Once Upon a Waterfall


Through the green canopy of the forest, a waterfall cascades into a splash pool. The crystal clear water foaming white at its base, and sending ripples gliding over the pool’s surface. The air is heavy with spray, soaking the soft yellow sand and rich foliage that circle the pool. The forest is alive with noise, the screeches of birds of paradise, the occasional roar of some wild animal and the chatter of monkeys in the depths of the undergrowth.

You lie there on the smooth sand, dressed only in a t-shirt and shorts, beads of perspiration dot your forehead from the humid atmosphere. He comes up out of the pool, naked apart from the stream of water running down his body. He walks up to you, the hot sun streaming through the leaves, silhouetting his body. You reach out your hand to him and he’s brings himself to one knee and takes it. You pull him onto you, his cold wet body soaking you shirt, and causing you to gasp a little. You kiss, long and hard. He holds your outstretched arms to either side of you pinning you there. His tongue flickering into you mouth, playfully nibbling your lip. His whole body moves up and down yours, causing the material of your t-shirt to rub on your now erect nipples. You wrap your legs around his back and can feel his dick becoming erect and pushing down on your eager crotch.

His delicate kisses move to your neck, as his hands slide up your arms and down your sides to the bottom of your t-shirt. Now he begins to roll the shirt off your body and kisses the exposed flesh on your stomach. He rolls it higher freeing your wholesome breasts, his mouth exploring higher and higher. His lips envelope your nipples, teases them between his teeth, blows on them with gentle breaths and lashes them with his tongue. The shirt is now part way over your head now and still covers your eyes and has made your arms move to above your head trapped in your t-shirt. Using one hand he keeps your hands there whilst he kisses you on your lips once more his free hand cups your breasts and massages them slowly. Stroking your nipples between his fingers with alternate feathery and harder touches, he frees the t-shirt from your eyes and gazes into them. Keeping your gaze his hands move slowly down your body to your crotch which is now sopping wet as your hands move down his back and take hold of his erect cock.

You both roll on to your side, one arm around kaçak iddaa each other, still looking into each others eyes. You start to slide your hand up and down his penis whilst he rubs your hot little mound through your shorts, sending waves of pleasure spiralling up your body, making you gasp each time he puts pressure there. You remove your shorts and fling them aside your eyes betraying your urgency. His hand brushes against your soft curls now moist with your own dew. You lie back slightly and open your legs more, urging him to touch you more. He obliges, slipping his fingers across your wet slit as you once again take hold of his dick. You moan as his fingers slide, your juices lubricating them, between your pussy lips and up to your swollen clit. Your breathing becomes more rapid as he circles your bud with the tip of his finger, in slow revolutions. The sensation is intense, the ambience electric, you bite your lip as the ecstasy envelops you and his kisses move to your neck and up to your ear. You feel the firmness of his teeth as they gently nibble on your lobes. But the overriding, overwhelming sensation is of his finger now tenderly rubbing your clitoris, as his other hand, behind you, draws his nails up you back softly at a snails pace. Your grip on his manhood tightens as your strokes quicken upon it.

The pace intensifies and you start to moan softly at first and then with gasps as two fingers slip inside you and his thumb take the place where his finger once was. With his fingers reaching far inside you, the very grooves and ridges of his fingers sending the highly sensitive nerve endings in your vagina into a frenzy, whilst his thumb now caresses your clitoris, you start to lose control, and start thrusting your hips inwards with each stroke wanting him deeper. Your grip and movement on his fleshy rod grows erratic as you’re brought closer to orgasm. Your back arches, your breathing stops momentarily as you begin to shudder. Your muscles spasm and tighten around his fingers still inside you as you come.

With ease he rolls you onto your back once more, your muscles relaxing, you place your hands upon his shoulders, as he supports his body above you. You kiss once again for what seems like an eternity, one that you never want to end. Pushing down on is shoulders his lips leave yours and start down your neck as you tilt your head back. His mouth kaçak bahis begins its journey of exploration, starting at your soft breasts, his hands cupping them kneading them gently. Once again his mouth experiencing, what is now familiar territory. His tongue gently roves across the Braille like texture surrounding each nipple. His breath has a cooling effect as he breathes out making goose flesh appear. The pace is slow and gentle.

Continuing his mouth’s journey, gentle touches from his lips, move down from the valley of your bosom to your hot stomach, lapping up the waterfall spray that has collected in your bellybutton. He can feel your abdominal muscles clenching and contracting with each kiss. You push down on his shoulders once more, your desire driving you. His hands caress your inner thighs once more and push your knees apart. His head moves further down your body now, your hands moving from his shoulders to his head. He teases you at first kissing your inner thighs moving closer to your honey pot and then moving back once more. At last you can feel his breath on your snatch, and then you gasp in shock and pleasure as his hard little tongue plunges inside of you, his nimble fingers parting your pussy lips. He buries himself to you in a deep kiss, his tongue sliding deep into you and scooping out your exquisite nectar. He drinks of you, inhales you, kisses you passionately and deeply.

Moving his lips against you, his nose rubs up against your swollen clitoris. Tasting your sweet juices his tongue slides up your split to your engorged clitty. Sucking it, and flicking it with rapid taps of the tongue, he soon brings you up to frenzy once more. You push his head into you further as his fingers once again explore your inside, this time, putting pressure on that oh so sensitive, oh so good, spot inside. He hums to send vibrations up your spine. Your moaning grows louder, the rise and fall of your breasts become more rapid as his pace quickens. As he presses and suckles you begin to shudder. Groaning so loud and shaking so hard, you come – your juices coating his fingers, soaking his face as he laps you up. His motions do not relent however, as he sets about to extend your orgasm further. As you jerk and shake with wave after wave until you finally breathe out and lie weakly on the bed of cool, silken sand.

Lifting himself back up to face you, he smiles illegal bahis at the look of contentment on your face. He whispers in your ear, “There’s desert yet to come, honey”. He rolls on to his back and brings you with him so that you end up on top. Taking hold of your hips, he asks you to kneel up. He gazes upon your body, soaking it all in. You take his now rock solid erection in your hand and roll on a ribbed condom and guide it between your moist, velvety pussy lips. Leaning forward you slowly sink down onto it taking it inside of you, the feel of it divine. Your eyes close and you bite your lip in delight, his hands start to move your hips up and down in a steady tempo. Your chest begins to heave once again, the ribbed phallus pumping inside you creating pulses of sublime bliss. You start to dictate the rhythm yourself, allowing his hands to travel up your stomach and cup and caress your water and sweat soaked fleshy orbs.

He tweaks your nipples firmly, the mixture of pain and pleasure causing you to yelp with surprise. Your hands range over his body, coming to rest on his shoulders, the intensity of him inside of you causing you to dig your nails deep into his skin. He moans softly, as you ride him, rocking back and forth, your tight little pussy sending him wild. He groans and asks, “Lean back, baby, it feels so good!” You oblige taking your weight on you arms as you do so, the end of his penis now pushing on the front wall of your vagina, exciting your g-spot. You feel as though you’re in some kind of nirvana and the gratification couldn’t increase, when one of his now free hand starts to deftly arouse your swollen bud once more and the other to squeeze your buttocks. His groans become louder as do yours. The throbbing pace quickens, animalistic urges awaken as both your bodies begin to rack with the onset of climax. You scream in rapture as your back arches and you throw yourself forward, your body still convulsing in the orgasm’s aftershocks. You hear from him a final groan and a sudden intake of breath as he writhes in ecstasy and unleashes his hot solution within you, with three slight judders. You lips pressed into his, you both roll onto your side locked in embrace.

As night falls, after you have both bathed in the sparkling waters, you snuggle up together in front of a blazing camp fire. Its flames leaping high into the clear air, burning bright like the passion between you. You fall asleep held in his arms, the last thing you see are the stars so bright, thousands of miles away, yet so close, you could swear you could reach out and touch them…

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