One Night in Denver 1973


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The Mile High City

The plane was bouncing around as we flew south along the eastern side of the Rocky Mountains on our way to Colorado Springs. My wife, Julie, was sitting beside me, squeezing the life out of my hand. I could hear her whisper to God, as the plane dropped once again, only to shoot back up. Me, I was used to bouncing planes, having been in the Air Force for twelve years and flown all over the world. We were returning from a trip home to Chicago we took while I was on leave.

It had been a nice trip home. Being our wedding anniversary soon. We had been married for twelve years. There was a celebration where we got to see our families and friends. It had been a great time and the weather had been very nice for the middle of winter, even for Chicago. Now, when we were almost home, the weather had turned horrible. The plane shook and shimmied. We had only just taken off from Denver’s Stapleton airport not ten minutes ago and here we were turning around.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the Captain. I’m sorry to say that we will have to return to Stapleton due to bad weather. It would appear that not only has the airport in Colorado Springs been closed but, so have the roads. They are reported to be currently covered in twelve inches of snow as they go through the pass. Please keep your seatbelts fastened as we will be experiencing extreme turbulence on the way back. Thank you.”

“Well, shit,” I said.

Julie just squeezed my hand all the harder. She still had her eyes closed. I chuckled and put my arm around her shoulders. Leaning into me she shivered.

“I’m never going to fly anywhere again,” she grumbled.

Not saying anything I just held onto her. The plane started to descend. As we slowly sank down through the clouds, the rain rattled against the metal skin of the plane, loudly. Now I was worried. Just a little. Worried if it was raining hard enough it could shut the jet engines down.

I needn’t have worried, we broke out of the heavy clouds quickly. The plane ride smoothed out and I could see the airfield below us as we turned sharply to come around into the wind. We were quickly down, rolling out, and turning onto a taxiway. Julie was still shaking from the ordeal in the air. I hugged her as the plane made its way to a gate. As we exited the plane, we were told that we would be scheduled on a flight first thing in the morning. We also were given vouchers for a hotel room at any one of the local hotels around the airport.

It was only two in the afternoon as Julie and I made our way to the luggage carousel to pick up our bags. Waiting for our bags, Julie clung to me.

“How come you’re not all shook up?” she asked.

“I have flown in worse before and survived,” I replied.

“Don’t ever tell me about those,” she said, shivering and shaking her head.

Our bags showed up. I grabbed them and we headed for the door. We caught a cab and headed to the Sheridan on the other side of the airport. It wasn’t the best, but it was a nice hotel. I had stayed there before when the weather had stopped me from getting back to base in Colorado Springs. I was stationed at Ent Air Force Base. A small ten block area of Colorado Springs that housed NORAD Command offices and several other small units attached to NORAD. I was assigned to the 4600 Security Police Squadron.

After checking in, we went down to the restaurant to grab a late lunch. Then it was back up to the room to relax. Our flight was leaving at nine in the morning. I called the base and talked to the desk sergeant telling him I would be in late tomorrow due to weather. He said he would tell my flight sergeant. Julie was laying on the bed, head propped up watching TV. There was really nothing on, but she had it on just to have something to do. I crawled into bed with her, snuggled up close, and kissed her neck.

“Not now, I need a shower and I’m still shook up from the plane ride,” she growled.

“Okay. Let me know, I’ll join you,” I said smiling at her.

“Right,” she shot back.

Pressing my lips to her neck again, her only response was a slight moan.

“I love you,” I whispered in her ear.

“I love you, too,” she replied.

We both lay there, her watching TV, me watching her.

An hour later, Julie got out of bed and headed for the bathroom. She stopped at the door, turned looking at me a sexy smile on her face.

“Are you going to join me?” she asked, waiting.

I rolled out of bed and came up behind her.

“I am,” I replied, smiling back at her.

In the bathroom we each stripped naked. God, she was beautiful. Julie didn’t think she was, but she was. I told her she was all the time. bahis şirketleri So did others. She told me about them when I wasn’t around to witness her being complimented. I always swelled with pride when someone told her. She was, after all, mine and I enjoyed showing her off to others. Julie was five feet eight inches tall, blond, fair-skinned, weighing in at about 125 pounds. Thin waist, nice breasts, and hips. Her legs, well her legs were sexy even when not in nylons or pantyhose. Her feet, well I’m not really into feet, but they looked nice and buddies have told me she had great looking feet. I would always shrug my shoulders and nodded.

In the shower, we hugged and kissed while the water cascaded over our naked bodies. Julie grabbed a bottle of shampoo and washed her hair. She smiled at me as she did. I did the same… shampooed my hair and smiled. Julie ducked under the spray of water, rinsing. Then it was my turn. As I was rinsing my short hair, I felt a soapy hand started to wash my body. I stepped out of the water stream and watched as Julie washed me from head to toe. She left my cock until last. It was already hard. Pulsing with my heartbeat.

“Oh yes,” I hissed, as her hand slid smoothly up and down my cock.

“Hmmm, yes, I love when you are hard,” Julie said, squeezing me. “Rinse,” she commanded letting go of me.

I sighed at the loss of her hand around my cock. Stepping back I was under the water once again. Julie just stood, watching the soap cascade down my body. I heard her groan.

“I love you,” she said softly.

“I love you, too,” I replied.

She handed me the soap. Smiling I started to lather her up. It was so nice to move my hands over her soapy skin. They slipped so nicely over and around her body. I left her boobs and privates until last. Working my way around her, I let my hand slide over her very nice ass cheeks. I loved her ass. It wasn’t huge but, then again it wasn’t small. It fit my hands just right. When I dipped a finger down to touch her little brown hole, she rose up on her tiptoes, smiling at me.

Rinsing my hands, I soaped them up again and started in on her breasts. They too weren’t huge, nor were they small. They too, fit my hands perfectly. Squeezing and pinching her slippery flesh I just watched her face as she enjoyed what I was doing to her. I was enjoying it, too. Slowly, I moved my hands down her stomach. She knew where I was headed and spread her legs for me. Soon, I was letting my hand slide between her legs, spreading the soap over her lovely vulva. She moaned as I slipped a finger down into the folds of her labia.

“Oh, yes,” she hissed, closing her eyes and shaking with excitement.

Smiling, I slipped a single finger into her vagina. She moaned with pleasure. Slowly, I slid my finger in and out of her body. Her eyes popped open. She stared at me as her hips began to jerk back and forth. She was having an orgasm. I loved watching her when she orgasmed. Her face turned a bright red, her eyes glazed over, and her lips quivered. She looked so beautiful when she came.

“Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck! I’m coming! I’m coming!” she shouted.

She also had a mouth like a sailor when she came. She was up on her tiptoes again, legs quivering. She was dancing as she came. Lifting my hand between her legs and putting my other hand around behind her neck to steady her, I raised her off her feet. She screamed as her arms shot out to steady herself with me. I smiled as she stared at me her hips bucking.

“Put me down, please?” she asked breathlessly.

Gently, I let her down until she was steady on her feet. Pushing her back under the shower spray, I helped her rinse the soap from her body. I did let her rinse her genitals, still, she moaned at her own touch.

“Still, excited?” I asked.

“You know I am,” she shot back, smacking me on the arm.

We both stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel. I went to dry her off but she shied away. I looked at her, she just shook her head.

“What?” I asked.

“Sometimes, you’re too rough,” she said softly.

“Well, tell me next time I am and I’ll try to do better.”

“That wasn’t my point,” she said.

Now I was really confused. I shook my head at her opening my eyes wide.

“What I meant was… I would like you to be rough all the time when you dry me, after an orgasm in the shower,” she said softly.

Cocking my head to one side, I raised my eyebrows as I dried myself. She was drying herself off, but she wasn’t being rough.

“I want you to be rough. I’m not going to treat myself like that. That’s your job or someone else’s.” Her voice was so soft now that I didn’t think I heard her right.

“What?” I almost shouted.

“If you want to…”

“What?” I asked again.

“I have read those stories that you have been reading in Penthouse…” she said her voice trailing off.

“Oh. I guess I did leave them there for you to find. But that doesn’t mean I want what happens in those bahis firmaları stories to happen in real life. They are just fantasies!” I scolded slightly.

Julie stood there staring at me, her eyes going from my eyes to my cock. I could feel it pulsing as it grew. I rolled my eyes up so I didn’t have to look at my pretty wife. She cleared her throat.

“I understand that but, if you should want something like that to happen, I wouldn’t be opposed to making your fantasy come true,” said Julie softly.

I close my eyes, not wanting to look at her. She stepped in close and put her arms around me. I growled deep in my throat, pushing her away. Opening my eyes I looked deep into hers.

“It will never, ever, happen. It is, is, you understand, just a fantasy. I don’t want to watch you for real with another man. Understand, my dear, beautiful, wife?”

“Let’s get something to eat. I’m suddenly hungry,” she said walking away from me.

Sighing, I dropped my towel and followed her.

* * Denver * *

Julie was putting on her makeup. Not that she needed all that much, but she believed she should put something on her face, no matter how many people told her she didn’t need to. She brushed out her dark red hair. I sighed, knowing she planned on getting dressed for dinner. Going to my suitcase, I pulled out my dress blues, with all my pretty ribbons on the front. Julie smiled when she saw me pull that out instead of my black suit.

“I love a man in uniform,” she meowed.

I didn’t reply, I just got dressed.

“Will we be leaving the hotel?” I asked.

“No, I don’t think so. They have everything we should need right here,” she replied, smiling and slipping on her party dress. Nodding, I left my cover in the suitcase.

Her dress was red and clung to her body like a glove. She would be wearing no underwear, just thigh high stockings. I loved to watch her ass jiggle as she walked away from me in that dress. Everyone in the restaurant would be getting a delightful show as she walked by them. I groaned as she shook herself to settle the dress in place. She turned her back to me so I could zip her up. Smiling, I slowly zipped up her dress, which was only about five inches. The back of that particular dress took a deep dive almost down to her lovely ass. The front covered her completely. No cleavage, just the smooth swell of her breasts under the almost transparent fabric. That transparent fabric was covered in flowery lace, which in turn covered all the delicate and sexy bits on her chest.

Reaching around her I hugged her back to me. I moved my hands up, cupping her breast gently. Sighing, she pressed the back of her head against my shoulder. Then she spun out of my arms.

“You’re going to wrinkle me and mess my hair,” she cried, smiling and groaning at the same time.

I chuckled as she headed for the door. Following, I made sure the door was locked and then hurried to catch up to her. I couldn’t help but be marveled at how beautiful she was as she gliding to the elevator. She pressed the down button before I caught up with her.

“Oh, you’re lucky you made it,” she said teasing.

“Why? Would you have gone down without me?” I asked already knowing the answer.

“Of course I would have,” she replied shocking the shit out of me.

“Really?” I asked.

The elevator arriving interrupted us. She stepped in. I stood there looking at her. She stared back at me. As the doors closed she reach out, grab my arm, and pulled me into the elevator.

“I thought you said you would go down without me?”

As the doors started to close again, she pushed me out. I spun around glaring at her. She smiled smugly at me. We both watched the doors close. Then the elevator was gone. I chuckled as I waited for a few seconds and pressed the down button. The car next to the one with Julie in it opened. I stepped in pressing the lobby button.

As the doors opened on the lobby, I expected Julie to be waiting for me. When she wasn’t I raised my eyebrows, stepped out, and looked around. I saw a red dress flash as the doors to the bar closed. Nodding, I went over to them halting just before I reached for them. Okay, if she wants to play games, I’m game. Just around the corner from the door were a set of windows that let you look inside.

Going to the windows, I peeked around the corner and scanned the inside. The red dress was sitting at the bar. Looking in the mirror behind the bar I saw Julie’s face. Her eyes were on the door. I smiled as I watched her covertly. It wasn’t long before a young man came over and started hitting on her. Smiling she turned to him and said something. He frowned, turned, and walked away. Five more guys hit on her. She started to look worried as I watched.

Then a beautiful young woman approached her. This woman was dressed really nice, just like Julie was. Her dress was royal blue, her hair was blonde. She said something to Julie which made her smile. Nodding, Julie said something back kaçak bahis siteleri to the blonde. I watched with wonder as the blonde sat next to Julie. The blonde flagged down the bartender. He came back with two drinks. I watched as the two women talked and giggled. Every once in a while Julie would glance in the mirror at the door.

When the blonde started to touch Julie and Julie started touching her back, I thought it was time for me to make my appearance. Entering the bar, Julie’s eye brightened up and she smiled at me in the mirror. I smiled back as I walked toward her. The blonde never even noticed me, she was too busy memorizing Julie’s face. Putting my arm around Julie, standing between the two women, Julie looked up at me with a funny look on her face.

“What took you so long?” she spits out.

“I thought we were meeting in the restaurant. I waited and waited and when you didn’t show, I came here,” I replied.

“Oh, I thought you said the bar,” she said looking at the blonde. “Mary, let me introduce, my husband, John. John this is Mary, she’s stuck here like us.”

“Nice to meet you, Mary,” I said, extending my hand to her.

“Nice to meet you, John,” she replied, taking my hand.

Her skin was soft and warm. When she let go, so did I.

“Would you like to join us for dinner?” I asked.

Julie nudged me with her shoulder.

“That is so kind of you… Captain,” she said smiling.

“Well, grab your drinks and let’s go,” I said, helping Julie off her stool. Turning I helped Mary off hers, too.

Crooking both arms, each lady took one and we left the bar and went to the restaurant.

* * Denver * *

After dinner, the three of us returned to the bar. It was now more crowded and there was music playing and people dancing. I spied an empty booth and led the ladies there. Mary sat on one side and Julie on the other. I slipped in beside Julie. All through dinner, Mary only had eyes for Julie. Once settled, a waitress came and took our order.

“I must excuse myself,” Mary said.

“I’ll come with you,” Julie said.

Nodding, I got up and let Julie out. Both women disappeared toward the restrooms. The waitress came with the drinks. I paid her. I sat sipping mine and waited for Julie and Mary to return. I heard laughter. Turning I watched as Julie and Mary glided across the floor back to our booth. Every eye in the place was on them. I smiled as they both sat down, still laughing. Julie was flushed and her lips were a little puffy.

“What happened?” I asked leaning over and whispering in her ear.

“Later,” she whispered back.

Mary smiled at me. The first since we were introduced. I sat there wondering what the hell had not only happened in the restroom but, what was going on now. Mary still gazed at Julie with a wanton look but, now she was also gazing at me with that look. I also saw the same look in Julie’s eyes as she looked at Mary. I excused myself to go to the restroom. As I walked away I turned to look back at the table. The two women were in deep conversation. I halted on the other side of the bar and watched.

Mary, took Julie’s hand bringing it to her lips. Julie giggled at the touch of Mary’s lips. I was suddenly freaked out and turned on at the same time. My wife had been… what? making out with Mary in the restroom. I watched as two men walked over to Mary and Julie. The two women looked up at the men. Mary actually laughed at what they said. Julie just shook her head. Both men walked away. I went to pee. When I came out, I looked at the table, there were two more men standing there. Both women were laughing. Were they laughing at something they said or were they laughing at the men? Mary waved them away. Nodding I made my way over to the booth.

“Oh, you’re back,” Julie said. “We were hit on by four guys with the lamest lines we ever heard. We laughed so hard.”

“Really? They were that lame?” I watched Julie.

“Oh, you saw?”

“I did.”

“Do you always watch your wife when you go out?” Mary asked.

“Of course. I love watching my wife. She is always the sexiest woman in the room. I know she gets hit on all the time and she always tells me about them.”

“Oh! I forgot to tell you about the men here earlier. Six of them. They also were lame. What has happened to men?” Julie asked.

“I know what you mean,” Mary said.

“Say, why don’t we go up to our room for a nightcap? I don’t know about you Mary, but Julie and I have to get up early in the morning,” I said.

“That sounds all right with me,” Mary replied.

“Me too,” Julie said giggling.

I chuckled as I stood up. Offering my arms again, each lady took one. We walked out of the bar over to the elevators. I heard several groans as we did. I needed to talk to Julie to see what was going on and what her expectations were. I kind of figured what Mary’s were. I think she wanted Julie and to get her, she would take me, too. Now, Julie and I had never done anything like this in the past. Up in the room, I make everyone a drink, then I excused Julie and me. I almost had to drag her into the bathroom.

“What?” she said softly.

“What’s your plan here?” I asked. “What have you been doing with Mary?”

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