One Last Time


When her father died, my ex-wife’s first call was to me even though we had been divorced almost three years. I had handled most of her father’s affairs during his steady decline so I volunteered to meet her in St. Louis to help organize his paperwork and help clean out his apartment.

Jackie and I had maintained an extremely cordial relationship in the time we had been apart and I think we were both looking forward to seeing each. Since the divorce she had been living in Wisconsin and I in California so we hadn’t had any physical contact.

Her father had lived in a retirement high rise so we decided to stay in the building’s guest rooms. What I didn’t know until I get there was that there was only one guest room available during the time we needed to be there. It had double beds so she agreed to take it for the two of us to share. We agreed that it would be far more convenient to stay in the same place than having to worry about coordinating each others’ schedules. Besides, staying together meant that we could go through all of her father’s papers the other apartment contents whenever we felt up to it.

Over the 20+ years of our marriage our sexually intimacy had been wonderful and, although güvenilir bahis I hid it from her, I began to get sexually aroused as soon as I found we would be staying in the same room. From our first conversations and the first couple of days together it was quite apparent that she was not so inclined. I decided to adjust to her lack of interest and focus on the demanding tasks at hand.

But over the next few days she got increasingly comfortable with having me around and the formality and distance gradually disappeared. For example whereas her robe was tightly tied on the first night, it was a bit looser the second.

However, on the third evening she was only wearing her bra and panties when she came out of the bathroom after brushing her teeth. It was the kind of bra that has the straps on the side (I think they call it a French bra but I don’t know for sure.) She had been wearing this style of bra since I first mentioned how sexy I thought they were several years earlier. I was also struck me that after all of this time, she was still wearing the kind of bra that I had especially liked. This particular one was white and thin enough to show her dark nipples through the material. Her panties were güvenilir bahis siteleri a matching design and also thin enough to show the dark triangle between her legs. She was very sexy and she knew it.

I had already gotten ready for bed and was under the light covers with just my shorts on. Naturally as soon as she came out of the bathroom and I saw what she was wearing I got rock hard. We continued to talk about the events of the day as she appeared to continue to get ready for bed. But after turning her own covers down she came over to my bed and just stood there with her panties no more that a foot from my face. I reached under the blanket and did not hide the fact that I was starting to stroke myself.

As soon as she saw what I was doing, she spread her legs just a little bit so I got a better look up between her legs. This had long been a turn-on for me and when we were married she would sometimes tease me by standing on our bed so I could look up under her nightgown … and she also had incredible legs.

By this time my sexual arousal was almost off the chart. Although I didn’t want to risk breaking the flow, I just had to ask her to pull the leg of her panties to the side so iddaa siteleri I could better see her. Although she did not say anything, she slowly spread her legs a little more and used her right hand to pull the panties away giving me a perfect view of her lovely pussy. By this time I was totally crazed and pushed my covers off so she got a full view of my cock which by that time was sticking way out of my shorts.

After standing where she was and watching me play with myself for a few minutes, she kneeled down on the floor and took my cock in her mouth, just like old times … and she was always the best. When she could feel how close I was getting to losing complete control, she casually stood back up, stepped out of her lovely panties, unhooked her bra and then paused long enough to allow me to take in her full glorious nakedness. Then she moved back to the bed and gently straddled me. She eased down onto me and at the same time leaned forward so I get one of her nipples in my mouth.

By this time we were rapidly approaching the final moment and although neither of us was necessarily ready to have it end, we came together in a tremendous climax; with my lifting up and pushing deep into her.

After a few minutes of her lying on top of me during the beautiful afterglow, she got off and then stretched out and snuggled up next to me. Our last night together was spent curled up and naked in a single bed.

D. D. Carlisle

May 2005

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