On the Loveseat Ch. 02


Hello Readers. This is Chapter 2 of the story. You can probably follow along, but should read Chapter 1 first! Thanx for reading and I await your comments. Onedragon

The next week was a blur. Mom gave no indication of what she had done with me, and there was no way I could bring it up. ‘Oh, yeah, Mom. Remember the other night when you jerked me off?’ That’s a conversation no guy wants to have with his mom! I jerked off numerous times that week remembering the feeling of Mom’s hand on my hard cock, her stroking it up and down, the easy rhythm … shit! Now I have to again.

Anyway, the week passed. I wondered if it was just a one-time event or (as I hoped) if it would become a regular occurrence. I mean, I had never thought about Mom in that kind of way before, she was just my mom you know, do your chores, finish your homework, blah, blah, blah. I now looked at her like I might do checking out a friend’s mom, looking at her ass filling her jeans, trying to glance down her blouse, that type of thing. Mom was about 5′ 7″, was fairly slim as she did yoga and swam a lot, decent size breasts that I hadn’t paid attention to before, and had deep brown hair with a short swept back style that was feminine but didn’t take hours to care for. I realized that for an older woman, Mom was kind of hot! I always preferred brunettes over blondes anyway and now I wondered if that wasn’t one of those subconscious things. I never noticed Mom looking at me any differently, but I didn’t know if it was because she didn’t or that I didn’t catch her.

I managed to ace my mid-terms that week regardless of the fact that my brain was always mush and my dick was always hard. I had talked with Aunt Jess about next Friday’s movie selections. I had picked out a sexy film noir flick that I hoped to get Mom as revved up as I constantly was. She agreed it was a good choice and said she couldn’t wait until Friday. She gave me a sly smile that I didn’t understand at the time. I knew Dad never cared what we watched as he only saw half a movie at most. Unless it was an action flick with lots of explosions and bullets flying and heroes kicking bad guy ass (and we did watch one upon occasion just to say he got a choice too).

Friday night arrived. I wolfed down dinner so fast Mom made a comment while Johnny and Jojo made pig noises. I couldn’t wait to see if Mom would jerk me off again! After dinner I was about to race into the living room to set up the movies, but Mom told me to take out the now full bag of trash. I looked at it, then at her. “Can’t it wait until tomorrow Mom?”

“Now Jeremy!” She said in that tone that brooked no argument.

I obeyed, if not only for her tone, but because I didn’t want her upset with me and use that as an excuse not to jerk me off tonight. So I grabbed the bag and headed out the kitchen door. When I returned, my dick was already at half-mast, I saw everyone must already be in the living room. I was disappointed when I walked in. Mom was lying down on the couch covered with her blanket, which didn’t give me much room to sit down, and Aunt Jessica was curled up on the loveseat under a blanket of her own. I looked at Mom, but she didn’t look up.

“Come sit next to me Jeremy.” My aunt beckoned.

Dad was already reclining in his chair, halfway through his second beer and my brother and sister huddled in the sleeping bag. Dejectedly I moved to the loveseat. Aunt Jess patted the cushion beside her. I sunk down and she covered me with the blanket.

“All comfy cozy.” She smiled at me. I was anything but smiles. My dick, seeing it was getting no love tonight, fell back to sleep.

Dad started the kid’s movie, a live-action remake of a classic animated movie, which turned out to be quite good actually; I think all four adults enjoyed it. My brother and sister loved it and had managed to still be awake when it ended, but by the time everyone took turns in the bathroom they both had conked out. Now during the first movie I was sitting close beside my aunt but wasn’t ‘cuddled up’ like I would be with Mom. I had noticed Mom look a few times over at her sister with a scowl. I didn’t know if it was because Aunt Jess had taken her spot, taken her spot so nothing could happen with me this week, or some other sisterly slight. They had seemed fine at dinner. I pulled the blanket ankara escort up a bit higher as the room seemed chillier. Aunt Jess on the hand seemed cheerful with me. We chatted during the break and she reached out and touched my arm, patted my shoulder, and kind of kept touching me. I wondered how much wine she had already had but gave no more thought about it.

After everyone had arranged themselves again Dad started the movie. As I said it was a sexy film noir, kind of a retro-classic made to imitate the black and white films of the 40’s and 50’s. This left the room nearly dark for a lot of the time. This had been part of my plan to help induce Mom into repeating last week; sexy to get her revved and dark to hide what happened. Now with my aunt sitting next to me I resolved myself to just watch the movie and get lost in the intrigue and drama. I did notice fifteen minutes into the movie Aunt Jess had moved up against me, sort of leaning on me with both hands wrapped around my left arm. I told myself it was the effects of the wine. I continued to watch the lead actor as he seduced a few femme fatales while trying to sort through the conspiracy plot. I was into the movie and had given no more thought to missing out on another handjob from Mom. Then I felt Aunt Jess’s hands running over my forearm. I would have to make sure to find a bucket for her when she crashed on the couch later if she had drunk that much alcohol! I shrugged her hands off but they soon returned. Then she reached across with her left and put it on my chest, and soon after it moved to down to begin to massage my abdomen.

What the heck?

Did my aunt think I was some kind of boyfriend she could make out with? I gave her a gentle push and tried to concentrate on the screen.

She had let me push aside, but only for a moment. She put her feet up underneath her and again leaned over against my side. Her right hand was now resting on my thigh almost on my knee, but her left again rested on my stomach. I turned to look at her and in the dim light from the screen I saw her just smile at me. I shrugged and thought, ‘Whatever.’ Then looked back to the film. I wasn’t going to let my obviously drunk aunt ruin the movie for me. She continued to rubbing my stomach which kept me from noticing her other hand creep up my leg until I felt it slide down to my inner thigh.

What the hell!?

I looked over at my mom and could see her focused ahead. Did my mom say something to her sister? Was Aunt Jessica trying to jerk me off like mom had last week? I couldn’t even imagine them having that conversation! No. It had to be that Aunt Jess had too much wine and it had affected her libido. But I was her nephew! What was she thinking? But as weird as it might be, if she was going to go for it I wasn’t one to stop her. I may not get Mom to jack me off, but my aunt’s hand would work just as well!

Well if that’s what she wanted I was going to let her! I leaned back further on the loveseat, sliding my ass forward so I was more reclined and giving my aunt easier access for whatever she wanted to do. I don’t know if she knew why I had shifted but she took advantage of my new position. Her hand on my abdomen pushed aside my tee shirt and was now caressing bare skin and the other was practically touching my balls! I was losing focus on the movie as I concentrated on where and what my aunt’s hands were now doing. Needless to say, during this my cock began to twitch and make its presence known, well to me at least. I had put on a pair of boxers under my shorts to prevent the complications of the previous Friday. What I didn’t realize was that as my cock grew it was moving down my leg and not up to my stomach. This would normally be fine. I wasn’t in any pain. But if someone would be inclined to want to stroke it, it most definitely needed to be pointed north and not south!

That was when one of those that were so inclined felt the head of my cock seeking to escape through the leg of my boxers and shorts. I felt Aunt Jess’s knuckles brush against my cock’s head as she rubbed up my inner thigh. I heard an intake of breath. Her hand quickly retreated a few inches. I don’t know if she had expected to get me hard or that its southern migration had surprised her, but her hand moved forward and confronted my stiffening cock again. This time escort ankara she moved her hand over my shorts and along the shaft. The next intake of breath was my own! Meanwhile Aunt Jess’s other hand had moved from my stomach and had crept under my waistband. My dick was being assaulted from two fronts!

Aunt Jessica’s movements were becoming awkward as she was now massaging my crotch with her hands crossed. She pulled both hands back, shifted her body and was now conducting a single frontal assault. Her right hand now pushed into my boxers and was rubbing along the shaft of my cock which was fully awake and throbbing now. I think Aunt Jess realized now the dilemma of south vs. north. She used both hands to solve the problem; by pushing my shorts and boxers down my thighs and releasing my cock to spring upright. Like previously, this cause a hill to appear on the blanket covering us. Unlike previously, Aunt Jess was fully attentive to the new terrain. I heard a faint giggle over the movie’s dialogue. I didn’t think it was loud enough for mom to hear; dad had been asleep for quite awhile by this point. I glanced to mom as she turned her head back to the movie.

Did mom know what was going on over here?

Was this something the two of them planned? No. If they had mom wouldn’t be acting upset with her sister.

Did they talk about mom jacking me off last week? And mom was upset because Aunt Jess preemptively took mom’s spot so Aunt Jess could jack me off instead? How crazy did that sound?

As crazy as your mother giving you a handjob!

I was confused, but Aunt Jess now had her hand wrapped around my shaft and had started to give it a good stroking. She made no effort to conceal the tent or the movement beneath the blanket. I just sat there and let her have her way with my cock. What else could I do?

Now I should mention that although I had never thought of my mother as a woman before last week, my Aunt Jessica was a different story. I mean I would never have ever considered ever doing anything with her, but I had looked at her before. In that way that a nephew should never look at his aunt. She had short curly reddish-blonde hair with a trim figure from lots of exercise, but what you first noticed about Aunt Jess was her curves. And I mean curves! Her breasts were large and stood up firm on her chest so that I wondered if they were real. Her waist was so thin that it looked almost unreal in relation to the rest of her, and then her ass, what can I say? If you look up the definition of female posterior it would have a picture of the finest pair of buttocks you’ve ever seen. And that’s Aunt Jess’s ass. Her legs are exquisite too, but no one notices them. If you were in front of her you were staring at her tits, and if behind well, her behind. I admit I had fantasized about Aunt Jess, but always before completion I would think how wrong it was and visualize some other girl to get me off.

And right now this woman was openly running her hand up and down my cock! Well not completely open as the blanket still covered our lower halves. Much like with my mother I knew that Aunt Jess knew how to ‘hand’le a cock (see what I did there!). She let me know just how good she was too. She spread my pre-cum all over and was giving me a thoroughly good handjob. Her rhythm was a very brisk pace without being enough to bring me to the peak and she kept varying the pressure of her grasp as she stroked me that I wondered that she could probably make a very good living doing this. ‘Handjobs ? Us’. I laughed. Aunt Jess looked at me. I just shook my head.

Now her rhythm might not be enough to make me cum but boy was it getting me charged up! Whenever she was ready to make me shoot I knew I was going to explode! But she was relentless and I began to wonder if this pace would get me off. Could she make me I don’t know, spontaneously orgasm? Was that a thing? I don’t know but my legs were now spasming and I was trying to fuck her hand to push me over, but Aunt Jess just adjusted her strokes to counteract what I was doing. I was getting ready to yell at her to make me cum! I gave another quick glance at Mom. She was watching the screen almost too intently; like maybe she was trying somehow to sense what was happening on the loveseat. Aunt Jessica was stroking my cock with my mom in the room ankara escort bayan knowing her sister was going to make me shoot my load!

I was screaming in my head! Do it! Make me cum! My brain was spinning! I got light-headed before I realized I hadn’t been breathing. I was grabbing the cushion beneath me so hard I was sure I would rip the thick fabric. My every muscle was clenched. Damn it woman, make me cum! Cum now! And her hand did something and it was like the switch to my balls! I blacked out then.

I don’t know how long had passed when I ‘awoke’. Aunt Jess was still slowly stroking me, but my cock had started to wither. I could hear my breathing as I gasped air into my lungs. My legs were still trembling and I had a cramp in my right calf muscle. I stretched my leg, trying to relieve the cramp. Then I noticed Aunt Jess rising from her seat, pushing the blanket aside and now exposing my shrinking dick. I grabbed my shorts and pulled them back up getting caught on my boxers still around my thighs. I managed to adjust everything even as I continued lifting and stretching my right leg. I saw Aunt Jess had also managed to collect most of my spunk in her other hand and same as Mom had done last Friday she was now slowly walking past the front of the couch. Mom glanced up at her sister as Aunt Jess took an exaggerated lick of her palm, my cum dripping off her tongue back to her cupped hand.

Holy Shit!

And Mom just watched her!

Aunt Jess paused a moment between Mom and the TV and took another lap out of her hand, before moving off down the hall, to the bathroom I presumed. But as she turned the corner I could see her bring her hand up to her face again!


Now I was pretty sure I had had a seriously major accident last Thursday. There was no way the events of the last two Fridays were real! I was laid up in some hospital on life support clinging to life and dreaming all this. My orgasms must have been some lowly nurse giving me a sponge bath and getting me off. There wasn’t any other explanation. Or. I wasn’t clinging to life. I was dead! That’s it! Some drunk driver had swerved out of his lane and hit my car and killed me. I was in Heaven. Or I guess it could be justified to say I was in Hell. My aunt had looked devilishly sexy licking my cum from her hand! I reached down and pinched my thigh. Ouch! Well that was no proof. If I can feel my aunt and my mom make me cum, I could also feel a pinch. I glanced up and saw the credits rolling on the flat-screen. I looked over at Mom who still lay unmoving. Would she get up and go to bed now with me still there knowing what had just occurred? Could I get up and walk past her? I sat there frozen as the piracy warning came up and then flick back to the main menu screen. Well the half of the movie I had seen was good. Though I was still puzzled about Mr. Boone; was he dead or not?

I decided I had to get up as it appeared Mom wasn’t moving and Aunt Jess hadn’t returned. I wondered if she was now embarrassed and couldn’t face her sister again and had gone to sleep in my parent’s bed. I grabbed the remote and turned things off and started down the hall. I thought I heard Mom voice my name, so I paused and turned around, but it wasn’t repeated so I went to bed. Yep. Heaven, Hell, or hospital.

I awoke the next morning late, everyone else was already up and I found mom in the kitchen tidying up from my sibling’s breakfast. ‘Where’s Dad?’ Though I suspected I already knew the answer.

‘You know, golfing with Jack.’ As I thought.

‘And Aunt Jess?’ I tried to sound uninterested.

‘She left awhile ago.’ She dried her hands on the dish towel. ‘Why?’ It sounded innocent but to me it was an accusation.

‘Just curious.’ ‘I wanted to see if she’d jerk me off again mom.’ I thought joking to myself. ‘Unless you’re willing to do it?’ I grabbed the orange juice from the fridge and started to take a drink but stopped myself before mom could scold me. I got a glass from the dish strainer and poured it full. ‘I’m thinking of going to shoot some hoops with Billy.’

‘Be back by dinner.’ I couldn’t be sure but it seemed as if mom was avoiding looking at me. She knew as surely as I knew she knew. Technically I was the ‘victim’ here so I wasn’t going to act ashamed of what she and her sister had done. In fact I was going to take the ‘high road’, so I gave her a quick peck on the cheek as I put the empty glass in the sink before I left. I could feel her eyes on my back without turning as the back door closed behind me.

Chapter 3 to come soon!

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