be taking advantage of my booty and this proved to be more true than I imagined, as John made his way to his bathroom. Dallas quickly ran over to me and flipped me on my back. He shoved his long, hairless cock deep into my pussy and began to fuck me like a mad man. He was so horny as he pounded my vagina, pulling me hard to meet his deep thrusts. Just before he came, he rolled me back on my stomach and plunged his cock into my messy, well used ass. I felt more cum join John’s large amount, as Dallas drove his cock into me. John entered the room as Dallas was draining his hose in my ass, holding onto my hips and keeping his hard dick deep in my rectum. “You should really get into porn Brandy.” John exclaimed, as he watched Dallas finish fucking my ass. “You’re a natural and you’d make someone a lot of money.” he said. “I’d be more than happy to get you into the business if you like.” he stated. I told him that I’d think about it, but until then, I needed to clean up. After I got dressed and returned to the party, John slipped me his card and gave me a little kiss on the cheek. Eryka was gone and if I knew better, she was probably doing a little audition of her own. Dallas and I left the party together and he dropped me off at my hotel. I went back to my room alone and fell into bed for some much needed sleep, before another day at the expo and an evening of more parties. I held on to John’s card, because there would come a time in the future where I would try my hand at the adult movie business. Although I never made it big in porn, I took part in over 40 adult movies and actually starred in a series of 5 of my own fetish gangbang features, which involved me taking on large groups of white men. I think back on it now and wonder how I did so much at such a young age.

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