One more time in the old house.


One more time in the old house.So, as in my past stories I still have Randy as a friend with benefits. We have busy lives so we have not gotten to play lately. He inherited a home from a family memeber and decided to put his on the market for sale. We had several fun times there and when he called me and wanted me to stop by… Well.. Who was I to say no!!?I stopped at the store and grabbed a 6 pack and headed by there after work. He was painting the spare bedroom and looking mighty good in his cut offs and tee shirt. I was greeted with a nice hug and kiss. Just that one kiss brought back such great memories of all our fun times. I folded some clothes and picked up some while he was painting. He was on a tight schedule as far as moving out and he was seriously behind. He had movers coming in about 3 hours to pick up most of the big furniture. I took the clothes basket in his room and sat it on the dresser. In front of me was his big king size bed where we had so much fun in the past. I laid down for a minute and closed my eyes, just thinking back. I was getting so hot remembering. I heard him move the ladder so I decided to just lay still for a few. Next thing I know, I hear him laughing. I open my eyes to see him standing in the doorway looking at me. “You are being no help” I hear. “Matter of fact, with you laying there… I won’t get anything done.”He walked to the side of the bed and tipobet365 güvenilirmi I slid over. He leans in and kisses me and starts rubbing my breast thur my shirt and bra. It didn’t take long for him to get my shirt and bra off and start sucking on both my nipples. He was always a boob man. I started pulling at his tee shirt and off it came. Randy is a muscular guy and looked hot with out the shirt. I was rubbing his already hard cock thur his shorts. I fell him undoing my pants and I lifted my ass for him to slide them and my panties off. Opening up wide, I felt him rubbing my clit and slipping in a finger. Ohhhh this was starting off so nice… I unbutton his shorts and pulled them off, tossing them in the floor. I usually liked to work on him first as it got him so hot. I pushed him back onto the bed and rolled so that I could reach his cock with my mouth. I started licking up and down his hard cock.. Nice and slow and with little brushes of my tounge. Rubbing his balls, I could hear him moaning softly. I licked on his head and sucked it in my mouth. I felt his back arch and his moan got louder. I loved sucking his cock. It made him so crazy and I was the lucky one that got the payback! I sucked and rubbed on him until he was about to cum. Pulling him out of my mouth, i once again licked him so gently. He was telling me that he wanted to cum in my wet pussy tipobet365 yeni giriş and not my mouth. I moved over and crawled next to him on the bed. I opened up wide to let him in the middle of me!! Oh how sweet to feel him as he opened my wet pussy… fingering my clit as he slid his toungue in me. He is a master at this, I have to say!! He loves to bite and tug on my clit. He knows it drives me crazy. He proceeded to suck and bite on it as he is pumping 2 fingers in and out of my wet pussy. He stops for a minute and I hear…”I have a surprise for you.” I loved his surprises! He stops for a minute and slides to the edge of the bed to the side table, opening a drawer. He pulls out a samller but long vibe with a small curve on the end. “I saw this in some hot porn I was watching” he says…”I had to buy it for us!” He moves back and licks me a few more times… rubbing the vibe on my clit. They both are feeling wonderful. He stops and slides up me.. kissing my beely and my tits as he does. He pauses at my nipples and sucks on them.. mmmmmmm, it is feeling great. Before he moves up, he slides the vibe in my wet pussy and turns it on. Nice and slow at first. He is holding it and moving it right on my Gspot.WOW.. I can’t begin to tell him out great it feels. He gets on his knees and slides up to me.. Putting my legs on his shoulders, I am all his and he knows it. He tipobet365 güvenilirmi pulls the vibe out and moves up closer. He slides his hard cock in me…. Nice and slow.. all the way in, as I am so wet.. A nice hard push at the end was mind blowing. He starts pumping.. I am so enjoying this. As he pulls back one time, I feel the vibe hit my clit.He held it there for a few as he fucked my pussy so nice.. He pulled it down and on his next stroke in me, he slid it in with his hot cock.. he hit my G spot as soon as he slid it in me and I thought I was about to cum.. I fought it off.. I so wanted to enjoy this as long as I could. “Since this is our last time here, I want this to be a time that you will never froget” I hear him say. He slid his cock and the vibe in me.. pumping so nice. Leaning over he sucked my nipples, taking time to tell me that he was so happy that we had always stayed friends. His pace is picking up and he is bouncing on the bed so damn hard.. He is poundin my pussy as hard as he can, with the vibe now on high.. they both feel amazing. He would get to where one of us was about to cum, then back off. After about 4 times of this, I begged him to let me cum.. I was crazy by this time. In a few more pumps, we both blew.. It was amazing. As we lay there, gasping for air, I told him I was so glad that he had bought that toy and that he needed to make damn sure he did not froget to pack it. I pulled my legs down and we laid there for awhile, with his cock still me. Next thing we know, I hear the movers pushing his door open and yelling for him. They had knocked.. I guess we were enjoying the last few minutes there to hear them.. I can’t wait to break in his new house!!!

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