Subject: Operation Pied Piper – Part 72b IMPORTANT NOTE TO ALL READERS: Any references made to Schools, Castles and Aristocratic titled personages around England and Scotland are pure fiction. None of the story features about those places or named titles personages are true, none of what you are about to read actually happened. This story and all the characters are 100% fiction. I am grateful to Nifty for posting my stories. If you enjoyed my story or any others on this site then please show your appreciation and donate whatever you can afford. Every little helps. fty/donate.html No part of this story may be reproduced in whole or in part in any manner without the permission of the owner. ———————————————————————- McPhee gripped the front of his kilt and mocking the RAF Officer’s voice said `Thought you would never ask old boy’ McPhee picked up Nikita by the waist and slung him over his shoulder. Struggling, Nikita now filled the room with all manner of Russian curses and swear words, his arms outstretched towards me; well, my cock. I grinned nodding `I am coming to; I am coming to’ Nikita began smiling and with a `Tally ho boys’ From McPhee, the three of us, plus Nikita headed over to the Castle and into Jeremy Miles room. ***************** Operation Pied Piper � Part 72b Gary continues the story Nikita had wriggled and not stopped laughing all the way back to Jeremy’s room, slung over McPhee’s shoulder, he was powerless, well so we thought, but it soon became obvious, he had pushed his little hands, down the back of McPhee’s kilt and was busy pulling out his shirt and gripping his bum cheeks, McPhee dumped him on the bed. Nikita immediately began pulling off his clothes, pointing at me `Forts big cock’ `Well, he seems to know what he wants’ McPhee stripped off his kilt, Nikita gasped, you will remember McPhee is a nice thick cut nine inches when fully hard. Nikita now naked crawled to the edge of the bed. McPhee stood bobbing his cock, teasing him, drawing him forward until he was tittering on the edge of the bed stretching as far forward as his little tongue would go. With his hands just beginning to slip off the edge of the bed, Niki’s tongue just managed to flick across McPhee’s cock lips, a string of precum now connected them. Jeremy was now naked too. `Stop being mean, you are teasing him’ McPhee chuckled and moved forward; Niki’s mouth stretched wide, his tongue flickering his hands outstretched gripping McPhee’s now steel rod with his two little hands. McPhee groaned as the little tongue, licked round the circumcision scar, then loading with glistening precum, it painted the taught skin, with rapid cat licks. Jeremy climbed onto the bed and lifted Nikita on to all fours, then lowered his face to the two firm peaches, he breathed deeply and kissed each cheek, he turned to me. `How old is he supposed to be Gary? `Fifteen apparently’ Jeremy gasped and licked along the crease of the two cheeks, `No way’ His tongue pushed the flesh apart, tasting the youth before him, licking over the small dark hole, easing the cheeks apart, had revealed. I moved along side McPhee, offering my cock to Niki’s mouth too, he stopped and looked up at me, grinning and nodding, but still with one hand remaining gripped tightly on McPhee’s shaft; he moved his head to my bellend, his little hand pealed the skin back, he giggled watching closely as my fat cockhead flared unrestricted by its skin polo neck. I smiled at McPhee, and together we watched as Jeremy licked and kissed and then began to finger Niki’s hole, both Jeremy’s and Nikita’s cheeks now wet with saliva. Jeremy pulled back grinning, and pushed himself up on to his knees. `I’m going first, I won’t touch the edges after you two have been there’ Jeremy adjusted his smallish 5’06” frame and scooted up behind Niki, his seven-inch cut cock in his hand, he spat in his palm and then smeared it over his bellend. Using both hands he eased apart the tiny butt cheeks in front of him, he waggled his cock and it fell perfectly lined up with Nikita’s puffy wet hole. `Hold him guys’ Of course, we didn’t need to as Niki was already half way down my shaft, one hand now cupping my balls the other still wanking McPhee’s thick veiny cock. Niki barely glanced round as Jeremy pushed into him, with one hand placed firmly on Niki’s back, Jeremy began slowly, long full-length strokes of his cock in to Niki’s accommodating hole. `Oh, fuck guys, fuck he is working his arse muscles, Christ this kid is amazing’ It was all getting a bit much for McPhee, his cockhead, now dribbling precum in great strands onto the bed. `Hey, its got to be my turn again’ McPhee chuckled and pulled Niki’s mouth off my shaft and smeared, his face with his precum coated bellend, before pushing it into Niki’s mouth again, Niki gagged and spluttered. `Gently, Chris, he is just a kid’ `Fucking easy to forget that’ He moaned as he held Nikita’s short blond-haired head, the kid’s lips again obscenely stretched to take McPhee’s thick shaft. Jeremy had increased in speed and his balls were now slapping against Niki’s arse, his hands gripping Niki’s waist tight as he ploughed and planted his seed deep inside him. `Shit, shit, that was amazing’ Jeremy pulled out, dragging a flow of white cum with his cut bellend, he tried with his fingers to scoop it back into Niki’s open hole. Niki looked up at me, his face stuffed with McPhee’s shaft, I waggled mine at him, he pulled himself off of McPhee, who immediately began to moan, I smiled at him `Watch this, you won’t be disappointed, Forts told me’ Nikita smiled and grinned on hearing the word Forts, he repeated it several times and then got on to his back, his arse right by the edge of the bed. He gripped his legs and pulled his knees back to beside his ears, McPhee and I stared down as his little smiling face; how could this kid be fifteen? His tiny cock and balls, were perched just above his cum seeping hole, I moved forward. `Age before beauty’ I said to McPhee, I lined up my cockhead with that cummy hole, I pushed forward, faster than I intended, but the sensations were amazing, running from the tip of my cock down my shaft, through my balls and up my spine. Then began, one of the most amazing fucks of my life, I buried myself to my balls in this sex machine, his muscles gripping and working my shaft, milking my cum from me, I had never cum that quickly. My knees buckled as I poured my load into him, his hole sucked like a suction pump, obscene slurping noises, accompanying each thrust and withdrawal of my cock. I made way for McPhee. We all had, what McPhee referred to as sloppy seconds, finally Niki seemed content, still on his back still with his legs tight back, his hole now gaping and burping out dollops of cum. ** Athol picks up the story `Forts, what is it son, what’s wrong? There was nothing but broken words and crackling static on the phone line, I banged the receiver on my desk. `I can’t hear you, speak up, what’s wrong? I can’t hear you this is bloody useless, hang up and phone me back’ The phone, line made several clicks, I replaced the receiver and waited, until it rang again. `Hello, hello? `Dad, ankara escort can you hear me now? There is nothing wrong, we are fine’ `Are you sure? `Yes, I just wanted to ask if we could stay another night, I want to take Davy to the opera? `For God sake, Forts, you frightened the life out of me, bloody phone line’ `Is it okay Dad? I think he would love it’ `Yes okay, I suppose so, how’s it all going? `It couldn’t be better; I can’t wait to tell you all about it’ `Okay, well we can chat once your back, there is something I need Davy to deal with, nothing to worry about now though, be careful and see you the day after tomorrow, tell Davy I was asking after him’ `Bye dad, thank you’ The phone line clicked down again, I replaced the receiver, allowing myself a sigh of relief. ** Davy takes up the story Forts came and wrapped his arms round me from behind, I stood looking at myself in the full-length mirror. Athol, had wanted us to go in the school uniform; our long kilts, we did look very smart, but I wasn’t too sure how many guys would be walking around London in a kilt, nor was I sure what my Dads reaction would be. `Come on then, you look really smart, we had better get going’ I think he could sense my reticence, he patted me on the bum. We left the hotel and although Forts had offered to get us a cab, I wanted to use the tube again, it seemed so long since I had been on one. They hadn’t changed much, we rattled along; I always wondered why they had windows, you couldn’t see anything in the tunnels anyway; then thinking on it, being shut in an enclosed cylinder would have been pretty traumatic too. Forts sat counting off the stations. `Next one is ours, what time did you tell your Mum we would be there? `Around now, apparently she is going to walk and meet us’ I felt my stomach churn as the tube doors opened, I took hold of Forts arm. `I am really not sure I can go through with this’ He squeezed me back `You will be fine, that’s why I wanted to come with you, I’m here for you’ I nodded, and we exited the train, making our way along the platform and up the escalators to the outside world, blinking in the bright sun light, I looked around. There was Mum and a pram. We walked slowly over, she didn’t seem to see us, she looked straight at me and then at Forts in his kilt and then carried on scanning the crowd. `Mum, it’s me’ She jumped and stared directly at me `Davy? Davy, Davy my Davy’ She grabbed me in a big hug `You have grown so much, and your voice; it’s a lot deeper, I didn’t recognise you, look you’re a young man now’ Mum was stroking my face and hugging me, crying, so was I, mum wiped her eyes and looked at Forts `You must be Dragon’ Forts chuckled and stiffened up, reaching out his hands `You got it, pronounced Dragon, but spelt for some reason Drageon, with a silent e’ Forts stepped forward and gave mum a hug, she stepped back a bit surprised. `And you’re both in kilts’ `Yes mum, this is the school uniform now’ `Oh, I am not sure your dad will like that; oh, he’s sorry he couldn’t meet you, but he will see you later when he gets home’ I nodded, how often had I heard that. Forts coughed and pushed me towards the pram, I had nearly forgotten, I leant in `Hello little fella, I am your big brother and this is my friend from school Forts’ I felt Forts eyes on me, I looked up at mum. `Mum he is lovely’ She nodded, `Come on let’s get you all back home for lunch’ Forts looked at me `Mrs Thomas, Davy has been so looking forward to meeting Andrew, can he push the pram? Mum, looked a bit surprised and then smiled nodding. `Go on then Davy, try and avoid the holes and bumps’ We all slowly walked back to the house, mum kept glancing at me; like she couldn’t believe it was me. I suppose I had changed a lot in a year, taller, my body had filled out and my voice had dropped. Forts and her were chatting away; I wished I was more like Forts like that; so at ease, he could speak to anyone about anything. I hoped my Dad would be okay with his friendliness; I was brought up to be seen and not heard. Once home, Mum got us all a cup of tea and a biscuit. `Mum, can I show Forts my old room? Mum glanced at me and then Forts `Well, Davy, I’m sorry, it’s not like you left it, your Dad, thought it best to get rid of your stuff so that we could use it for Andrew; you know how he is’ Yes, I knew. I took Forts up to what was my old room, Mum was right, I wouldn’t have recognised it. `They didn’t even keep my books’ I felt myself start to shake as my emotions overwhelmed me, Forts put his arm round me and pulled me close. `Try not to be upset, it’s just a room, and we have a lovely room together at the Castle, we can replace your books’ I nodded, rubbing my eyes on his fly plaid as I looked up, I saw Mum watching us through the open door. I jumped apart from Forts, coughing and pointing to the window. Mum spoke. `Davy, I did keep your Encyclopaedia Britannica’s that your grandad brought you, I got Dad to put them in the loft’ Mum gave a little smile; maybe she hadn’t seen his arm round me. We all made our way back down stairs, I was so pleased Forts was with me, he and Mum seemed to get on really well, he could chat with her like I never could. `Is it okay if I hold Andrew Mrs Thomas? `Well, it is time for a feed, so I had better do that first’ `I am sure, I could give him a bottle for you, if that’s okay? Mum, never got any help so, looked a bit bemused at Forts. `Well certainly; you’re going to be a special catch for some girl one day and no mistake, Davy’s dad doesn’t help at all’ `I doubt that will ever happen Mrs Thomas’ Mum just smiled, she warmed a bottle and handed it to Forts who sat feeding Andrew while he carried on chatting. Even I looked up though, when he asked her about whether she liked to go to the pictures, and had she seen `Gone with the Wind’. Mum shook her head, `Davy’s dad, doesn’t like the pictures’ `Well can you get a baby sitter for tonight and you can come with Davy and me?’ Forts grinned `I managed to get three tickets’ He held them up, when had he done that, this guy never ceased to surprise me. Mum actually looked quite excited `I will ask Grace next door, ooh, that will be amazing, Davy’s Dad will be pleased to have the place to himself’ She was probably right about that. Mum dashed next door and was back in a few minutes `That’s all sorted, I will drop Andrew off when we go’ The bottle was soon finished, Forts handed Andrew to me, `Put him over your shoulder and rub his back, we want to hear him burp’ I must have looked at Forts as if he had gone mad, Mum leapt up `It’s okay, I will do it’ `No, Davy has got to learn, if we; if he is going to ever have children of his own’ Mum glanced at me again and then back at Forts; she was probably wondering if she had heard him right, I certainly was. Anyway, a few big burps later, Forts took Andrew back. `Here I have a little gift for you’ He reached in to our bag and brought out the parcel he had shown me at the Castle, he put it in Andrews little hands and then passed it to Mum. Mum looked at it a bit surprised, she read the label. “To Andrew, all my love Uncle Forts”. Mum, seemed to read it twice, she escort ankara looked at Forts again, before opening the parcel. Inside was a solid silver shot tumbler, engraved with Andrew’s full name and his date of birth. `I am sorry, I couldn’t get it to you for his Christening’ `Oh Forts, sorry Davy has me calling you that now, Drageon, its beautiful, thank you’ Forts flashed that smile of his, `Forts is fine, everyone calls me Forts’ Mum stood up and putting the silver tumbler in her display cabinet, she turned back to us `Well Forts it is then, and you can call me Brenda, more tea?’ Mum had just poured, when Andrew started gurning. I hadn’t really noticed I was still stunned she had told Forts to call her Brenda; I hoped he didn’t do that in front of Dad. `Here, let me have him’ Forts shook his head `I am fine Brenda, I learned this trick from the lady who looked after me, when I lived in her digs’ With that Forts pushed the tip of his pinkie into Andrews mouth, silence returned as Andrew began suckling on it. Mum announced she had better go and get Tea ready Dad would be home soon, Forts and I remained in the sitting room, playing with and generally entertaining Andrew. As the door knocker rapped; a cold shiver, a past memory triggered. Dad always rapped the door knocker so mum would know he was home and could bring his slippers and take his coat. I sat listening to Mum run down the corridor from the kitchen, muffled voices exchanged words most of which I could understand. `Hello Darling? Then his voice; I shivered again. `Are they here? Mum was obviously now whispering, I looked at Forts and mouthed “Good Luck”. The sitting room door opened and Mum came in `Davy, your father’s home’ Both Forts and I stood up as Dad came in; Forts still holding onto Andrew, he looked us both up and down, I had barely got the words out. `Hello again Dad’ `Christ, you’re wearing a skirt’ `It’s a kilt dad’ Dad glared at me, that meant only one thing. `That idiot got you all in skirts up there at that Castle, what’s it now a girl’s school? My heart was sinking faster than the Titanic, Mum tried to speak `William, they are kilts, it’s the school uniform’ Dad glared at Mum. `They look like Nancy boys, and what’s that baby doing in here? Get it out, you know I don’t like its noise’ Mum seemed to go into panic mode, she rushed over to Forts and took Andrew, I saw her mouth “sorry” and she was gone back through the door. `And you must be Drageon MacDonald? Forts stepped forward, standing to his full height, offering his hand to dad. `I am his Lordship Drageon MacDonald, heir to the Laird of the Clan MacDonald, very pleased to meet you Mr Thomas’ Dad, gave a bit of a cough; he glared at me. `Davy, you should have told us, you were bringing a Lord with you’ I didn’t correct him; Forts would only be a Lord when he took over from Athol, for now, he was as the son, only addressed as My Lord. I chuckled to myself; that was one thing about Dad, he firmly believed in everyone having a level in life and he knew Drageons’ was well above his. `Very pleased to meet you, young man, I was only joking about the Kilts, very smart I am sure’ Mum came back in with another tray of tea, `Dinner, won’t be long, darling’ Dinner brought back all those buried memories of silent meals again, Mum had made a vegetable pie for dinner, it was very tasty. Forts had obviously gotten the measure of Dad, he looked over and with his eyes locked on Dads, he said `Mr Thomas, I hope you have no objections, Davy and I have asked Brenda, if she would like to come to see `Gone with the wind’ with us tonight, a baby sitter is all arranged, I hope, no I know that will be okay with you’ I nearly choked on my mouthful; looking at Mum she nearly had too. Dad looked momentarily poleaxed. I wanted to leap up and kiss Forts, I don’t know how I didn’t, he played the man against himself. Dad stammered `Well, that’s very kind, Brenda, you will enjoy that’ Nothing else was said, the meal finished in silence. Around seven O’clock, with mum ready, the three of us headed out to the local picture house to see `Gone with the Wind’. I managed to speak to Forts as Mum went off to the loo, `How did you know, I wanted to see this? `Ahh, I have my sources’ I gave him a little cuddle, just as Mum appeared again, her eyes fixed on my arm, I dropped it away from his waist, pretending I was picking off a thread. Once in the cinema, I sat in the middle next to mum; we ended up sharing hankies, as Forts chuckled at us both. I saw a side to Mum that night, I had never seen before, she was relaxed and chilled, we walked home, Mum in the middle, linking arms with us both. She nudged me and flicked her head towards Forts. `Oh, and that Clark Gable is a real dish, isn’t he Davy, just like Forts here’ I burst out laughing, Forts blushed. At the door before we went back inside, she stopped and kissed us both on the cheeks `Thank you, it’s been amazing, I really enjoyed myself’ Then inside, we had barely got into the sitting room when Dad’s voice rang out. `Finally, your home, I am waiting for my cup of tea’ Mum’s demeanour changed instantly, and she rushed off to the kitchen, having made tea, she went next door bringing Andrew back, she took him straight up to bed. We didn’t see much more of her that night as she made dad’s pack lunch, ironed his shirt, trousers and polished his shoes. Dad did express a lot more interest in us, well Forts, wanting to know what sports such a fit well muscled guy did; more than once he turned to me dismissably; pity you can’t get our Davy doing more sport. Forts just smiled at me, around midnight, Dad got up and said he was off to bed. He shouted for Mum to bring the sheets and said goodnight to us. We made up a couple of camp beds and gave Mum a kiss goodnight, alas, the camp beds were so uncomfortable, we both moved on to the couch; snuggled up naked under the covers. With Forts protective arms round me, I was soon asleep and dreaming. I was panicking, I was at the Castle, something was wrong, there had been an accident. “No, no not Bonnie Blue”. Forts was cradling Brookmeyer in his arms, he looked at me, “he had an accident on his pony”. A mist swirled in my dream, now there were Soldiers on the Castle stairs, it was Gethin and Callum; but they didn’t know me, what’s happening, why was Ashley McPhee here, just out of reach; no that wasn’t right. Then Forts and me in the Staffroom, “You think by saying your sorry, all the past can be corrected”. He said and left the room, I was running after him stumbling on the stairs “Forts, Forts, wait, if you go, where shall I go what shall I do”. He stopped at the door. “Davy, quite frankly my dear I don’t give a damn”. He slowly walked away from the Castle into the mist. I slid down the door to the floor, “I can’t let him go, I can’t, I can’t there must be some way to bring him back”, I staggered back to the stairs, what was wrapped round me, this bloody silly skirt, I tripped gripping the stair rail, now kneeling on the steps, “I’ll go home, after all there must be some way to get him back…” `Davy wake up, wake up, your dreaming, hang on your all tied up in the sheets’ It was Forts voice, I jumped, ankara escort bayan as he held me tight `Wake up, everything is okay, you have been dreaming about that silly film’ `Film? `Gone with the wind, you have been mumbling for a while, hey was I Rhett Butler? He chuckled and hugged me tight, kissing my head “Forts, Forts, wait, if you go, where shall I go what shall I do” I didn’t answer I felt silly enough as it was. The next time I woke, Forts was still hugging me, he gave me a kiss. We both froze as there was a little tap on the door. `Sorry boys, I have brought you both a cup of tea, I will leave it here on the sideboard’ `Thank you, Mum’ I was to frightened to look up, Mum must have realised we were on the couch together, and had maybe even seen us kiss, the door closed. ** Forts Continues the story We had gathered all our bits together, when Brenda came into the sitting room. `Right Boy’s, are you all ready to go, it’s seems to have gone so quickly, thank you for taking me to the pictures, it was lovely: your Dad never wants to go, not to what he calls soppy films.’ She looked at Davy `Davy, nip upstairs and bring Andrew down so you can say goodbye again’ Davy nodded and headed out of the room, I went to follow, Brenda took hold of my arm, stopping me, she glanced round and eased the door closed as she heard Davy going up the stairs. `Drageon, I can call you Fort’s? I nodded `Forts darling, quickly, before David gets back, I know how much you both mean to each other; my brother Duncan, is the same as you; you know, that way. But Davy’s father must never know though about you both, please, he would break off all contact with him, and I love you both, so much’ She hugged me, tears forming in her eyes `Please look after him for me, never hurt him, it is obvious he adores you, keep him safe for me, I do love him, but his father is so funny about showing emotions’ She went to break our embrace; I held on and hugged her back. `Brenda, I love him, I will never hurt him’ She nodded and held me close. Hearing, Davy’s footsteps on the stairs, we moved apart, Brenda, hurriedly kissed my cheek, just as Davy came in carrying Andrew. He looked at me and at his Mum, who was wiping her eyes. `Everything okay? I nodded, Brenda gave a little laugh `It’s just me being soppy’ Davy handed Andrew to me, I looked down at his perfect little face, letting him suckle on my pinkie; which seemed to make him even more contented. `You be a good little man for your Mummy, and don’t forget your big brother Davy and your uncle Forts. Remember, we both love you loads and loads’ Davy shot a look at his Mum, who just carried on watching me, her expression unchanging; from the smile she had fixed. `Come on then Davy, we had better be going, let your Mum get on’ `Yes, yes, I have so much to do’ I handed Andrew back to Brenda, Davy stood in front of her and wrapped his arms round them both. `Love you. Keep writing, bye little brother, oh, tell Dad, I am sorry we missed him’ Davy headed for the sitting room door and into the corridor. `Good bye Brenda and thank you, I know it hasn’t been easy’ I hugged them both too and followed Davy, another hand on my arm. `Please look after him, he obviously loves you so much’ `Don’t you worry, I love him too’ I joined Davy by the front door, he opened it and we went out on to the street. He turned for a final wave, a tear rolled down his cheek. `Bye Mum, bye Andrew’ ** I was really glad Dad had allowed us to stay in London for another night, we had walked off along Davy’s home street, he hadn’t even looked back, we got back on the tube and headed back into London; it was obvious he was deep in his own thoughts. `Penny for them? Davy just smiled and leaned against me. We made our way back to the Hotel. As we entered the Concierge waved me over, he had managed to get us tickets for Davy’s final surprise of our stay, I just hoped he wanted to go. I hadn’t said anything to Davy at the time, in case I couldn’t get us tickets. It was on the day we had arrived I had spotted a rough flyer, which announced that the Sadler’s Wells Opera Company, would be giving a performance of `Madame Butterfly’ in one of the London Theatres; the flyer adding prophetically a quote from its Director Tyrone Guthrie, “For a time opera cannot be grand”. Davy was still pretty quiet, yet thoughtful, we were lying on the bed cuddling, when he propped himself up on his elbows and turned to me. `Forts, what did Mum say to you? I had wondered if he had seen our furtive chats, I pulled him closer; now I had a decision to make, tell him the truth or make something up. `Davy, your Mum, worked it out about us’ He sank back in the bed `Oh, no’ My time to sit up and lean over him. `NO! she was really nice, she loves you more than you know, and more than she feels able to show; with your dad around. She wants us to be happy and made me promise to look after you’ Davy was staring at me `But how did she know? `Davy, your Mum’s brother Duncan, is the same as us, that’s why she never mentions him, around your father, she is forbidden to speak to or contact him, so seeing us together, she just worked it out’ Davy lay back `I wondered why we never saw him, or spoke about him, I hate my father’ `Davy NO! Please don’t, your dad is just old school, he can’t help himself, just accept, him for what and who he is’ I kissed him `Right now, for another surprise, how do you fancy going to see an opera with me? I have managed to get us tickets’ `An opera, really, Oh Forts, you keep spoiling me’ `That’s because you deserve to be spoiled, I love you’ We had high tea in our room and then got dressed back in our kilts to go to the opera as short cab ride away. Davy seemed mesmerised as we were led to our seats, despite the war the theatre was still beautiful and ornate inside, so different from the boarded-up windows and black painted front. We read through the synopsis before the lights dimmed and the orchestra began, the overture. Three Acts later, with the cast taking their bows, we were both on our feet clapping enthusiastically, I glanced at Davy, finally smiling, yet still with tears running down his cheeks. Several times during the performance I had heard him sniffing, he had looked at me, smiling through tear-soaked eyes, he just mouthed “It’s so beautiful”; it was. I think Davy was one of the last to stop clapping, he hugged me right there in the theatre. `Thank you, thank you, it was amazing’ Exactly my reaction, when Athol had taken me. **************** Guy’s Thank you for taking the time to let me know you’re enjoying this story. There’s nothing more rewarding than hearing from you with suggestions or even just that you’re enjoying the story, please email me to let me know. Other Nifty stories by this writer: `NightCam Fun’ � Gay/Encounters `Exploring my brother’ � Gay/Incest `Joshs Adventures series’ – Gay/Adult Youth `An Army life for me’ – Gay/Adult Youth/Military `Grandmas Bedroom’ � Bisexual/Incest `Dominic Online’ � Gay/Adult Youth `Vampyre’ � Gay/Adult Youth `Operation Pied Piper’ � Gay/Adult Youth `Scream if you want to go faster’ – Bisexual/Adult Youth `Red and Nick’ � Bisexual/Military `The Extraordinary Christmas Party’ � Bisexual/Incest

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