Operation Happy Dad Pt. 05


I had recovered from my orgasm in the little security room long enough to hear dad propose to Dr Baxter at the end of the most incredible sex I had ever seen. The look on her face said she might just say yes. I grabbed the memory stick out of the computer and composed myself a bit before getting the key from under the desk and going into the exam room to confront the two of them. When I opened the door they were both putting on their clothes and were both surprised to see me.

The look on the doctors face was surprise mixed with shame, but that quickly disappeared and her chin came up and a smile appeared on her face, wow I thought, she’s going to say yes to dads crazy marriage proposal. I was not going to let her have dad. I wasn’t giving him up and fuck her I had all the cards! The doctor finished putting on her clothes and really didn’t pay me any attention. I smiled to myself thinking oh I’m going to love playing with you, I’m going to make you my bitch as well.

“Dad would you please go out to the car while I have a small talk with Dr. Baxter!”

Dad started to say, “Now Danni please don’t!”

“DAD STOP! Go to the car.” Sheepishly dad went to the car as Dr Baxter stared at me in disbelief. Her smile had faded away and a look of consternation had replaced it. I had to prove to her that I call the shots and that dad obeys my commands. I walked over and sat in the doctors seat by the desk and turned to face her. I held up the memory stick from the security room and said “That was the most amazing sex I have ever seen in my life I’m so glad I recorded it. Now the question is what am I going to do with it?”

“Please Danni that would ruin me, ruin my career, my practice, please will you give it to me?”

“Well to tell you the truth it doesn’t matter if I give it to you or not. I have already sent it to my I Cloud box!” I lied.

Dr. Baxter Started to cry and I felt like a total shit. I had just seen her have knock down, drag out, world class sex with dad, it was probably one of the highs of her entire life and 5 minutes later I am blackmailing her into probably the lowest low of her life. Ya I know I’m a rotten bitch right now but I got a plan and I’m sticking to it. I asked her to come here please, as I took both her hands I pulled her into my lap and put her head on my shoulder, I gently stoked the back of her hair as she cried. I gently spoke these words to her.

“I have never seen my dad happier than when he was with you today, that’s not going to stop. You will be at our house every Saturday at 2 pm you can have dad until Monday morning when you both go to work. This is non negotiable for 6 months or if dad loses interest in you. Then you will get the memory stick and I will delete the one in my Cloud box, I promise. If you hurt dad or are not trying to make him happy 100 percent I will ruin you. Do you understand me Dr. Baxter. Monday to Saturday afternoon is my time with Dad, It will have nothing to do with you, do you understand what I’m saying Dr. Baxter?”

“Yes” the doctor replied,

Forcing her to stand up I moved towards the door saying, “Good we will see you tomorrow at two. You have our address in your files I’m sure. Oh and by the way not a word of this to dad. You can tell him what ever you want to, but he is to think that you are giving him the only time you have available, Sat at two until Monday morning!”

“Yes Danni I understand.”

On the way home I informed dad that he is now dating Dr Baxter, He was ecstatic, all smiles and giddy as a teenager. I told him I negotiated the time that she has available during her week for your dates. “She has from 2 pm Saturday until Monday morning when you both have to work, available for you. This is non negotiable dad so please don’t bring it up with her!”

“OK Danni I wont.”

“Another thing dad don’t ask her to marry you again that was kind of creepy. You are not allowed to say I love you for the first 6 months, swear to me dad that you wont say those words for 6 months, promise me now dad!”

“OK Danni I promise.”

“Good, I want you to have a good time and who knows where you will be in 6 months.” Now that dad comprehended the situation I started thinking about getting organised, I wouldn’t want to screw up dads screwing. Friday night is mine I get to fuck, suck, kiss and hug dad until 2 pm Saturday. Saturday and Sunday I will give the Doc to dad, she can be his committed girl friend and passionate lover. I think dad needs a day off so Monday he is free, he likes to watch football anyways. I need to fill in his Tuesday night, Wednesday he has Kathy for his massage therapy and Thursday night I might fill in with the odd date. I might put Priya in that spot sometimes because dad escort ataşehir only sees her Saturday mornings for hair removal once a month.

Saturday morning at 10 am is our special time where I will get him waxed and lasered, I need to find more ways to show off that big cock of dads to whom ever I want. I wouldn’t mind showing Ula’s auntie how hard his dick can get now and maybe even fucking young little Ula so she never thinks daddy is impotent again. Oh and there is always our sexy little personal trainer Lisa, I almost forgot about her, she’s smokin hot. The fun I’m gonna have and I can’t forget about Priya we have to see her tomorrow morning at 10 am.

Dad and I did our usual grooming clean up on the Saturday morning before wax and laser, to get ready for Priya. I made sure Priya had the house to herself just in case something happened again. The laser went by fairly fast and the private parts were left for last, I said “We should take a 5 minute break before we finish dad up,” and Priya agreed.

“Would you like some water?” Priya asked.

“Yes that would be lovely,” I said. I quickly gave dad his shot and Priya came back with the waters a few minutes later. I took Priya aside for a moment and reminded her that dad knows nothing about what I’m doing for him and it will stay that way, “Or else!” I threatened. “I don’t want to do anything to hurt you or your career Priya I just want my dad to have a sex life after being a widower for 3 years, remember your the one that started this!”

Dads cock started to jump up before Priya even started, within 5 minutes he was magnificent, my god what a cock. I didn’t leave the room this time I just leaned against the wall and watched Priya struggle trying to work around dads hard cock. Finally when Priya was done the front side I said “Now be a good girl Priya and give dad some relief! now please.” Priya looked at me with big sad eyes and I said “Don’t give me that crap you loved sucking him off I have proof right here on my phone!”

That’s all it took and she started massaging dads cock, this time she didn’t have the same enthusiasm that she had the first time, maybe it was because I was in the room. “How are you doing dad?” I said,

“I’m not even close Danni!”

“Well maybe Priya better step it up. Priya get up on the table and rub your pussy on his cock while you jack him off, that should make him come!” Then I whispered in her ear, “Or else your blowjob goes on the internet for all to see and Priya take off your panties!” After taking off her skirt and panties Priya closed her eyes and climbed on dads lap, I helped her scoot forward so her pussy was pressed on dads cock. “Just jack him off until he comes Priya that’s all you have to do!” I reminded her. 5 minutes later Priya’s arms were getting sore and I knew she couldn’t make dad come. “Dad!” I said “Just lay back and close your eyes for a few minutes and enjoy the feeling!” I lowered the angled table top until it was completely flat and dad did as I asked as he knew what I was doing.

“Priya make him cum I whispered harshly in her ear, or else!” I reached down and cupped her pussy and it was soaking wet. “That’s a nice wet pussy Priya it needs to be full in order to make daddy come!” I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up on her knees I reached down, grabbed dads cock and aimed it at her pussy. I rubbed it around for a few seconds before I grabbed the oil bottle and gave it a big squirt. I whispered again very softly, “Ride that cock and make him come, I’m losing my patience with you Priya.

Priya fumbled with dads cock lining it up as it slide off the mark but the second time was more successful, I watched the head sink in slowly and the pain was evident on Priya’s face.

“Holy cow!” dad said. ” Priya you are so tight it almost hurts, you take your time sweety, we are in no hurry and I don’t want you to get hurt, just go at you own speed!”

It took her more than a minute to get half of dads cock in her. She raised up and came down again faster this time, a few minutes later she had a pretty good rhythm going but was only using the top half of dads cock. Priya’s eyes were squeezed closed in concentration so I took out my phone and started recording and the look on Priya’s face was really fascinating, I couldn’t tell if she was in great pain or great pleasure.

I saw her toes curl up into little balls and she leaned back putting her hands behind her on dads legs. Priya was rolling her stomach forwards and backwards flicking her pussy at dads cock. First there was pressure on the bottom of his cock and then there was pressure on the top. She was bending dads cock in half as she was sliding it in and out of her pussy. Dads eyes were closed kadıköy escort bayan and it looked like he was holding on for dear life. It was really a beautiful dance she was doing on his cock, she started swirling her hips from side to side and up and down.

I guess dad couldn’t take the 4 sided mamba dance and was forced to come deep inside of Priya, as dad was bucking and twitching Priya opened her eyes and smiled a wicked little smile at dad and started double speed. Priya was fucking him way past his orgasm, like a woman on a mission. Dad just had to hold on for dear life as Priya used everything she had to give herself an orgasm. As she started to come on dads big cum stick I couldn’t help reaching in and strumming her clit during her orgasm. I know it was a little mean but you should have seen her go crazy. Priya bucked and jerked and dad was bucking and jerking and Life was good, life is fucking amazing.

After they calmed down Priya needed a hand to get off dads cock so I helped her up, she had pink come dripping down her legs and onto the floor. Maybe dad ripped her a bit,I thought to myself. Dad had swung his legs off the table and was helping Priya recover her stability. I reached into dads pants pocket and pulled out $250 and put it on her shelf. “Oh and Priya don’t forget to do his ass!” I said. I walked out the door and started thinking about the doctor showing up at 2 pm.

I picked Priya up and sat her on the massage table. My Dick was still hard and I had to lift it up and out of the way to hold Priya in my arms. We just sat and held each other for a few minutes. She really was a lovely girl, I just wanted to show her how much I cherished this moment and didn’t want to ruin it by running out the door Like Danni did. I pulled back only far enough to kiss her deeply and passionately hoping that this would show her I care about her. Her response was more than I hoped for, she launch herself at the kiss. I snaked my fingers into her hair and squeezed a good handful as we kissed like long lost lovers. I did not let up until she did and that was not until our lips were almost sore. I pulled back to see the biggest most beautiful smile I had ever seen. All I could do is smile back.

Priya threw her arms around me again buried her head in the crook of my neck and said “You took my virginity but I’m giving you my heart, please be gentle with it Mr. Thomas.

I didn’t know what to say to that so I just held her tight. With in a span of a month

I have had 3 of the most amazing woman I could ever imagine and it was all my daughters doing. I cared deeply for all of them. There was going to be a time where I could see people getting hurt and I didn’t want that. I adored Kathy, Dr Kelly is amazing and Priya is passion and love personified. I’m not even counting Danni in that number. Danni has awakened my being, she has made me feel like a man again, she has loved me like no other, she is my sun, moon and stars.

Why oh why is she setting me up with woman that are all way out of my league. I don’t know how or where this will end but I promised her 6 months and I’m not going to kick over the apple cart because I can’t see around the bend in the road.

I got daddy home and all cleaned up and said “Hey dad why don’t we do a BBQ when the Doc comes over?”

“That sounds great Danni it will show her I can cook, and clean up afterward too,” Dad said with a laugh.

I did a quick shopping trip and Marinated the steaks, dad wrapped the bake potato’s in foil and prepared the vegetables. At 2 pm the doorbell rang, I went to the door, opened it and yelled hey dad your girl friend is here. Dr Baxter smiled at my comment and watched dad run for the door like a teenager. “Welcome to our humble home Dr Baxter.”

“Oh please call me Kelly.”

“Kelly it is,” dad said in a weird kinda voice. I let dad and Kelly have their space and went up stairs. They went out on the back deck and started to talk, I opened my window so I could eves drop a bit and they were talking about their lives. It didn’t take long for dad to spit out everything about mom ,me and his job, he must really like Kelly. I heard Kelly’s life story but I was wondering how much of it was true. 35 years old never married no kids, a few dates here and there but not sparks with any of them. Her life is her Practice and her Patients I heard her say. She has a sister back east where her mom and dad also live. I didn’t need to hear the family details so I did my homework all afternoon.

Dad proved himself a good chef and I let him take credit for all the dinner. I offered to help clean up but dad said “No we are good, you go do something else!”

“OK Dad I can take the hint!” I called up escort bostancı a guy I know who has his own place and said “kick your friends out I’m coming over to fuck you silly!” Its amazing how guys can clear out their house in 2 minutes if you give them the right motivation.

I told dad “I’m going over to a friends house and might sleep over. If you are going to fuck Kelly she can give you your shot!” with that I walked out the door.

I would imagine that dad fucked Kelly silly all night but I don’t know for sure because I got home at 7 am, dad was just awake. I caught dad as he went to the bathroom and I whispered to him “Go make a nice breakfast, Kelly and I will be down in 45 minutes! Make coffee too.” I kissed dad on the cheek and went to his room. Kelly was a beauty alright, she was even gorgeous in her sleep.

I got under the covers at the end of the bed and slowly made my way up between her legs, one was already bent at the knee so I gently move her legs apart I lightly licked and sucked her pussy for a few minutes before I got bolder and went for her clit she just moaned and opened her legs more, she was really getting into it. A few minutes later I knew she was close to coming so I latched onto her clit for dear life and she went nuts bucking and thrashing, when she calmed down a bit, she said “Steve that was amazing!”

I surprised the hell out of her when I threw back the blanket a bit and said “Yes it was!” in my very feminine voice. Kelly ripped all the covers off my head and was just about to scream blue murder.

“No No No I wouldn’t do that if I were you Doc!”

“YOU CANNOT DO THIS TO ME, I WONT STAND FOR IT!” Kelly spoke in a very harsh whisper.

“Well then your really not gonna like what your going to do next!” I said as I pointed at my pussy! “Look I know how much your practice and your Patients mean to you and I told you all I want is 6 months to see how it all works out. Now get up here and eat my pussy!” Kelly thought about it for a few seconds and humbly moved up to put her head between my legs. I laid back and arched my back a bit to give her better access for licking my kitty. She was actually very good I was surprised, halfway thru she put 2 fingers inside of me and curled them into my G spot, I would think that she has had some practice because shes way to good to be an amateur.

I felt a huge orgasm building and I knew she was going to get soaked, but I didn’t want to tell her. Let her enjoy the surprise I thought to myself. She knew exactly how to make me come, It only took her maybe 3 minutes. That’s a new record in my book. It came on so fast in was like an explosion I arched my back and squirted right in her face, again and again I squirted. She was a trooper and latched onto my clit and rammed her fingers into my g spot until the room spun and I woke up alone in a soaking wet bed.

I crawled out of bed and went to the bathroom to have a quick shower. I threw on a baby doll teddy and tight pair of PJ shorty shorts. When I walked into the kitchen dad was sitting at the table holding Kelly’s hand. Breakfast was good and hot coffee was really starting to be my friend. “OK I have homework to do so Ill see you later.” As I thought they deserved some alone time. I waved for dad to followed me out of the kitchen and as soon as we were out of hearing for Kelly I turned on him.

“Dad I know its been one fucking day and you are in love but you promised me 6 months before any thing is said or done. Do not fuck this up or I will fuck up everything, you got it dad!”

“Yes Danni I know what I promised!”

“Good now go have a good time and don’t worry about saying I love you for 6 fucking months!” Dad and Kelly left for the day, I’m not sure where they went. Dad texted me about what to do for dinner I said “Take her out for dinner dad, I’ll be fine!” Kelly spent the night again with dad and I was happy for them, I really was. 5:30 am and dads off to the gym to get beat on by his little trainer Lisa and I head for his bed to have Kelly for breakfast. Kelly’s quite a deep sleeper I was half done eating her when she finally woke up. I tried the 2 finger curl into the g spot thing and wow did that ever set her off, she even squirted a little for me too.

Wow you learn something new every day I thought. I drank all I could and it was delicious. Kelly lifted the covers and said “Hey how’s your dads come tasting this morning!” I guess she was thinking that I would be grossed out.

“Mmmm it tastes great but I like it better from the source its more concentrated that way!” My reply clearly shocked her. I could see the look of realization in her eyes as she shook her head. “Now shut up and eat me!” I said to her. As she was chowing down on my pussy I thought I could get used to this. “By the way Kelly I hoped you liked eating fresh come out of my pussy, one of my boy toys made a few deposits for you to eat!” I chuckled to myself and smiled as I felt my Orgasm coming on. What a great morning.

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