One Took Over The Cuckold’s Bed – Part III


 I sat there quietly on my own for a little while afterwards. Paulo had been very aroused. His erection stood tall as he sat reaching past his waist. It felt unnatural for me to be looking at another man like that but I couldn’t help it. I envied his size and I could understand why Sue, and any other woman for that matter, wanting him. He asked Sue if she wanted to have a lie down for a while and she leapt to her feet immediately. Paulo stood up as displaying his proud erection. Sue reached out and touched it and turned to me and smiled at me momentarily. It was a smile that told me that this was hers and she was going to enjoy herself inside Paulo’s bed with it.Paulo turned too and looked at me as his hand went around Sue’s waist. His smile told me that he was taking her away to enjoy himself with her. He turned away again and dropped his hand to her bottom as he led her away. His large hand gave her a squeeze before slipping down between her legs finding her sex. They stopped and kissed momentarily before hurrying out of sight. I knew that it all had been a show for my benefit but it all been unrehearsed which told me that were beginning to bond as a couple.I had heard their enjoyment of each other’s bodies. The cries and groans seemed louder this time but now there was silence. I finished my wine in silence reflecting and comparing mine and Sue’s earlier times in our relationship. She was shy and reserved in those days. Too shy to talk about sex at first and preferring to make love in the Pendik Escort dark and under the covers. Things were different now with Paulo. She hardly knew him and yet there had been no shyness at all with him; flaunting her nakedness as if it was the natural thing to do as well as talking openly and freely about her sexual enjoyment. Neither was she reserved about showing her affection for him in my presence. It was almost as if his body belonged to her; freely reaching out to hold his sex.I wondered what he thought of her as a woman and what they were talking about and doing in the silence and privacy of his bedroom. Much of that was answered later as he and I sat outside on the patio waiting for Sue to finish getting ready for our night out. I had showered and dressed after a short sleep and found Paulo downstairs. He too was ready. He offered me a beer and we sat in the quietness of the early evening.“It was good this afternoon with Sue,” he said quietly. “She really enjoys sex. I like a woman like that.”“What else do you like about her then?”“Lots of things,” he answered. “Her eagerness to try new things; the way she gives herself without reservation. The way she loves to talk dirty when we fuck. When Sue lets me fuck her she gives her all.”“Talk dirty?”He nodded. “Yes, she really does have a filthy mouth.”“Oh,” I said thinking that it didn’t sound like her at all.“She’ll use words like cunt and cock. She likes me calling her a fuck slut and a whore and I get Pendik Escort Bayan the impression that she would do anything in bed that I asked her.”“Such as?” I asked him.“I told her that I loved anal sex and she said that she had never done it but she would be willing to try it with me.”“And did you?”He shook his head. “We’ll do it when we have a bit more time. It’s her first time and it will need to be taken slowly,” he responded. “Especially because I’m quite big. I wouldn’t want her to be put off from doing it again the future.”“I… I had wanted to try it years back but she didn’t fancy the idea.”He smiled. “Well there you go Rick,” he said. “As I said, a wife will do things with a lover that she won’t do with her husband.”I didn’t say anything as I took some more beer.“I usually find that once they get over the first hurdle of having a cock inside them for the first time they take to it like a duck to water.”I smiled.“You should try watersports with her when you get back home too, Rick.”“Watersports?”“Pee play Rick.”“Oh,” I said. “She likes that as well?”Paulo smiled. “I took her into the shower and made her kneel down and I pissed all over her,” he said. “Held her head still and peed all over her face.”I grew hard quickly picturing it all.“And then we changed places. It was lovely watching her open up like that; squatting over my face and letting go.”I was still lost in thought.“And then I fucked her doggy style on my bed,” he said. “She loved the Escort Pendik rough play; thigh slapping and hair pulling. And the name calling as well.”I opened my mouth to speak but Sue suddenly appeared. She looked stunning in a loose fitting red cotton dress with matching coloured heels. Paulo too was impressed. She moved to his side and bent over and kissed him. It was a warm, familiar kiss between lovers and I was jealous. He moved one hand under her skirt and then the other drawing them up to lift her hem waist high. Sue was wearing black hold up stockings and red silk panties.“May I take them off?” Paulo asked her as he slipped his thumbs into the waistband.“Of course you can,” she responded looking at me. “You don’t need to ask permission to remove my panties Paulo. What they cover belongs to you.”I was stunned and yet I watched excitedly as he pulled them down her legs. “I prefer a woman to leave her panties off when she’s out with me. It not only makes things easier later but I am a man who likes to touch whenever he can,” he explained as she stepped out of them. “Look after them for her please Rick,” he finished tossing them to me.I caught them in my hand and held the warm damp silk material for a few moments before putting them in my jacket pocket. I had once dared her to take her panties off one night when we were out having dinner, suggesting that she go the toilet and take them off but she wouldn’t. There was only a short walk to the taxi rank, it was a warm night without any breeze and her skirt was of modest length but she wouldn’t take me up on my dare. I was a little disappointed at the time. There was no refusal to Paulo’s request though. Sue just stood there looking at me as he removed them. I wondered if she was thinking back to the time I had asked her.

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