one of my fantasies


one of my fantasiesI wish you were here…. I wish you were here for an infinite number of reasons, but mostly because I need you and I really want you. I think about you every night before I go to sleep , and every time that happens, my thoughts get engulfed by this intoxicating, brain-numbing , instinct-enhancing …. LUST. And it so happens , that out of the many things I imagine us doing , this is the first that popped into my mind. I stand in front of you , silence ,sedating the loud particles of existence. My finger trails your soft lips, as you **** me with your eyes. You instinctively know what I want and your eyes glitter with passion ; a crescendo movement of desire…and reaching it’s peak you…. Lean down to kiss my lips. Gentle and yet forceful, consumed by the flames of pure lust, I press my breasts against you and I feel the heat of your body. You back me up against the wall, biting my lips and licking my neck, bringing out the a****l within. You bite me hard , and even thought it asyabahis yeni giriş paralyzes me for a second, I want more …and more..and MORE. We let ourselves prey to the fire that we’ve ignited , and I love burning. You know what you want and you want me to please you; I can see it in your eyes. That look, makes me servile…your slave…and that thought makes me wet. You grab my breast and squeeze it violently, ripping what little clothes I had on, exposing my erect nipples. You lick them and then start sucking on them , making them yearn for more , and making me crave more. I feel the warmth of your mouth and the circular movements of your tongue ; my knees begin to tremble as you look up at me smiling. My panting breath, turns you on even more, knowing you can easily make me cum. You grab my neck, and pressing harder and harder you make my head spin. You keep me in that dazed, pleasure-bound state , as your hand goes under my panties. You smile as you feel me, gently asyabahis giriş rubbing my clit and going lower inserting your fingers into my wet pussy. Moaning, I arch my back to intensify the sensations, while whispering in your ear “ Don’t stop! Faster! “. You increase the rhythm, fingering me harder until you feel me cum. I feel every muscle, in perfect spasm…perfect…Pulling my hair downwards, you bite my breasts and slowly push me on my knees. Your cock, wonderfully erect, is teasing me with a slight glistening of anticipation. All I want , at that moment , is to taste you; run my tongue all over it and wrap my lips around it. I start licking you, playing with your balls, and kissing them as my tongue goes up and down your cock. I look up at you, as you close your eyes to enjoy every second of it. You pull my hair as my wrap my lips around you. My tongue gently explores the tip of your cock, licking and taking everything you have to offer. My fingers wrap around you, asyabahis güvenilirmi moving slowly up and down , allowing me to savor every movement. Your hips undulate faster and faster ;as the pleasure increases, you give it to me harder and harder, fucking my mouth until I can’t breathe anymore. Throwing me on the bed , you spread my legs and start to fuck me. I feel your cock sliding in and out, ripping me apart with intense pleasure. You make me cum over and over again all over your hard wet cock. I scream as every orgasm feels like a surge of electricity running through my body. I have one hand on your hip and the other around your back ,pulling you into me. You rub across my clit as you slip in and out of me, your mouth reaches down for a playful nibble on my nipple and I arch up to meet it. Kisses and thrusts become quicker. I kiss your neck and feel you become harder inside me and my hips pushing forward as I pull you to me, my nails digging into your back. I begin to moan and you push into me one final time. I feel a pleasure too intense to bear for more than an instant,but it doesn’t last for only an instant, it goes on..and on…and on forcing from my throat a cascade of high, desperate wimpers. Then we collapse ,exhausted among the tangled sheets.

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