Subject: Gay adult/youth. Oliver and the Choirboys, chapter four Please get in touch if you like this story. I mainly hope my friend Oliver enjoys it – it’s all for him. Please donate to if you can. It’s a wonderful and rare resource in these times. fty/ Oliver and the Choirboys, chapter four. At breakfast, Oliver sat next to Sam, the older chaperone, a fit man in his forties. “Hello Oliver,” he said. “How’s it going in your dorm? Are you getting them clean?” Oliver felt himself blush, and stammered, “Yes. I supervised them this morning. They’re all nice and clean.” In his mind he revisited the feel of preteen cocks in his mouth and tight little anuses on his tongue. It made it hard to think about anything else. “Good. I like to get hands on with mine. Sometimes you need to step in and show them what to do. The boys seem to like it.” He winked. “And so do I.” Oliver was shocked. Was this happening in every room? Chaperones sucking on young boys’ cocks under the pretext of checking them for cleanliness? It was both exciting and scary. “I did what I had to,” he said. Sam laughed. “Good for you. Listen, I’m driving into Winchester this morning for a few things. Do you want me to pick anything up for you?” “Oh, is it okay if I tag along? I could do with a couple of things myself.” “No problem. See you in the car park about ten?” “Yeah, brilliant. Thanks.” Once inside Sam’s mini Cooper, Oliver said, “Nice car.” “Thank you,” Sam said. “Plenty of room in the back seat, especially…” He stopped himself but Oliver completed the sentence in his head. “Especially if they’re only small.” They didn’t say much else during the forty minute journey. They parked and arranged to meet back at the car ninety minutes later. Oliver had already looked up where to go and he found the sex shop in an out of the way corner next to a roundabout. He went in and bought two big bottles of lube and was just coming out when he saw Sam coming towards him. He walked away quickly and turned round to see Sam enter the shop he had just left. Was Sam buying lube too? Was he expecting or hoping to fuck one of the boys in his room? Oliver didn’t dare raise the subject in case he was wrong, but he wandered round the town until he was to meet Sam again. On the journey home, Sam asked, “Who have you got in the room with you?” “Oliver, Ben, Daniel and Cassius.” “All lovely boys. I had Ben and Oliver on the last tour. Oliver’s quite a boy.” Oliver looked at him but Sam stared at the road ahead. “Quite a boy,” he repeated. Oliver saw him lick his lips, a tiny movement that must have been unconscious. “I have Victor,” Sam said. He looked as though he wanted to say something else but Oliver didn’t respond and they lapsed into silence. Back at the school, Oliver went to his room and put the lube bottles in his suitcase where nobody would spot them, then went for a short walk. He’d missed lunch but wasn’t hungry. The two Olivers had promised to visit him before dinner to explain the owl sea club. He was excited, nervous and horny – he desperately wanted to have a wank but he was hopeful that he’d be doing something with the boys. He showered again and shaved, and dressed in jeans and tshirt. He didn’t wear underpants and left his feet bare. He hoped it would be sexy but when he looked at them they looked big and veiny compared to the smooth boys’ feet he’d been licking that morning. He was still trying to work out the owl sea club when he heard boys’ voices coming along the corridor. Then the door burst open and two perfect angels in shorts and tshirts entered. Olly he knew well, intimately, every inch. He knew how he tasted, what every part felt like under his fingers and his tongue. The other boy, also called Oliver, was stunning. They walked towards where Oliver sat on the bed, both wearing bright smiles. They both had brown hair, though the new Oliver’s was shorter and neater. He also had extraordinary large deep brown eyes, that Oliver found beautiful. “Hello Oliver,” Olly said. “This is my friend Oliver, but you can call him Watt to avoid confusion.” The other boy smiled. “It’s my middle name,” he said. “It makes things easier.” He had a wonderful Italian accent, widening the vowels and stressing consonants. It was adorable. “Delighted to meet you,” Oliver said. He reached out a hand, which Watt took. The boy’s hand was warm and dry and just the touch made Oliver’s stomach jump and his cock twitch. “Have you worked it out yet?” Olly asked. “The owl sea club?” “No, I’ve no idea. You’ll have to put me out of my misery.” Olly laughed. “I’ll give you a clue. We’re all called Oliver, yes?” Oliver nodded. “And what do we all like?” With this he put one hand on the front of Watt’s shorts, where the young cock would be. He rubbed gently for a few seconds and looked back at Oliver. Watt opened his mouth and started to breathe more heavily. It sprung into Oliver’s mind in a sudden moment of epiphany. “Olivers who like cock! That’s it! I thought you said sea, like ocean, but it was the letter C. O W L C, Olivers Who Like Cock. I get it.” He laughed and looked at Watt, whose dark eyes were closing as Olly kept stroking his crotch. “You like cock then, Watt?” The beautiful dark eyes opened, looked straight at Oliver and he smiled again. “It is my favourite thing. I like cock even better than xbox.” Oliver reached out and pulled the two boys towards him, pulled Watt against him and kissed him on the lips. Watt’s mouth opened and his little warm tongue pushed between Oliver’s lips. They kissed hard and passionately and Oliver put his hand where Olly’s had been and felt a stiff little cock through the fabric. The boy was rock hard, as was Oliver. He moved his hand round to the boy’s bottom and stroked the perfect curve through the cotton shorts. Meanwhile, Olly was working at Oliver’s jeans, unbuttoning and unzipping. Oliver broke the kiss and looked at the boys in front of him, then stood up. Both boys came up to just past his shoulder and both were looking up expectantly. Oliver gently removed each boy’s tshirts, revealing smooth olive torsos and wonderful little nipples. Even the little belly buttons were irresistibly sexy and Oliver ran hands over both boys, relishing the feel of warm hairless boy skin under his fingers. He reached lower and found two rigid cocks stretching at the fabric of the boys’ shorts. Olly had started stroking Oliver in aksaray escort return, rubbing small hands over his trim stomach and chest and up inside the tshirt. The hand went lower to the thatch of trimmed pubic hair and Olly said, “You’re not wearing any pants. You’re naughty.” Oliver threw off his t-shirt and jeans so he stood naked before the two angels in shorts, his cock standing proud, curved up towards the boys’ faces. Both boys stared at it and Watt licked his lips. “Now I’m not wearing anything!” Oliver said. Oliver picked Watt up and lay him on the bed, kissed him a little more while running his hand up and down the brown legs. His hand slid under the shorts and found soft cotton briefs, and he heard a zip from behind him as Olly undressed. Then the boy lay on Oliver’s back, his face at Oliver’s shoulders and the little hard cock pressing at his bum. He lifted his head from Watt’s lovely face and rubbed his hands over the firm little bulge in the boy’s shorts, all while Olly was grinding his cock against his bum. Oliver found that surprising sexy and wondered if he would enjoy bottoming for a small boy. He had his heart set on fucking them both so it would be only fair to reciprocate. He undid the button on Watt’s shorts and pulled the zip down, then pulled the shorts down to the boy’s knees, revealing a pair of light blue briefs with the distinctive shape of an erect cock underneath. He ran his fingers over it gently and squeezed through the light fabric, making Watt squirm and moan. Olly was now definitely poking at his hole with his small hard cock, and Oliver turned his head. “Do you want to fuck me?” he asked, looking into the boy’s sexy eyes. “You would let me? Olly asked, eyes widening “If you want to, of course I will. And can I fuck you?” Olly smiled wickedly. “We want you to. We’ve only fucked each other and we want to try a man cock. We thought you would do it for us.” “I’d love to. But first, can I see you fuck each other? I’d love to watch.” “You’re very naughty. I think santa will only bring you a lump of coal this year,” Olly said, smiling. “If I’m being that naughty, can I make a video while you do it?” Watt laughed from the bed. “You were right about him, Olly,” he said. “I think we’re going to get on great!” Olly said, “We’ve tried to make videos ourselves but they never work out very good. If I hold the phone it’s too shaky and if I try to put it down somewhere it always misses the good bits.” “I’ll be your cameraman,” Oliver said. They set up and roughly scripted what they would do, and Oliver got his phone out ready to record. The two boys sat next to each other on the bed and Oliver pressed record and gave them the nod. They hadn’t changed. Olly was naked and Watt wore only his little blue briefs. They smiled at the camera and at each other, then started to kiss. Oliver came in for a closeup of the lovely faces with the tongues sliding in and out of the sweet mouths. They separated for a moment so just the tips of the tongues were touching, then pressed their lips together hard, arms round each other, holding each other close. Oliver was still naked and his cock was still rock hard. He pulled back a bit to get in more of the boys’ bodies. Olly’s cock was pointing straight up and Watt’s was almost bursting out of the thin pants. As if on cue, Olly put a hand down and stroked Watt’s cock through the cotton, still kissing. Watt wrapped a hand round Olly’s erection and started to wank it slowly. Oliver realised he still hadn’t seen Watt’s cock but knew he was about to. The boys fell backwards onto the bed and kept kissing and fondling while lying facing each other, then Olly got to his knees and leaned down to kiss the bulge of Watt’s erection. Watt gasped, and kept breathing heavily as Olly pulled the pants down a little and the eager young cock sprung free. It was gorgeous, sticking straight up like a flagpole, the same tan colour as the rest of the boy’s skin, just a hint of the purple head visible poking from the foreskin. Oliver felt a compulsion to reach down and touch it, taste it, but he had a job to do first. The lovely stiff four inch cock was visible only for a few seconds before Olly took it into his mouth and started to bob his head, sucking expertly. He made appreciative noises as he sucked and Watt’s breathing got faster and louder. Oliver was breathing harder too and briefly put a hand on his own cock, which was screaming for attention. He pulled back in case he just came too soon. However, he panned the camera down to his own cock, then back to what the boys were doing. After a minute they shifted into a 69 position, each with the other’s cock sliding in and out of his mouth. It was the sexiest thing Oliver had ever seen, two smooth and horny preteens pleasuring each other. They weren’t really doing it for the camera – they really loved it. Both cocks were rigid. Another minute and Watt suddenly threw Olly onto his belly and buried his face between the perfect globes of his little bottom. Using both hands he spread the cheeks and pressed his tongue to Olly’s anus, licking and probing, running his tongue the length of the crack before returning to the hole. Oliver tried to capture it as best he could, though mostly he could only see Watt’s brown hair moving and hear the slurping noises. Occasionally Watt looked up at the camera and smiled cheekily, enjoying the attention. Watt got up to his knees, squirted some lube onto his fingers and spread it round Olly’s hole, then started working a finger inside, then two fingers. Olly too got to his knees and positioned himself on all fours, his back arched so his body was a beautiful and enticing shape. Watt spread more lube on his cock, pressed against the hole and pushed. It went in surprisingly quickly and easily – in a few seconds Watt’s pubic mound was pressed against Olly’s buttocks and both boys had expressions of absolute bliss on their faces. Watt began to move in and out, slowly, relishing the feeling and Olly moaned along with each gentle thrust. Oliver got in close and got a few seconds of closeup of the little cock sliding in and out of the perfect boy hole. It was the kind of thing Oliver had watched and wanked to lots of times, and having it happen in front of him was a surreal feeling, as if his life had taken a sudden and wonderful detour. He moved the camera down to get Olly’s face alsancak escort as he was fucked – the expression was one of absolute joy. He also moved round to get a shot of Watt’s buttocks as they thrust, the glutes tightening and relaxing, dimples appearing and disappearing from the cheeks. He wanted to get a shot of Watt’s hole but couldn’t quite get the angle. Watt was picking up the pace now, fucking harder and faster. There was a slapping sound with every thrust now and Olly was making little high pitched noises. Oliver moved the camera to Watt’s face, which was a picture of concentration, his whole being focussed on what he was doing, on the boy in front of him, on the pleasure he was feeling. Then he panned down to the pounding cock. The pace picked up again until Watt was a blur, and he suddenly pulled out and rested his lube-slimed cock on top of Olly’s crack and spurted three small squirts of milky semen. Watt’s whole body spasmed several times with the force of the orgasm, then he smiled. Oliver captured the smile and kept the camera on the boy’s beautiful face while Olly got up and kissed him again. Both boys looked to the camera and smiled, and Oliver clicked the stop button. “That was amazing,” he said. “You boys are amazing. That was the horniest thing I’ve ever seen. I’ll be wanking to that for the rest of my life.” “We loved it too,” said Watt. “I could tell.” “My bum is opened up now,” said Olly. “Do you want to try?” Oliver could hardly talk. He nodded and put the phone down. “Lie on the bed,” Olly said. “On your back.” Oliver obeyed, his cock like a lighthouse, so hard it might burst. “Can I video this too?” asked Watt. “Okay,” said Oliver. “Try not to get my face in, so I don’t go to jail.” Watt laughed. “Okay. We don’t want you in jail where we can’t play with you.” Watt started recording a closeup of Oliver’s hard cock, and kept recording while Olly leaned down and ran his tongue up and down the length of it, stopping to lap at the glans, licking off quite a lot of precum. He licked Oliver’s scrotum and down underneath to the perineum before coming back up, his tongue savouring every inch of Oliver’s cock. Oliver could feel where the little tongue bumped over prominent veins and felt the cool trail of saliva the boy left. Olly returned his attention to the tip and took just the first inch into his mouth, not even the whole head, and his clever little tongue worked at Oliver’s slit. Watt, still naked, was aiming Oliver’s phone at the action, changing angle to get as much in as he could, while Olly smiled and winked both at Oliver and at the camera. Oliver’s head felt ready to explode at the sensations, at the situation, and at the beauty of the two boys. Watt filming made it hotter, and when Olly’s lips popped past the glans and started to suck, Oliver came. Suddenly, unexpectedly, and hugely. The first jet filled Olly’s mouth, who raised his head in surprise, then more and more huge ropes of rich white spunk jetted into the air and landed on Olly’s face and Oliver’s chest and stomach. Watt moved the camera to get close shots of Olly’s face and mouth with cum dripping down his chin. Olly licked his lips and swallowed some juicy spunk. He also panned up Oliver’s belly to capture all the rivers of cum. “Wow,” Watt said, turning off the camera. “That was like a fire hose. Do you always ejaculate so much?” Oliver was still reeling. “No. But that was amazing.” Olly spoke up. “You’ve still got to fuck me. You promised.” “Give me ten minutes. Why don’t you fuck me while you’re waiting?” The look of delight on Olly’s face was wonderful. Oliver crawled to his hands and knees and Olly applied some lube to his crack and his hole, then worked a finger in. Watt started filming again and Olly pressed his cock against the hole and slid it in easily. “Oh, that’s nice,” Oliver said. He didn’t bottom often but he would do anything for these beautiful boys. It was a privilege even to touch them. Olly started fucking, gently, making little noises of pleasure and Oliver buried his face in the pillow. This was truly extraordinary. He might have a twelve-year-old’s spunk inside his arse soon, and he might return the favour in a few minutes. The feeling of the boy cock inside him was lovely, just a perfect size to tease his prostate at the deepest point He could feel his cock stiffening again already, though it had only softened slightly and not for long. Then it was gone. His hole felt empty and a bit sad. “Turn over,” Olly said. Oliver rolled onto his back obediently. “Now pull your legs up.” Oliver put his hands round his knees and pulled them towards his face, lifting his bum from the bed, and a moment later Olly’s cock was inside him again, thrusting harder and deeper at this angle. Watt was filming the whole thing. Olly increased the tempo, then stiffened and suddenly withdrew. “Legs down,” he said. Oliver obeyed again so he was lying flat on his back, his hard cock pointing to the wall above his head. Olly smeared some lube onto Oliver’s cock and manouvered himself to sit on it. He lowered himself and Oliver felt the pressure on the tip of his cock. The boy was pushing down hard but at first it felt impossible. It was like there was no hole there, just a solid lump of impenetrable flesh. Olly rocked back and forth a bit, his stiff cock moving as if he was making love to the air. Oliver felt his cock move under the pressure and bend a little, quite painfully. Olly reached a hand down and grasped the shaft and pushed again, and this time the tip popped in. “Ow!” he said. “It’s so big.” “You don’t have to…” “I want this. Just let me go slow.” Oliver lay motionless as the gorgeous boy kept flexing his hips, easing himself onto Oliver’s cock a centimetre at a time. The sensation was wonderful for Oliver – he’d never felt anything so tight. His foreskin was being pulled back by the boy’s narrow rectum, but that pain was nothing to the pleasure of feeling himself squeezed inside, while watching the concentration on Olly’s beautiful face. After an age, he was all the way in, Olly sitting with all his weight on Oliver’s thighs, his little hole packed full of man cock. Olly’s cock still bobbed and his face was a picture, though Oliver couldn’t quite read the expression. On an impulse, Oliver sat up and kissed Olly’s mouth. The boy returned the kiss enthusiastically, their amasya escort tongues sliding over each other, and Olly started to move, slowly, just a couple of inches. Every inch of Oliver’s cock was tightly held by the boy’s bottom, and even that small movement was intense. It was his first time inside a boy so young – he could normally come just watching something like this. Watt was still filming, now from between Oliver’s legs to see the cock deep inside Olly’s bottom. Then he came round to get the kiss, which was very hot. Watt’s cock had risen again pointed like an accusing finger at the man and boy on the bed. He panned down to Olly’s erection, barely visible between the bodies. “Lie down again,” Olly commanded, and Oliver did so. Olly was moving a bit more now but still only half of Oliver’s cock emerged from the hole and it still felt very tight. But he persevered and soon he was moving up and down the whole length, moaning in pleasure. Oliver put his hands on the boy’s hips and held him while he started thrusting up, every stroke pushing the boy slightly into the air and making him gasp. “Oliver, this is awesome,” Olly managed to say. “Keep doing that. Oh yes. Oh yes, harder, harder!” Oliver was pounding the little bum hard now, his whole length inside, his balls slapping off Olly’s bum as the boy kept moaning. Watt had come round to the front and was filming Olly’s bouncing cock when Olly came. He didn’t produce a lot, but there were two or three good spurts of watery spunk, accompanied by squeals of ecstasy. A moment later he shouted, “Stop! Ah, ow.” Oliver froze. “Are you okay?” Olly smiled. “I’m definitely okay, better than okay. I’m just a bit sensitive. Stay still. He lifted himself off slowly and Oliver felt his cock pop out. Then Olly leaned down and kissed him again. Watt stopped filming. “Was that good?” he asked. “Amazing,” both replied in unison. “Can I get a shot?” Watt asked. “In a minute,” Olly said, his small body now lying on top of Oliver. “Just let me stay here for a minute.” Two minutes later Watt was lying on his back on the bed, his, feet in the air and legs spread. Oliver pushed the firm young thighs back and dove down to the little bottom. The position had spread the cheeks so the perfect little hole was visible. He took a moment to admire it before licking it, running his tongue up and down the crack, going up to the perineum, taking the smooth scrotum into his mouth. Watt’s cock was rock hard but Oliver didn’t touch that in case he made the boy come too soon. He returned to the beautiful little anus and poked his tongue in. It was clean, but the last half hour had made it sweaty and there was a glorious tang of boy musk. Oliver worked at it for several minutes while Olly filmed with Oliver’s phone. The hole was opening for him – he could get an inch of his tongue inside now, where the flavour was stronger, and as he kept working at it, it opened more until there was a dark circle the width of his thumb. Oliver could no longer resist. He got the lube and spread some round the boy’s hole and worked some inside with two fingers, which slid in easily and made Watt gasp. Then he coated his cock with lots more lube, lined up and pushed. The first couple of inches disappeared immediately and Watt made a little “Oh” noise. The tightness on Oliver’s cock felt wonderful, and he suspected he would come soon if he was allowed to proceed. “Does that feel okay?” he asked. “Oh yes,” Watt replied. “I can take more.” Oliver pushed in a little more – it was tight, but easier than Olly’s had been. Maybe Watt was more experienced. In less than a minute he was balls deep inside the twelve-year-old’s bum. The boy was looking up at him with an expression Oliver couldn’t quite read, but there was a smile, and the eyes were wide. “Everything okay, Watt?” The boy nodded, his lovely brown hair flopping on his forehead. “Oh yes. It feels very nice. You can fuck me now. Properly.” Oliver withdrew a little and pushed back in all the way, several times, and gradually increased the length of his stroke over a couple of minutes. He was going slowly but he still felt that another orgasm was close. He couldn’t go on for much longer. “Wank yourself while I fuck you,” he said. “Olly, you should film this. Nice and close up. Olly got the phone and arranged himself so he had a good view of Watt pumping his little hard cock and Oliver’s cock sliding in and out of the arsehole. Even though he wasn’t as tight as Olly, Watt’s hole still gripped onto every centimetre of Oliver’s cock, and it only took another minute before he said, “I’m going to come. Oh. Now. Oh fuck.” Then waves of pleasure washed over him as he pumped load after load deep inside Watt. Watt was still wanking, faster now. “Don’t stop,” he said breathlessly. “Almost… Ugh!” The whole rectum tightened and squeezed the whole length of Oliver’s cock, which was simultaneously wonderful and almost unbearable. Two small squirts of watery cum leaked from the tip of Watt’s small hard cock, his mouth opened wide. After a few moments, the boy relaxed and Oliver felt the pressure ease on his cock, which was already shrinking inside the sexy little bum. There was the sound of someone clearing their throat and all three of them turned to look. The room door was open and Ben, Daniel and Cassius were all standing staring, wide-eyed. “Erm, can you close the door please?” Oliver said. Cassius closed it quickly and the three boys walked to the bed, where Oliver’s cock was still lodged in Watt’s arse. “How long were you watching?” Oliver asked. “Just a couple of minutes,” Daniel replied. He turned to Watt. “Hello Oliver,” he said. “Did that feel nice?” “It’s the best thing in the world.” Watt smiled. Oliver’s cock plopped out and some creamy spunk dribbled from the gaping hole onto the bed. “We call him Watt to avoid confusion,” Olly said. “He fucked me too. It’s amazing.” “Is that what fucking means?” Cassius said. “I never knew.” “You should have asked me,” said Olly. “I’d have shown you.” Cassius gave him a quizzical look. Daniel looked thoughtful. “I think we won’t need to use our fingers to clean out our bums in the morning. What do you think, boys?” There were wide-eyed nods. Ben said,” We were sent to collect you. Dinner has started and Mrs Hudson wondered where you were. I’m glad she sent us and didn’t just come herself. “We’ll be down in a couple of minutes.” said Oliver. “I hope it’s not beans again.” Cassius giggled cutely. He did everything cutely. “It’s lasagne tonight, but there’s a veggie option if you want it.” “We’ll tell her you’re just coming,” Ben said, and after a second all of them burst out laughing.

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