Our Story: The Beginning


Although this would be Ch. 5, this actually is a “prequel” to my first 4 stories. Based on numerous requests(thank you), here is how Stacy and her daughter Heather began their sexual relationship…

As time went on, our sexual adventures with our neighbors were more frequent. Stacy and her daughter Heather seemed insatiable and without limits to their sexual energies. I had become as familiar with their bodies and their respective bodily fluids as I’m sure they were with my wife and I. Being of the inquisitive nature, I was led to ask Stacy how it became that her and her daughter became lovers and decided to expand and include us in their sexual adventures. The following is the story Stacy relayed to me…

She began by saying she had gotten married to Heather’s father Robert years ago. After being married for about ten years, Robert had strayed from his marital vows, and as these things sometimes go, divorced several years later. Heather had, again not uncommonly, not easily accepted that fact her mom and dad were not together anymore. She had become somewhat rebellious in her actions and by the time she was a teenager, had the reputation of being fast and easy. Stacy continued by saying that they had moved to our State in an effort to get a fresh start, which actually was to get away from certain problems with regards to Heather’s sexual acts. Heather had been caught several times by her mom sneaking teenage boys both into and out of her house, and was literally caught with her pants down several times, each time with a different boy.

What had been the last straw was on one of those occasions, after the “boy of the day” had left. Stacy was having another “mother-daughter talk” with Heather. Usually those talks left them not talking to each other for several days after, but the last time was different. Stacy had asked Heather, who had just turned 18, why she was so addicted to sex. Heather had grown into quite a beautiful young woman(a mirror of a younger her) with her long black hair, round breasts and long and shapely legs. Heather’s response was not the usual child response of denial or silence but one of defiance. Heather told her mother that she did what felt good to her and made her happy at the time. Heather also said that she had heard her mom’s moans of pleasure when she was still married to her bostancı escort bayan father, and that she was sure her mom missed that after all these years of being alone. Stacy had replied that she did miss the closeness, but took care of her needs privately. Heather asked her mom what she meant by that. Stacy reluctantly replied that she would masturbate herself to reach an orgasm, and that would satisfy her needs. Heather surprised her mom by saying that she had also tried masturbation but it wasn’t the same as intercourse.

Stacy was a little startled hearing her daughter frankly discussing masturbating, but at the same time was becoming aroused. It had actually been several months since Stacy had pleasured herself and was now becoming excited listening to her own daughter discuss her masturbation. Heather, who was wearing a short nightie, sat herself down right in front of her mom, and continued describing how she would rub her breasts until her nipples hardened, and then would rub her pussy lips with her fingers. Heather purposely and deliberately lifted up her nightie , crossed her legs, exposing her young, firm thighs and bare pussy to her mom. Stacy’s eyes were focused on Heather’s legs and pussy. Heather, noting her mom’s stare, continued teasing, saying she had done this several times a day, and felt there was nothing wrong with pleasing herself that many times. Stacy was continuing to get worked up, and began placing her own hand up underneath the short dress she was wearing.

Heather, sensing her mom was losing self control, furthered it along by saying she thought her mom was very sexy, with her lovely breasts, firm body and her long, sexy legs. Heather watched as her mom continued to rub her breasts with one, then both hands. Stacy was somewhat embarrassed to have gotten so horny in front of her daughter, but Heather further relaxed her mom by telling her not to stop but rather to continue pleasing herself. Saying that, Heather grinned when she saw that her mom’s head was tilted back and her eyes were closed. Stacy continued playing with her breasts under her dress, falling deeper into Heather’s trap. Heather, sensing her opening, ever so gently placed one of her hands under her mom’s dress, and began caressing Stacy’s soft, smooth and warm thigh. Stacy was startled and looked ümraniye escort up at her daughter, who returned by giving her mom a lusty sneer, saying to lay back and enjoy what was coming.

Stacy began to say this is wrong, but Heather was not listening. Instead, she placed her hand higher up her mom’s leg, closing in on her mom’s panties. Her mom was wearing cotton panties and Heather could tell they were completely soaked from her juices. Heather felt proud to have been the reason her mom was so wet and excited. Heather knew she had he mom right where she wanted her. Seeing her mom was still playing with her own breasts, Heather placed one finger up inside the leg of her mom’s panties, and curling her finger, placed her hand directly on her mom’s wet pussy. Heather heard her mom moan, and then saw that her mom had spread her legs, allowing Heather easier access to her mom’s most private areas.

Heather quickly moved between her moms legs, and began licking at both of her mom’s smooth inner thighs. Sensing her mom was close to orgasm, she quickly pulled up her moms dress, and pulled her white panties down her legs, around her ankles and off her feet. Stacy was now looking directly at her daughter. Heather further kept her moms attention by bringing her now completely soaked panties up to her nose. Heather inhaled her moms fragrance, feeling the warm wetness which had come from inside her mom. She then licked the crotch area of her moms panties, making sure her mom saw every lick of her tongue. Stacy began shaking, and Heather not wasting another second , dove into her moms pussy with full abandon. Heather began licking her mom’s outer lips, then placed her tongue inside her pussy. Stacy reacted by having the strongest orgasm she could remember.

Heather, wanting total control of her mom, continued licking at her mom, and inserted one finger directly inside of her mom’s pussy. Her mom convulsed around her daughter’s finger, bringing on another orgasm. By now, Heather’s face and hands were covered with her mother’s female juices. Removing her hand, Heather brought it up to her mom’s face. Stacy, who had never tasted herself, eagerly licked at Heather’s fingers, cleaning them off. Heather than got up, and kissed her mother on her lips. Stacy returned the kiss, and began licking off more of her kartal escort own juices from her daughter’s face.

Regaining some of her composure, Stacy told Heather they should stop. Heather could tell by the tone of her voice that she really didn’t want Heather to stop. Heather began undressing in front of her mom by removing her nightie, exposing her own full breasts. She then placed one of her fingers inside of her pussy, which was a moist as her mom’s. She fingered herself, fully coating several of her fingers. She then pulled them out, and offered them to her mom, who as quickly as before, cleaned them off. Stacy, fully caught in her daughter’s trap, replied that Heather tasted even sweeter than she did.

Heather smiled when her mom said that, now knowing that she had her mom totally under her spell. Heather told her mother to lick her pussy, and stood directly in front of her mom’s face. Stacy didn’t move either towards or away from her daughter. So Heather grabbed her mom by the back of her head and pushed it right into her pussy. Again telling her mom to lick her pussy, Stacy complied. She licked slowly at first, but after again tasting her young daughter’s sweet, slick juices, began licking like a pro. She also placed a finger inside her daughters tight pussy, causing Heather to have her first orgasm of the day. Heather came so much that her mom struggled to keep from choking.

Pleased at what she had accomplished, Heather gyrated and ground her pussy around her mom’s eyes, nose, mouth and chin, completely coating her mom’s face with her liquids, causing her to orgasm once again. Heather suddenly pulled off her mom, and began licking her own juices from her mom’s face. Both woman kissed each other in a totally different way than they had in the past.

Later, Heather told her mom that from now on, she would take care of all of her mom’s sexual needs. That not only would this include Heather servicing her mom, but her mom doing her whenever she wanted her to. Stacy had agreed, as she hadn’t felt this close or this loved by anyone in many years. Although she knew it was immoral, Stacy couldn’t help but remember how sweet her daughter’s pussy had tasted, and definitely wanted more of the same in the future.

Stacy concluded her story by telling me that this had occurred about three years ago, and until Heather had started seducing me at the movies months ago, the only sex was between her and her daughter. They had jointly decided to add another person, and thought since we lived next door, we would be good candidates.

I couldn’t have agreed more……

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