Subject: Operation Pied Piper – Part 93a IMPORTANT NOTE TO ALL READERS: Any references made to Schools, Castles and Aristocratic titled personages around England and Scotland are pure fiction. None of the story features about those places or named titles personages are true, none of what you are about to read actually happened. This story and all the characters are 100% fiction. I am grateful to Nifty for posting my stories. If you enjoyed my story or any others on this site then please show your appreciation and donate whatever you can afford. Remember you can make your donation in Honour of your favourite writer too. fty/donate.html No part of this story may be reproduced in whole or in part in any manner without the permission of the author. ******************** He pointed the gun at me once more and pulled back the slide. I stepped forward again; with his attention fully focused on me, he didn’t hear, Gary rise up behind him; I doubt he was even aware what had happened as the wooden club struck his head hard. I leapt at the Princess; pushing her to the ground, screaming for everyone to get down as the gun fell from his hands and bounced across the old wooden floor boards. Gary’s chest was heaving, he threw down the wooden club next too Oberleutnant Karl Fleisher’s prone body. `Christ is everyone okay? ******************* Operation Pied Piper � Part 93a Davy takes up the story Wow, what a week had passed; more later. Now, down in London, safely in our suite in the Savoy, I lay back on the bed, watching as Forts clambered to his feet and unsteadily stepped across the huge bed; his arms flailing to keep his balance as his feet sank in the luxurious mattress. His white naked arse cheeks, the muscles taut; such a contrast to his tanned body; his black hairy chest and legs: I loved him so much. I felt that now so familiar tingle and even heard myself gasp as I caught a glimpse of his glistening swollen bellend and his balls hanging between his legs, as he headed into the ensuite. I looked round the room; it was the second of three bedrooms in the suite we had been given at the Savoy; it had all been a bit embarrassing on our arrival, the Savoy’s General Manager had obviously been tipped off that he had “His Imperial Highness Drageon Drageonivanov, Prince of the Blood Imperial”, a man directly related to the last Tsar no less; and fabulously wealthy to boot staying, and he was determined to impress him. Athol had been practically ignored as he was informed, we had been upgraded to the Royal suite, a truly huge suite occupying nearly a dozen rooms; no number of protests from Athol had made any difference; Forts had looked really uncomfortable and had kept apologising to his Dad, eventually Athol had to accept it; Forts made sure Archie and Athol, went into the main bedroom. Anyway; you are probably all wondering what had happened back at the Castle, to have me now naked and stretched out on the beautiful crisp white Egyptian cotton sheets; let me think, I don’t want you to miss out on anything, so where to start. Gary had been the hero of the moment after he knocked out Flieshler; Athol couldn’t stop saying thank you to him and hugging him. It had been really emotional hearing him. Athol, had sat with his head in his hands sobbing in our room; when the magnitude of what had happened over took him. He kept repeating over and over “Thank God, Thank God, Forts could so easily have been shot dead”, the tears had streamed down Athol’s face as he said it; I am sure he was concerned about the rest of us too. It was left to Archie to ask Gary, how he had managed to enter the room via the Priest hole? That, Gary had quickly glossed over, masterfully managing to change the subject. I was pretty sure it would come up again though; Forts and I had had a look but couldn’t see how he had managed to enter it; it seemed like a sealed chamber. Oberleutnant Flieshler, well he had been taken back into custody, with a large lump on his head; we were told he would be transferred to a more secure camp. Little Colin; what could be said, Forts, McPhee and I, all supported him, after all it was Athol who had said the boys were not to know that there was an escaped German at large, maybe if they had, we argued, Colin wouldn’t have been taken in. Finally, Athol had agreed, Colin had sat sobbing to me that he had ruined everything and all he wanted was McPhee back. I had taken Colin up to McPhee’s and his old room, knocking on the door, McPhee had called for whoever it was to come in; it was obvious how much he missed Colin too. When he saw us standing at the open door he had leapt up from the bed, he looked unshaven and a bit of a mess, but his eyes came alive when he saw Colin with me, little colin ran at him and launched himself into his naked arms, the two of them falling back onto the bed; smothering each other in kisses; that was my signal to retire. Theodora and Dima, were both safe, but, The Grand Duke ordered that Theodora immediately return to his house for her own safety; Athol had taken this as a bit of a slight. I won’t say too much, but I was rather pleased she had to leave; Fort’s had tried to fight it too, but the Grand Duke wouldn’t listen. I had hoped I sounded more convincing supporting his stand, than I sounded to myself. Now was there anything else to bring you up to date with? Hmmmm. Ah yes, Athol and Archie’s commitment ceremony! Well, it took place at the Castle the Friday before we all headed for London; two days ago. I think originally Athol wanted it to take istanbul escort place in London at the Savoy; but that was re thought and it took place at the Castle. It wasn’t a huge flashy affair, alas, with homosexuality, illegal in Great Britain; Athol and Archie, decided on just a small group of very close friends and one official witness; Mr Mishcon, he arrived within a couple of days. It all seemed a bit rushed, but when pushed it seemed that the two of them had been sitting on the news for a while and were already well into the planning of the event they wanted. I was really sad that Gethin and Callum couldn’t get time off to come up, but Torcall, Digbey, Prince Dima and Count Ouranoff, were all there. Archie had me and Gary giggling all morning; he was obviously a bit nervous; Gary and I just didn’t want to let him down. It had been decided the official party would all be in kilts, as it turned out we all were. I remember Archie, Gary and I standing outside the closed main double doors to the Great Hall; Gary had joked `It’s not too late to change your mind, Archie? Which gave us all a giggle. The double doors swung open and Mr Davies played three loud chords on the Pipe organ; he must have had all the stops out as we could feel the vibration in the air at the door. He then launched into Jeremiah Clarkes, Trumpet Voluntary “The Prince of Denmark’s March”. I felt my heart fluttering in my chest as I slowly walked behind Archie and Gary; Archie’s knuckles rapidly turned white as he tightly gripped on to Gary’s hand. Athol and Forts were stood in front of the Great Organ, just below Mr Davies playing position. Both looked amazing: Forts whispering something to Athol as we approached causing him to giggle. As we drew level with them, I moved to the front row of seating, watching as Gary held out Archie’s hand towards Athol who firmly gripped it. If love is revealed in eyes, theirs said it all. After this, it all became a bit blurry for me; Gary came and sat next to me, he leaned into me. `You really are a big softie’ He reached for my hand and squeezed it tightly and held it for the rest of the service, even Fort’s looked at me, concern on his face, he mouthed `Are you okay? I nodded as the tears ran down my cheeks. Trying to mouth back, “it’s beautiful, I am just so happy”. Athol had met the celebrant on one of his visits to London, he stood with a great beaming smile and called us all forward, turning the event into a really intimate one. Athol and Archie, made their vows to each other and exchanged Platinum bands handed to the Celebrant by Forts and then with the vows said and the rings exchanged, they were invited to kiss; which they did to our cheers and wild applause, and it was done. An amazing meal was then served up in the staffroom, prepared by Gregor, Landers and Bruno with a bit of help from Niki. Gary gave a short speech and Forts then replied on behalf of himself and me; I felt so proud of him, both Athol and Archie stood and hugged him at the end as he proposed the toast “wishing them happiness and long lives”. As Forts sat down, there was a little cough from Mishcon who indicated he wanted to have a few words, he was invited to speak. There were gasps as he informed Athol and Archie, that Forts and my present, was an annual scholarship, providing for three disadvantaged boys to gain an education at the Castle. I know what you’re thinking, but Fort’s insisted that it was our present, not just his. The meal was brought to an end by Athol’s speech; where he did all the usual things, thanking Archie for agreeing to be his partner and then how proud they both were of Forts; now officially both of their sons. `In fact,’ Athol continued `We have two sons; we could never leave out Davy; the glue that binds us all’ More tears from me. So, there it all was, and here I was. * I snuggled back into the Egyptian cotton sheets; such luxury. Forts finally staggered through into the ensuite as I watched suddenly aware of voices outside our bedroom suite door, I propped myself up, was that Gary’s voice? `No, Athol and Archie went out for lunch, but these two reprobates are here’ Gary came into our room; he stopped at the door and glanced shaking his head at the open door to the ensuite. `Fort’s, its sounds like you have a horse pissing in there with you’ He let out a chuckle, I gave him a smile. `Morning Gary; it does, doesn’t it’ I said as he grinned, and waved his arm like an elephant’s trunk. Gary smiled at me and then glanced back over his shoulder `I see you’re not decent, oh, well I am sure these two won’t mind’ I tried to peer past him through the door as Forts came out of the ensuite, his right hand swinging his heavy cock, making horse snorting noises. `Who mentioned a horse? Just as two faces who needed no introduction appeared round the door. In unison we both cried out `Gethin! Callum!’ I hauled myself up in the bed and threw off the covers to get up; as Forts grinned from the ensuite door. Gethin covered his eyes in mock shock, and turned to Callum. `Both naked as usual’ Callum grinned back `No change there, and, just the way I like them both’ Gethin laughed and grinned back at Callum `Shall we join them? `Or, do you think we should wait to be asked? Callum laughed again `Bollocks, well I’m not waiting’ Gethin began to pull off his clothes kicking off his shoes and socks last, he launched himself, naked at me on the bed, where we were quickly joined by Callum and Forts. `Uuurgh, Forts, your dick is still wet, didn’t you shake it? Forts wiped his dick on Gethin’s ataköy escort leg, Gary went “yuck” from the door, Forts grinned. `Aren’t you joining us Gary? Gary cocked his head `I haven’t been invited’ Callum laughed and grinned over at him and then tapped his arse `It’s not that sort of party, no invitations required’ Gary chuckled `Oh well then’ As he began stripping off his clothes and heading for the bed. ** Gethin continues the story I grabbed Davy and pushed him down, straddling his body with mine, I eased my legs between his; shuffling forward pushing his apart. Callum landed on the bed the same time as Forts, he rolled on to his chest and presented his arse towards Forts; Fort’s wet dickhead dragging on my leg `Uuurgh, Forts, your dick is still wet, didn’t you shake it? Forts laughed and deliberately smeared his cock head along my leg. There was a `Yuck’ From the door; it was Gary; Christ in my rush to get to Davy, I had forgotten he was with us. Callum looked over at him standing by the door, the only one in the room not naked. `Aren’t you joining us Gary? Gary cocked his head `I haven’t been invited’ Callum laughed and grinned over at him and then tapped his arse, which only moments before he had been waggling at Forts `It’s not that sort of party, no invitations required’ Gary had chuckled `Oh well then’ He began stripping off his clothes and heading for the bed. I had never seen Gary naked; wow, he had a nice body on him, then it struck me, God, he was a double of young Forts, anyone would think they were twins or at least related. I turned back to Davy. `Hello sexy, it’s been a while’ Davy grinned up at me and giggled `You could have worn your officer’s flat cap for me’ `Damn, I forgot it, how about I let you play with my swagger stick instead?’ I gripped the base of my rapidly hardening cock and slapped it against his balls. His hand reached down and gripped my shaft; holding me tightly. `Shouldn’t you ask Forts, if it is okay first? He was grinning, but just for a moment, I feared Forts would say no and I so wanted Davy again. I was desperate to have him again, and feel his youthful body beneath mine; my cock throbbed in his grip as I heard myself. `Only if you think he will say yes’ Davy reached over and patted Fort’s arm, he turned to us smiling. `Fort’s Gethin has a question’ Forts leaned towards us, his eyes fixing on Davy’s hands gripping my hard shaft. He gave me a wink and said, he was smirking `Yes?’ Then he burst out laughing `If Davy is happy so, am I’ He glanced down at Callum’s pert bum and grinned again. `Do I have to ask too? He slapped Callum’s raised butt. I gave a little chuckle `Go for it stud, he has been talking about nothing else for a couple of days’ Forts looked at Davy, who gave him a nod, then Davy turned back to me and pushed his head back into his pillow as he opened his mouth and he waggled his tongue at me; How could I resist. You all know the story of Davy and me; he was the same Davy, well a much more developed body, but still the kind of guy everyone wants to have. I sat back and gripped his knees, pushing them back and apart, he rolled his hips; offering me all of himself, his cock swayed rock hard, hovering above blond pubes and now defined abs, his balls hung heavily down over his taint; He looked beautiful. I could smell him, his aroma flooded my senses as I spread his legs, musky, sweaty, his hole glistened and I could smell cum; Fort’s and Davy had been making out all morning obviously. I had to taste them both, I leaned in and breathed deeply, my eyes lightly closed as the pleasure overwhelmed me, I moved closer, opening my eyes, his hole was centimetres away, it winked at me, glistening, expelling some tiny bubbles and an even stronger aroma of cum; I lifted his balls with my nose and let my tongue come to rest on his wet hole. A lick, I groaned, wow, my tongue electrified as the combination of Davy’s arse juices and Fort’s cum, brought back forgotten memories of these two studs. I licked again, pushing my tongue as deep as I could in to his moist velvet arse; I felt his arse lips push back at me, a further dribble of Fort’s cum oozed out; I licked it up hungrily, my saliva rapidly coating my tongue as its sensitive surface reacted to all the bumps and ripples of Davy’s slightly puffy hole, as it made love to it. Another blast of pheromones as my nose pushed against his balls, I looked up at his two perfect fruits hanging before me, I licked up his taint; nudging my nose under the skin of his scrotum, feeling his balls fall either side of my nose, as I pushed forward, the weight of his nuts pressing his pheromone laden skin against my nostrils; which drank in his scent greedily. I Gently kissed each ball; my own cock throbbed and gave a little spurt of precum in response, I could feel my face glowing: fuck, this was hot. I held his ball skin taut and licked up his sweat and the remains of Forts load, taking each ball into my mouth and rolling them gently; the heat of the guy’s earlier excursion’s bringing out the full aroma, of his ball skin. I licked along the crease between his balls and thighs; slightly acid, but not unpleasant, I stopped, my tongue buried deep in the warm flesh; God I loved this guy. I kissed each ball again and licked up his swaying shaft, his thighs clamped around my head, I glanced up into his eyes, he winked; then groaned as my tongue reached his cockhead, I lapped up his precum, he pushed my head down his shaft, I sucked and licked greedily; but I wanted him, I needed him. I eased aksaray escort upwards, his thighs separated and slipped down my sides, I gripped his knees again as I shuffled forwards, I was perfectly positioned, my satsuma sized cockhead found its destination, his hole felt warm and welcoming. I gazed down into his face, I mouthed “are you ready?” he nodded, he seemed to concentrate as he felt me push against him, I glanced down, his hole was giving way, its sides slowly sliding up and over my cockhead, slowly it consumed me, pulling my bellend into his arse. He let out a gasp as I popped inside him, I felt his feet lock behind me, I began to push forward slowly, my shaft slid deeper and deeper into his arse. I felt him looking at me; I turned face away, well, my burn scars away; I hated them. He gasped and his hand reached for my face `No, no please, your beautiful, please Gethin’ His fingertips stroked down my facial burn scars, sliding into my mouth, my tongue played with then; his smile was infectious; a tear rolled from my good eye. I leant down towards him as the rest of my shaft buried itself deep inside him, I ground my pubic hair against his taint, he let out a low moan and whispered in my ear. `Make love to me, I’ve missed you’ I raised my hips dragging my cock from his hole, first he moaned and then gasped as I pushed my thick nine inches deep back into him. Our tongues entwined in lust; matching the increase in power of my thrusts. ** Callum takes up the story Forts had given me two sharp smacks on my arse as he grinned at Gethin, I was about to turn round, when a hand gripped my short hair and pulled my head up; I was facing Gary’s dripping hard bellend, it looked so like Fort’s cock, thick and juicy, I opened my mouth feeling it push in, I licked at the glans immediately tasting his salty sweet precum, my legs were forced apart as Forts clambered in behind me. His hand gripped my hips and heaved me up on to my knees. They moved quickly to my arse cheeks and I felt them being pulled apart; he spat and then his tongue began working on my hole. But I couldn’t turn round, Gary held my head tightly and fucked my mouth fast. Forts pulled back and I felt the cold air on my pucker, next a blunt pressure, I tried to turn, but was dragged back facing forward; as my hole began to give up the fight to keep out this hot battering ram. It should have been a groan; my throat expanded, but no sound came out, Gary, took full advantage and pushed his cockhead past the back of my mouth and into my throat; momentary panic rushed through me as he pushed in deeper, a sharp pain in my rear told me Fort’s was matching him inch for inch. I heard them speaking above me and then Gary’s shaft eased out of me, mirrored by Forts, I grabbed a breath and relaxed, it was short lived as both of them, solidly pushed back into me. Shit how lucky was I? it was like being fucked by hung twins. I was fucked on my front then on my back, they swapped places and then changed back again, tag fucking me hard, I was sweating; their bodies were both glistening too, the smell of fucking growing stronger and stronger, I managed to glance at Davy and Gethin; Gethin was still impaling Davy on his thick nine inch cock, using long deep thrusts. I reached out a hand to Davy, his fingers gripped mine tightly, both of us taking comfort in each other’s presence. ** Davy continues the story, Was it planned or did they all just get into the same rhythm; but somehow, Gethin, Fort’s and Gary all came within seconds of each other. Callum and I had cum several times; our bellies coated in cum and sweat. The three tops, collapsed beside us grunting. The laughing from the door interrupted us, Athol and Archie, stood shaking their heads. `Looks like you have all been having fun? `Gethin, Callum’ I am shocked, Athol laughed again and bounded over to the bed as Callum and Gethin, clambered up to greet them. After several hugs, Athol, pulled open the curtains, `Ahh, there you all are, Forts, the manager says your table is confirmed for tonight for six’ I glanced at Fort’s `Are you all having dinner? Athol spoke `No, this is just for Fort’s and some guests’ I propped myself up `Guests? Who?’ Athol was distracted by Gethin and didn’t reply, I looked at Forts. `Who is coming for dinner? Fort’s shot a look at Athol, who I saw mouth “sorry” `FORT’S, what’s going on? He clambered over to me `Davy, it was supposed to be a surprise’ `Well, I want to know’ I was kind of aware of everyone quietly leaving the room, even Gary climbed off the bed and slipped out. `Davy, I have invited your Mum and Dad for a meal tonight’ `MUM AND DAD? `I thought it would be a nice surprise’ `Who are the other two? `Your Uncle Percy and Nathan’ `Percy and Nathan, Christ have you gone mad? Forts put his finger to my lips `Shoosh, it will be fine, it will be fine’ ************************* Guy’s Thank you for taking the time to let me know you’re enjoying this story. There’s nothing more rewarding than hearing from you with suggestions or even just that you’re enjoying the story, please email me to let me know. 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