Older Man Samples Lynn Ch. 02

Big Dick

This is a continuation of a husband sharing his wife. For context, Chapter 1 should be read first. There are references to incidents and characters from “The New Client Series.” Like the other stories I have written, it contains, wife infidelity, cuckolding, multiple partners, and voyeurism.

I appreciate your comments, suggestions and encouragement.


The four of us walk down the driveway to the sidewalk. Lynn and Charles are walking next to one another. To the casual observer it would appear my wife is with Charles. A couple of people greet them before they see me walking a few steps behind.

Trying to make small talk with a guy my wife just sucked off is difficult at best. I ask him if he was surprised at what happened. He says he didn’t know what to expect. Charles called him and said he should meet them at the Smith’s.

“Charles said there was someone I would really like to meet. Your wife is really hot. I never dreamed I would get a blow job. And what about Charles? Is that guy hung or what? No wonder he gets as much pussy as he does.”

Lynn and Charles are walking close together. One of her arms is locked with his. It looks like she has one of her breasts pressing against him.

“I’m glad you like my wife, Don. It was a surprise seeing you. And your right. Charles does have a big dick”

“Speaking of his big dick, he sure is going to get some of your wife’s good pussy tonight.” Don stops, “Well this is where I get off.”

Lynn and Charles turn around and join us. We are in shadows, as there are no street lights. Lynn kisses Don on the lips, “I’m glad we got to meet. I hope you like what I did.”

Charles addresses her, “Tell Don what you like.”

Don is only an inch or so taller than Lynn. She gets close to his ear and I hear her tell him, “I really like sucking you.”

“You two are a great couple. Very well matched. He have to do this again sometime.”

Charles says, “Don you should reconsider and join us. I think Lynn is really comfortable with the both us.”

“I am at ease with the two of you.” Taking Don’s hand she places it on her mons. “If you join us you can have some of this. You and Charles can take turns with me.”

He turns to me, “What do you think? Do you mind if we take turns fucking you wife?”

Don doesn’t wait for answer. He just laughs, “You people are too much. But I already told my wife I wouldn’t be out late.”

He walks across to his car and drives off. Charles and Lynn continue walking side by side. She keeps her arm wrapped in his. I think I hear her telling him, she can’t believe that she just offered Don some pussy.

We reach our car and I hit the remote. I open the door for Lynn.

“Honey, Charles wants me to ride with him. I told him I would.”

She asks me to get her purse out of the car. I reach in our car and hand it to her. She gives me a deep kiss. I taste the cum on her lips and tongue. One of my hands is one her waist.

Charles gives me directions to his new condo. He tells me residents park in the garage, but I will need to park in the visitor’s lot in the front of the building. He gives me his unit number and instructs me to ring for access.

Lynn kisses me on the cheek, “See you in a few minutes.”

When she rejoins Charles, he places his arm around her taking possession of my wife. His car is parked close by. When they get in, before the interior light goes out, I see them kissing.

I barely contain my erection as I follow Charles’s Mercedes down the street. I have a suspicion what is coming. When Lynn is turned on she likes to play in the car as I drive. Most of the time she either lifts her skirt and plays with her pussy or leans over and sucks my cock as I drive. Since she is not wearing a skirt, it doesn’t take long for me to tell which it is going to be. In the silhouette formed from my headlights, I see Lynn shift in her seat, lean over to kiss Charles on the cheek and then she disappears from view.

My cock is about to explode. I picture Lynn unzipping him, fishing out his cock and then taking him in her mouth just like she did at the Smith’s. I can only imagine what Charles is telling her as my wife sucks him again. She has to know I can tell what is going on.

A few minutes before arriving at Charles’s luxury condo, her head comes back into view. She rearranges herself before settling back into the seat.

Charles drives around back where I assume the parking garage is, and I drive in front to find the visitor’s parking. I stay in the car to give them time to get up to his unit. Then I give them a little more time. I walk in the front entrance and ring for Charles’s unit. He buzzes me in and I take the elevator up to the sixteenth floor. Walking down the hall to his unit, I feel a sense of trepidation. I ring the bell and hear footsteps from inside Charles’s condo.

Charles opens the door, “I’m glad you found it ok. I thought you might have been lost. Here come on in. Your wife and I are escort gaziantep bayan numaraları just relaxing.”

The lights are dim and Dave Brubek’s “Take Five,” is on the stereo. The curtains are opened. Lynn is sitting of a low leather couch facing the window. There is a matching set of leather chairs on either side of the open window facing the couch.

I complement Charles on his new condo, “The view is spectacular.”

“Walk around to the front of the couch. The spectacular view is your sexy wife”

I walk around the couch and am taken aback as soon as I see Lynn. She is relaxing on the couch with a glass of wine. He legs are open. I have never seen such a look of lust. Her top is totally unbuttoned with her bra entirely exposed. Her breasts are swollen with desire, the nipples visible through the thin fabric.

“Hi sweetie, we thought you might have gotten lost. Charles is such a naughty boy. He just couldn’t wait.”

I bend over to kiss her. “Well I don’t blame him I wouldn’t wait either.”

Charles brings me a glass of wine. He sits down next to Lynn. I sit in one of the chairs facing them. He addresses both of us, “Now that it is just the three of us we can relax.”

Lynn takes a sip of wine before putting the glass down. She unfastens her bra and pulls it away from her breasts. “Is this relaxed?”

Charles fondles my wife’s breasts. He pinches up her nipples. “Oh… yeah, play with my tits some more.”

I don’t answer. I just sit mesmerized at my wife and Charles.

Lynn addresses me, “I’m glad you let me ride over with Charles. You know what happens when I am horny in the car. Was it obvious I was sucking his cock on the way over?”

With one hand holding his wine, Charles continues fondling my wife’s breasts. She sighs and leans back places her hand on his cock. Her fingers massage him through his slacks. He languidly strokes one of her nipples. It immediately stiffens even further.

He asks me, “Is this what you had in mind? I have wanted to do this for a long time. Tell me why you set this up.”

I feel that tightness in my chest when being confronted by my cuckoldry, “I want to watch you fuck Lynn.”

He asks Lynn, “Why did you want your husband to set this up?”

“So my husband can watch you fuck me.”

“Why don’t you join us. You wife was expecting two men.”

They move over making room for me. I sit down and fondle one of her breasts while Charles plays with the other. They kiss while I watch. Their tongues intertwine.

He talks lewdly to her. “You liked sucking our cocks didn’t you? There were people at the party who know you sucked us both. The Smith’s know. And other people know. Andrew told me what a great cocksucker you are. I think you should probably call up Don one day and tell him how much you liked sucking his cock and you want to do it again.”

Lynn’s massaging becomes more urgent. His cock is getting hard, straining against his slacks.

“Feel your husband’s cock. After all, he set this up.”

Lynn puts her hand in my lap. She is feeling us both while we fondle her. Charles breaks their kiss. Taking a sip of wine and leans over and covers her nipple in his mouth. She arches her back, pushing her nipple deeper in his mouth. Her breathing is more pronounced. He lifts his head off of her breast. Her areola is dimpled and the nipple glistens with the wine and his saliva.

He looks over at me, “Finish undressing your wife for me.”

Lynn and I stand up and face Charles. She has her back to me. I slide one of my arms around her pulling her closer to me. My erection is pressing against my wife’s ass. I kiss her in the sensitive erogenous zone at the juncture of her neck and shoulder. I take her top off. Next to come off is her unfastened bra. Her breasts feel firm and swollen with excitement. Lynn leans her head against me with one of her hands covering mine as I fondle her. Her nipples are erect in my palms.

Charles sips his wine as he watches us, “That’s it. Warm her up for me. Now show me the rest of your wife’s body.”

I unzip her slacks and pull them off of her hips where they fall to her ankles, leaving her in just her panties.

“Now the panties. I want to see her pussy.”

I slide her panties off her hips and they join her slacks at her ankles.

She steps out of her clothing and moves closer to the couch to stand in front of Charles. “Is this what you want? Do you like my body? Do you want to fuck me? My husband would like you to.”

Charles reaches both hands around my wife’s waist and massages the firmness of her ass. I sit back at one corner of the couch to watch. He kisses my wife on her navel and continues kissing and licking down her stomach. She gasps and inhales as he slides a couple of fingers into her slit. Then he buries his face in my wife’s snatch.

She opens her legs and clasps his head in her hands to pull him into her pussy, “That’s it taste my young escort gaziantep pornoları married pussy.”

He leans in getting his tongue in as far as it can would go. “God you are wet. You have been doing most of the work tonight. Get down on the sofa and spread your legs. Let me give you a treat.”

I tell my wife, “Here honey, lean against me so Charles can taste your pussy.”

Lynn lays down with her head on my chest and spreads her legs for Charles. He looks down at her open pussy with a look of lust. Her light brown cunt hair is trimmed close. He takes off his shirt and kneels down between my wife’s open legs. He uses both hands on her inner thighs to spread her legs further apart. Taking his right hand, he inserts his fingers in my wife’s moist opening.

“Yeah, use three, spread my cunt.”

Lynn turns to me, “Honey why don’t you close the curtains.”

Charles stops me, “Leave them open.” He tells Lynn, “Maybe someone is watching. Just imagine someone with binoculars or a telescope in one the other high rises is watching you expose your slutty married cunt.”

“Mmmm. I like that.”

Without further hesitation he leans in and starts lapping at her slit.

She arches her back to push her open pussy against his mouth, “Oh God, that feels so good. That’s it eat my cunt.”

She moans and thrashes against me as Charles keeps eating her. He has her opened up with her thighs resting on his shoulders and the palms of his hands on her hips. I fantasize someone is watching from another condo. I imagine the picture we make with my wife leaning against me as another man brings her to orgasm. I cup her breasts, squeezing her nipples.

Charles takes a break and looks up at us both from between my wife’s open legs, “Your wife tastes better than I thought. Don doesn’t know what he is missing.”

My arousal is heightened by the thought of another man partaking of my wife’s charms. He dives back in. His tongue is moving against my wife’s clit faster and faster as she pulls his head hard against her cunt. She lets out at moan and arches her back, pushing against me as she cums with a shattering orgasm.

Her body slackens with the release. He legs are still spread. She looks at Charles with a dreamy look, “That was sooo.. good. Now let me do some more for you.”

Charles gets up and moves to the other side of the couch. My nude wife kneels on the floor. She has that familiar look of lust.

Looking directly at Charles she says, “I know what you want. You want me to suck your cock some more don’t you? My husband watched us at the Smith’s and knows I was sucking you in the car and now he wants to watch some more.”

She looked over at me, “You want me to suck his cock some more don’t you?”

Charles chimes in, “Is that what you want? Do you want to watch your wife suck my cock? You have watched her suck other men haven’t you? Did you like it?”

I sit looking at my wife kneeling at Charles’s feet as they confront my cuckoldry. I hesitate at first, “YYes.. I like to watch her sucking other men. I liked watching her suck you and Don. I want to watch her suck you some more.”

I watch mesmerized as she caresses his cock through his slacks. She unbuckles his belt. Having watched her earlier at the Smith’s, I know what going to happen and how it will turn me on. Charles looks down as Lynn unzips him and reaches her hand in his pants to feel his cock.

“Mmmm.. what a nice big cock. Did my husband tell you I like big cocks?”

“Yeah he did. Here let me help.”

He raises himself off of the sofa and slides his pants off his hips. Lynn finishes undressing him and strokes him to full hardness. She looks up at him as she leans over and takes his swollen head into her mouth. Charles arches his back as his cock enters my wife’s moist warm mouth. Her tongue swirls around his thickness.

“God. Your wife is a great cocksucker.”

Lynn moans as she sucks him. She doesn’t need to be quiet. She draws more of him in her mouth. As his cock slides further in her mouth, it is obvious from the movement of her cheeks and throat she is milking him. Charles keeps moaning and telling her how good she is sucking him. She has one of her hands between her legs playing with her pussy.

By this time I have undressed. I cannot help but stroke my now hard cock. He turns to me, “Is this what you like watching? That’s it. Play with your dick while your wife sucks me. You should give her some encouragement.”

I just keep watching my wife, stroking myself, and telling her to suck his cock.

Charles relaxes back against the sofa. I listen as my wife makes her sucking sounds, and watch her head bobbing up and down on his rigid shaft. After a while she releases from her mouth. There is a string of cum from the head to her lips. She takes her finger and scoops up some of his cum.

She holds her finger up to me. “Here honey, you are going to taste his cum out of my pussy, you should escort gaziantep portalı get to know what it’s like.”

I take her hand and lick the cum from her fingers.

“That’s it honey taste his cum.”

Charles speaks to me, “Lynn is doing all of the work, you should help. Taste her pussy while she sucks me some more.”

Lynn rises from her knees and reclines on the sofa with her head positioned over Charles’s cock. She slips him back in her mouth to suck him some more. She opens her legs to give me access to her dripping cunt. Pussy juice is leaking out and her cunt hairs are matted. I kneel on the floor and lower my head to lick her pussy. She uses one of her hands to press her cunt against my face. I have the perfect vantage point looking up between her legs to watch her suck Charles.

He continues talking dirty to her telling her what a good cocksucker and married slut she is. I push my face in as close as I can alternating between tonguing her clit and sticking my tongue in her distended cunt passage. With the jazz in the background there is just the sound of our sex.

Charles stops pulls her head off of his cock. “You should rest a second. You’ve been sucking a lot of cock tonight. Let your husband eat your pussy while you tell us what a nice slut you are.”

She lowers her body until her pussy is at the edge of the cushion. “Go ahead honey, and eat my pussy.”

I kneel between her legs and lick the folds of her swollen labia. They are both calling me a cuckold. Lynn is telling Charles how great it is to have a husband who likes her fucking and sucking other men. I am even more enflamed as they lewdly talk about me.

I move my tongue rapidly against her clit thinking about the Smith’s party.

“Sweetie, slow down. We have time.”

I change my motion to slow licks lessening the pressure on her clit. Charles asks her about some of the other men she has fucked. He asks her if she fucked after we were married. She tells him just when we were dating.

“Tell me about them. I’m sure your husband would like to know.”

“The first time really doesn’t count. We had only been dating a couple of months. I was on vacation in the Virgin Islands with a girlfriend. We went to a topless beach. A lot of guys hit on us. I was attracted to one guy. At happy hour, I saw him again. It was hot talking to a guy who had just seen my breasts.”

“So you have been an exhibitionist for a long time?”

“I have. I flirted with this guy, and went back to his room and fucked him. I fucked him the rest of the time we were there. I felt so naughty when I got back fucking my then boyfriend, after fucking this other guy.”

“What was the attraction.”

“Well, he was good looking with dark hair and in good shape. And he was just wearing a bikini, so I was looking at his cock.”

“What could you tell?

“He was hung. And he had a really sexy ass.”

“Tell me about the other times.”

“I was unfaithful more than once. I would like to use as an excuse having a couple of rough spots in our relationship, but I was turned on by illicit behavior.”

“Would you like to know more about your wife fucking other men before you were married?’

I pause in my pussy eating, “Yeah, I would.”

“Keep eating my pussy and I will tell you.” My wife continues her narration. “I traveled a lot for my job. You know it gets boring on the road. A lot of my customers were always trying to get in my pants. But I turned them all down. One evening I was having dinner alone. There was a handsome man at the next table. He invited me to have dinner with him. He was in sales like me and we really hit it off. After dinner, we had a couple of drinks in the lounge. I was getting horny thinking about fucking on vacation. He invited me up to his room for a nightcap. I told him no. I suggested he bring some wine to my room instead. I said I needed to freshen up. I gave him an extra key.”

“So you were turned on. How did you feel being unfaithful?”

“It felt so wicked giving a man I just met my room key. I undressed and put on a short robe. I was on the bed when I heard the click of the door. He came in and put the wine down. I just opened my robe. You can guess the rest.”

Charles addresses me, “Is this what you fantasized about when you were dating? Lynn fucking in her hotel room? Is it turning you on to know she actually did it?”

In between licks I answer, “That was my fantasy. I’m glad she actually fucked a guy.”

Addressing Lynn, “Was it a one night stand?”

“No. For the next couple of months we coordinated our trips so we could get together. I guess you could say I was having an affair.”

“How long had you been dating for your first affair?”

” About six months.”

“Did you fuck any guys you knew. What about people you both knew.”

“Sort of. A couple of our friends wanted to fuck me. My husband, my then boyfriend, was also traveling a lot and they would ask me out when he was gone. One time I was out with some friends of ours, including Richard and his boss. After the others left, it was just the three of us. Richard’s boss was married, but that didn’t stop him. He hit on me every time I saw him. This time I let him walk me to my car. He got in the passenger seat. We started kissing. I got real turned on making out with another guy in the parking lot.”

“You were hoping someone was watching you.”

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