Old Man Larry


Larry is an older man from my small hometown. There wasn’t anything especially attractive about Larry. In fact, he was overweight and balding with gray hair. But Larry had a big set of luscious lips and even though he was 74, I couldn’t help but think about how good those lips would feel sucking on my tight little pussy. Even though I am only 23, I spend hours each week masturbating to erotica involving much older men and very young women. When I need to improvise for a masturbation session on-the-go, I usually imagine myself with Larry. Whether it’s rubbing my bare pussy across his face until he is covered in my pussy juice or letting him bend me over and shove his old cock deep in my pussy…imagining Larry always gives me an earth-shattering orgasm.

After graduating college, I worked at a golf course where Larry was a regular. He was a dirty old man and tried every trick in the book to feel/glance at my round, firm 36D tits. I liked wearing tight, low-cut shirts for the tips. Larry took advantage of this fact and I was more than happy to deal him brief glances and rubs to get his money. His favorite “trick” was to ask for a hug. Larry küçükçekmece escort would make sure to hold me as long as he could while rubbing slightly back and forth across my tits until my nipples stood hard at attention. Outwardly, I’d playfully push Larry away and act like he was just another perverted old man. Secretly, hugs from Larry made my pussy drip.

I recently traveled back to my hometown after moving away. I was out bar-hopping around the various small towns and was very intoxicated as the night started to come to a close. We were at a small bar that had started to clear out for the night. I went back to the restroom and ran smack into Larry. Of course, I was dressed like a slut. It’d been a long time since I’d been fucked and I’d been hoping to pick up a guy for a night of fun. I saw a smile spread across Larry’s face when he saw me…those big lips spreading wide. I saw him glance up and down at my outfit of choice: a tight white button-up shirt, my tits nearly spilling out the top and my nipples poking straight through the thin material and a short skirt(without panties küçükyalı escort of course).

Excited to see me, Larry quickly wrapped me into one of his favorite hugs and of course, started to rub against my tits. Except, Larry was drunk too and his rubbing started to turn into more of grinding. By now, he had pushed me against a wall. My nipples were already rock hard and now they were practically aching to be sucked on. As Larry continued his grinding, I suddenly felt his hard cock pushing against my leg. Unable to control my impulses any longer, I let out a load moan. This apparently broke Larry out of his trance as he realized the opportunity that clearly laid before him. Wasted and horny, I was practically licking my lips and begging Larry to continue what he’d been doing.

As if testing the limits, Larry slowly put a hand on my tit. As I let it sit there, he started unbuttoning my shirt with the other, eventually ripping open my shirt to expose my bare breasts. He quickly started ravaging them…and his big lips sucking on my nipples felt as good as I’d always imagined. As maltepe escort he sucked on my nipples and rubbed his face in my tits, I whispered in his ear “Suck on my titties Grandpa Jerry. Suck on my hard nipple titties.” He quickly moved his mouth from my tits to my mouth, shoving his old tongue deep down my throat and grinding his cock back into me. I lifted up my legs and wrapped them around him, aiming my pussy right at his bulging crotch.

I could feel his thick mushroom head through his thin khaki pants and felt it practically pushing inside my bare pussy. I was drunk, horny, and living out my fantasy of letting dirty old Larry take advantage of me. I told Larry I was hungry for cum and told him I needed him to pump me full of it. Larry pushed me into a bathroom where he proceeded to lock the door and unleash his thick old cock from his pants. I rushed to him and wrapped myself around his thick belly, kissing him deeply. Larry pushed me up against the wall and started pushing his cock against my pussy lips. Before Larry was even inside of me I shot off my first orgasm. Larry then proceeded to fuck me deep and hard, calling me his naughty little slut. Before I knew it, Larry was letting out a deep moan as I felt his cock spasm inside of me, his hot sticky jizz hitting my cervix and giving me such an orgasm I almost passed out. As Larry’s limp dick slid out of me, he shoved his tongue down my throat one last time telling me he hoped he pumped me so full I became pregnant…

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