One Perfect Night Ch. 01


Chapter 1 (Dinner)

Shawn stepped off the plane at LAX. The flight had seemed so long, but he tried his best to brush off the jet lag. He had much more important matters on his mind. His eyes scanned the airport, searching for the reason he had come. Out of the corner of his eye he saw the sign, “Shawn”. Quickly he made his way over and for the first time laid eyes on her, this woman whom he had had so many imagined nights of passion with. After all this time, these dreams would become a reality and he could hardly contain the excitement he felt coursing through him.

“Lacey?” The words seemed so strange coming from his lips, “Is that you?”

The young woman stood about 5’7″, honey blond hair and engaging green eyes. She was dressed in a short black skirt and a white blouse which was tied into a knot just above her navel. Shawn’s eyes moved over her appraisingly, taking in her figure and tracing out her curves in his mind. The very curves he hoped to be feeling out by hand tonight.

“Shawn!” Her eyes lit up as he approached. She spread her arms open to give him a hug, her eyes moving over him as well before they embraced.

A few moments of idle chatter about how the flight was and then they headed off to have dinner. Lacey had made reservations at a very nice Italian restaurant downtown. They arrived at about 7:30, food not the first thing on either bahis siteleri one of their minds, but wanting to eat nonetheless. Both felt that this might be the only meal they have during this little “trip”.

The waiter came up and took their orders. They were seated at a round table, a white table cloth that hung to the floor covering it. The seats were built in around it and thus kept much hidden from view. Lacey began to take advantage of this immediately, her foot sliding up against Shawn’s leg underneath the table. Shawn wasted little time in joining in as he ran his hand over her leg, feeling the soft skin as his fingers ran up and down her thigh. A low moan parted her lips as his hand slide further up her thigh and a smile crossed his lips as the realization set in that she wasn’t wearing any panties.

The waiter came back by to see if they needed anything. Both quickly said no and sent him on his way. All the while, Lacey’s fingers were rubbing across Shawn’s crotch, his arousal becoming more obvious as her hand teased him over his jeans. Her fingers slide up and unbuttoned his jeans. His eyes went wide as he looked at her. She said not a thing, but her eyes told him all he needed to know. She slid down underneath the table and settled in between his thighs, down on her knees. Her fingers slowly slid the zipper down, the soft sound seeming very loud to Shawn canlı bahis siteleri as he looked around to see if anyone was watching. Everyone else seemed to be engaged in their own conversations and such, so he began to relax.

Once again the waiter came up to the table.

“Are you ready to order, sir?” The waiter notices Lacey is missing, “Shall we wait for the lady to return?”

Shawn tries to speak in a normal voice, Lacey now pulling back his boxers and letting loose his shaft. The cool air in contrast to her warm hand as she wraps around him sends shivers down his spine.

“Yes, that will be fine. Thank you.”

The waiter walks back off as Shawn looks down to watch her hand stroking his shaft. His cock becoming hard as a rock under her touch as his breathing grows more ragged. Lacey’s tongue slides from between her lips as she leans down and runs her tongue ever so softly over the tip of his cock. He closes his eyes softly as her mouth slides over the tip for the first time, a shiver of pleasure running up and down his spine.

Lacey begins to work over his cock. Her fingers slide down to tickle his balls, feeling how heavy they are in her hand. Her mouth slides ever so slowly over his cock, taking him in inch by inch. She takes him in all the way, looking up into his eyes as she does. He looks back into hers and nothing needs to be said, canlı bahis the desire and need written in his eyes. Her eyes stay locked on his as she slides back up, letting his shaft slip from between her lips.

Shawn runs his hands down and brushes a stray hair from her face, his fingers running through her hair as she takes him in her mouth. Her tongue teasing the tip once more as her fingers continue to tease his balls. Soft moans coming from between his lips as he forgets about everything else around him, forgets about everything but this moment of pure pleasure being given to him. He begins to tense up as his body starts to shiver softly, knowing that he cannot hold out much longer under such treatment.

“Are you sure?” The words are almost a whisper as Shawn speaks them, looking down at Lacey. She doesn’t answer, but merely continues to slide her lips over him. His hands move from her head and onto the table, holding on tightly as he feels his orgasm wash over him. She takes him in deep one last time as he explodes in her mouth, his hot cum washing down her throat as she greedily gulps at it.

As she slides back up into her seat, softly wiping a bit of cum from her lip with her finger, they both notice the waiter standing by the table. Shawn’s eyes go wide as he looks around and notices quite a few people staring in their direction.

“Perhaps I could interest the lady in a frosty beverage to wash down her meal?” The waiter smiles from ear to ear as he speaks. Shawn’s face turns a bright crimson.

Lacey smiles her sweetest smile at the waiter and says softly, “Check please.”

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