One Satisfied Ass


One Satisfied AssI ventured into an adult store in Dayton, Ohio, not expecting much, but I walked out with very satisfied ass. This one had an assortment of sexy toys, and as a crossdresser, I enjoy shopping for lingerie and sexy things to wear in and out of the bedroom. But this store had a video arcade toward the back of the store. I love giving head in a video booth, so I thought I would see what this place had to offer. As with many adult arcades, you have the ‘creepers’. Creepy guys that hang out in the halls or isle ways of an arcade, eyeing up everyone that walks in. These are the fuckers you can’t trust according to most store employees. They attract law enforcement because their activities are suspect along the lines of dealing d**gs. So they make it difficult for everyone all around. They may as well be Jehovah’s Witnesses since they drive some of the business away. The booths were positioned in a manner that one would have to actually walk in to look into the booth, even though they had no doors. In a sense, they provided adequate privacy but not enough to hide the fact that you’re jerking off. I picked a booth and dropped a dollar in. That sucked because you already konak escort had to pay two dollars to get into the arcade. So I was determined to get my rocks off. Once I found a decent video, I sat back and watched as ‘lurkers’ would come by and look in at me as if I were meat in a market. Come to think of it – I was. As I watched guys come and go, I would pay no mind to the ‘creepy’ ones I wanted to pass on. One gentleman looked in on me and then simply pulled out his cock and started beating off while staring at me. He had a nice cock that grew larger by the stroke. I was aroused at this point so I took off my pants since I was not only going commando, I was wearing a pair of cheap stockings. He stepped in and began jerking his cock in front of my face so I took that as an invitation to start sucking. My heart started racing and I was in an instant frenzy as I felt his head swell a bit in my mouth. He was gentle and he pressed his hands on the back of my head as he gently fucked my face. I could feel the eyes of onlookers as they watched him buck his hips into me. Once I got him hard as a rock, I begged him to fuck me right then and there. I removed konak escort bayan my butt plug from my already lubed up ass. I had douched it good just before coming in, so I knew that I was pretty fresh and clean. I slipped him a condom and then turned over to welcome his throbbing cock into my boi-hole. When I felt his cock head touch my love-opening, I let out a pretty audible moan. Here’s this stud with his pants down around his ankle, getting ready to fuck me in a cramped arcade booth while a few guys looked on and stroked their own dicks. It wasn’t the most ideal place, but it was pretty hot!I pushed back and took his entire length into me in one push. My legs convulsed from the pleasure as he slowly pumped into me. “Fuck me!” I whimpered like a little bitch. “Put it to me babe. make me your fuck hole.” As he quickened his pace, I could hear him grunt as he pushed harder up into my guts. I looked at the door way and grabbed one of the protruding cocks being stroked by our onlookers. Within seconds, I had maneuvered part of my body outside the door and took a cock into my mouth while my stud continued to fuck my ass like a well-greased escort konak piston. This ass was getting fucked well. Someone took this opportunity to pass an open bottle of poppers under my nose, which turned me into a wild fuck-b**st after I inhaled some of the aroma. I began to twerk my ass like it was the last fuck of my life. Then I felt the first volley of jizm shoot across my face, and then another. The arcade was filled with the sound of this strangers hips slapping against my ass as I was fucked harder. Then with a grunt, my man filled his condom with his lust-nectar. I thought for certain someone would come to the arcade to investigate the commotion, but no one came but the guy fucking me. I continued to ride his cock until he was drained. After he exited my ass, I took his condom and tied a knot in the end to keep the jizm from coming out. I held up another condom which quickly disappeared. The empty cavern in my ass was filled once again by another horny fuck stick. I wailed a little when I came time and again, yet no one came to investigate the activity in this little arcade booth. By the time I finished, I removed my stockings and pulled up my pants and walked out of the arcade with jizm still dripping or dried upon my face. The ladies in the front counter only smiled and chuckled as I walked by. No doubt they seem to be used to seeing guys come out with a fresh fucked look on their face.I will be visiting this place again… soon.

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